Razelikh the Defiler


The quest chain which ultimately sends you to battle the dreadlord Razelikh, is possibly the longest quest-chain in the game. It takes place in the Blasted Lands, Aszhara, Stranglethorn Vale and then back to the Blasted lands again. The first parts can be done solo at lvl 60, but this chain truely shines if you get someone to duo it with (up until the final part which require a group). The rewards at the end aren’t that great, expect for a 16-slot back, but while doing this quest you will get loads of xp (if you’re not yet 60) and loads of cash (after 1.10 if you’re at lvl 60).

The first time I did this chain was with my 60 warrior, and with a 58 warlock tagging along. We spent a few hours doing it all except for the last two parts, he leveled half a level, I made over 50g. And if you’re a lore lover, these quests provides one of the best in the game. You get to kill a dreadlord of the burning legion, for crying out loud:-)

Now, with this small guide, I’ll take you through every step of the quest-chain and you’ll know all you need to aquire the weapon you need, how to summon and ultimately defeat him.

Note: I have only completed this quest with alliance characters. From what I understand it’s about the same for horde with minor differences.

Your first task will be to speak with Ambassador Ardalan atop the mage tower at Netergharde Keep in Blasted Lands. He will give you the first quest.

Petty Squabbles
He tells you to speak with the Fallen Hero of the Horde, who is located in Swamps of Sorrow at the entrance to the Blasted Lands(loc. 34,64). Go there and get the next part:

A Tale of Sorrorws
Simply require you to go through the dialogue with the Fallen Hero. When you have, the quest will complete and you get the follow-up:

The Stones that Bind Us
Now this is where the fun starts. The Fallen hero wants you to kill (and release from bondage) 3 Servants of Grol, 3 Servants of Allistarj, 3 Servants of Sevine and 9 Servants of Razelikh.
The servants are located as follows:

Servants of Sevine are found around and close to the Altar of Storms (39,45). Avoid Sevine herself, she is immune to almost every spell and can’t be killed yet anyway.
Servants of Grol are located outside Dreadmaul Hold (don’t go inside, Grol is there and same rule goes for him as for Sevine).
Servants of Razelikh are found at the edge of the crater to the Dark Portal, all along it. Don’t worry, Razelikh himself is nowhere near:-)
Servants of Allistarj are found outside and in Serpents Coil (65,33). Don’t go too far inside or you’ll find both Allistarj himself and a giant elite felhound.

Now near everyone of these mobs there are crystal stones floating in the air, and they are the key to defeating them. Get them low on health first and then click the stone and give the killing blow. They must be within range of the stone for the effect to take place and YOU CANNOT KILL THE SERVENT WITHOUT USING THE STONE FIRST. Believe me, these servants have been kited to Stormwind by people not doing the quest, and there is no guard or racial leader in the game that can kill these guys without using the stones.

Once you have freed the required number of servants, return to the Fallen Hero and get the follow-up:

Heroes of Old
Another simple turn-in, talk to Thund Splithoof, accept the follow-up and loot your reward from the chest. It is a trinket which give u a 5 hp/5s and 5 mana/5s regen bonus.

Note: These two turn-ins alone should net you a nice 9k xp, so focusing on this quest-chain only is no killer for your xp-rate.

Now go get the new quest from the Fallen hero:

He asks you to find an old buddy of his who he last saw tortured during their imprisonment. Kirith is actually transformed into a giant felhound, and is located in Serpents Coil where you killed Servants of Allistarj earlier. He is a lvl 55 elite at the end of the cave (if you took a left and ended up facing Allistarj himself you went too far). You need to kill him and talk to his spirit. It’s doable solo with some classes, but with two or three lvl 58+ it should be fairly manageable. Just don’t get any adds. If you come there after he’s recently killed, you can still talk to his spirit and complete the quest (at least pre 1.11). Kirith gives you the follow-up:

The Cover of Darkness
Simply return to the Fallen Hero with a message from Kirith. Then get the next part:

The Demon Hunter
The Fallen Hero of the Horde sends you to Azshara to speak with a demon hunter named Loramus Thalipedes. He is located on an island in Northwestern Azshara, location 60,66. Get som swim pots for this one. When you find him you get a follow-up:

Just pretend to listen to his story while you drink some tea and click “next”.

Breaking the Ward
More standing around while Loramus does some ritual. When he’s done you get the follow-up:

The Name of the Beast
Loramus tells you to find Lord Arkkoroc in Azshara. He is located in a ruined temple in northern Azhara, location 77,42. He gives you the next quest:

The Name of the Beast
You need to killa hydra named Hetaera. She is a 58 elite and roams the waters off the coast of Azshara. The easier way to kill her, to avoid nearby giants, is at an island at 56.44. She is soloable by skilled players of various classes, but two or more is recommended. Once she is dead loot her heads and go back to Arkkoroc:

The Name of the Beast
Go back to Loramus.

Now you need to collect giant shit. Not big chunks of shit, but crystals that giants pop out from their heavy diet of rock and stone. They are looted off the ground in southern Azshara, at the cliffs high up from the shore, and can be hard to spot. Luckily you are given a felhound for this quest, which you can command to locate nearby crystals. Loot 20 of them while watching out for elite giants in the area, and go back to Loramus.

The Formation of Felbane
Go see Galvan the Ancient in Stranglethorn Vale. He gives you the next quest:

Enchanted Azsharite Fel Weaponry
Just wait for Galvan to create your weapon and the choose between a dagger, a staff and a sword. They all have +AP on demons and the ability to weaken Razelikh and his servants. Afterwards he gives you the quest:

Return to the Blasted Lands
Go back to the Swamps of Sorrow and speak with The Fallen Hero of the Horde.

Uniting the Shattered Amulet
Now you must kill Sevine, Grol and Allistarj. To make it easy, get a full five-man party together. Use your newly forged Felbane sword/staff/dagger on them to make them killable (sword ability has 3 minute cooldown). Grol hits like a truck, Sevine summons elementals and is fire/shadow immune and Allistarj does some hefty spell dmg (use sword to interrupt casting on both the latter). With five people it should be piece of cake. Loot their piece of the amulet and go back to the Fallen Hero for the final quest. Time to kick some demonic ass!

You are Rak’likh, Demon
You’re at the end, finally. Now you have to kill Rezelikh himself. He is atop the mountain in the middle of the Blasted Lands, and you need the amulet you just put together to get to the top. Once there, summon the demon on the alter. You need AT LEAST a five-man party to kill him. He is immune to every debuff/crowd control in the book. Warlock dots are a waste of mana on him, he is also shadow and fire immune or at least highly resistant. So a warlock is next to useless here (fear/banish doesn’t work either), and mages are left spamming frostbolt and arcane missiles.

During the battle he summons two adds (one at a time), kill them fast while the tank keeps Razelikh busy. They are elite when it comes to dps, but not in hitpoints. The tank needs to position himself well as he will get lots of knockbacks and can go off the mountain and splat. There is a way to kite the demon down the mountain without getting killed. This won’t stop him from summoning the adds, but at least you won’t have to worry about being knockbacked to death anymore. I haven’t tried this myself though, search the web for more info on this tactic.

Once he is dead, get your rewards (you get all 3): A trinket with +3 defense, +10 shadow resistance and +3 health regen, a neck with +10 fire and shadow resistance and a 16 slot bag.

Congratulations, you have completed the longest quest-chain in the game (yes, it is longer than the Onyxia-key chain, it just doesn’t take that much work to complete). Be proud of yourself and whoever helped you on the way, take a screenshot of the dead demon and hang it on your wall, and then go drink some champaign and get laid. Cheers!


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    I have played through this inI have played through this in Cataclysm and while the chain still exists, it’s been MASSIVELY altered. Will be archived at that time.

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    This guide is still relevant now, but the content will be removed with Cataclysm. The guide will be moved to the archive section at that time.

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    I’m gonna polish it someI’m gonna polish it some more as soon as I get the time, it does look a bit messy some places. And I’ll find some pics for you:-)

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    Very nice work Tarci, couldVery nice work Tarci, could add a few pics and enter the guide into the competition 🙂

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