Loot System Example: Complex Auction


This is an example of a complex auction system which awards DKP based on hours and bosses, with bonuses and penalties built in. It also contains the details for a donation system. Since this is an auction system, balance is not as important. Keep in mind that this system can by all means be changed and tailored to fit your guild – feel free to change values, add or subtract bonuses or penalties, or whatever is needed.

Please see the [ Loot Distribution Systems] article for more details about loot distribution systems.

”’Table of Contents”’:

Earning DKP
Losing DKP
Spending DKP
Loot Distribution Process

==Earning DKP==

DKP is awarded both hourly and for bosses. Farm content describes bosses/raids which have been cleared multiple times and are not really a challenge. Difficult content describes bosses which the guild has defeated before but still might cause multiple wipes. New content describes bosses which have never been defeated before by the guild.

:”’Farm Boss”’: +1 DKP
:”’Difficult Boss”’: +2 DKP
:”’New Boss”’: +3 DKP
:”’Farm Content”’: +1 DKP/hour
:”’New or Difficult Content”’: +2 DKP/hour

You can also gain DKP through bonuses, such as showing up early to the raid or staying the entire time.

:”’Early Bird Bonus (30 min prior to raid time)”’: +1 DKP
:”’Full Run Bonus”’: +1 DKP

You can also earn DKP through monthly donations. See the donation section below.

==Losing DKP==

DKP can be lost through penalties.

:”’Late Penalty”’: -1 DKP
:”’Leave Early (less than 3 hours) Penalty”’: -1 DKP

DKP can also of course be lost by…

==Spending DKP==

DKP is spent through auction. The minimum bid on any item is 5 DKP. ”’Bidding is done silently, by whisper to the auctioneer”’, so no one knows who is bidding or how much. You simply bid the amount the item is worth to you. If you are the only bidder, you still receive the item for the minimum bid of 5 DKP.

==Loot Distribution Process==

Also known as ”’Auction Process”’.

#The item is ”’announced”’ by the auctioneer (loot distributor).
#”’Main spec bidding”’ opens, bids are whispered to the auctioneer.
#Once bidding is done, the ”’auction is resolved”’:
##”If no-one makes a bid”, move on to step #4 – Off spec bidding.
##”If only one person bids”, they receive the item for the minimum bid price of 5 DKP.
##”If more than one person bids”, the highest bidder receives the item for their bid price.
#If the item was not passed out, it can be ”’bid on for off spec”’ in the same way.
#If the item is still not passed out, it will be ”’disenchanted”’ and put into the guild bank.


Monthly donations are awarded DKP up to a ”’maximum of 50 DKP per month”’. ”’10 gold is 1 DKP”’, so a donation of 500 gold would be rewarded the maximum 50 DKP/month. Items that are donated are converted to gold cost and then to DKP, as long as the item is something useful that the guild needs.

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    To all members: please notice that this guide and the loot distribution guide [b]are in progress![/b]

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