Guide to Zul’Gurub


Hello welcome all , hereby i would like to present you my guide to ZG with who i have cleared all bosses apart from Jin”do and the Edge of Madness bosses with ease .

Lets move on .

Primal Aspects

High Priest Venoxis…wmob=14507

High Priest Venoxis is a Snake-aspect and thus has some poison abilities , Nature resistance is not a “must” .
Now , there are two ways , 1 is for inexperienced guilds , and 1 for those with better gear , especially healer-wise and co-ordination-wise.
Ill start with the Easy , inexpienced way.
Make sure you have cleared everything .
There will be 4 snakes , all those will be marked , 3 will be sleeped/sheeped .
1 will be taken care off by the raid .
Meanwhile the MT will be taking Venoxis entirely in the corner ,
the safe way means , that there will be no melee damage , ranged only , tis saves healer mana since he has Holy Nova ( 1K dmg ) and in snake form a heavy poison .
Heres an image to what it should look like in Venoxis” zone.

Red + Brown Around = Campfire
Green dot = Snake
Lightblue big dot = Venoxis
Brown stripe = wall
Grey dots connected with lines = in his caster form , you will only stand in 1 of the grey spots of your choice ( if you”re MT , if not stay away ! he has a nasty Holy Nova that heals him and does 1000 damage )
Once he goes into his Snake Form Beware ! he will randomly cast Poison Clouds , the MT must pay attention to this and move out of it ( in the Grey Circle Rotation ).

Hard Way
This means you will be allowing melee to enter the battle , please , when the Poison Clouds spawn , melee get out of it or your healers will have problems .
Thats it for Venoxis ! If you have any feedback , comments , post them and i will include them .

High Priestress Jeklik…wmob=14517

High Priestress Jeklik is the bat aspect and will be dealt as following:
Have your casters hang back while your tank pulls Jeklik back to the small hill on the right. Anyone that absolutely MUST be in melee range runs in, anyone that doesn’t hangs back. Have a hunter sit fairly close to Jeklik (but beyond the ranged minimum range) to eat the charges, and have everyone else hang back at maximum range (Always stay <30 yards away). She likes to AoE silence. This does damage so make sure your healers are aware that the rogues need healing every once in a while. She likes to do this to your hunter as well, so make sure that the hunter isn’t too close to any casters. Once a minute, she will spawn a bunch of non-elite bats. Anyone with an AoE attack needs to help kill them before your raid gets swamped. Your position on the hill should give you plenty of warning when the bat waves are coming.

DPS her down to 50%, then prepare for: Humanoid Form
There are three things to watch out for during this phase:
A nasty greater heal. If she gets this off it’s GG. Be prepared with a spell interrupt.
Chain Mind Flay: Once again, this needs to be interrupted as soon as possible. This spell will do some phenomenal damage if you just let her keep casting.
Bomber Bats: They will drop bombs on your tank. The best way to deal with this, is to have your tank run backwards around in a circle in the tanking area, and have your ranged DPS stand in the middle. The bombs should never hit your ranged DPS/healers, and if your tank keeps moving, he’ll never get hit either. If you for some reason, do find yourself in the fire from a bomb, move out of it. This leads us to raiding 101: Never stand in the fire…. hehe

High Priestress Mar”Li…wmob=14510

This is fairly easy .
Let the MT run in and grab aggro and DPS down the speaker , while in Human form Mar”Li will not be that hard , the biggest issue will be spiders who grow in size as they live on and their damage increases also.
Now , the problem is once she transforms into Spider form , she will AoE web all melee and run towards someone else , therefore all ranged and 1 OT must be standing behind waiting for her to come , the OT will then taunt Mar”Li and bring her back to the webbed MT.
You might wanna (voluntarily) bring a greater NR potion to counter the poison as a MT .
Thats it ! go loot the buddy
Will be continued .’);

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