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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘JiyAra2530’, “Leveling”, ‘Arathi Highlands’, ‘Jiyambi’, ‘Horde’)
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,25,29, 25.800)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘JiyHin3035’)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

R Galen’s Fall|M|13.23,34.86|QID|28619^28572|N|Get Warchief’s Command: Arathi Highlands! from the command board in Tarren’s Mill (Hillsbrad Foothills), Undercity or Silvermoon City, then make your way to Galen’s Fall which is on the border of Hillsbrad Foothills and Arathi Highlands.|
T Warchief’s Command: Arathi Highlands!|QID|28619|M|13.34,35.80|N|To Dark Ranger Alina.|ACTIVE|28619|
T Warchief’s Command: Arathi Highlands!|QID|28572|M|13.34,35.80|N|To Dark Ranger Alina.|ACTIVE|28572|

A First Blood|QID|26022|M|13.34,35.80|N|From Dark Ranger Alina.|
f Galen’s Fall|QID|26022|M|13.23,34.86|N|At Rhoda Bowers.|
A Clearing the Highlands|QID|26053|M|13.39,33.99|N|From Deathstalker Maudria.|

C Clearing the Highlands|QID|26053|M|28.70,45.40|QO|1|N|Kill Boulderfist ogres around Boulder’gor.|S|
C Clearing the Highlands|QID|26053|M|28.70,45.40|QO|2|N|Head into Boulderfist Outpost, and kill the enforcers. The cavern entrance is on the east side of the hill.|
C Clearing the Highlands|QID|26053|M|28.70,45.40|QO|1|N|Finish killing the ogres as you head north-west.|
C First Blood|QID|26022|M|24.64,28.56|N|Kill and loot the syndicates at the farmstead to the north-west Be aware that some are hidden by stealth.|

T Clearing the Highlands|QID|26053|M|13.40,34.33|N|To Deathstalker Maudria, back at Galen’s Fall. Take care when heading back, as the direct route takes you through Level 29 Elementals at the Circle of West Binding.|
A Call to Arms|QID|26027|PRE|26053|M|13.39,34.25|N|From Deathstalker Maudria.|

T First Blood|QID|26022|M|13.35,35.88|N|To Dark Ranger Alina.|
A The Forsaken Trollbane|QID|26023|PRE|26022|M|13.35,35.88|N|From Dark Ranger Alina.|

A The Traitor Orc|QID|26025|PRE|26022|M|13.35,35.88|N|From Dark Ranger Alina.|
T The Forsaken Trollbane|QID|26023|M|13.02,36.00|N|To Galen Trollbane.|
A Sigil of Strom|QID|26030|PRE|26023|M|13.02,36.00|N|From Galen Trollbane.|

R Stromgarde Keep |QID|26025|M|19.65,61.50|N|Head along the road to Stromgarde Keep|
C Sigil of Strom|QID|26030|S|M|22.45,62.41|N|Kill Syndicate members until you find the Sigil of Strom.|
C The Traitor Orc|QID|26025|M|22.98,66.01|N|Turn left before the stairs, and head to the last building. Go around the side of the building, Marez Cowl is hiding at the back. Loot hersqw for the Orb.|T|Marez Cowl|
C Sigil of Strom|QID|26030|US|M|22.45,62.41|N|Kill Syndicate members until you find the Sigil of Strom.|

C Call to Arms|QID|26027|N|Head back along the path, turning left in the alleyway after the stairs. Head along there to reach the shamans and lords in the ogre section of Stromgarde. Be careful here as there is a Level 30 Apprentice that will flag you for PvP if you attack.|CC|M|17.75,62.70;17.40,67.90;14.50,69.60|

T Sigil of Strom|QID|26030|M|13.04,36.10|N|To Galen Trollbane, back at Galen’s Fall.|
A Sigil of Thoradin|QID|26031|PRE|26030|M|13.04,36.10|N|From Galen Trollbane.|
T Call to Arms|QID|26027|M|13.27,35.92|N|To Dark Ranger Alina.|
T The Traitor Orc|QID|26025|M|13.27,35.92|N|To Dark Ranger Alina.|
A The Real Threat|QID|26029|PRE|26025&26027|M|13.39,34.29|N|From Deathstalker Maudria.|

C Sigil of Thoradin|QID|26031|M|16.59,60.88|N|Head back to Stromgarde. Turn right to the western portion of the keep, kill and loot humans.|
C The Real Threat|QID|26029|N|Kill and loot Or’Kalar, in the ogre section of Stromgarde.|M|17.75,62.70;17.40,67.90;14.69,67.44|CC|
T Sigil of Thoradin|QID|26031|M|12.98,36.06|N|To Galen Trollbane, back at Galen’s Fall.|
A Sigil of Arathor|QID|26032|PRE|26031|M|12.98,36.06|N|From Galen Trollbane.|

A To Steal From Thieves|QID|26428|M|13.71,34.08|N|From Genavie Callow.|

T The Real Threat|QID|26029|M|13.34,33.99|N|To Deathstalker Maudria.|
C Sigil of Arathor|QID|26032|M|37.80,56.16|N|From the human lieutenant on a horse outside Refugee Point. Be careful, the other humans in this area will flag you PvP!|
K Marcel Dabyrie|QID|26428|QO|2|M|48.53,39.23|N|Inside the stable.|
K Fardel Dabyrie|QID|26428|QO|3|M|51.28,41.58|N|Outside the barn.|
K Kenata Dabyrie|QID|26428|QO|1|M|50.87,36.99|N|Inside the house on the hill.|
R Hammerfall|QID|26909|M|69.61,36.47|N|Head to the eastern corner of the zone.|
A Raising Spirits|QID|26107|M|67.80,34.79|N|From Gor’mul.|
h Hammerfall|QID|26628|M|68.97,33.32|N|At Innkeeper Adegwa.|
f Hammerfall|QID|26909|M|68.19,33.44|N|From Urda.|
F Galen’s Fall|QID|26909|M|68.19,33.44|N|At Urda.|
T To Steal From Thieves|QID|26428|M|13.70,34.01|N|To Genavie Callow.|
T Sigil of Arathor|QID|26032|M|12.98,36.05|N|To Galen Trollbane.|
A Trol’kalar|QID|26033|PRE|26032|M|12.98,36.05|N|From Galen Trollbane.|
C Raising Spirits|QID|26107|S|N|Kill and loot raptors.|
C Trol’kalar|QID|26033|M|22.44,61.38|N|Back to Stromgarde. Head west to the human area of the keep, then turn right immediately to cross back over the entrance on a bridge. You’ll find a small building. Head through the garden on the right and down into the crypt. There you will find Trol’Kalar.|
T Trol’kalar|QID|26033|M|12.92,36.10|N|To Galen Trollbane, back at Galen’s Fall.|
A Alina’s Reward|QID|26081|PRE|26033|M|12.92,36.10|N|From Galen Trollbane.|
T Alina’s Reward|QID|26081|M|13.26,35.94|N|To Dark Ranger Alina.|
A Hammerfall|QID|26084|PRE|26081|M|13.26,35.94|N|From Dark Ranger Alina.|
A Hello Lolo|QID|26083|RANK|2|M|12.90,34.19|N|From Goutgut.|
R Faldir’s Cove|QID|26083|RANK|2|M|24.36,69.50;25.52,85.13|CC|N|The entrance to the cove is outside the south-eastern wall of Stromgarde.|
T Hello Lolo|QID|26083|RANK|2|M|25.52,85.13|N|To Lolo the Lookout.|
A Goggle Boggle|QID|26050|RANK|2|M|27.52,83.12|N|From Professor Phizzlethorpe.|
C Goggle Boggle|QID|26050|RANK|2|N|Follow the professor to the nearby cave, then defend him from the small attack.|
T Goggle Boggle|QID|26050|RANK|2|M|27.52,83.04|N|To Doctor Draxlegauge.|
A Sunken Treasure|QID|26051|RANK|2|PRE|26050|M|27.52,83.04|N|From Doctor Draxlegauge.|
A Drowned Sorrows|QID|26055|RANK|2|M|27.65,83.20|N|From Captain Steelgut.|
C Drowned Sorrows|QID|26055|S|RANK|2|M|11.16,89.64|N|Kill Naga off the coast.|
C Sunken Treasure|QID|26051|RANK|2|M|16.31,95.09|N|Search for the sparkling rocks on the sea floar.|
C Drowned Sorrows|QID|26055|US|RANK|2|M|11.16,89.64|N|Kill Naga off the coast.|
T Drowned Sorrows|QID|26055|RANK|2|M|27.65,83.25|N|To Captain Steelgut.|
T Sunken Treasure|QID|26051|RANK|2|M|27.60,82.96|N|To Doctor Draxlegauge.|
A Speak to Shakes|QID|26052|RANK|2|PRE|26051|M|27.60,82.96|N|From Doctor Draxlegauge.|
T Speak to Shakes|QID|26052|RANK|2|M|26.00,83.85|N|To Shakes O’Breen.|
A Death From Below|QID|26628|RANK|2|PRE|26052|M|26.00,83.85|N|From Shakes O’Breen.|
C Death From Below|QID|26628|RANK|2|M|25.41,84.84|N|Allow the NPCs to tank the mobs, then pick them off one by one.|
T Death From Below|QID|26628|RANK|2|M|25.99,83.90|N|To Shakes O’Breen.|
C Raising Spirits|QID|26107|US|N|Kill and loot raptors.|
H Hammerfall|QID|26107|US|M|69.61,36.47|N|If you didn’t set your hearth there, run or fly back.|
T Hammerfall|QID|26084|M|67.74,34.83|N|To Gor’mul.|
T Raising Spirits|QID|26107|M|67.74,34.83|N|To Gor’mul.|
A Guile of the Raptor|QID|26108|PRE|26107|M|67.74,34.83|N|From Gor’mul.|
A The Stone Shards|QID|26909|LEAD|26039|M|69.61,36.47|N|From Zaruk.|
A Crush the Witherbark|QID|26429|M|68.99,34.73|N|From Drum Fel.|
T The Stone Shards|QID|26909|M|57.24,34.67|N|To the Shards of Myzrael, in the circle of stones to the west.|
A The Princess Trapped|QID|26039|M|57.24,34.67|N|From the Shards of Myzrael.|
C The Princess Trapped|QID|26039|M|73.75,38.93;79.82,31.62|CS|N|Kill and loot kobolds in Drywhisker Gorge to the east.|
T The Princess Trapped|QID|26039|M|79.82,31.62|N|To the Iridescent Shards, inside Drywhisker Gorge on a cliff inside the cave.|
A Stones of Binding|QID|26041|PRE|26039|M|79.82,31.62|N|From the Iridescent Shards.|
C Cresting Key|QID|26041|NC|QO|2|M|61.54,30.42|N|At the Circle of East Binding, just west of Hammerfall.|; Cresting Key: 1/1
C Crush the Witherbark|QID|26429|M|62.00,64.51|N|Kill trolls around the lake to the south.|
C Guile of the Raptor|QID|26108|M|41.00,82.97|N|Kill and loot raptors in the southern part of the zone.|
C Thundering Key|QID|26041|NC|QO|3|M|46.43,52.37|N|At the Circle of Outer Binding, to the west at the center of the zone.|; Thundering Key: 1/1
C Burning Key|QID|26041|NC|QO|1|M|18.90,30.94|N|At the Circle of West Binding, at the far west edge of the zone.|; Burning Key: 1/1
T Stones of Binding|QID|26041|M|30.03,58.92|N|At the Stone of Inner Binding, east of Stromgarde.|
A Breaking the Keystone|QID|26042|PRE|26041|M|30.03,58.92|N|At the Stone of Inner Binding.|
C Breaking the Keystone|QID|26042|M|43.71,67.04|N|Kill and loot Fozruk, to the east.|
T Breaking the Keystone|QID|26042|M|29.91,59.62|N|To the Keystone, at the Circle of Inner Binding.|
A Myzrael’s Tale|QID|26911|PRE|26042|M|30.03,58.94|N|From the Stone of Inner Binding.|
H Hammerfall|QID|26429|M|68.98,34.75|N|Ride or fly back if you cannot hearth.|
T Crush the Witherbark|QID|26429|M|68.98,34.75|N|To Drum Fel.|
T Guile of the Raptor|QID|26108|M|67.78,34.76|N|To Gor’mul.|
T Myzrael’s Tale|QID|26911|M|69.63,36.53|N|To Zaruk.|
A The Princess Unleashed|QID|26912|PRE|26911|M|69.63,36.53|N|From Zaruk.|
C The Princess Unleashed|QID|26912|U|4472|M|57.35,34.61|N|Use the scroll to summon Myzrael. This is technically a group quest, but can be solo’d if you feel comfortable with it. She will degrade into several earth elementals upon death. Once you’ve defeated her, be sure to loot the shackles from her.|
T The Princess Unleashed|QID|26912|M|57.34,34.63|N|To the stone in front of you.|
A Revantusk Village|QID|26430|M|69.00,34.78|N|From Drum Fel, back at Hammerfall. Take this if you’d like to do the Hinterlands next.|RANK|3|
A Into the Scarlet Monastery|QID|26986|M|68.46,37.76|N|From Doctor Gregory Victor. Pick this up if you’d like to run Scarlet Monestary later.|RANK|3|



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