Inscription Techniques


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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(“LudoShopInscription”,”Profession”, “Inscription”, “Ludovicus”, “Neutral”)
WoWPro:GuideName(guide, “Inscription Techniques”)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[
B Glyph of Shifted Appearances|QID|990148277|RECIPE|148277|M|42.80,59.20|Z|Timeless Isle|P|Inscription;773;500|N|Sold by Whizzig in Timeless Isle.\nBind on Pickup.|
B Glyph of Eternal Resolve|QID|990071102|RECIPE|71102|M|42.30,37.50|Z|Dalaran City@Dalaran|P|Inscription;773;375|N|Sold by Larana Drome in Dalaran.|
B Glyph of Counterspell|QID|990071101|RECIPE|71101|M|53.90,65.50|Z|Hellfire Peninsula|FACTION|Alliance|P|Inscription;773;250|N|Limited quantity sold by Jezebel Bican in Hellfire Peninsula.|
B Glyph of Counterspell|QID|990071101|RECIPE|71101|M|52.50,36.00|Z|Hellfire Peninsula|FACTION|Horde|P|Inscription;773;250|N|Sold by Kul Inkspiller in Hellfire Peninsula.|
B Glyph of Counterspell|QID|990071101|RECIPE|71101|M|42.30,37.50|Z|Dalaran City@Dalaran|P|Inscription;773;250|N|Sold by Larana Drome in Dalaran.|
B Glyph of Colossus Smash|QID|990089815|RECIPE|89815|M|78.60,76.20|Z|Twilight Highlands|FACTION|Alliance|P|Inscription;773;465|N|Sold by Casandra Downs in Twilight Highlands.|
B Glyph of Colossus Smash|QID|990089815|RECIPE|89815|M|76.60,49.40|Z|Twilight Highlands|FACTION|Horde|P|Inscription;773;465|N|Sold by Una Kobuna in Twilight Highlands.|

N Nothing left to buy.|N|Thanks for shopping with WoW-Pro!|

This guide is too short for the silly system.
So I added some text to make it longer.

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