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We have a major content update on it’s way! Click Read More to see what you can expect.

The last week a handful of our community have been working so very hard to get content ready for Tuesday’s launch.  As many of you hopefully understand, Warcraft’s expansion not only sees 80-85 content, but 1-55 has all changed.  The only zones relatively unchanged has been: 

  • Blood Elf and Draenie Starter zones
  • Dustwallow Marsh
  • Silithus

This gave birth to a unique challenge to our site, as virtually all addon data for the 1-60 and 80-85 experience had to be reborn from the ashes… literally. With limited resources (few of our main contributors were in beta testing) I have never seen a group of people working so hard to get a product done for free.

What can I expect?


All content is ready except for –

  • Mulgore (this is close to complete)
  • Goblin Starter Zones (may need minor tweaks)

 Eastern Kingdoms

All content is ready


 All content is ready

 Eastern Kingdoms

  All content is ready except for –

  • Loch Modan (In progress; Gylin)
  • Wetlands (In progress; Gylin)

Levels 80-85

  • Vash’jir (Incomplete)
  • Twilight Highlands (Incomplete)


Due to the magnitude of content needed many of our guides have been untested.  We recieve feedback daily on issues and what is needed to better the guides.  Please be aware that our coming release will need many tests and constructive feedback is appreciated and rewarded in kind.



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