Poll Results on Guides: Let’s Get to Work!


I hope that over the past week, everyone got around to cast their vote about guides we want to see next on WoW-Pro. This are the results:

  1. Best items outside of raid and how to get them (25%)
  2. Tips for epic flying mount farming (20%)
  3. Money farming in TBC (18%)
  4. How to farm the different TBC factions (+rewards) (14%)
  5. Guides to PVP battlegrounds/arena by class (10%)
  6. Tradeskill Guides (6%)
  7. Dungeon Strategy Guides (TBC) (4%)
  8. Guide on Druit Epic Flight Form (3%)

What to do now

Personally I’ve already started the guide project about best items and how to get them. You can now contribute in 3 ways:

– Either you take one of the subjects above and submit a guide project. People will be able to submit parts of the guide with you and correct errors in collaboration with you. Click here to start a guide project.

– You contribute to existing guide projects. To view all current guide projects, click on projects in the navigation menu to the right. You can request features, submit error reports, work on solutions and write portions of the guides.

Make donations to the ones writing the guides through Paypal. The publishers of the projects will have their email addresses attached to the project (if they don’t appear openly, contact us and we’ll put you in relation). You’ll be able to send direct donations to the people who work on portions of the guide, submit releases or fix bugs.
(Note though that WoW-Pro doesn’t take any responsibility for donations made this way and does not promise anything, we just offer you a place to host your guide)

If you need help for your guide project or if you’d like to ask questions, please post on our forums.

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    Jul 5, 2007 @ 11:13 am

    As my flying mount guide isAs my flying mount guide is now done, I’ll begin on a priest or warrior gearing guide.

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    Jun 28, 2007 @ 13:22 pm

    Great news execute, if youGreat news execute, if you need any help, just send me a PM.

    WoW-Pro Admin

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    Jun 27, 2007 @ 21:39 pm

    Currently working on an epicCurrently working on an epic flying mount farming guide, I hope to have it ready sometime next week.

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