Northrend Dailies: Alliance Leveling Guide


Please note that these are the Alliance side dailies. Unfortunately I do not have a horde character high enough to let me into Northrend. I apologize to the hordies out there. However, some of these can be done by the horde as well but their respective quest givers will be different.

What follows is the start of an Alliance dedicated guide to dailies in Northrend. Each of these dailies will grant you approximately 20k experience and 5 gold pre-80, as well as reputation with the various factions in Northrend. Since most of them require little to no killing, they will not ruin your rest xp bonus. Also, they only take a couple of minutes to complete, making this a fast way to gain some bonus xp while leveling.

Not all of these quests are available immediately. Some are part of quest chains that must be completed in order to acquire them. However, as you quest you will unlock these dailies, especially if you are following Jame’s guides for Northrend. Finally, PvP and dungeon dailies will not be included at this point, as not everyone wishes to participate in PvP and dungeon dailies will be available at level 80 and should be easy enough to find.

One thing to note: As you gain levels, lower level quests will begin to give less experience when they are turned in. While this may be seen as a bad thing, the first drop only lowers the xp amount by 4k. I will make notes next to the quests when the xp amounts begin to fall off.


First, you must have access to Dalaran in order to pick up these dailies. They are relatively simple and can be completed during the time you are working on the rest of your dailies. However, if you do not have access or do not have the professions involved, these can be skipped in favor of the rest. Consider them optional.

Cooking Dailies – (requires 375 Cooking, +150 Kirin Tor)

Each day you can pick up one of the following dailies at A Hero’s Welcome from Katherine Lee. When you complete these, you’ll receive a cooking award as well as a bag of spices. The award is currency for new recipes and such, and the bag of spices contains… well… spices. It also might contain other goodies as well.

Also, by completing each of the following quests at least once, you will gain access to the Our Daily Bread achievement.

Jewelcrafting Dailies – (Requires 375 Jewelcrafting, +75 Kirin Tor)

Jewelcrafters get their own line of dailies in Dalaran. By visiting Timothy Jones in Piffany & Co. and completing the quest Finish the Shipment, you will be able to start working on daily shipment requests for extra gold, experience and jewelcrafting tokens. These tokens allow you to buy special recipes in the shop as well as Dragon Stones, gems that can make some pretty powerful and interesting jewels.

The order shown below is based on using Dalaran as a starting point and the idea that you are following Jame’s Northrend guides. This way, you will be able to complete the quests quickly and in a repeatable order each time. If you do not have a specific quest mentioned below, simply skip that step and move to the next one.

Borean Tundra (Levels 68-72)

Borean Tundra is the best place to start dailies, and it is best to start in the farthest reaches, Coldarra.

1. Fly to Coldarra, pick up Drake Hunt, and head to the area around 23, 26. Capture a drake, mount up and avoid as much combat as possible on the return trip.

2. When you have completed Drake Hunt, fly to Une’pe and head south to Kaskala for Preparing for the Worst. The boxes are scattered all around the area and you should be able to reach several without too much of a fight. Be careful though, as there are the occasional raiders that will come after you. Once finished, head back north to Une’pe and fly to Kamagua in Howling Fjord.

Howling Fjord (Levels 68-72)

1. After landing in Kamagua, pick up The Way to His Heart and the head east across the island. When you get to the edge of the island, you will find the Reef Cows sitting on rocks. Across the water will be the Reef Bulls. Before you can get them together, you need to capture Tasty Reef Fish. There are several sparkling points where you can catch the fish with the net supplied by Anuniaq. Capture at least 8 or 9 (12 is best), then put them on a hot bar and go to where the reef bulls sit. Throw a fish to a bull, walk towards the cows, and repeat whenever the bull stops moving. Keep doing this until the bull and cow find ‘true love’. When they do, turn in the quest and head to Westguard keep.

2. In Westguard Keep, pick up Breaking the Blockade and step onto the zeppelin. If there are others doing the quest, group up with them as it will make this much easier, as you will not be fighting for kills. If no one else is available, make sure you stand on the nose of the blimp. I recommend putting the bombs on a hot-button since you have to aim with the mouse. Get all the kills needed and turn in the quest when the zeppelin docks. Once this is done, head to the Steel Gate dig site by heading out the north entrance.

3. Pick up Steel Gate Patrol and jump into a steam plane for one of the most fun dailies I’ve seen. You’ll have a new bar with four buttons on it.

  1. Machine gun. Press it once and wait for the channel bar to disappear before you press it again.
  2. Missile launcher. Pressing this will halt your machine gun fire, so use it first or when you machine gun has finished firing.
  3. Speed boost. If you find yourself getting swamped with gargoyles, press this for a quick getaway.
  4. Ejector Seat. Let’s you leave the vehicle via parachute.

So, jump into a plane, fly into the gargoyles and let the carnage begin! Target a gargoyle and fire away. Your missiles will auto-attack all the gargoyles in front of you, while your machine gun will auto-track a single gargoyle. Best thing to do is blast first with the missiles then let the machine gun channel against a single target until it is dead. Just circle the poor creature until it falls from the sky.

Try to take the ones entering the dig site. If they are already being targeted by a dig defender, you will not get credit for the kill. If you stay near the edge where they fly in, you should have no trouble getting 8 kills quickly. Once you complete the quest, fly back to the chief archaeologist and exit the vehicle. Turn in the quest, head back to Westgate Keep, then fly to Moa’ki Harbor in Dragonblight.

Dragonblight (Levels 71-74)

1. At Moa’ki Harbor, pick up Planning for the Future and head up the road to the Wolver area around 46,62. You’ll find the pups in groups of three around huts there. Watch out for the Den Mothers, as they will attack when you attmept to pick up the pups. The area for this is large, and there are several locations with three huts in close proximity, allowing you to grab 9 pups quickly. Once you have 12 pups, head back to Moa’ki, turn in the quest, and fly to Wyrmrest Temple.

2. When you land, talk to Tariolstrasz and get a ride to the second level where you will find Lord Afrasastrasz. Accept the quest and mount one of the dragons just outside the entrance.

You will have six abilities on the while on the dragon:

  1. Fire blast. This is your standard attack while doing this daily. It is a channeled cast, but you do not have to stand still to use it.
  2. Fire Burst. This is a melee ranged attack that applies damage over time to your target. Hit this when close and spam ability 1.
  3. Regrowth. Use this to heal damage to your drake. It has a cooldown and is a Heal over Time spell. It is instacast though, so this helps.
  4. Burst of Speed. This is a ‘get the heck out of town’ ability Use it when you are swamped with dragons (can usually happen when you attempt to destabilize the Azure Dragonshrine). It also has a cooldown.
  5. Destabilize Dragonshrine. Only one use, and the title describes it.
  6. Leave Vehicle. You must dismount to turn in the quest.

First, use your burst of speed, fly towards the Azure Dragonshrine and dive into it until you hit bottom. Use ability 5, wait until you get the message that says Dragonhrine destabilized, then fly up and out. You may get swamped by the smaller drakes as you leave. 2 fire blasts to each should take them out pretty easily. If you pick up any of the larger dragons, or your dragon is taking too much damage, use ability 4 and fly back to Wyrmrest Temple. By the time you make it back, you should be healed up fairly well and you should begin attacking the larger dragons. Best to zoom in, hit them with the ability 2, then make circles while spamming ability 1. Three blasts with ability should take them down, especially with the DoT ability in effect.

One you have downed 3 of the dragons and 5 drakes, fly back to Afrasastrasz and turn in the quest. If you can complete it in under two minutes, you will be given the Rapid Defense achievement.

Grizzly Hills(Levels 73-75)

I made mentioned that I would not be putting PvP quests into this guide, but below you will find several quests that put you in PvP mode. However, you are not required to PvP, as most of the ‘kill’ quests say either raiders or players. Note however, that you are PvP flagged while you have these quests in your quest log and for five minutes after you complete them, if you are on a non-PvP server.

The Venture Bay quests gives Venture Coins instead of reputation. These coins can be used at the Alliance Vendor “Grizzly” D Adams located at 13, 86. He has several items of interest for most classes.

I did not put Riding the Red Rocket (PvP) in the list, as it is not a guaranteed daily. Your faction must have control of the lighthouse in order to perform this particular quest. If you have control of the lighthouse, give it a whirl. It is the final piece for the Grizzled Veteran achievement, but don’t depend on it for daily grinding.

I am up to Grizzly Hills in my daily grind at this time. With all the above quests, I am grinding 18 dailies in around 2 hours. This equates to around 15% of my experience total at level 78, which is 15% less experience I have to gain from questing on a daily basis and puts me in a good position to hit 80 before I finish all the quests in Grizzly Hills.

As before, I am in the process of updating the guide, so please bear with me as I complete each section.

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    Jan 28, 2009 @ 6:17 am

    Confirmed. And BTW, IConfirmed. And BTW, I <3 The Instance!

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    Jan 28, 2009 @ 0:19 am

    Way to his heartHi,

    Great guide as are they all on this site.

    Just a quick tip I heard on The Instance.

    The Way to his Heart from Anuniaq at 25, 59. You dont have to catch so many fish, you only need one. Aggro one of the cows all the way to the bulls, throw the fish to the bull, and presto. Quest done. 🙂

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    Jan 2, 2009 @ 21:56 pm

    Gold not as much of a concern on theseHonestly, I did not put a gold tag on these quests as most of them have XP fall-offs associated with them. They are green by 75 and once they hit the fall-off point, they decrease in overall value by 4k experience at each new level. That pretty much means that after you level 80, you will still be getting the 5 gold you got at level 73. These are by no means gold making quests; they are designed more for reputation/experience.

    Once you hit level 80, the only reason to do these lower level dailies is to help grind out reputation for the faction they are associated with. Honestly, you can gain more faction overall by championing the faction you want to gain rep with in heroics and level 80 regulars. The exception to this rule is really the Ku’luak, as they don’t have a tabard, and the only way to gain rep with them after you complete the main quest lines is through their three dailies. Once you hit exalted with them, you never have to capture another puppy as long as you live, or at least until you start leveling an alt. ^_^

    As for the rest of the guide, this may be where things stop for a while, as my main is level 80 now and I had barely started in Zul’drak when I achieved that. The Grizzly Hills dailies are where this will stop, but doing these each day will pretty much grant a 10-15% boost in experience and will also grant a decent rep boost by the time you hit 80 with a few factions. Now that the holidays are over and the stress levels begin to wind down, I will do my best to finish polishing things up and filling out the Grizzly Hills rotations.

    Thanks to all who have read and hopefully used this guide. Feel free to post your thoughts and maybe other ideas for this.

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    Dec 27, 2008 @ 19:26 pm

    Please do an effort withPlease do an effort with your spelling next time 😛

    no “plz” “u” “uve” “m8” etc.

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    Dec 27, 2008 @ 15:47 pm

    plz hey plz maybe you could add how much gold you get for doing each zone and how much in total for all dailys uve listed plz ? would help lots as to decide which zones to go for for mamimum profit.

    Anyways cheers m8 gr8 guide !! 8)

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    Dec 9, 2008 @ 21:45 pm

    Updated Just a few minor updates.

    Added XP Falloff at certain levels, added more information about the Azure Dragonshrine quest, and added a few changes to the formatting.

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    Dec 9, 2008 @ 21:44 pm

    Thanks JameAppreciate the comment. I’m still working out a few more of the details, but your guides are helping with that as well. More to come!

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    Dec 4, 2008 @ 0:54 am

    Looking good. Keep it up!Looking good. Keep it up!

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    Dec 3, 2008 @ 13:06 pm

    Thanks for the comment.Hey Horlicks. Thanks for commenting. ^_^

    The big thing I am doing at the moment is putting up the daily quest that a person can use to help them level. My shaman is level 76 right now and has almost completed Dragonblight by following Jame’s guides. I could have blown through everything, but I wanted to enjoy my first time in the zone while still being efficient.

    I think (I’ll be verifying this tonight) that as you hit certain levels, some of these quest will give less xp and may not be as viable in their completion towards helping someone level. I’ll know for sure when I do my rotation tonight before I finish off Dragonblight. I want to keep the level 80 quests out of this guide for now because I am not level 80, and at that point, you aren’t leveling any more. However, I am already compiling a list of the level 80 dailies for a possible second guide.

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    Dec 2, 2008 @ 19:48 pm

    Borean TundraNice guide so far. One you missed is Aces High! in Borean Tundra. Daily quest available at level 80 from Corastrasza on the upper ring of the Nexus in Coldarra. It awards 250 rep with Wyrmcrest Accord faction.

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