NetSafe: Should Vulnerable Kiwi Gamers Use It?


Although online gaming can provide fun it can negatively affect the gamers’ life. The gaming participation has increased in New Zealand chiefly during the pandemic lockdowns with 2,225 participants of all ages from 801 households in 2020. 

The strategy to cope with gaming harm has been developed since the appearance of this entertaining activity and apart from the regulations; some non-profit organisations have also been established. NetSafe is one of these organisms created to help people of all ages by providing support, advice, and education. So, this free organism should be used by vulnerable gamers?

NetSafe Responsibilities

NetSafe is an independent organisation launched to minimize gaming-related harm in New Zealand. With this programme, the gamers who need support or advice are required to contact the organism. Depending on their choice, a lot of opportunities are available through technology enabling the consumers to benefit from the help packages such as advice, support, and education. 


Netsafe Guide for Kiwis

It deserves to mention that the service is totally free and the players can contact the experienced counsellors seven days a week. Apart from providing the scheme to assist the players, NetSafe also offers a programme to support the following sorts of online safety topics:

  • Image-based abuse (known as revenge porn)
  • Online bullying (abuse and harassment)
  • Online safety in schools
  • Online safety for parents
  • Ensuring the safety of online accounts and information


This education, support, and advice are dedicated to all kinds of people including adults, parents, young people, schools, and educators. With the free 24/7 Helpline, those who need support can call this service at their convenience. In education and engagement, the organism is responsible for educating people related to online safety issues and solutions. In this education, this Aotearoa’s independent organism works closely with several entities such as the government, NGOs, media, online safety community, and businesses. 


Since the education advisors work alongside communities of learning and schools, they are obviously able to develop effective programmes regarding education. This organization is widely supported by top-rated New Zealand casino portals such as CasinoDeps and others. The Netsafe Schools scheme was also established to help schools developing and promoting online safety, citizenship and wellbeing in the community.

NetSafe Responsibilities in Online Gaming

Online games have become a part of Kiwis life and since the competition is fierce, a large selection of games has been released to seduce more and more gamers. In this world of gaming, some gamers try to upset and bully other players. That is the reason why NetSafe developed safety tools to block and report anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. In this tool, several options are available depending on the user’s requirements. As an example, the games allow you to interact with other gamers through the chat option. When you feel upset by other players, you can block this feature and can continue playing. Thus, it is important you check the block or mute option before start playing. 


These games can be constructive and entertaining but they can sometimes be harmful to minors or vulnerable players. According to NetSafe, gamers have to follow some tips to play safely and fairly. They have to get support if they feel experience bullying or threats from other gamers. Using safety tools is also crucial to block or report those who may disturb you. The last but least is to know when to stop playing. As some people meet difficulty to stop playing, controlling yourself is important. You can contact NetSafe if you feel spending a lot of time playing.


NetSafe has offered help to several players since its creation and as it plays a key role in minimizing the impact of harmful gaming, this scheme is a good option for vulnerable gamers. Not only does this solution provide a self-block tool but it also offers a support option to educate and help them. With the popularity of mobile gaming, gaming-related problems have also increased. 


NetSafe, actually, a full service packed with support, advice, and education. The helpline is free and experienced counsellors are always available to help the gamers by providing effective advice and supports. The organism plays an important role in reducing gaming harm and in preventing the devastating impact of bullying. Despite the release of several non-profit services to help the gamers, NetSafe has remained seductive among the gamers.

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