Part 2 Icc Hales



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    Jul 20, 2010 @ 21:14 pm

    I’m afriad you have notI’m afriad you have not explained phase 1 properly… while the mechanics are all there you say that melee should be on adds while range should be on the boss taking out her sheild, well i know from my kills that 1. both melee and range need to be on adds as one of them does a spell reflect and therefore should be killed by melee and the others are i believe somewhere in the 90% ish area immune to melee therefore they should be killed by casters (boomkins, mage, locks, etc.) hunters do not count towards this range grp. if done properly you should have anywhere between 15-10 seconds before the next wave of adds show up in which case just have everyone on the bubble and then move accordingly.

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    Apr 30, 2010 @ 6:36 am

    Couple mechanics you missedCouple mechanics you missed here:

    Curse of Torpor – very important for anyone who can decurse to remove this immediately, as it will cause the next ability used to be on a 15 second cooldown. It sucks for DPS and tanks but can literally cause a wipe if it happens to, for example, a holy paladin.

    Frost Bolt Volley – the boss casts this once she’s out of her shield. It needs to be interrupted as often as possible by a rogue or a similar high-interrupt class.

    Touch of Insignificance – I know you mentioned that you need both tanks to be alive, but this is the reason you need them both. The tanks need to trade off when they get to three stacks of this debuff, as it basically makes their threat suck. It’s possible to still beat her if one tank dies, but only if she’s fairly close to dead and your DPS watches their threat very closely (pallies using hand of salvation at this time are a big help).

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