Jame’s Horde Leveling Guide (41-51) Revamped!


Jame’s Horde Leveling Guide, Chapter III (41-51) has been revamped and adapted to patch v2.3 changes, as mentioned in this news post.

The guide is almost complete now, however I will add a few more images tomorrow.

To everyone who wanted/wants to help out on revamping: please test run this guide and post about possible problems you might encounter. Due to the load of work I still have ahead of me, I couldn’t run through the revamped guide a second time myself.

Especially this guide had to be adapted strongly to changes (even after I had dinged myself in game) and hence some of the dings have been roughly estimated, but might be off (exp might be lacking or you might be far ahead of the guide when the ding is described).

So please post about your experiences with the guide, it is still in “beta”.

The last chapter to be revamped is Chapter IV (51-60), which should be done mid January. Jame is progressing well with the Outland guides for Horde, so stay tuned for those as well 🙂

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