New Terrain Floors being introduced


One of the side effects of being involved with Astrolabe and TomTom is that I have learned more about the strange mapping system that Blizzard uses.

I wrote a bit of code that uncovers the names, map ID and floors of the new terrain system that Blizzard has been phasing in since Cataclysm. Here are the new zones that will be introduced as of the next patch release. Note that I had to add some of these by hand before and that some guides may need to be changed to use the new zone names if they previously had coordinates in the parent zone:

DefineTerrainFloor(1, 3, 464, 2,"Tides' Hollow@AzuremystIsle","Tides' Hollow")
DefineTerrainFloor(1, 3, 464, 3,"Stillpine Hold@AzuremystIsle","Stillpine Hold")
DefineTerrainFloor(1, 5, 9, 6,"Palemane Rock@Mulgore","Palemane Rock")
DefineTerrainFloor(1, 5, 9, 7,"The Venture Co. Mine@Mulgore","The Venture Co. Mine")
DefineTerrainFloor(1, 6, 101,21,"The Wicked Grotto@Desolace","The Wicked Grotto")
DefineTerrainFloor(1, 6, 101,22,"Foulspore Cavern@Desolace","Foulspore Cavern")
DefineTerrainFloor(1,10, 41, 2,"Shadowthread Cave@Teldrassil","Shadowthread Cave")
DefineTerrainFloor(1,10, 41, 3,"Fel Rock@Teldrassil","Fel Rock")
DefineTerrainFloor(1,10, 41, 4,"Upper Den@Teldrassil","Upper Den")
DefineTerrainFloor(1,10, 41, 5,"Lower Den@Teldrassil","Lower Den")
DefineTerrainFloor(1,17, 201,14,"The Slithering Scar@UngoroCrater","The Slithering Scar")
DefineTerrainFloor(1,19, 161,15,"The Noxious Lair@Tanaris","The Noxious Lair")
DefineTerrainFloor(1,19, 161,16,"The Gaping Chasm@Tanaris","The Gaping Chasm")
DefineTerrainFloor(1,19, 161,17,"Timeless Tunnel@Tanaris","Timeless Tunnel")
DefineTerrainFloor(1,19, 161,18,"Caverns of Time@Tanaris","Caverns of Time")
DefineTerrainFloor(1,20, 11,20,"Wailing Cavern Entrance@Barrens","Wailing Cavern Entrance")
DefineTerrainFloor(1,23, 261,13,"Twilights Run@Silithus","Twilights Run")
DefineTerrainFloor(1,27, 4, 8,"Burning Blade Coven@Durotar","Burning Blade Coven")
DefineTerrainFloor(1,27, 4,10,"Tiragarde Keep@Durotar","Tiragarde Keep")
DefineTerrainFloor(1,27, 4,11,"Great Hall@Durotar","Great Hall")
DefineTerrainFloor(1,27, 4,12,"Skull Rock@Durotar","Skull Rock")
DefineTerrainFloor(1,27, 4,19,"Dustwind Cave@Durotar","Dustwind Cave")
DefineTerrainFloor(2, 1, 27, 6,"Coldridge Pass@DunMorogh","Coldridge Pass")
DefineTerrainFloor(2, 1, 27, 7,"The Grizzled Den@DunMorogh","The Grizzled Den")
DefineTerrainFloor(2, 1, 27,10,"Gnomeregan@DunMorogh","Gnomeregan")
DefineTerrainFloor(2, 1, 27,11,"Gol'Bolar Quarry@DunMorogh","Gol'Bolar Quarry")
DefineTerrainFloor(2, 5, 39, 4,"Gold Coast Quarry@Westfall","Gold Coast Quarry")
DefineTerrainFloor(2, 5, 39, 5,"Jangolode Mine@Westfall","Jangolode Mine")
DefineTerrainFloor(2, 5, 39,17,"The Deadmines Entrance@Westfall","The Deadmines Entrance")
DefineTerrainFloor(2, 8, 20,12,"Night Web's Hollow@Tirisfal","Night Web's Hollow")
DefineTerrainFloor(2, 8, 20,13,"Scarlet Monastery Entrance@Tirisfal","Scarlet Monastery Entrance")
DefineTerrainFloor(2,10, 28,14,"Blackrock Spire@SearingGorge","Blackrock Spire")
DefineTerrainFloor(2,10, 28,15,"Blackrock Caverns@SearingGorge","Blackrock Caverns")
DefineTerrainFloor(2,10, 28,16,"Blackrock Depths@SearingGorge","Blackrock Depths")
DefineTerrainFloor(2,19, 29,14,"Blackrock Spire@BurningSteppes","Blackrock Spire")
DefineTerrainFloor(2,19, 29,15,"Blackrock Caverns@BurningSteppes","Blackrock Caverns")
DefineTerrainFloor(2,19, 29,16,"Blackrock Depths@BurningSteppes","Blackrock Depths")
DefineTerrainFloor(2,24, 463, 1,"Amani Catacombs@Ghostlands","Amani Catacombs")
DefineTerrainFloor(2,24, 463, 1,"Ghostlands","Amani Catacombs")
DefineTerrainFloor(2,25, 30, 1,"Fargodeep Mine@Elwynn","Fargodeep Mine")
DefineTerrainFloor(2,25, 30, 2,"Lower Mines@Elwynn","Lower Mines")
DefineTerrainFloor(2,25, 30, 9,"Jasperlode Mine@Elwynn","Jasperlode Mine")
DefineTerrainFloor(2,32, 17,18,"Uldaman Entrance@Badlands","Uldaman Entrance")
DefineTerrainFloor(5, 1, 605, 5,"Kaja'Mine Gold@Kezan","Kaja'Mine Gold")
DefineTerrainFloor(5, 1, 605, 6,"Kaja'Mine Silver@Kezan","Kaja'Mine Silver")
DefineTerrainFloor(5, 1, 605, 7,"Kaja'Mine Copper@Kezan","Kaja'Mine Copper")
DefineTerrainFloor(5, 4, 544, 1,"Kaja'Mite Cavern@TheLostIsles","Kaja'Mite Cavern")
DefineTerrainFloor(5, 4, 544, 2,"Volcanoth's Lair@TheLostIsles","Volcanoth's Lair")
DefineTerrainFloor(5, 4, 544, 3,"Mine Tunnels@TheLostIsles","Mine Tunnels")
DefineTerrainFloor(5, 4, 544, 4,"Mine Shaft@TheLostIsles","Mine Shaft")
DefineTerrainFloor(6, 2, 809,11,"Upper Deep@KunLaiSummit","Upper Deep")
DefineTerrainFloor(6, 2, 809,12,"Lower Deep@KunLaiSummit","Lower Deep")
DefineTerrainFloor(6, 2, 809,17,"Tomb of Conquerors@KunLaiSummit","Tomb of Conquerors")
DefineTerrainFloor(6, 2, 809,20,"Ruins of Korune@KunLaiSummit","Ruins of Korune")
DefineTerrainFloor(6, 2, 809,21,"Crypt of Korune@KunLaiSummit","Crypt of Korune")
DefineTerrainFloor(6, 3, 811, 3,"The Emperor's Step@ValeofEternalBlossoms","The Emperor's Step")
DefineTerrainFloor(6, 3, 811, 4,"The Imperial Exchange@ValeofEternalBlossoms","The Imperial Exchange")
DefineTerrainFloor(6, 3, 811,18,"Guo-Lai Halls@ValeofEternalBlossoms","Guo-Lai Halls")
DefineTerrainFloor(6, 3, 811,19,"The Hall of the Serpent@ValeofEternalBlossoms","The Hall of the Serpent")
DefineTerrainFloor(6, 5, 806, 6,"Upper Quarry@TheJadeForest","Upper Quarry")
DefineTerrainFloor(6, 5, 806, 7,"Lower Quarry@TheJadeForest","Lower Quarry")
DefineTerrainFloor(6, 6, 928, 1,"Ghostly Veins@IsleoftheThunderKing","Ghostly Veins")
DefineTerrainFloor(6, 6, 928, 2,"The Swollen Vault@IsleoftheThunderKing","The Swollen Vault")
DefineTerrainFloor(6, 8, 857, 1,"Explorers' League HQ@Krasarang_terrain1","Explorers' League HQ")
DefineTerrainFloor(6, 8, 857, 2,"Ruins of Ogudei@Krasarang_terrain1","Ruins of Ogudei")
DefineTerrainFloor(6, 8, 857, 3,"Reliquary Incursion@Krasarang_terrain1","Reliquary Incursion")
DefineTerrainFloor(6,10, 951,22,"Cavern of Lost Spirits@TimelessIsle","Cavern of Lost Spirits")
DefineTerrainFloor(6,11, 873, 5,"The Ancient Passage@TheHiddenPass","The Ancient Passage")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 1, 950,10,"The Master's Cavern@NagrandDraenor","The Master's Cavern")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 1, 950,11,"Stonecrag Gorge@NagrandDraenor","Stonecrag Gorge")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 1, 950,12,"The Underpale@NagrandDraenor","The Underpale")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 4, 949,16,"Moira's Bastion@Gorgrond","Moira's Bastion")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 4, 949,17,"The Armory@Gorgrond","The Armory")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 4, 949,18,"Fissure of Fury@Gorgrond","Fissure of Fury")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 4, 949,19,"Heart of Fury@Gorgrond","Heart of Fury")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 4, 949,20,"Cragplume Crater@Gorgrond","Cragplume Crater")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 4, 949,21,"Cragplume Depths@Gorgrond","Cragplume Depths")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 6, 946,13,"Tomb of Lights@Talador","Tomb of Lights")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 6, 946,14,"Tomb of Souls@Talador","Tomb of Souls")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 7, 941, 1,"Bladespire Citadel@FrostfireRidge","Bladespire Citadel")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 7, 941, 2,"Bladespire Courtyard@FrostfireRidge","Bladespire Courtyard")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 7, 941, 3,"Bladespire Throne@FrostfireRidge","Bladespire Throne")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 7, 941, 4,"Sootstained Mines@FrostfireRidge","Sootstained Mines")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 7, 941, 6,"Grom'gar@FrostfireRidge","Grom'gar")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 7, 941, 7,"Grulloc's Grotto@FrostfireRidge","Grulloc's Grotto")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 7, 941, 8,"Grulloc's Lair@FrostfireRidge","Grulloc's Lair")
DefineTerrainFloor(7, 7, 941, 9,"Snowfall Alcove@FrostfireRidge","Snowfall Alcove")

Note the wierd logic: the hidden floors are almost unique to each continent. But there are annoying stutters where map information is duplicated! I’ll need to noodle on this a bit to iron out the inconsistencies.

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    Jul 20, 2015 @ 14:26 pm

    re: is using /way list, the bestThat is what I do.I am going to add code to the next patch to place into the log the current location, zone and floor so folks that dont do that will get it in the log.I am also going to add a seperate log for missing map entries.  I am musing about doing a bug bounty program.

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    Jul 20, 2015 @ 2:46 am

    is using /way list, the bestis using /way list, the best way to try to get the info needed when in an area, where a quest points to the wrong area, to help ‘adjust’ it to the right place/floor etc?

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