Hogwarts Legacy: 10 combat tips for beginners


Hogwarts Legacy is a very interesting and addictive game that provides dozens, if not hundreds of hours of enjoyment. It might not be as addictive as any gambling game you could play from a list of casinos not on gamstop, but according to all critics and reviews (a glorious 9.1 User Score on Metacritic for example), you will for sure get your money’s worth! Hogwarts Legacy boasts a large library of quests, characters, spells and more. All the factors that go into making a new student successful at Hogwarts can be daunting at first. You won’t just go to your normal potions class every day; instead, you’ll be doing all the typical student work, as well as discovering your hidden abilities.

As a beginner, you may wonder where to start and how to cope with the seemingly endless tasks and challenges. We have some tips to help you simplify the process and enjoy all that Hogwarts Legacy has to offer.

Unlock Floo Flames often

There’s a lot to see and do at Hogwarts Heritage, and getting around on foot is no easy task. That’s where Floo Flames comes in, a handy means of fast travel that helps you get around the entire castle and Hogsmeade.

If you unlock Floo Flames as often as possible when you first start the game, it will make your journey further a lot easier. You won’t need to run back and forth between classes, and you can save a significant amount of time to explore the other wonders of Hogwarts.

Check out the challenge menu often

A great way to level up your character and get fantastic rewards is by completing challenges. These include finding guide pages all over the map, completing Merlin’s trials, destroying a large number of enemies and more. Suffice it to say that you can gain a lot from completing challenges.

Sometimes you’ll complete a quest without even noticing it, so we recommend checking the quest menu often to pick up your rewards. From here you can get some of the best gear in the game, and you won’t want to miss out.

Open each chest to get new gear

Chests are incredibly common in Hogwarts Legacy, and the best items can be found in them. The only caveat to opening all the chests is that some of them can be quite cheesy, giving you only about 8 galleons.

Regardless, we recommend opening every chest you come across, as they may be hiding something unexpected. We also advise you to sell your old gear often to save some free space, as you only have 20 spaces at the beginning. You can make a decent amount of money from the gear you don’t need.

Use Stupefy and Ancient Magic often

The first few spells you learn in Hogwarts Legacy are some of the most important and useful. Stupefy can be used after creating a shield to parry an opponent’s attack, as well as easily overturn them and win the battle.

Along with Stupefy, using Ancient Magic early in the game is the best way to destroy enemies in one hit. Since your stats don’t yet allow you to speak for yourself, Ancient Magic will help you in these battles at the start.

Create combinations to deal more damage

Yes, you can defeat enemies simply by using basic spells and others one at a time. However, creating combos from the spells available to you will allow you to deal more damage to the enemy. Given that you don’t have much health at the beginning of the game, it’s best to create combos against enemies as often as possible.

Even though you only have a few spells at the beginning of the game, as well as basic spells, you can create quite a few combos from them. You can practice your combos with Lukan in the Crossed Rods dueling club. You can use these combos to your advantage to help survive the first few bosses.

Use the enemy collection page to find weaknesses

Like many other RPG-like games, enemies have weaknesses that allow them to deal twice as much damage. In Hogwarts Legacy, after your first battle with a new enemy, you can open its collection page to find out what its weaknesses are.

For example, armoured trolls are vulnerable to Flippendo, as he will catch them off guard and hit them in the face with his baton. Hogwarts Legacy has many incredibly strong enemies, and learning their traits will help you cut down on your dueling time.

Stock up on Wiggenweld potions

As we’ve said before, you don’t have much health at the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy. Don’t feel bad, because Wiggenweld potions often save you from defeat. At the beginning you’ll be given quite a few of these potions for free.

When you get the chance to brew your own Wiggenweld potions, we recommend doing it as often as possible. You’ll only need 1 Gorklump juice and 1 Dittany leaf and you’ll be ready for battle. Enemy attacks can do significant damage, and you should be prepared for that.

Make Professor Sharpe’s side quests your priority

As you begin classes at Hogwarts, you’ll find that you’re slightly behind the rest of the five-year class. To remedy this, your professors have offered to help you learn new spells outside of class.

These side assignments are usually quite simple and only require you to practice a little bit of dueling strategy, including dodging, using counterattacks, and more. When these quests appear on your list, make them a priority in order to reward yourself with a new spell and destroy your enemies.

Explore the surroundings of Hogwarts

Although you may be tempted to stick to the main path at the start of the game, it is highly recommended that you explore the surroundings of Hogwarts and other locations to gain additional experience and hidden rewards.

However, if you decide to do so, make sure you’re prepared for battle, especially at the beginning of the game. Stock up on Wiggenweld potions, as we mentioned before, otherwise you could be attacked by a giant nest of spiders and be killed. The risk is worth it, however, as you’ll be able to find plenty of gear and galleons.

Use Revelio often

We advise beginners to use Revelio as often as possible once you’ve learned it. This spell is very important for your journey as a student, as you will learn all about the surrounding area with it, which will help you in your search.

Whether you’re going in search of nearby guidebook pages or just looking for ingredients for a potion, Revelio will reveal everything and speed up your search. No need to aimlessly explore the castle environs, as Revelio will lead you straight to what you’re looking for.

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the biggest new games on the market at the moment. Many nostalgic Harry Potter fans are stepping into this reconstruction of the 19th century Wizarding World to see how they will do as a Hogwarts student. The game is very interesting and engaging, but you may encounter some difficulties in the beginning. That’s why it’s important to read the tips above.

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