Horizon Zero Dawn: A Video Game That Deserves a Movie Series Adaption


Gaming culture has a solid influence on other entertainment forms. Making movies based on blockbuster games is not a new thing. Several TV series and movies are pieces of evidence of the successful adoption of video games. Movies enhance the fun of the game and most importantly, they put them on the map thanks to movie or series adaptation.

The Witcher got its own series, and it became an instant hit, which helped newcomers play this masterpiece for the first time, years after The Witcher 3 got the Game of the Year award.

The Last of Us is getting a TV series, and Uncharted is slated to release in 2022.

So, when will the story of Aloy get a film adaption?

While Trustly casino games cannot be adopted to movies, hit games like Horizon Zero Dawn surely deserve it.

In this article, we’ll list essential reasons why Horizon Zero Dawn needs a cinema or TV show adaption.


A Post-Apocalyptic World

horizon zero down aloy in the wildernessPeople love movies and series about the continuity of life after the end of most of the lives in the world. The Walking Dead is one of the great examples here as it got twelve seasons. Horizon Zero Dawn has a different approach than other post-apocalyptic films. Here, the world is perishing, but unpredictable disasters are not the reason. Here, people live together in clans and tribes. There are animals made of machines.

So, it is like people living in Stone Age, but they have to hunt robot animals. There are also many high-tech machines. Then things got interesting when our protagonist learns some technical cores that help her to control robot animals.

The Story of an Outsider

The main character of the game, Aloy, is an outsider. A hunter raises her because she was cast out of her tribe when she was born. So, her wish is to become part of the tribe. But then she realizes she does not want to accept the laws of different tribes, so she goes on a journey to explore different places and cultures.

The audience gets to know her as a baby, so her story has the potential to make a solid, engaging aura. He tries to join a clan, and then rejecting it can be interesting for a movie. There is so much in her character.


Hunters and Gatherers – A New Life

horizon zero dawn aloy huntingThe amusement of this game is not just its storyline. It is fascinating to see how people live now. The old doesn’t exist, and no one remembers it. Thus, they live in a world that is similar to the stone age, and people have made new rules and religions.

They have certain principles and rules for their tribes. At the same time, they also have access to new techs that are used to fortify their weapons and adorn their clothes. Even when you play the game, you will feel the thrill as developers have created every culture and information to make them authentic.

Game of Thrones of the New World

There is also a medieval culture in the game in the new world where people live in tribes and clans. Someone has made himself the Sun King of the new world. He has his own army and knights.

We can see the perfect combination of films like 10,000 B.C and Game of Thrones with the different medieval settings and cultures. It is always interesting to watch when some people are trying to control the world while others want to live freely. Such elements like Game of Thrones can make the story more interesting.

Rediscovering The Old World

When Aloy searches for events that happened in the old world, it creates great excitement. She finds a coffee cup, and she doesn’t know what it is. People also find ruined museums, records, and books. These things enhance the curiosity to see what these people will do with these things.

It would be amazing to see what we consider the latest technology is of no use in the future. In addition, the future generation of post-apocalyptic doesn’t have an idea about how people in the past used to live. The story of Aloy’s exploration can be interesting for the audience.

The Elucidation of the past

Since the game is set in the future and the reason for the post-apocalyptic world or catastrophe is unclear, there are chances of developing a prequel or spin-off movie or series. Similar to Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, where there is prehistory, prequel series are made. It is exciting to look into the past when the current world faces the terror of robot animals.

However, the development of the spin-off series depends on the success of the movies based on the main story. On top of that, the game contains a number of characters and storylines that could already be picked up. Thus, similar to some popular TV series, the plot of this game has the potential to create a prequel.

The Weapons of The New Stone Age

Aloy uses arrows and bows, but these arrows are of the highest technical standards. Thus, this stone-age has completely new weapons. They have fire, ice, and shock arrows along with simple arrows to kill real animals.

It is interesting to see how Aloy uses different weapons and how she developed them to use them in the fight against robot animals. These machine animals are different in every area, so they need to be killed with different techniques and weapons. Thus, the simple yet advanced weapon makes a perfect movie material.

Artificial Intelligence

AI tech plays an important role in this game. An unusual combination of people in the stone age and high-performance technology makes the game so exciting. The game shows that people are already so advanced that they created the most powerful artificial intelligence. The GAIA program was tasked with recreating life on Earth after a certain period of time, as soon as it can be revived.

It created some nine subordinate functions for the restoration of life on the Earth once again. But hundreds of years later, something went wrong, and a mysterious signal turned out to generate robot animals. These machine animals live like real animals or their actual predecessors. Plus, they have machine advantages such as laser weapons, invisibility, and similar other things that can be good cinema material.

Giant Robots

Another interesting thing about this game that could increase the budget of some popular Hollywood blockbusters is the depiction of giant robots. These intelligent robots can be recognized as thinking robot animals. It is interesting to see that every machine has its way of living and diversity. They deal with the new nature accordingly.

There is a lot of material to be added to these characters. The story behind their production by artificial intelligence and how they are like real humans can make a great deal.

The Wise Sylens

Last but not least, we have Sylens. It is a game character whose details are unknown to us, but he knows a lot about Aloy. He is a researcher and traveler. Sylens helps Aloy in her journey to find the truth. This doesn’t mean that he is good, but he thinks that Aloy can be a key to him.

However, it is a bit difficult to tell if he is good or bad; his part in the story creates new turns. You may think of him as Littlefinger from Game of Thrones, but less manipulative as Sylens is not that evil-minded.

Thus, we rest our argument that the story of Aloy in this post-apocalyptic world can be interesting for the film adaption. Her search for new things and journey to understand the old world would be exciting for viewers.

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