MOP Finally Enabling Addons: Volunteers needed!


To quote from UI Addons Enabled in the Next Beta Build:

To quote from UI Addons Enabled in the Next Beta Build:

Starting with the next Mists of Pandaria beta build, we plan to enable the use of UI addons. So whether you’re a savvy addon author or the most discriminating player, there’s no time like the present to start planning out your perfect UI.

Addon authors should also make sure to check out prominent addon sites such as WoWInterface and Curse for a chance to apply for a  Mist of Pandaria beta key. These sites have recently been given a lot of beta keys to distribute specifically to active addon authors. We likewise strongly encourage authors who have access to the beta to start testing out and fine-tuning their addon updates in the beta as soon as possible.

If you use an addon and start seeing errors, try downloading the most recent version of it. If you are still having errors, you may need to turn off the addon until it has been updated.

So the time is coming upon us to start testing WoWPro in the new environment and to start writing new guides.

Any volunteers?

  1. Download the latest development addon:
  2. This will include not only the regular addons, but also the recorder.
  3. Run the recorder.  Places of interest are the Pandaren starting zone and the new level 85-90 areas.
  4. Also needed are tests of the other addons:  Do a world event, try an acheivment guide, do some dailies!  Just let us know what you did and how it worked.
  5. Declare what you are going to do by posting to here, if no source page already exists or on the appropriate source page.

The Pandaren source code page is here:

Warnings:  I have seen some errors (script timeout errors) that may be Mac specific. Some functions have disappeared and I only convered over the recorder and leveling module, but I will fix that later today.  I’ll post here when I update something,

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    Sep 15, 2012 @ 20:07 pm

    Re: Dread Wastes – neutralAdded to source code page.

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    Sep 15, 2012 @ 20:06 pm

    Re: I’ve play tested TownlongAdded original from Emmaleah and updates from Laotseu to source code page.Did not change levels yet.  Need to review levels and flow later.

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    Sep 12, 2012 @ 3:59 am

    I’ve play tested TownlongI’ve play tested Townlong Steppes. The updated file can be found here :, I think it should be 88-89 instead of 89-90. That’s how it is rated in LibTourrist.

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    Sep 5, 2012 @ 3:53 am

    Townlong Steppes – neutralWoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘EmmTow8990’, ‘Townlong Steppes’, ‘Emmaleah’, ’89’, ’90’, ‘EmmDre8990’, ‘Neutral’, function()
    return [[

    N Welcome to Townlong Steppes|N|This guide starts in Longying Outpost, You may have two lead in qusets to turn in here, if you don’t have them, check off those steps and proceed.|
    R Longying Outpost|QID|30768|CC|M|71.14, 56.47|
    T My Husband…|QID|30768|M|71.14, 56.47|N|To Suna Silentstrike.|
    T Beyond the Wall|QID|31695|M|71.15,56.61|N|To Taran Zhu.|
    A A Foot in the Door|QID|30814|M|71.15,56.61|N|From Taran Zhu.|
    C A Foot in the Door|QID|30814|M|70.36,53.91|
    T A Foot in the Door|QID|30814|M|71.14,56.77|N|To Taran Zhu.|
    A First Assault|QID|30769|M|71.14,56.77|N|From Taran Zhu.|
    A Running Rampant|QID|30770|M|71.14,56.77|N|From Taran Zhu.|
    A Perfect Pitch|QID|30771|M|71.14,56.77|N|From Taran Zhu.|
    f Longying Outpost|QID|30771|M|71.12,57.41|N|At Kite Master Wong.|
    C Running Rampant|QID|30770|M|67.70,52.97,|N|Free the beasts and pick up pitch as you go.|
    C Perfect Pitch|QID|30771|M|67.7,52.97|
    C First Assault|QID|30769|M|67.7,52.97|
    T Running Rampant|QID|30770|M|67.27,52.32|N|To Ban Bearheart.|
    T Perfect Pitch|QID|30771|M|67.27,52.32|N|To Ban Bearheart.|
    T First Assault|QID|30769|M|67.27,52.32|N|To Suna Silentstrike.|
    A Seeing Red|QID|30772|M|67.27,52.32|N|From Suna Silentstrike.|
    A Ranger Rescue|QID|30774|M|67.27,52.32|N|From Suna Silentstrike.|
    A Pitching In|QID|30773|M|67.27,52.32|N|From Ban Bearheart.|
    A The Exile|QID|30775|M|67.08,51.43|N|From Katak the Defeated.|
    C Seeing Red|QID|30772|M|67.61,47.50|
    C The Exile|QID|30775|M|65.70,50.83|
    C Ranger Rescue|QID|30774|M|68.06,49.62|
    C Pitching In|QID|30773|U|81193|M|66.61,45.86|
    T The Exile|QID|30775|M|67.01,51.39|N|To Katak the Defeated.|
    T Seeing Red|QID|30772|M|67.23,52.22|N|To Ban Bearheart.|
    T Ranger Rescue|QID|30774|M|67.23,52.22|N|To Ban Bearheart.|
    T Pitching In|QID|30773|M|67.23,52.22|N|To Ban Bearheart.|
    A Jung Duk|QID|30776|M|67.20,52.28|N|From Suna Silentstrike.|
    C Jung Duk|QID|30776|M|66.61,50.98|
    T Jung Duk|QID|30776|M|70.98,56.54|N|To Ban Bearheart.|
    A In Search of Suna|QID|30777|M|70.98,56.54|N|From Ban Bearheart. Hop on the caravan for a ride to Hatred’s Vice.|

    T In Search of Suna|QID|30777|M|82.73,72.96|N|To Ban Bearheart.|
    A Dust to Dust|QID|30778|M|82.73,72.96|N|From Ban Bearheart.|
    A Slaying the Scavengers|QID|30779|M|82.73,72.96|N|From Ban Bearheart.|
    A Last Toll of the Yaungol|QID|30781|M|82.74,73.13|N|From Xiao Tu.|
    A Totemic Research|QID|30780|M|82.67,72.97|N|From Yalia Sagewhisper.|
    C Last Toll of the Yaungol|QID|30781|NC|QO|Western Smoke Trail examined: 1/1|M|80.95,72.09|
    C Last Toll of the Yaungol|QID|30781|NC|QO|Northwestern Smoke Trail examined: 1/1|M|83.89,70.72|
    C Last Toll of the Yaungol|QID|30781|NC|QO|Eastern Smoke Trail examined: 1/1|M|84.79,71.52|
    C Last Toll of the Yaungol|QID|30781|NC|QO|Southern Smoke Trail examined: 1/1|M|83.64,78.5|
    C Dust to Dust|QID|30778|U|81356|M|82.63,70.03|
    C Totemic Research|QID|30780|M|82.52,71.68|
    C Slaying the Scavengers|QID|30779|M|84.07,72.45|
    T Dust to Dust|QID|30778|M|82.70,73.10|N|To Ban Bearheart.|
    T Slaying the Scavengers|QID|30779|M|82.70,73.10|N|To Ban Bearheart.|
    T Last Toll of the Yaungol|QID|30781|M|82.70,73.10|N|To Ban Bearheart.|
    T Totemic Research|QID|30780|M|82.63,73.03|N|To Yalia Sagewhisper.|
    A What Lies Beneath|QID|30827|M|82.63,73.03|N|From Yalia Sagewhisper.|
    C What Lies Beneath|QID|30827|M|82.45,73.57|
    T What Lies Beneath|QID|30827|M|82.53,73.12|N|To Yalia Sagewhisper.|
    A Hatred Becomes Us|QID|30783|M|82.53,73.12|N|From Yalia Sagewhisper.|
    A Spiteful Spirits|QID|30782|M|82.66,73.06|N|From Ban Bearheart.|
    C Hatred Becomes Us|QID|30783|U|81417|M|82.65,73.90|N|Use the totem on the Shado-Pan and on yourself to keep the bar from filling up.|
    C Spiteful Spirits|QID|30782|U|81417|M|84.04,77.51|N|Use the totem on yourself to keep the bar from filling up.|
    T Hatred Becomes Us|QID|30783|M|82.60,73.05|N|To Yalia Sagewhisper.|
    T Spiteful Spirits|QID|30782|M|82.62,73.04|N|To Ban Bearheart.|
    A The Point of No Return|QID|30784|M|82.62,73.04|N|From Ban Bearheart.|
    C The Point of No Return|QID|30784|U|81430|M|84.25,70.72|N|Use the totem on Suna.|
    T The Point of No Return|QID|30784|M|82.68,73.08|N|To Ban Bearheart.|
    A Gao-Ran Battlefront|QID|30785|M|82.68,73.08|N|From Ban Bearheart.|
    A A Delicate Balance|QID|31894|M|82.60,73.05|N|From Yalia Sagewhisper.|

    R Gao-Ran Battlefront|QID|30785|M|76.38,82.39|CC|
    T Gao-Ran Battlefront|QID|30785|M|76.38,82.39|N|To Taran Zhu.|
    A Behind the Battlefront|QID|30884|M|76.38,82.39|N|From Taran Zhu.|
    A Treatment for the Troops|QID|30891|M|75.85,83.05|N|From Septi the Herbalist.|
    r Merchants!|QID|99999|M|75.78,81.87|N|At Ironshaper Peng, finally a place to repair and sell|
    T Behind the Battlefront|QID|30884|M|76.96,78.89|N|To Taoshi.|
    A Unwelcome Intruders|QID|30887|M|76.96,78.89|N|From Taoshi.|
    C Treatment for the Troops|QID|30891|M|75.83,76.58|
    C Unwelcome Intruders|QID|30887|M|77.03,78.16|

    R Lower Sumprushes|QID|30786|M|68.02,67.58|CC|
    T A Delicate Balance|QID|31894|M|68.02,67.58|N|To Orbiss.|
    A A Spear Through My Side, A Chain Through My Soul|QID|30786|M|68.02,67.58|N|From Orbiss.|
    C A Spear Through My Side, A Chain Through My Soul|QID|30786|M|68.51,71.48|
    T A Spear Through My Side, A Chain Through My Soul|QID|30786|M|67.86,67.64|N|To Orbiss.|
    A The Torches|QID|30787|M|67.86,67.64|N|From Orbiss.|
    C The Torches|QID|30787|M|68.26,69.16|
    T The Torches|QID|30787|M|67.96,67.76|N|To Orbiss.|
    A Golgoss|QID|30788|M|67.96,67.76|N|From Orbiss.|
    A Arconiss|QID|30789|M|67.96,67.76|N|From Orbiss.|
    C Golgoss|QID|30788|M|70.62,69.63|
    C Arconiss|QID|30789|M|71.41,72.86|
    T Golgoss|QID|30788|M|67.93,67.71|N|To Orbiss.|
    T Arconiss|QID|30789|M|67.93,67.71|N|To Orbiss.|
    A The Death of Me|QID|30815|M|67.93,67.71|N|From Orbiss.|
    C The Death of Me|QID|30815|M|67.93,67.71|
    T The Death of Me|QID|30815|M|67.93,67.71|N|To Orbiss.|
    A Golgoss Hungers|QID|30790|M|67.93,67.71|N|From Orbiss.|
    A Arconiss Thirsts|QID|30791|M|67.93,67.71|N|From Orbiss.|
    A Orbiss Fades|QID|30792|M|67.93,67.71|N|From Orbiss.|
    C Orbiss Fades|QID|30792|M|73.52,70.69|
    C Golgoss Hungers|QID|30790|M|74.60,70.17|
    C Arconiss Thirsts|QID|30791|M|74.27,73.58|
    T Golgoss Hungers|QID|30790|M|67.90,67.76|N|To Orbiss.|
    T Arconiss Thirsts|QID|30791|M|67.90,67.76|N|To Orbiss.|
    T Orbiss Fades|QID|30792|M|67.90,67.76|N|To Orbiss.|
    A Mists’ Opportunity|QID|30793|M|67.90,67.76|N|From Orbiss.|
    C Mists’ Opportunity|QID|30793|M|76.47,72.71|
    T Mists’ Opportunity|QID|30793|M|76.19,72.93|N|To Orbiss.|

    R Gao-Ran Battlefront|QID|30887|M|74.44,81.47|CC|
    f Gao-Ran Battlefront|QID|30887|M|74.44,81.47|N|At Kite Master Nenshi.|
    T Treatment for the Troops|QID|30891|M|75.80,83.10|N|To Septi the Herbalist.|
    T Unwelcome Intruders|QID|30887|M|79.43,84.37|N|To Taoshi.|
    A Breach in the Defenses|QID|30888|M|79.43,84.37|N|From Taoshi.|
    A The Restless Watch|QID|30890|M|79.43,84.37|N|From Taoshi.|
    A Trap Setting|QID|30889|M|79.43,84.37|N|From Mao the Lookout.|
    C The Restless Watch|QID|30890|NC|QO|Deliver Orders to Scout Wei-chin: 1/1|M|82.24,84.07|
    C The Restless Watch|QID|30890|NC|QO|Deliver Orders to Scout Long: 1/1|M|81.34,86.18|
    C The Restless Watch|QID|30890|NC|QO|Deliver Orders to Scout Jai-gan: 1/1|M|78.97,90.24|
    C The Restless Watch|QID|30890|NC|QO|Deliver Orders to Scout Ying: 1/1|M|82.53,89.5|
    C Breach in the Defenses|QID|30888|U|81925|M|80.71,86.18|N|The mobs are stealthed at the front of the orange dustclouds moving along the ground, use the flare to make them visable.|
    C Trap Setting|QID|30889|M|81.81,84.36|
    T Breach in the Defenses|QID|30888|M|79.41,84.42|N|To Taoshi.|
    T The Restless Watch|QID|30890|M|79.41,84.42|N|To Taoshi.|
    A Returning from the Pass|QID|30960|M|79.41,84.42|N|From Taoshi.|
    T Trap Setting|QID|30889|M|79.41,84.42|N|To Mao the Lookout.|
    T Returning from the Pass|QID|30960|M|76.42,82.47|N|To Taran Zhu.|
    A The Endless Swarm|QID|30893|M|76.42,82.47|N|From Taran Zhu.|
    A Back on Their Feet|QID|30892|M|75.88,83.11|N|From Septi the Herbalist.|
    A Rummaging Through the Remains|QID|30894|M|75.88,83.11|N|From Septi the Herbalist.|
    C Rummaging Through the Remains|QID|30894|M|76.31,89.27|
    C The Endless Swarm|QID|30893|M|75.56,89.88|
    C Back on Their Feet|QID|30892|U|82787|M|74.16,89.57|
    T Back on Their Feet|QID|30892|M|75.82,83.15|N|To Septi the Herbalist.|
    T Rummaging Through the Remains|QID|30894|M|75.82,83.15|N|To Septi the Herbalist.|
    T The Endless Swarm|QID|30893|M|76.37,82.39|N|To Taran Zhu.|
    A Improvised Ammunition|QID|30895|M|76.37,82.39|N|From Taran Zhu.|
    A Thieves and Troublemakers|QID|30896|M|70.53,86.40|N|From Initiate Feng.|
    A In the Wrong Hands|QID|30897|M|70.37,86.56|N|From Initiate Chao.|
    C In the Wrong Hands|QID|30897|M|62.64,87.23|
    C Thieves and Troublemakers|QID|30896|M|68.05,86.72|
    C Improvised Ammunition|QID|30895|M|67.70,87.52|N|These are on the ground as well as dropping from the mobs you kill.|
    T Thieves and Troublemakers|QID|30896|M|70.50,86.40|N|To Initiate Feng.|
    T In the Wrong Hands|QID|30897|M|70.38,86.66|N|To Initiate Chao.|
    R Gao-Ran Battlefront|QID|30895|M|76.38,82.40|CC|
    T Improvised Ammunition|QID|30895|M|76.38,82.40|N|To Taran Zhu.|
    A Cutting the Swarm|QID|30898|M|76.38,82.40|N|From Taran Zhu.|
    C Cutting the Swarm|QID|30898|M|73.95,84.06|
    T Cutting the Swarm|QID|30898|M|74.27,84.96|N|To Taoshi.|
    A Terror of the Dread Wastes|QID|30900|M|74.27,84.96|N|From Taoshi.|
    C Terror of the Dread Wastes|QID|30900|M|74.63,87.34|
    T Terror of the Dread Wastes|QID|30900|M|76.45,82.41|N|To Taran Zhu.|
    A Along the Southern Front|QID|30901|M|76.45,82.41|N|From Taran Zhu.|

    T Along the Southern Front|QID|30901|M|67.26,80.78|N|To Taoshi.|
    A Enraged By Hatred|QID|30970|M|67.26,80.78|N|From Taoshi.|
    A Taking Stock|QID|30971|M|67.30,80.69|N|From Initiate Pao-Me.|
    C Enraged By Hatred|QID|30970|M|67.33,83.00|
    C Taking Stock|QID|30971|M|66.67,82.26|
    T Taking Stock|QID|30971|M|67.35,80.80|N|To Initiate Pao-Me.|
    T Enraged By Hatred|QID|30970|M|67.35,80.80|N|To Taoshi.|
    A Joining the Fight|QID|30972|M|67.35,80.80|N|From Initiate Pao-Me.|
    T Joining the Fight|QID|30972|M|61.56,79.29|N|To Lao-Chin the Iron Belly.|
    A Up In Flames|QID|30973|M|61.56,79.29|N|From Taran Zhu.|
    C Up In Flames|QID|30973|M|60.58,78.79|
    T Up In Flames|QID|30973|M|61.65,79.32|N|To Taran Zhu.|
    A The Taking of Dusklight Bridge|QID|30975|M|61.65,79.32|N|From Lao-Chin the Iron Belly.|
    C The Taking of Dusklight Bridge|QID|30975|M|44.79,9.80|Z|Dread Wastes|
    T The Taking of Dusklight Bridge|QID|30975|M|61.08,83.21|N|To Taran Zhu.|
    A Joining the Hunt|QID|30976|M|61.08,83.21|N|From Taran Zhu.|

    f Rensai’s Watchpost|QID|30976|M|54.28,78.97|N|At Kite Master Li-Sen.|
    r Merchants|99999|M|54.24,77.67|N|If your bags are full… at Supplier Qiao.|
    T Joining the Hunt|QID|30976|M|54.07,78.09|N|To Taran Zhu.|
    A In Skilled Hands|QID|30899|M|54.07,78.09|N|From Taran Zhu.|
    A Grounded Welcome|QID|30977|M|53.98,78.11|N|From Rensai Oakhide.|
    A Choking the Skies|QID|31032|M|51.23,82.94|N|From Marksman Ye.|
    T In Skilled Hands|QID|30899|M|51.58,87.21|N|To Hawkmaster Nurong.|
    A Hostile Skies|QID|30978|M|51.58,87.21|N|From Hawkmaster Nurong.|
    C Hostile Skies|QID|30978|M|51.67,87.32|
    T Hostile Skies|QID|30978|M|51.67,87.32|N|To Hawkmaster Nurong.|
    A Devastation Below|QID|30979|M|51.67,87.32|N|From Hawkmaster Nurong.|
    C Devastation Below|QID|30979|M|54.13,86.94|
    T Devastation Below|QID|30979|M|53.94,86.92|N|To Hawkmaster Nurong.|
    A Heroes of the Shado-Pan|QID|30980|M|53.94,86.92|N|From Hawkmaster Nurong.|
    C Choking the Skies|QID|31032|U|83768|M|51.25,83.72|N|After you kill the bugs, burn them with the torch.|
    T Heroes of the Shado-Pan|QID|30980|M|54.04,77.97|N|To Taran Zhu.|
    A Buried Beneath|QID|31065|M|54.04,77.97|N|From Taran Zhu.|
    C Buried Beneath|QID|31065|M|53.54,77.41|
    C Grounded Welcome|QID|30977|M|51.60,83.06|
    T Choking the Skies|QID|31032|M|51.31,83.00|N|To Marksman Ye.|
    T Grounded Welcome|QID|30977|M|53.94,78.07|N|To Rensai Oakhide.|
    T Buried Beneath|QID|31065|M|54.05,77.92|N|To Taran Zhu.|
    A Taoshi and Korvexxis|QID|30981|M|54.05,77.92|N|From Taran Zhu.|
    A Lao-Chin and Serevex|QID|31063|M|54.05,77.92|N|From Taran Zhu.|
    A Nurong and Rothek|QID|31064|M|54.05,77.92|N|From Taran Zhu.|
    A Thinning the Sik’thik|QID|31687|M|53.93,78.08|N|From Rensai Oakhide.|
    A The Search for Restless Leng|QID|31688|M|53.93,78.08|N|From Rensai Oakhide.|
    C Thinning the Sik’thik|QID|31687|S|M|41.38,74.31|N|Also, break open the Cages that are near the Sik’thik,|
    C Taoshi and Korvexxis|QID|30981|M|46.89,82.80|
    C Lao-Chin and Serevex|QID|31063|M|45.46,77.42|
    C Nurong and Rothek|QID|31064|M|40.10,75.59|
    C Thinning the Sik’thik|QID|31687|S|US|M|41.38,74.31|
    C The Search for Restless Leng|QID|31688|M|46.36,76.34|
    T Taoshi and Korvexxis|QID|30981|M|47.55,78.86|N|To Taran Zhu.|
    T Lao-Chin and Serevex|QID|31063|M|47.55,78.86|N|To Taran Zhu.|
    T Nurong and Rothek|QID|31064|M|47.55,78.86|N|To Taran Zhu.|
    A The Sha of Hatred|QID|30968|M|47.55,78.86|N|From Taran Zhu.|
    C The Sha of Hatred|QID|30968|M|46.16,82.28|
    T The Sha of Hatred|QID|30968|M|46.15,82.37|N|To Taoshi.|
    T Thinning the Sik’thik|QID|31687|M|53.96,78.18|N|To Rensai Oakhide.|
    T The Search for Restless Leng|QID|31688|M|53.96,78.18|N|To Rensai Oakhide.|

    R Shado-Pan Garrison|QID|99999|CC|M|50.05,71.96|CC|
    f Shado-Pan Garrison|QID|99999|M|50.05,71.96|N|At Kite Master Yao-Li.|
    A Stranger in a Strange Land|QID|31488|O|RANK|3|M|49.15,71.42|N|From Lorewalker Pao. – legendary quest – must be lvl 90|
    A The Motives of the Mantid|QID|30921|M|49.17,71.20|N|From Tai Ho.|
    A Set the Mantid Back|QID|30923|M|49.17,71.20|N|From Tai Ho.|
    A Natural Antiseptic|QID|30922|M|49.15,71.42|N|From Provisioner Bamfu.|
    A The Field Armorer|QID|30963|M|49.15,71.42|N|From Provisioner Bamfu.|
    A A Proper Poultice|QID|30964|M|49.15,71.42|N|From Provisioner Bamfu.|
    C A Proper Poultice|QID|30964|S|N|These are scattered through out the area.|
    C Natural Antiseptic|QID|30922|M|59.20,54.06|N|Kill turtles and Mushan in the area. Also pick up any sparklies, (Mao-Willow). Avoid the elite Mantid.|
    C The Field Armorer|QID|30963|M|59.21,57.52|
    C Set the Mantid Back|QID|30923|U|81891|M|55.18,53.10|
    C The Motives of the Mantid|QID|30921|M|57.37,51.66|
    C A Proper Poultice|QID|30964|US|M|61.69,56.18|
    T The Motives of the Mantid|QID|30921|M|49.14,71.15|N|To Tai Ho.|
    T Set the Mantid Back|QID|30923|M|49.14,71.15|N|To Tai Ho.|
    A The Wisdom of Niuzao|QID|30924|M|49.14,71.15|N|From Tai Ho.|
    T Natural Antiseptic|QID|30922|M|49.20,70.78|N|To Provisioner Bamfu.|
    T The Field Armorer|QID|30963|M|49.20,70.78|N|To Provisioner Bamfu.|
    T A Proper Poultice|QID|30964|M|49.20,70.78|N|To Provisioner Bamfu.|

    R Niuzao Temple|QID|99999|CC|43.83,65.79|
    A My Father’s Crossbow|QID|30931|M|43.83,65.79|N|From Ku-Mo.|
    C My Father’s Crossbow|QID|30931|M|38.62,65.47|
    T My Father’s Crossbow|QID|30931|M|43.80,65.77|N|To Ku-Mo.|
    T The Wisdom of Niuzao|QID|30924|M|39.30,62.13|N|To Ogo the Younger.|
    A Niuzao’s Price|QID|30925|M|39.30,62.13|N|From Ogo the Younger.|
    A Father’s Footsteps|QID|30932|M|39.43,62.03|N|From Sentinel Commander Qipan.|
    A Bad Yak|QID|30929|M|39.21,62.05|N|From Bluesaddle.|
    C Bad Yak|QID|30929|M|39.28,61.91|Click on the yak, 4 times.|
    T Bad Yak|QID|30929|M|39.22,61.99|N|To Bluesaddle.|
    C Father’s Footsteps|QID|30932|NC|QO|Find Sentinel Yalo: 1/1|M|39.13, 61.39|
    C Father’s Footsteps|QID|30932|NC|QO|Find Father’s Shield: 1/1|M|37.54, 61.45|
    C Father’s Footsteps|QID|30932|NC|QO|Find Father’s Bedroll: 1/1|M|37.41,60.90|
    C Father’s Footsteps|QID|30932|NC|QO|Find Ha-Cha: 1/1|M|37.62, 64.01|
    T Father’s Footsteps|QID|30932|M|39.48,61.91|N|To Ku-Mo.|
    ;A Seeking Father|QID|30933|M|39.48,61.91|N|From Ku-Mo.| — on wowhead, put it in because when you do the previous step it “feels” uncompleted, so I’m hoping it was a bug that *I* wasn’t given it.
    A Pick a Yak|QID|30930|M|35.45,56.62|N|From Bluesaddle.|
    C Pick a Yak|QID|30930|U|82468|M|38.36,51.38|
    T Pick a Yak|QID|30930|M|35.38,56.66|N|To Bluesaddle.|
    C Niuzao’s Price|QID|30925|M|42.72,47.40|
    T Niuzao’s Price|QID|30925|M|39.37,62.18|N|To Ogo the Younger.|
    A The Terrible Truth|QID|30926|M|39.37,62.18|N|From Ogo the Elder.|
    A Give Them Peace|QID|30927|M|39.38,62.00|N|From Sentinel Commander Qipan.|
    A A Trail of Fear|QID|30928|M|39.19,62.05|N|From Yak-Keeper Kyana.|
    R Niuzao Catacombs|QID|30927|M|32.71,61.17|CC|
    C Give Them Peace|QID|30927|S|M|32.43, 61.12|
    C The Terrible Truth|QID|30926|M|36.06,57.72|
    T The Terrible Truth|QID|30926|M|36.51,57.40|N|To Tai Ho.|
    C A Trail of Fear|QID|30928|M|28.88,73.48|
    C Give Them Peace|QID|30927|US|M|33.08,61.81|
    ;C Seeking Father|QID|30933|M|17.4,57| — on wowhead, put it in because when you do the previous step it “feels” uncompleted, so I’m hoping it was a bug that *I* wasn’t given it.
    T Give Them Peace|QID|30927|M|39.41,61.90|N|To Sentinel Commander Qipan.|
    T A Trail of Fear|QID|30928|M|39.16,62.12|N|To Yak-Keeper Kyana.|
    ;T Seeking Father|QID|30933|M|39.48,61.91|N|To Ku-Mo.|–on wowhead, doesn’t seem to be available (bugged, done with dailies?)
    N Congratulations|N|You have finished Townlong Steppes. When you check off this step, the Dread Wastes Guide should load.|


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    Sep 5, 2012 @ 3:51 am

    Dread Wastes – neutralWoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘EmmDre8990’, ‘Dread Wastes’, ‘Emmaleah’, ’89’, ’90’, ‘nil’, ‘Neutral’, function()
    return [[

    N Dread Wastes|N|There are 3 distinct lead in quests, when you pick any of them up it also gives you the flightpath to Serpent’s Spine in Vale of Eternal Blossoms (where Brewmistress Li is). This guide starts there.|
    F Serpent’s Spine|QID|31847|N|From whatever flightmaster you are near, fly to Serpent’s Spine in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.|
    T Better Dead than Dread|QID|31847|M|13.99,76.95|Z|Vale of Eternal Blossoms|N|To Bowmistress Li.|
    A Falling Down|QID|31001|M|13.99,76.95|Z|Vale of Eternal Blossoms|N|From Bowmistress Li.|
    A Nope|QID|31002|M|13.99,76.95|Z|Vale of Eternal Blossoms|N|From Bowmistress Li.|
    C Falling Down|QID|31001|M|72.56,28.70|N|Use the rope right behind Brewmistriss Li.|
    C Nope|QID|31002|U|82807|M|71.68,27.38|
    T Falling Down|QID|31001|M|72.56,28.70|N|To Marksman Lann.|
    T Nope|QID|31002|M|72.55,28.62|N|To Marksman Lann.|
    A Psycho Mantid|QID|31003|M|72.55,28.62|N|From Marksman Lann.|
    C Psycho Mantid|QID|31003|M|73.56,27.50|
    T Psycho Mantid|QID|31003|M|73.60,27.49|N|To Klaxxi’va Tik.|
    A Preserved in Amber|QID|31004|M|73.60,27.49|N|From Klaxxi’va Tik.|
    C Preserved in Amber|QID|31004|NC|M|70.24,25.55|
    T Preserved in Amber|QID|31004|M|70.24,25.55|N|To Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver.|
    A Wakening Sickness|QID|31005|M|70.24,25.55|N|From Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver.|
    A Ancient Vengeance|QID|31676|M|70.24,25.55|N|From Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver.|
    C Wakening Sickness|QID|31005|S|M|71.18,38.43|
    C Ancient Vengeance|QID|31676|M|70.58,36.61|
    C Wakening Sickness|QID|31005|US|M|71.18,38.43|
    T Wakening Sickness|QID|31005|M|70.16,25.63|N|To Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver.|
    T Ancient Vengeance|QID|31676|M|70.16,25.63|N|To Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver.|
    A The Klaxxi Council|QID|31006|M|70.24,25.75|N|From Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver.|

    C The Klaxxi Council|QID|31006|M|54.09,34.78|N|Talk to him for a ride.|
    T The Klaxxi Council|QID|31006|M|55.01,33.99|N|To Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver.|
    A The Dread Clutches|QID|31007|M|55.01,33.99|N|From Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver.|
    A Not Fit to Swarm|QID|31660|M|55.01,33.99|N|From Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver.|
    A Dead Zone|QID|31009|M|54.81,34.12|N|From Kor’ik.|
    A Amber Arms|QID|31008|M|55.00,35.59|N|From Ambersmith Zikk.|
    f Klaxxi’vess|QID|31108|M|55.82,34.83|N|At Kik’tik.|
    h Klaxxi’vess|QID|31108|M|55.89,32.59|N|At Zit’tix.|
    F The Cluthces of Shek’zeer|QID|31009|M|55.01,33.99|N|Ask Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver for a ride or fly over on your own.|
    C Dead Zone|QID|31009|U|83276|M|40.02,38.99|
    T Dead Zone|QID|31009|M|40.02,38.99|N|To UI Alert.|
    A A Source of Terrifying Power|QID|31661|M|44.60,41.40|N|From Sha Haunted Crystal.|
    C Not Fit to Swarm|QID|31660|M|45.05,42.16|
    C The Dread Clutches|QID|31007|M|45.05,42.16|
    C Amber Arms|QID|31008|M|48.54,43.63|
    H Klaxxi’vess|QID|31661|

    T The Dread Clutches|QID|31007|M|55.01,33.98|N|To Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver.|
    T Not Fit to Swarm|QID|31660|M|55.01,33.99|N|To Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver.|
    T Amber Arms|QID|31008|M|55.05,35.49|N|To Ambersmith Zikk.|
    T A Source of Terrifying Power|QID|31661|M|55.00,35.59|N|To Ambersmith Zikk.|
    A Concentrated Fear|QID|31108|M|55.00,35.59|N|From Ambersmith Zikk.|
    A A Cry From Darkness|QID|31066|M|54.77,34.11|N|From Kor’ik.|
    R Kypari Zar|QID|31009|M|40.02,38.99|CC|
    A In Her Clutch|QID|31010|M|40.02,38.99|N|From Malik the Unscatherd.|
    C In Her Clutch|QID|31010|M|44.75,41.42|
    T In Her Clutch|QID|31010|M|54.89,34.14|N|To Malik the Unscathed.|
    A The Dreadsworn|QID|31689|M|55.10,35.45|N|From Malik the Unscathed.|
    A Citizens of a New Empire|QID|31107|M|55.10,35.45|N|From Malik the Unscathed.|
    C A Cry From Darkness|QID|31066|M|59.44,18.37|
    C Citizens of a New Empire|QID|31107|M|59.74,19.78|
    C The Dreadsworn|QID|31689|M|58.99,14.65|
    C Concentrated Fear|QID|31108|M|56.75,18.22|
    H Klaxxi’vess|QID|31108|

    T Concentrated Fear|QID|31108|M|54.95,35.48|N|To Ambersmith Zikk.|
    T The Dreadsworn|QID|31689|M|54.99,35.43|N|To Malik the Unscathed.|
    T Citizens of a New Empire|QID|31107|M|54.99,35.43|N|To Malik the Unscathed.|
    T A Cry From Darkness|QID|31066|M|54.77,34.03|N|To Kor’ik.|
    A Extending Our Coverage|QID|31087|M|54.77,34.03|N|From Kor’ik.|
    A Amber Is Life|QID|31019|M|55.03,35.77|N|From Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver.|

    R Lake of Stars|QID|31023|M|67.91,60.19|CC|
    l Strange Relic|L|82870|N|Drops from Saurok mobs around the lake.|
    A Relics of the Swarm|QID|31023|M|67.91,60.19|U|82870|N|From Strange Relic.|
    C Relics of the Swarm|QID|31023|M|65.65,64.13|
    C Amber Is Life|QID|31019|M|63.68,63.84|N|Entrance to Mistblade Scale-Lord’s cave|
    T Amber Is Life|QID|31019|M|66.82,65.35|N|To Ancient Amber Chunk.|
    A Living Amber|QID|31021|M|66.82,65.35|N|From Korven the Prime.|
    A Feeding the Beast|QID|31020|M|66.82,65.35|N|From Korven the Prime.|
    C Living Amber|QID|31021|M|65.20,59.63|U|82864|N|Pick up the sparklies and feed them to Korven.|
    C Feeding the Beast|QID|31020|M|64.91,58.09|
    T Feeding the Beast|QID|31020|M|64.91,58.09|N|To Korven the Prime.|
    T Living Amber|QID|31021|M|64.91,58.09|N|To Korven the Prime.|
    A Kypari Zar|QID|31022|M|64.91,58.09|N|From Korven the Prime.|
    C Kypari Zar|QID|31022|M|59.90,59.38|
    T Kypari Zar|QID|31022|M|60.00,59.29|N|To Korven the Prime.|
    A The Root of the Problem|QID|31026|M|60.00,59.29|N|From Korven the Prime.|
    C The Root of the Problem|QID|31026|M|57.45,57.79|
    T The Root of the Problem|QID|31026|M|57.46,57.99|N|To Korven the Prime.|

    R Soggy’s Gamble|QID|31265|M|56.16,70.07|CC|
    f Soggy’s Gamble|QID|31265|M|56.16,70.07|N|At Min the Breeze Rider.|
    A Mazu’s Breath|QID|31265|M|54.67,72.23|N|From Deck Boss Arie.|
    C Mazu’s Breath|QID|31265|M|54.67,72.23|NC|
    T Mazu’s Breath|QID|31265|M|54.76,72.24|N|To Deck Boss Arie.|
    A Fresh Pots|QID|31181|M|54.76,72.24|N|From Deck Boss Arie.|
    A You Otter Know|QID|31182|M|54.76,72.24|N|From Deck Boss Arie.|
    C You Otter Know|QID|31182|U|85231|M|59.31,80.58|
    K Sea Monarchs|QID|31181|M|58.93,82.22|L|85230 20|N|Kill the fish to collect meat to bait the traps.|
    C Fresh Pots|QID|31181|M|58.93,82.22|
    T Fresh Pots|QID|31181|M|54.79,72.25|N|To Deck Boss Arie.|
    T You Otter Know|QID|31182|M|54.76,72.24|N|To Deck Boss Arie.|
    A Meet the Cap’n|QID|31183|M|54.79,72.25|N|From Deck Boss Arie.|
    T Meet the Cap’n|QID|31183|M|55.66,72.49|N|To Captain “Soggy” Su-Dao.|
    A Walking Dog|QID|31185|M|55.66,72.49|N|From Captain “Soggy” Su-Dao.|
    A Old Age and Treachery|QID|31184|M|55.66,72.49|N|From Captain “Soggy” Su-Dao.|
    A On the Crab|QID|31187|M|54.73,72.28|N|From Deck Boss Arie.|
    A Shark Week|QID|31188|M|54.73,72.28|N|From Deck Boss Arie.|
    A Dog Food|QID|31186|U|85955|N|From Dog.|
    C Shark Week|QID|31188|S|U|85998|N|Kill Sharks, loot Thresher Jaw, extract the teeth from the jaw after each kill.|
    C Walking Dog|QID|31185|NC|U|85955|QO|Bring Dog to the Wreck of the Mist-Hopper: 1/1|M|45.31,78.70|
    C Old Age and Treachery|QID|31184|NC|QO|Sealed Charter Tube: 1/1|
    C Walking Dog|QID|31185|NC|U|85955|QO|Bring Dog to the Slit Vents: 1/1|M|46.5,74.0|
    C Dog Food|QID|31186|U|85955|N|Make sure Dog is around when you kill his food (Rockshell Snapclaws).|
    T Dog Food|QID|31186|N|To Dog.|
    C Walking Dog|QID|31185|NC|U|85955|QO|Bring Dog to the Whale Corpse: 1/1|M|40.3,79.21|
    C On the Crab|QID|31187|NC|M|40,79|
    C Shark Week|QID|31188|US|U|85998|N|Kill Sharks, loot Thresher Jaw, extract the teeth from the jaw after each kill.|
    T On the Crab|QID|31187|M|54.78,72.21|N|To Deck Boss Arie.|
    T Shark Week|QID|31188|M|54.78,72.21|N|To Deck Boss Arie.|
    T Old Age and Treachery|QID|31184|M|55.69,72.47|N|To Captain “Soggy” Su-Dao.|
    T Walking Dog|QID|31185|M|55.69,72.47|N|To Captain “Soggy” Su-Dao.|
    A Reeltime Strategy|QID|31189|M|54.76,72.22|N|From Deck Boss Arie.|
    C Reeltime Strategy|QID|31189|NC|M|53.65,75.84|
    T Reeltime Strategy|QID|31189|M|54.73,72.24|N|To Deck Boss Arie.|
    A The Mariner’s Revenge|QID|31190|M|54.78,72.18|N|From Captain “Soggy” Su-Dao.|
    C The Mariner’s Revenge|QID|31190|M|56.19, 76.28)|N|Hop on the boat (Vehicle UI)|
    T The Mariner’s Revenge|QID|31190|M||N|To Captain “Soggy” Su-Dao.|
    A Mazu’s Bounty|QID|31354|M|56.57,75.85|N|From Deck Boss Arie.|
    T Mazu’s Bounty|QID|31354|M|54.93,72.9|N|To Master Angler Ju Lien|

    R Amberglow Hollow|M|46.36,52.91|N|Follow the Stinging Trail.|CC|
    C Extending Our Coverage|QID|31087|M|48.20,49.73|N|Click the crystal|
    T Extending Our Coverage|QID|31087|M|48.07,49.65|N|To Kor’ik|
    A Crime and Punishment|QID|31088|M|48.07,49.65|N|From Kor’ik|
    A Better With Age|QID|31090|M|48.07,49.65|N|From Kor’ik|
    C Better With Age|QID|31090|M|45.01, 56.83|N|These are sparklies on the tree trunks (ofen with Ik’thik Harvesters beside them).|
    C Crime and Punishment|QID|31088|M|49.75,65.9|N|From Kor’ik|
    T Better With Age|QID|31090|M|48.07,49.65|N|From Kor’ik|
    T Crime and Punishment|QID|31088|M|48.07,49.65|N|To Kor’kk.|
    A By the Sea, Nevermore|QID|31089|M|48.07,49.65|N|From Kor’ik|
    C By the Sea, Nevermore|QID|31089|U|84119|M|43.38,63.18|
    T By the Sea, Nevermore|QID|31089|M|43.38,63.18|N|To Kaz’tik the Manipulator.|
    A Reunited|QID|31091|M|43.30,63.44|N|From Kaz’tik the Manipulator.|
    C Reunited|QID|31091|M|41.68,71.90|
    T Reunited|QID|31091|M|41.69,71.94|N|To Kaz’tik the Manipulator.|
    A The Kunchong Whisperer|QID|31359|M|41.69,71.94|N|From Kaz’tik the Manipulator.|
    A Feed or Be Eaten|QID|31092|M|41.69,71.94|N|From Kaz’tik the Manipulator.|
    C Feed or Be Eaten|QID|31092|S|M|45.23,63.31|
    A Falling to Pieces|QID|31398|M|41.87,63.81|N|From Glowing Amber.|
    C The Kunchong Whisperer|QID|31359|M|40.86,64.90|
    C Feed or Be Eaten|QID|31092|US|M|45.23,63.31|
    f The Briny Muck|QID|31092|M|42.58,55.75|N|At Infiltrator Ik’thal|

    H Klaxxi’vess
    T Feed or Be Eaten|QID|31092|M|54.24,35.75|N|To Kaz’tik the Manipulator.|
    T The Kunchong Whisperer|QID|31359|M|54.24,35.75|N|To Kaz’tik the Manipulator.|
    T Falling to Pieces|QID|31398|M|54.24,35.75|N|To Kaz’tik the Manipulator.|
    T Relics of the Swarm|QID|31023|M|67.91,60.19|54.95,35.48|N|To Ambersmith Zikk.|
    A Skeer the Bloodseeker|QID|31175|M|55.04,35.86|N|From Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver.|
    A A Not So Friendly Request|QID|31730|N|55.04,35.86|N|From Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver.|
    A The Zan’thik Dig|QID|31605|M|54.72,34.08|N|From Kor’ik.|

    R Zan’vess|M|31.82,88.93|CC|
    T The Zan’thik Dig|QID|31605|M|31.82,88.93|N|To Rik’kal the Dissector.|
    A The Dissector Wakens|QID|31606|M|31.82,88.93|N|From Rik’kal the Dissector.|
    C The Dissector Wakens|QID|31606|M|31.82,88.93|
    T The Dissector Wakens|QID|31606|M|31.82,88.93|N|To Rik’kal the Dissector.|

    C Skeer the Bloodseeker|QID|31175|M|25.65,53.93|N|Cave is underwater.|
    T Skeer the Bloodseeker|QID|31175|M|25.66,50.36|N|To Skeer the Bloodseeker.|
    A A Strange Appetite|QID|31176|M|25.66,50.36|N|From Skeer the Bloodseeker.|
    A Fine Dining|QID|31177|M|25.66,50.36|N|From Skeer the Bloodseeker.|
    A A Bloody Delight|QID|31178|M|25.68,54.02|N|From Skeer the Bloodseeker. Entrance is underwater.|
    C A Bloody Delight|QID|S|31178|M|23.34,66.15|S|N|Pick up the sparklies. also kill Remoras amd Clackers.|
    C A Strange Appetite|QID|31176|S|M|26.31,63.72|NC|
    C Fine Dining|QID|31177|M|28.57,65.39|
    C A Bloody Delight|QID|31178|US|M|25.69,53.9|
    T A Strange Appetite|QID|31176|M|25.64,53.93|N|To Skeer the Bloodseeker.|
    T Fine Dining|QID|31177|M|25.64,50.64|N|To Skeer the Bloodseeker.|
    T A Bloody Delight|QID|31178|M|25.64,50.64|N|To Skeer the Bloodseeker.|
    A The Scent of Blood|QID|31179|M|25.64,50.64|N|From Skeer the Bloodseeker.|
    C The Scent of Blood|QID|31179|M|25.69,50.69|

    H Klaxxi’vess|QID|31179|M|55,34|
    T The Scent of Blood|QID|31179|M|55.03,35.82|N|To Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver.|
    R The Sunset Brewgarden|QID|31730|M|50.27,12.21|CC|
    f The Sunset Brewgarden|QID|31179|M|50.27,12.21|N|At Jin the Flying Keg.|
    T A Not So Friendly Request|QID|31730|M|51.17,11.51|N|To Sapmaster Vu.|
    A The Heavens Hum With War|QID|31067|M|51.17,11.51|N|From Sapmaster Vu.|
    A Sacred Recipe|QID|31068|M|53.07,12.40|N|Go around the tree and into the tree. From Scroll of Auspice. |
    C The Heavens Hum With War|QID|31067|M|53.20,10.14|
    T Sacred Recipe|QID|31068|M|50.74,11.80|N|To Lya of Ten Songs.|
    T The Heavens Hum With War|QID|31067|M|51.19,11.44|N|To Sapmaster Vu.|
    A Bound With Shade|QID|31069|M|51.14,11.31|N|From Sapmaster Vu.|
    A Daggers of the Great Ones|QID|31070|M|51.14,11.31|N|From Olon.|
    A I Bring Us Great Shame|QID|31071|M|51.06,11.15|N|From Thirsty Missho.|
    A Rending Daggers|QID|31072|M|50.76,11.76|N|From Lya of Ten Songs.|
    A Fate of the Stormstouts|QID|31129|M|50.47,11.99|N|From Chen Stormstout.|
    C Fate of the Stormstouts|QID|31129|M|50.96,11.48|NC|
    T Fate of the Stormstouts|QID|31129|M|50.43,11.95|N|To Chen Stormstout.|
    C Daggers of the Great Ones|QID|31070|M|49.69,17.64|
    A Evie Stormstout|QID|31077|M|54.08,20.52|N|From Chen Stormstout.|
    C Rending Daggers|QID|31072|QO|Blade of Kz’Kzik: 1/1|
    A Wood and Shade|QID|31074|M|50.71,11.78|N|From Lya of Ten Songs.|
    C I Bring Us Great Shame|QID|31071|NC|QO|Lost Keg: 1/1|M|54.37,20.36|
    C I Bring Us Great Shame|QID|31071|NC|QO|Lost Picnic Supplies: 1/1|M|56.00,19.56|
    C Rending Daggers|QID|31072|QO|Blade of Illkkaz: 1/1|M|51.67,19.03|
    C I Bring Us Great Shame|QID|31071|NC|QO|Lost Mugs: 1/1|M|51.67,19.03|
    C Bound With Shade|QID|31069|M|57.56,15.98|N|You are after the little packs of Dreadlings.|
    T Rending Daggers|QID|31072|M|50.71,11.78|N|To Lya of Ten Songs.|
    T I Bring Us Great Shame|QID|31071|M|51.09,11.12|N|To Thirsty Missho|
    T Daggers of the Great Ones|QID|31070|M|51.09,11.12|N|To Olon.|
    T Bound with Shade|QID|31069|M|51.17,11.39|N|To Sapmaster Vu.|
    A Bound With Wood|QID|31073|M|51.17,11.39|N|From Sapmaster Vu.|
    A Kor’thik Aggression|QID|31133|M|50.17,12.44|N|From Defender Azzo.|
    C Evie Stormstout|QID|31077|M|50.11,10.27|
    T Evie Stormstout|QID|31077|M|50.11,10.27|N|To Chen Stormstout.|
    A Han Stormstout|QID|31078|M|50.11,10.27|N|From Chen Stormstout.|
    C Bound With Wood|QID|31073|M|43.88,10.77|NC|
    C Han Stormstout|QID|31078|NC|M|47.17,16.78;43.74,16.71|CS|N|You need to go to the opposite side of the main room. you have to go only a little way down the side passages to pass under the beams. Han is in a block of amber (click to “find”)|
    T Han Stormstout|QID|31078|M|44.46,16.79|N|To Chen Stormstout.|
    C Wood and Shade|QID|31074|NC|QO|Find the Heartroot of Kypari Kor: 1/1|M|43.12,14.84|
    C Wood and Shade|QID|31074|NC|QO|Find the Mark of the Empress: 1/1|M|44.53,16.80|
    C Kor’thik Aggression|QID|31133|M|44.62,16.96|
    T Wood and Shade|QID|31074|M|50.72,11.76|N|To Lya of Ten Songs.|
    T Bound With Wood|QID|31073|M|51.13,11.39|N|To Sapmaster Vu.|
    A Sunset Kings|QID|31075|M|51.13,11.39|N|From Sapmaster Vu.|
    T Kor’thik Aggression|QID|31133|M|50.23,12.43|N|To Defender Azzo.|

    R Rikkitun Village|QID|31075|M|38.21,17.28|CC|
    T Sunset Kings|QID|31075|M|38.21,17.28|N|To Sapmaster Vu.|
    A The Horror Comes A-Rising|QID|31079|M|38.19,17.36|N|From Boggeo.|
    A Fiery Wings|QID|31080|M|38.18,17.23|N|From Olon.|
    A Incantations Fae and Primal|QID|31081|M|38.27,17.19|N|From Lya of Ten Songs.|
    A Great Vessel of Salvation|QID|31082|M|38.65,17.31|N|From Chief Rikkitun.|
    C Fiery Wings|QID|31080|NC|S|M|37.29,23.96|N|Slap the butterflies (click on them) and follow them while the fairy (fiery) dust lands on you. |
    C Great Vessel of Salvation|QID|31082|NC|U|84267|M|36.62,17.05|N|Use the bell to summon sprites who will carry the motherseed until you lead them to the pit.|
    C Incantations Fae and Primal|QID|31081|M|32.27,17.61|
    C The Horror Comes A-Rising|QID|31079|M|34.63,20.29|N|Kyparites erupt from the ground, so stand in a dust cloud to find them. |
    C Fiery Wings|QID|31080|NC|US|M|37.29,23.96|N|Slap the butterflies (click on them) and follow them while the fairy (fiery) dust lands on you. |
    T Great Vessel of Salvation|QID|31082|M|38.58,17.28|N|To Chief Rikkitun.|
    T Incantations Fae and Primal|QID|31081|M|38.24,17.21|N|To Lya of Ten Songs.|
    T Fiery Wings|QID|31080|M|38.24,17.21|N|To Olon.|
    T The Horror Comes A-Rising|QID|31079|M|38.24,17.21|N|To Boggeo.|
    A Bind the Glamour|QID|31084|M|38.64,17.35|N|From Chief Rikkitun.|
    C Bind the Glamour|QID|31084|NC|M|39.55,22.88|N|Follow Chief Rikkitun and watch him.|
    T Bind the Glamour|QID|31084|M|38.56,17.21|N|To Chief Rikkitun.|
    A Fires and Fears of Old|QID|31085|M|38.24,17.24|N|From Lya of Ten Songs.|
    A Blood of Ancients|QID|31086|M|38.24,17.24|N|From Sapmaster Vu.|
    C Blood of Ancients|QID|31086|NC|M|30.21,30.56|
    C Fires and Fears of Old|QID|31085|NC|U| |QO| |M|29.97,30.89|N|Click on the rocks, and the sprites will move them for you.|
    C Fires and Fears of Old|QID|31085|U|84771|M|33.25,33.57|
    R The Sunset Brewgarden|QID|31085|M|50.27,12.21|CC|
    T Fires and Fears of Old|QID|31085|M|50.28,12.13|N|To Lya of Ten Songs.|
    A Once in a Hundred Lifetimes|QID|32030|M|50.28,12.13|N|From Lya of Ten Songs.|
    T Blood of Ancients|QID|31086|M|50.22,12.09|N|To Sapmaster Vu.|

    H Klaxxi’vess|QID|32030|M|55.82,34.83|
    T Once in a Hundred Lifetimes|QID|32030|M|54.69,34.89|N|To Klaxxi’va Ik.|
    A Overthrone|QID|31782|M|54.69,34.89|
    C Overthrone|QID|31782|M|54.69,34.89|
    T Overthrone|QID|31782|M|55.05,34.19|N|To Klaxxi’va Vor.|
    N Congratulations|N|You have finished Dread Wastes.|


  • img
    Aug 28, 2012 @ 19:49 pm

    RE: Laotseu’s Test PlaysI have incorporated Laotseu’s 2 changes into the new wiki pages.

  • img
    Aug 27, 2012 @ 5:33 am

    I’ve play tested the NeutralI’ve play tested the Neutral Valley of the Four Winds. The file with my modification can be found here:

  • img
    Aug 23, 2012 @ 6:34 am

    I’ve play tested the AllianceI’ve play tested the Alliance The Jade Forest guide. I”ve include the file with my modification in my fork of the addon. You can find it here: This guide need more play testing.I’ll do the modifications in place when we get the wiki pages for the new guides.Cheers

  • img
    Aug 18, 2012 @ 22:07 pm

    Bug in recorderWhen I have this happen, I delete the wow-pro recorder guide in the WTF directory and it seems to be solved.  I cant remember if its the char specific one or the acct level, so prolly delete them both.BTW, I did a Horde Jade Forest guide. Its posted on the recorder page, since that is where I was told to put guides then someone will move them to proper places – Jade Forest Alliance – Jade Forest Horde – Krasarang Wilds Alliance – Krasarang Wilds Horde – Kun-Lai Summit NeutralValley of the Four Winds and Panda starting area are included with the Download of V2.2.5 

  • img
    Aug 18, 2012 @ 3:49 am

    Also having a similar bugAlso having a similar bug with the Add Step button, so I can’t add anything to a default scratch-pad guide even if there is one.

  • img
    Aug 18, 2012 @ 3:37 am

    Recorder brokenWhen I click the New button in MoP beta, all I see in the pop-up window are a drop-down list for type (where my selection doesn’t show up after I’ve clicked it), a one-line frame, and a “Close” button. Anyone else having this issue? I’d like to record a Horde Jade Forest guide, but can’t until this is fixed.

  • img
    Aug 17, 2012 @ 11:21 am

    Zones doneFinished Jade Forest – A Thought I’d point out that for anyone interested there are an awful lot of dailies guides that could be written too.  I will continue plodding thru the leveling guides, Townlong next  I dont know how much will get done before they take down the beta, but that has to be coming pretty soon now.

  • img
    Aug 14, 2012 @ 22:54 pm

    Zones done…I have done Valley of the Four Winds (Neutral)Krasarang Wilds (Horde/Alliance)Kun-Lai Summit (Neutral)I had a rough draft of Jade Forest and went to finalize it when they opened Jade Forest Friday, but I discovered they made MAJOR changes, I started over with the Horde Guide, since the starting Alliance quest was broken.I am leaving Tuesday for 2 weeks of vacation and will not get Alliance Jade Forest done before I leave (hopefully I will finish Horde tonight, but it will get posted with minimal testing.  I will check when I get back and start on whatever is left.Someone did the starting area and it is linked on the guide page (as is my Valley of the 4 winds)That leaves Dread Waste, Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Townlong Steppes unclaimed as far as I know. (Veiled Stair has 3 qu ests which I included in Kun-Lei Summit).  There are also the cities but I don’t have any clue if guides are needed for those.  Usually not a lot of quests there, but I havent even been to them, been too busy writing / testing the guides I’ve done.Good luck!Edit: Just thought I would add… I am back from vacation, I finished “The Jade Forest – H” before I left and have started “The Jade Forest – A” as of last night.

  • img
    Jul 29, 2012 @ 23:13 pm

    MOP GuidesIs there a list of guides already done for MOP yet? 

  • img
    Jul 15, 2012 @ 1:31 am

    TomTom for MoPGo here to pick up a MoP TomTom with updated map data.  

  • img
    Jul 10, 2012 @ 0:11 am

    Yes, the Alliance version isYes, the Alliance version is 29874, while the Horde version is 29875.  The Alliance one is really interesting in that the Kang Bramblestaff it goes to is located outside a camp.  However, before you get to him you are given a quest (auto accept) that allows you to open the camp, and if you do, the original Kang you saw on the road moves to the camp and the one on the road is no longer there.However, what is more interesting is the fact that there is a hidden flag quest that is triggered by going to one of the questgivers for which the Xiao quests are breadcrumbs.  In other words, there are quests that are required for Xiao to open up his four quests OR if you go an visit Ken-Ken for example, and take his initially available quest, that marks the secret flag quest and Xiao’s quests open up even before you do things like Chen and Li Li.If you are interested in seeing what I have discovered you can download the Grail addon that is being released July 10, as that will have the latest changes.  Of course feel free to use Grail and send me your saved variables file if you want to help update Grail.

  • img
    Jul 9, 2012 @ 22:35 pm

    I hadnt considered theI hadnt considered the possibility it was a permanent move.  Time will tell whether they have him wander back and forth or its permanent.  It just surprsed me because I had literaly done the quest the day before and he was one place, then the next day he was in halfhill. I was kinda excited about the possibility of it being dynamic and wondering what were the criteria (time of day, quest progression, etc.)also, Ive already found an error in my Vot4Winds guide, there is actually one quest that is faction specific. (Kang Bramblestaff from Xiao at Peng’s Stead)

  • img
    Jul 9, 2012 @ 8:40 am

    Don’t forget that you areDon’t forget that you are testing the guide on a Beta. I think it’s unlikely that the guy will move around very far in the finished game. We have seen patrolling quest-NPCs but never have they actually gone to a whole new area, let alone leaving a sign behind. I rather think Blizzard just changed the position of the guy, because that’s what they do a lot in Beta: Adjusting all sorts of things.

  • img
    Jul 8, 2012 @ 9:19 am

    MoP GuidesWhere should I post the MOP guides?  I have Valley of the 4 winds done and I have run thru it and tested it once. (and the last 4 areas … twice)   Im not saying its perfect, but I think its ready for others to see.I have one question that I dont know how to deal with.  There is a quest (Find the farmers daughter) that when you find her in a Burrow, you turn that in and get a quest to escort her out (Seeing Orange).  The first two times I did that quest I could swear I turned it in to a guy standing where you escort her(The Mudclaws farm).  The last time, however (when I was testing the guide) where he ought to be standing is a note (clicky gear) that says Haohan has gone to Halfhill to get some supplies (or something like that).  Then when you go to Halfhill you turn in the quest there.  Altho, this maybe one of the things I just messed up (WoW crashed on my several times, so some steps had to be recreated from memory)… But, if it is sometimes turned in one place, sometimes the other, how do I deal with that in the guide?PS, 8 tries so far on the CAPTCHA.  I have to contribute good stuff… so my Karma can improve so they will go away!

  • img
    Jul 4, 2012 @ 19:33 pm

    Re: Zone [The Wandering Isle] not foundOK, fix checked in.  It will eliminate the WowPro error, but not fix the underlying LibMapData problem.

  • img
    Jul 3, 2012 @ 18:14 pm

    When running through TheWhen running through The Wandering Island the log shows “Zone [The Wandering Isle] not found.  Using map id 301 

  • img
    Jul 1, 2012 @ 21:43 pm

    Two Bugs Filed For TomTom and LibMapDataI have filed two bugs:TomTom: was going to file a bug with the AceGui folks, but they fixed it before I had a chance to file it :-).Blizzard took away two function and an Event that we use: QueryQuestsCompleted()/QUEST_QUERY_COMPLETE/GetQuestsCompleted()The new replacement seems to be: IsQuestFlaggedCompleted() which I reversed engineered.The Acheivement query functions also seem to have changed. 

  • img
    Jul 1, 2012 @ 9:50 am

    This didnt work as of aThis didnt work as of a couple of patches ago.  I wou ld guess scripts now work with turning on addons? but… that remains to be seen 🙂

  • img
    Jul 1, 2012 @ 2:55 am

    A first Recording in MOPA first cut:

    WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘Ludo’, ‘The Wandering Isle’, ‘Casito’, ‘1’, ’12’, ‘XXX’, ‘Neutral’, function()
    return [[

    T Much to Learn|QID|30041|M|56.61,18.13|N|To Master Shang Xi.|
    A The Lesson of the Iron Bough|QID|30034|M|56.61,18.13|N|From Master Shang Xi.|
    C The Lesson of the Iron Bough|QID|30034|M|57.05,20.32|
    T The Lesson of the Iron Bough|QID|30034|M|56.62,18.23|N|To Master Shang Xi.|
    A The Lesson of the Sandy Fist|QID|29406|M|56.62,18.23|N|From Master Shang Xi.|


    Some functions are missing and the ACE libraries needed tweaking and the Recorder needed some TLC.

    I’ll merge up the safe changes as soon as I can make them safe.
    The ACE Library people have already patched their libraries and I’ll
    incorporate them tomorrow.

  • img
    Jul 1, 2012 @ 1:17 am

    A Try of WoWPro in MOPOK, the new patch allows addons.I tried running TomTom, + WoWPro + WoWProRecorder.TomTom complains bitterly, but the failure is primarily a libmapdata problem which can be hotpatched.The Pandaren starting zone, The Wandering Isle (Map id 808) is a not anchored in any continent, though there is a new “Pandaria” continent.The Recorder needs some serious TLC.

  • img
    Jun 30, 2012 @ 16:29 pm

    RessourcesFor the programmers, this page list API changes and bugs: It will get more information as people start fixing the addons and I invite you guys to write any findings there.

  • img
    Jun 30, 2012 @ 0:07 am

    You can get the coordinatesYou can get the coordinates in MoP beta using the /dump command, but /script does not work.  This is what I use: /dump tonumber(UnitGUID(“npc”):sub(6,10), 16), GetCurrentMapAreaID(), GetCurrentMapDungeonLevel(), GetPlayerMapPosition(“player”)You can get all the coordinates and what I understand to be the interactions between all the quests for the starter Pandaren area by downloading the latest prerelease of the Grail addon at if you are interested.

  • img
    Jun 29, 2012 @ 23:31 pm

    CoordsThis used to work in Cata, servers are down so I can’t test beta, but try this to get coords:[quote]/script SetMapToCurrentZone() local x,y=GetPlayerMapPosition(“player”) DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(format(“%s, %s: %.1f, %.1f”,GetZoneText(),GetSubZoneText(),x*100,y*100))[/quote]James

  • img
    Jun 29, 2012 @ 21:13 pm

    MoP GuidesIm up for helping.  I have a spreadsheet that lists questgiver. QID, Quest name and Quest Turn in NPC in order or acceptance for Jade forest Alliance and Horde.  Of course, it will probably all be differant when they reopen Jade Forest.I also have half or so of Vofthe4Winds both Alli and Horde.  I keep getting sidetracked by other stuff (like I completed 5 flame keepers this week ) so my time on beta isnt all it should be.I have the Panda starting area too.  Now that they are donw, I wish I had done them differantly, but at least its a place to start.  I did them in order of quest acceptance with out reguard to when / where quest turn in is.  And of course there are no coords on them since I cant figure out how to get coords on beta (I assume you cant yet).I came here today because of the announcement that addons were going to be enabled to see if the recorder was believed to be ready. (I realize until we can actually “use” it, you don’t know for sure).

  • img
    Jun 29, 2012 @ 15:41 pm

    VolunteerI’ll help!!James

  • img
    Jun 28, 2012 @ 0:48 am

    MoP GuidesHi,
    I am planning on going for realm first when MoP launches so I have been collecting a lot of information of quests, etc in all the zones. So I am more than happy to help out with testing the addon and writing the guides.

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