Part 9 Icc hales


hi guys my name is hales this is blood queen fight icc 10 normal ok at start u will need 2 or 3 healers and u will need 2 tank u will
need to tank her were she is standing a holy Paladin got to take off Righteous Fury if u are a ret pally who wants to get Vampiric Bite u
must have a look at your omen do not take aggro for death knight u should put on Frost Presence but same keep looking at your omen when u get
Essence of the Blood Queen take off frost presence and put on blood presence or Righteous Fury when u get Essence of the Blood Queen u must
make bite order u most have top dps
get it first will help u out in fight to come when Essence of the Blood Queen comes off cd u will get debuff called Frenzied Bloodthirst The
caster must satiate their need for blood, otherwise they will lose their will to Queen Lana’thel. Instant. 15 second duration. “Vampiric Bite
” replaces the caster’s action bars. If not sated after 15 seconds u will get Uncontrollable Frenzy Increases damage done by 100%. Health in
creased by 5000%. Increases healing done by 1000%. Instant and blood queen will controll u and u cant be sheep or Cyclone u must be killed if
u get this best to wipe it ok netxs spell she got is called Shroud of Sorrow this is aura of sorrow and despair emanates from the caster,
inflicting 4500 Shadow damage every 3 sec. to nearby enemies. Instant. 40 yard radius ok nexts spell she got called Swarming Shadow swarming void
consumes the target, causing a mass of shadows to appear beneath the target and dealing 2,313 to 2,687 Shadow damage every 2 seconds. This creates a cloud of shadows
on the ground that deals damage to players who stand it ok u must keep middle open for Pact of the Darkfallen this dose Deals Shadow damage
to you and nearby non-linked allies. This effect expires when all linked targets are within 5 yards of each other. Instant. 5000 Shadow damage every 2 seconds. 2 targets are linked
if there any people who ant linked in middle they will Deals shadow damage to nearby targets. Instant ok in Air phase she will use Incite Terror
befor she gos up it dose Magic dispellable 4-second fear on the entire raid to begin the air phase. but humans can use Every Man for Himself or mage can use
Ice Block and bite comes after fear so be ready to do it the nexts spell she dose in air phase it is Bloodbolt Whirl Summons a maelstrom of whirling Bloodbolts every 2 seconds for 6 seconds
nexts part Bloodbolt Whirl Hurls a bolt of dark blood at the target, dealing 9,250 to 10750 shadow damage to the target and surrounding allies within 50,000 yards. ok then use Blood Lust or Heroism when u got 4 Essence of the Blood Queen up
thats it

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