Next-Level Fun: Our Guide To The 6 Best NFT Games of 2023 So Far


The new era of Web3 technology has brought a wealth of digital options to the world that weren’t available a few short years ago. In the world of gaming, this has arrived in the form of NFT games: innovative entertainment that merges blockchain technology with traditional gaming, offering players the opportunity to turn their gameplay into a potential investment.

For fans of these games, 2023 has been a stellar year so far, with many new NFT games to choose from. If you’re wondering which ones to check out, then just continue reading.

In this article, we will introduce to you the top 6 play-to-earn (P2E) games, where you’ll find insights on tokenomics, community buzz, and exceptional development teams.

Remember, the information provided is for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Enjoy the journey and game responsibly!



Wizardia offers us a meeting point between P2E gaming and NFTs.  This exciting game combines turn-based battles with RPG elements, delivering a rich experience filled with character progression, crafting, and artifact upgrades. Wizards, represented by NFTs, take centerstage as you delve into the game’s metaverse.

The integration of NFTs within Wizardia‘s core mechanics presents a potentially lucrative opportunity for players. Fuelling this economy is the utility token $WZRD,  a versatile currency for in-game transactions and exchanges beyond the virtual realm.

Wizardia stands on three solid gameplay pillars: turn-based combat, a player-driven evolution shaped by strategic decisions, and a captivating character progression system fuelled by upgrades.

The game’s vibrant community has almost 300,000 followers over Twitch, Twitter and Discord, which proves its immense popularity. Early investors’ NFTs are swiftly finding eager buyers, a testament to the excitement surrounding Wizardia.



Get ready to gallop into the world of Silks, an NFT game that has captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts everywhere.

Acting as the first derivative P2E metaverse that mirrors real-world thoroughbred horse racing, Silks aims to democratize ownership of these majestic creatures for the masses.

Spearheaded by Troy Levy, CEO of Tropical Racing and a co-founder of the game, Silks brings together a passionate team with extensive experience in the industry.

In Silks, players become proud owners of digital horses (NFTs) that have real-world counterparts. These digital creations correspond to top registered 1-year-old thoroughbred racehorses in the U.S., sharing strikingly similar characteristics, including bloodlines, on-track performance, and training progress.

As your real-world counterpart achieves victory on the racetrack and produces offspring, you earn token rewards in the form of Silk‘s cryptocurrency, $STT.

Being a P2E economy, Silks allows you to acquire, collect, trade, and interact with these NFT horses.  You can also use the in-game currency to purchase and develop land, horse farms, and various digital assets, adding depth and excitement to the gameplay experience.

Recent funding rounds have propelled Silks forward, securing an impressive $2 million. With plans to acquire additional funds in the coming months, the game is set to evolve and expand even further.


Lucky Block

Lucky Block probably makes you think of a gambling game, with its emphasis on luck. The reality, however, is slightly different in this case. Lucky Block has caught the interest of crypto investors with its launch of an inventive NFT competition platform.

What sets it apart from other games is the ability for players to purchase Lucky Block NFTs and participate in giveaways to win enticing rewards. These rewards range from exciting holiday packages and a $1 million house to the opportunity to drive away in a Lamborghini.

If this sounds like gambling, then that’s because it is, basically. You’re paying for something that you probably won’t get a financial return out of. However, as long you make sure you follow sensible betting rules and read research material, as explained by this resource, then you should still be able to have some responsible adult fun.

As the NFT games grow in popularity, we may see more gambling-based titles like Lucky Block just around the corner.



Prepare to embark on a journey through the mystical realms of Illuvium, an open-world exploration game that will leave you amazed.

In it, you can explore seven breath-taking alien landscapes and collect the extraordinary creatures known as Illuvials. These enigmatic beings possess unique abilities that can be honed and upgraded through training, increasing both their prowess and value.

In Illuvium, the world is your canvas, and the creatures you discover are your companions. Venture into the bustling marketplace, where you can sell or trade your prized Illuvials, alongside other NFT items and valuable farmed materials.

The game’s play-to-earn model allows you to earn ILV crypto tokens as in-game rewards. You can do this by engaging in tournaments and events, completing PVE quests, and achieving milestones.

For those seeking a true test of skill, the Leviathan Arena awaits, where you can wage fierce battles against other players, while onlookers place their wagers on the outcome.

The game is currently in its beta stage, but new updates are very much in the pipeline.


The Sandbox

Enter The Sandbox, an NFT game that unlocks a world of limitless possibilities.

This innovative gaming platform lets players unleash their creativity by building, owning, and monetizing virtual experiences with its unique voxel-based architecture. These have the potential to be stunning 3D worlds when done well.

In The Sandbox, you become the architect, designing and customizing your virtual landscapes. From creating impressive structures to designing challenging gameplay mechanics, the game provides a sandbox of tools for you to shape your dreams into reality.

As an NFT game, The Sandbox deals with the power of ownership and monetization. Collect and trade NFT assets, including characters, accessories, and game elements then generate revenue with them in the virtual marketplace.

Boasting a thriving community of like-minded creators, The Sandbox offers endless opportunities for collaboration and exploration.


The Walking Dead Empires

The post-apocalyptic world of the hit AMC TV series, The Walking Dead comes to life in this thrilling multiplayer game.

Powered by blockchain technology, this MMO offers a memorable experience where players must band together for survival, battling walkers, outsmarting rivals, constructing resilient homes, and scavenging for vital supplies.

You have the choice to assert their dominance and lead a community of loyal allies or pledge their allegiance to a more powerful faction. The fate of survival rests in your hands.

Owning land within this blockchain-powered universe brings its own rewards. As activity thrives within your territory, be it through trade, combat, or exploration, you’ll reap the benefits. To thrive, you’ll need to establish a formidable base, one that attracts survivors, rivals, and walkers.

As NFT games go, it’s certainly one of the scariest but, like with all the suggestions on this list, well worth trying out!

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