How to obtain Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros


How to obatain Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

As I posted a small post regarding Thunderfury, I figured a similar one about the “lesser” legendary might be in it’s place.

Lesser at least when it comes to how difficult it is to obtain. It is one of the best 2handers in the game though (although not the best, this baby sees to that). There is a fragile limit to who should/can use it though, most would say this goes to a DPS warrior, although paladins (as seen below) and even enchancement shamans have been seen with it. While Thunderfury require you to farm BWL for elementium ore, everything you need for Sulfuras can be found in Molten Core or in the outside world. Here’s what you do

To make Sulfuras, you first need to make Sulfuron Hammer. A blacksmith with 300 in skill is needed for that and the plans for it are sold by Lokhtos Darkbargainer at the BRD tavern (the same guy you do turn ins to for increased Thorium Brotherhood rep after you reach honored). You need to give him a Sulfuron Ingot (dropped only by Golemagg in MC) to receive the plans, however there is no rep required.

Once you got the plans it’s time to start working on those materials for the hammer (actually, you should already be way on your way as you’ve spent some time getting to Golemagg in MC).

What you need and where to find/how to make it

8x Sulfuron Ingots (From Golemagg, as mentioned. This is in addition to the one you used to buy the plans)

20x Dark Iron bars (Which again means 160 dark iron ores. Dark iron is mined a few places in Burning Stepps and Searing Gorge, but are most easily found inside Blackrock Dephts and Molten Core itself. To melt ores into bars you need to learn it from one of the dwarves from the Chamber of Seven, and melt it at the Black Forge, next to the MC portal in BRD).

50 Arcanite Bars (Ah those damn arcanite bars again. 1 arcane crystal and 1 thorium bar is required per Arcanite bar and it takes an alchemist 2 days to make one. Better get your guilds alchemists ready to contribute)

25x Essence of Fire (these drops from fire elemtanls in Burning Stepps, Searing Gorge and the Blackrock instances. They can also be created by alchemists (275+ and a Philosopher’s Stone) by transmuting air to fire, but the process has a 24h cooldown).

10x Blood of the Mountain (This are rare drops from Thorium veins)

10x Lava Core (Drops off of most mobs in MC)

10x Fiery Core (Same as Lava Cores, drops from MC mobs)

Now your blacksmith got all he needs to make Sulfuron Hammer. In itself it is an excellent DPS weapon (63 DPS), but the real value is it’s ability to turn into Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros. For this you need ONE thing Eye of Sulfuras. Unfortunately it only drops from Ragnaros at about 2% droprate, which means you could easily farm Raggy for a year before your guild gets it.

Note that the Sulfuron Hammer is BoE, so the one who makes it need not be the one chosen to receive Sulfuras. The Eye of Sulfuron however is BoP, so make sure the chosen one loots it. Sulfuras is BoP as well, noone can loot the eye, make Sulfuras and give it away. Quite obvious I guess.

Once you got Sulfuron and the Eye, you are 45 seconds away from being the proud owner of this beauty


Cheers, hope this helps.

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    Oct 20, 2010 @ 9:19 am

    Minor Improvements NeededThis could use an upgrade and a bit of a grammar check, but is still generally correct and useful for people wanting to get a classic legendary weapon. If anyone would like to update this guide, please let me know.

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