Source Code – Kezan & the Lost Isles


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Source Code – Kezan

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘MalKez0105’, “Leveling”, ‘Kezan’, ‘Malorajan’, ‘Horde’)
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,01,02, 1.03704)
WoWPro:GuideIcon(guide,”Icon”, WoWPro:GuidePickGender(“Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Goblin_Male”,”Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Goblin_Female”))
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘MalLos0512’)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

A Taking Care of Business|QID|14138|M|56.52,77.00|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|
T Taking Care of Business|QID|14138|M|60.10,74.66|N|To Foreman Dampwick.|

A Trouble in the Mines|QID|14075|M|60.10,74.66|N|From Foreman Dampwick.|PRE|14138|
A Good Help is Hard to Find|QID|14069|M|60.10,74.66|N|From Foreman Dampwick.|PRE|14138|
C Good Help is Hard to Find|QID|14069|M|70.29,82.50|N|Right-Click the Defiant Trolls to adjust their attitude as you head to the mines.|S|NC|
C Trouble in the Mines|QID|14075|M|71.02,76.19;74.59,83.67;65.05,88.22|CS|N|Go into the mines to kill worms.|
C Good Help is Hard to Find|QID|14069|M|70.29,82.50|N|Finishing right-clicking the Defiant Trolls as you head out of the mines and back to Foreman Dampwick.|US|NC|

T Trouble in the Mines|QID|14075|M|60.35,74.64|N|To Foreman Dampwick.|
T Good Help is Hard to Find|QID|14069|M|60.35,74.64|N|To Foreman Dampwick.|

A Kaja’Cola|QID|25473|M|60.35,74.64|N|From Foreman Dampwick.|PRE|14069&14075|
T Kaja’Cola|QID|25473|M|56.53,76.97|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|

A Megs in Marketing|QID|28349|M|56.53,76.97|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|25473|
T Megs in Marketing|QID|28349|M|58.22,76.61|N|To Megs Dreadshredder.|

A Rolling with my Homies|QID|14071|M|58.22,76.61|N|From Megs Dreadshredder.|PRE|28349|
C Rolling with my Homies |QID|14071|U|46856|N|You have access to a Hot Rod, which will allow you to move quicker in Kezan. Whilst mounted, you don’t get hurt jumping down big drops, and can use the first keybind to go quicker for a short duration. The Key symbol to the left of this window will allow you to mount your Hot Rod, and will appear on all quests where boarding the Hot Rod is suitable. Use the key now to board your Hot Rod. If you need to dismount for any reason, right click the Hot Rod buff at the top right of your screen.|QO|1|NC|
C Rolling with my Homies|QID|14071|U|46856|M|58.10,86.60|QO|2|NC|N|Go pick up Izzy by driving up to her (you can stay mounted on the Hot Rod). She is located in the beam of light on the other side of the swimming pool. The Hot Rod doesn’t work on/in water.|
C Rolling with my Homies|QID|14071|U|46856|M|60.76,50.35|QO|4|N|Go pick up Gobber. Just follow the path north from KTC Headquarters.|NC|
C Rolling with my Homies|QID|14071|U|46856|M|47.80,37.40|QO|3|NC|N|Go pick up Ace. He’s on the other side of the road bridge.|
T Rolling with my Homies|QID|14071|M|58.24,76.01|N|To Megs Dreadshredder.|U|46856|

A Report for Tryouts|QID|24567|M|58.24,76.01|N|From Megs Dreadshredder.|PRE|14071|
A Off to the Bank|QID|26712|M|56.49,76.98|N|From Candy Cane, inside the house.|GEN|MALE|PRE|14071|
A Off to the Bank|QID|26711|M|56.49,76.98|N|From Chip Endale, inside the house.|GEN|FEMALE|PRE|14071|
A Do it Yourself|QID|14070|M|56.49,76.98|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|14071|
T Report for Tryouts|QID|24567|M|48.75,57.83|N|To Coach Crosscheck. You have no fall damage whilst mounted in your Hot-Rod.|U|46856|

A The Replacements|QID|24488|M|48.75,57.83|N|From Coach Crosscheck.|PRE|24567|
C The Replacements|QID|24488|M|43.05,62.79|N|Look around for Replacement Parts, they look like yellow crates. You can remain mounted in your Hot-Rod whilst you collect the crates.|U|46856|NC|S|
R Drudgetown|QID|24520|M|43.50,70.25|N|Head to Drudgetown on your Hot Rod. Go under the ramp.|U|46856|ACTIVE|24488^14070|
C Bruno Flameretardant|QID|14070|M|45.21,74.77|N|Beat down Bruno Flameretardant.|QO|1|U|46856|
C Sudsy Magee|QID|14070|M|41.64,81.71|N|Beat down Sudsy Magee.|QO|4|U|46856|
C Jack the Hammer|QID|14070|M|35.15,77.78|N|Beat down Jack the Hammer.|QO|3|U|46856|
C Frankie Gearslip|QID|14070|M|36.67,72.32|N|Beat down Frankie Gearslip.|QO|2|U|46856|
C The Replacements|QID|24488|M|43.05,62.79|N|Finish picking up Replacement Parts|U|46856|NC|US|

T Off to the Bank|QID|26711^26712|M|30.09,71.67|N|To FBoK Bank Teller.|U|46856|

A The New You|QID|14109^14110|PRE|26711^26712|M|30.09,71.67|N|From FBoK Bank Teller.|
C Hip New Outfit|QID|14109^14110|M|37.59,55.21|N|Talk to Szabo to get the Hip New Outfit.|QO|2|CHAT|U|46856|
C Shiny Bling|QID|14109^14110|M|34.87,45.71|N|Talk to Gappy Silvertooth to get the Shiny Bling.|QO|1|CHAT|U|46856|
C Cool Shades|QID|14109^14110|M|40.6,45.89|N|Talk to Missa Spekkles to get the Cool Shades.|QO|3|CHAT|U|46856|

T The Replacements|QID|24488|M|48.73,57.42|N|To Coach Crosscheck.|U|46856|

A Necessary Roughness|QID|24502|M|48.73,57.42|N|From Coach Crosscheck.|PRE|24488|
C Necessary Roughness|QID|24502|M|47.70,57.75|N|Head to the Bilgewater Buccaneer, then hop onto the Bilgewater Buccaneer.|QO|1|NC|
C Necessary Roughness|QID|24502|M|47.70,57.75|N|Use Key 1 to take out the Steamwheedle Shark shredders until you have footbombed eight of them.|QO|2|NC|
T Necessary Roughness|QID|24502|M|48.73,57.42|N|(UI Alert)|

A Fourth and Goal|QID|24503^28414|M|48.73,57.42|N|From Coach Crosscheck.|PRE|24502|
C Fourth and Goal|QID|24503^28414|M|47.70,57.75|N|Use Key 1 to kick a footbomb between the smoke stacks.|NC|
T Fourth and Goal|QID|24503^28414|M|48.62,57.74|N|Wait until the dragon finishes his attack, then To Coach Crosscheck.|U|46856|

A Give Sassy the News|QID|24520|M|48.62,57.74|N|From Coach Crosscheck.|PRE|24503^28414|

H KTC Headquarters|QID|14109^14110|M|56.62,76.90|N|Hearthstone, or ride back to KTC Headquarters.|U|46856|ACTIVE|14109^14110|
T The New You|QID|14109|M|56.42,76.97|N|To Candy Cane, back at KTC Headquarters.|GEN|MALE|U|46856|
T The New You|QID|14110|M|56.42,76.97|N|To Chip Endale, back at KTC Headquarters.|GEN|FEMALE|U|46856|
T Give Sassy the News|QID|24520|M|56.42,76.97|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|
T Do it Yourself|QID|14070|M|56.42,76.97|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|

A Life of the Party|QID|14113|M|56.37,77.02|N|From Candy Cane.|GEN|MALE|PRE|24520&14070&14109|
A Life of the Party|QID|14153|M|56.37,77.02|N|From Chip Endale.|GEN|FEMALE|PRE|24520&14070&14110|
C Life of the Party|QID|14113^14153|M|60.21,85.76|N|Entertain 10 Partygoers. \nUse Key 1 (Bubbly) for those holding a drink glass\nUse Key 2 (Bucket) if they have blue swirls over their head.\nUse Key 3 (Dance) if they are dancing\nUse Key 4 (Fireworks) if they are holding a red sparkler\nUse Key 5 (Hors D’oeuvres) if they are holding a chicken drumstick.\nIf you give them the wrong one, they’ll tell you what they want. Move on from any that are all partied-out.|NC|
T Life of the Party|QID|14113^14153|M|56.52,76.95|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|

A Pirate Party Crashers|QID|14115|M|56.52,76.95|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|14113^14153|
C Pirate Party Crashers|QID|14115|M|57.39,85.03|N|Kill 12 Pirate Party Crashers.|U|46856|
T Pirate Party Crashers|QID|14115|M|56.46,76.97|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|U|46856|

A The Uninvited Guest|QID|14116|M|56.46,76.97|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|14115|
T The Uninvited Guest|QID|14116|M|56.72,76.93|N|Upstairs to Trade Prince Gallywix.|

A A Bazillion Macaroons?!|QID|14120|M|56.72,76.93|N|From Trade Prince Gallywix.|PRE|14116|
T A Bazillion Macaroons?!|QID|14120|M|59.84,77.04|N|To Sassy Hardwrench who has moved to outside the house.|

A The Great Bank Heist|QID|14122|M|59.84,77.04|N|Automatically accepted from Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|14120|
A Robbing Hoods|QID|14121|M|60.10,78.00|N|From Megs Dreadshredder.|PRE|14120|U|46856|
A Waltz Right In|QID|14123|M|58.60,73.70|N|From Slinky Sharpshiv.|PRE|14120|U|46856|

C Robbing Hoods|QID|14121|M|38.82,71.43|N|Run over the Hired Looters to get Stolen Loots.|S|
R First Bank of Kezan|QID|14122|M|29.74,64.72|N|Head to the First Bank of Kezan|U|46856|ACTIVE|14122|
C The Great Bank Heist|QID|14122|M|30.10,71.41|N|Click on one of the First Bank of Kezan Vaults.|QO|1|NC|
C The Great Bank Heist|QID|14122|M|30.10,71.41|N|Use whichever ability it tells you to. You’ll have 5 seconds to click the right one, don’t worry if you get any wrong, you’ll keep going until you get it right enough times.\nKey 1 to use your Amazing G-Ray\nKey 2 to use your Blastcrackers\nKey 3 to use your Ear-O-Scope\nKey 4 to use your Infinifold Lockpick\nKey 5 to use your Kaja’mite Drill.|QO|2|NC|
C Robbing Hoods|U|46856|QID|14121|M|30.8,60.8;38.4,76.2;46.7,59.8;38.5,48.31|CN|N|Finish running over the Hired Looters as you head to Gallywix’s Villa.|US|

R Gallywix’s Villa|QID|14123|M|20.4,36.5|N|Stay in your Hot Rod and head over to Gallywix’s Villa.|U|46856|ACTIVE|14123|
C Waltz Right In|QID|14123|M|16.74,46.08|QO|1|N|Ride into the building at the south end of the compound, and when you dismount, run up the stairs and loot Maldy’s Falcon from the bedroom wall.\nWARNING! Your disguise won’t fool the Keensnout Potbelly pig, or any Villa Mook’s that see the pig attacking you.|NC|U|46856|
C Waltz Right In|QID|14123|M|13.0,35.2|QO|2|N|Head to the hut on the western end of the compund, and loot the Goblin Lisa from the wall.|NC|U|46856|
C Waltz Right In|QID|14123|M|19.9,30.7|QO|3|N|Head into the building at the eastern end of the compound and loot the Ultimate Bomb.|NC|U|46856|

T Waltz Right In|QID|14123|M|59.41,77.62|N|To Slinky Sharpshiv at KTC Headquarters.|U|46856|
T The Great Bank Heist|QID|14122|M|59.78,77.28|N|To Sassy|
T Robbing Hoods|QID|14121|M|60.12,78.09|N|To Megs|

A Liberate the Kaja’mite|QID|14124|U|46856|M|62.85,77.76|N|From Foreman Dampwick.|PRE|14120|
C Liberate the Kaja’mite|QID|14124|U|48768|M|71.19,77.39|NC|N|Use the bombs on the sparkling green ore spots, then pick up the Kaja’mite Chunks.|
T Liberate the Kaja’mite|QID|14124|U|46856|M|62.92,77.54|N|To Foreman Dampwick.|

A 447|QID|14125|M|59.78,77.13|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|14121&14122&14123&14124|
C Overload the Defective Generator|QID|14125|QO|1|N|Head inside the building and click on the Defective Generator.|M|56.13,76.6|NC|
C Activate the Leaky Stove|QID|14125|QO|2|N|Head over to the corner and click on the Leaky Stove.|M|56.05,74.7|NC|
C Drop a Cigar on the Flammable Bed|QID|14125|QO|3|N|Head upstairs and click on the Flammable Bed.|M|56.61,75.15|NC|
C Activate the Gasbot Control Panel|QID|14125|QO|4|M|60.63,76.87|N|Head outside and activate the Gasbot Control Panel, then wait for the Gasbot to do it’s job.|NC|
T 447|QID|14125|M|59.87,76.72|N|To Claims Adjuster.|

A Life Savings|QID|14126|M|59.75,76.90|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|14125|
R Gallywix’s Yacht|QID|14126|M|59.75,76.90;21.02,13.51|CC|N|Talk to Sassy Hardwrench and tell her you’re ready to go. You will then be taken to Gallywix’s Yacht.\nYou will lose your Hot Rod at this point.|CHAT|ACTIVE|14126|
T Life Savings|QID|14126|M|21.09,13.58|N|To Trade Prince Gallywix. Once handed in, you will leave Kezan (forever) and head to The Lost Isles.|

;The following will only show if you’ve skipped the quests.
N Quest Skipping Not Allowed|QID|14126|N|You won’t be able to skip the quests in this zone. Please reset this guide and pick up the quests.|



Source Code – Lost Isles

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘MalLos0512’, ‘Leveling’, ‘The Lost Isles’, ‘Malorajan’, ‘Horde’)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘BitAzs1220′)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

N Finish Kezan First|QID|14126|N|You will need to finish the Kezan zone before you can do the Lost Isles zone.|

A Don’t Go Into the Light!|QID|14239|PRE|14126|N|Wait for the cinematic to finish, then get this quest from Doc Zapnozzle.|
;T Don’t Go Into The Light |QID|14239|N|To Doc Zapnozzle.|

A Goblin Escape Pods|QID|14001^14474|M|24.63,77.96|N|From Geargrinder Gizmo.|PRE|14239|
C Goblin Escape Pods|QID|14001^14474|M|27.47,81.78|N|Click on the escape pods to recue the goblins.|NC|
T Goblin Escape Pods|QID|14001^14474|M|27.86,75.58|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|

A Get Our Stuff Back!|QID|14014|M|27.86,75.58|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|14001^14474|
A Monkey Business|QID|14019|M|27.89,74.43|N|From Bamm Megabomb.|PRE|14001^14474|
A It’s Our Problem Now|QID|14473|M|27.89,74.40|N|From Maxx Avalanche.|PRE|14001^14474|
C It’s Our Problem Now|QID|14473|M|29.24,69.93|S|N|Kill 6 Teraptor Hatchlings.|
C Get Our Stuff Back!|QID|14014|M|29.13,70.04|S|N|Pick up any Crate of Tools you see.|NC|
C Monkey Business|QID|14019|U|49028|M|28.20,72.30|N|Feed Monkeys the banana bombs, the bananas have about a 30 yard range.|NC|T|Bomb-Throwing Monkey|
C Get Our Stuff Back!|QID|14014|M|29.13,70.04|US|N|Pick up any Crate of Tools you see.|NC|
C It’s Our Problem Now|QID|14473|M|29.24,69.93|US|N|Kill 6 Teraptor Hatchlings.|
T It’s Our Problem Now|QID|14473|M|27.88,74.30|N|To Maxx Avalanche.|
T Monkey Business|QID|14019|M|27.92,74.38|N|To Bamm Megabomb.|
T Get Our Stuff Back!|QID|14014|M|27.87,75.53|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|

A Help Wanted|QID|14248|M|27.87,75.53|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|14014&14019&14473|
T Help Wanted|QID|14248|M|31.20,79.30|N|To Foreman Dampwick.|

A Miner Troubles|QID|14021|M|31.20,79.30|N|From Foreman Dampwick.|PRE|14248|
A Capturing the Unknown|QID|14031|M|31.19,79.30|N|From Foreman Dampwick.|PRE|14248|
C Miner Troubles|QID|14021|M|31.37,74.00|S|N|Escort the Miner into the mine. He’ll stop at several ore nodes on the way, keep him safe from any monkeys already around.|
C Cave Painting #1 |QID|14031|U|49887|M|31.81,76.89|QO|1|N|Keep with the miner, when he stops and speaks about the cave paintings (or right up to the first node) use the KTC Snapflash to take a picture of the first cave painting.|NC|
C Cave Painting #2 |QID|14031|U|49887|M|32.66,76.71|QO|2|N|Continue with the miner, when he stops at the second node, use the KTC Snapflash for the second painting.|NC|
C Cave Painting #3 |QID|14031|U|49887|M|33.89,75.26|QO|3|N|Continue with the miner, when he stops at the third node, use the KTC Snapflash for the third painting.|NC|
C Miner Troubles|QID|14021|M|31.75,73.65|US|N|Keep escorting the Miner until he gets what he needs.|
C Pygmy Altar|QID|14031|U|49887|M|31.38,74.07|QO|4|N|Keep going a little more into the mine to the Pygmy Altar, and take a picture of that.|NC|
A Orcs Can Write?|QID|14233|M|31.17,74.09|N|From the Dead Orc Scout.|PRE|14248|
T Miner Troubles|QID|14021|M|31.26,79.22|N|Jump down and to your left, right at the fork, then head out of the cavern, and back to Foreman Dampwick.|
T Capturing the Unknown|QID|14031|M|27.86,75.55|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|
T Orcs Can Write?|QID|14233|M|27.86,75.55|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|

A The Enemy of My Enemy|QID|14234|M|27.86,75.55|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|14021&14031&14233|
R Horde Base Camp|QID|14234|M|31.09,80.61;34.36,80.86;37.60,78.00|CS|N|Head south following the beach, then follow the path to the Horde Base Camp.|ACTIVE|14234|
T The Enemy of My Enemy|QID|14234|M|37.60,78.00|N|To Aggra.|

A The Vicious Vale|QID|14235|M|37.60,78.00|N|From Aggra.|PRE|14234|
T The Vicious Vale|QID|14235|M|35.45,75.75|N|To Kilag Gorefang.|

A Weed Whacker|QID|14236|M|35.45,75.75|N|From Kilag Gorefang.|PRE|14235|
C Weed Whacker|QID|14236|U|49108|M|34.32,73.57|N|Use the Weed Whacker, then mow on through the plants.|
T Weed Whacker|QID|14236|M|35.44,75.74|N|Head back to Kilag Gorefang, then use the Weed Wacker again to stop the wacker, then turn in quest.|U|49108|

A Back to Aggra|QID|14303|M|35.44,75.75|N|From Kilag Gorefang.|PRE|14236|
T Back to Aggra|QID|14303|M|37.61,77.99|N|To Aggra.|

A Forward Movement|QID|14237|M|37.61,77.99|N|From Aggra.|PRE|14303|
T Forward Movement|QID|14237|M|34.60,66.83|N|To Kilag Gorefang who has now moved to the Wild Overlook.|

A Infrared = Infradead|QID|14238|M|34.60,66.83|N|From Kilag Gorefang.|PRE|14237|
N Infrared Heat Focals|QID|14238|N|Use the Infrared Heat Focals to make the assassins appear, and also become trackable.|BUFF|68376|U|49611|ACTIVE|14238|
C Infrared = Infradead|QID|14238|U|49611|M|31.81,64.96|N|Kill the Assassins.|
T Infrared = Infradead|QID|14238|M|34.62,66.84|N|Use the Infrared Heat Focals to remove the buff, then To Kilag Gorefang.|U|49611|

A To the Cliffs|QID|14240|M|34.59,66.84|N|From Kilag Gorefang. On accepting the quest, you will be taken on a ride to the cliff.|PRE|14238|
T To the Cliffs|QID|14240|M|25.29,59.88|N|To Scout Brax.|

A Get to the Gyrochoppa!|QID|14241|M|25.29,59.88|N|From Scout Brax.|PRE|14240|
C Get to the Gyrochoppa!|QID|14241|M|23.95,66.08|N|Head down to the beachhead, then kill and loot the SI:7 Operatives until one drops the Gyrochoppa Keys.|
T Get to the Gyrochoppa!|QID|14241|M|23.20,67.54|N|To Gyrochoppa.|

A Precious Cargo|QID|14242|M|23.22,67.52|N|From Gyrochoppa. On accepting quest, you will be flown to the Vengeance Wake ship.|PRE|14241|
C Precious Cargo|QID|14242|M|11.84,62.77|N|Head down to the Captain’s quarters, and talk to Thrall. You may need to kill the wizard to get to him.|
T Precious Cargo|QID|14242|M|11.82,62.76|N|To Thrall.|

A Meet Me Up Top|QID|14326|M|11.82,62.76|N|From Thrall.|PRE|14242|
T Meet Me Up Top|QID|14326|M|12.43,63.07|N|To Thrall who has now moved to the top of the ship.|

A Warchief’s Revenge|QID|14243|M|12.43,63.07|N|From Thrall.|PRE|14326|
C Warchief’s Revenge|QID|14243|M|12.56,61.69|N|Use button #1 (Lightning Strike) and aim at the Alliance Sailors. The little boats hold multiple sailors so should be your priority.|
T Warchief’s Revenge|QID|14243|M|35.86,66.72|N|To Thrall who has now moved to the Wild Overlook.|

A Farewell, For Now|QID|14445|M|35.86,66.72|N|From Thrall.|PRE|14243|
T Farewell, For Now|QID|14445|M|36.00,67.49|N|To Sassy Hardwrench, who is now in the Wild Overlook.|

A Up, Up&Away!|QID|14244|M|36.00,67.49|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|14445|
C Up, Up&Away!|QID|14244|M|36.32,66.63|N|Click on the Rocket Sling, and select Up, Up&Away!|NC|
T Up, Up&Away!|QID|14244|M|44.51,64.36|N|To Foreman Dampwick, who is now in the Landing Site.|

A It’s a Town-In-A-Box|QID|14245|M|44.51,64.36|N|From Foreman Dampwick.|PRE|14244|
C It’s a Town-In-A-Box|QID|14245|M|45.46,65.35|N|Click on the plunger to create Town-In-A-Box.|NC|
T It’s a Town-In-A-Box|QID|14245|M|45.35,64.84|N|To Foreman Dampwick.|

A Hobart Needs You|QID|27139|LEAD|24671|M|45.35,64.84|N|From Foreman Dampwick.|PRE|14245|
N Professions Trainer|QID|27139|N|Want to learn your professions now? The KTC Train-A-Tron will teach you the skills and sell the basic equipment.|T|KTC Train-A-Tron Deluxe|ACTIVE|27139|S|
T Hobart Needs You|QID|27139|M|45.33,65.13|N|To Hobart Grapplehammer.|

A Cluster Cluck|QID|24671|M|45.33,65.13|N|From Hobart Grapplehammer.|PRE|27139|
C Cluster Cluck|QID|24671|U|52712|M|45.73,62.68|N|Click on the Wild Cluckers to collect them.|NC|
T Cluster Cluck|QID|24671|M|45.34,65.16|N|To Hobart Grapplehammer.|

A Trading Up|QID|24741|M|45.28,64.92|N|From Bamm Megabomb.|PRE|24671|
C Trading Up|QID|24741|U|50232|M|51.51,65.74|N|Use the Wild Clucker Eggs near a trap, wait until a Raptor comes over and trips it. Loot the Raptor egg off the ground.|NC|
T Trading Up|QID|24741|M|45.26,64.88|N|To Bamm Megabomb.|

A The Biggest Egg Ever|QID|24744|M|45.37,65.16|N|From Hobart Grapplehammer.|PRE|24741|
C The Biggest Egg Ever|QID|24744|M|44.21,53.72|N|Kill the Mechachicken, then loot the egg off of the ground.|
T The Biggest Egg Ever|QID|24744|M|45.36,65.13|N|To Hobart Grapplehammer.|

A Who’s Top of the Food Chain Now?|QID|24816|M|45.36,65.13|N|From Hobart Grapplehammer.|PRE|24744|
C Who’s Top of the Food Chain Now?|QID|24816|M|41.52,71.49|N|Kill and loot the Ravenous Lurker for the Shark Parts. Be aware of elite The Hammer which you should avoid at this time.|
T Who’s Top of the Food Chain Now?|QID|24816|M|45.26,65.55|N|To Assistant Greely.|

A A Goblin in Shark’s Clothing|QID|24817|M|45.26,65.55|N|From Assistant Greely.|PRE|24816|
C A Goblin in Shark’s Clothing|QID|24817|M|43.62,65.30|QO|1|N|Jump onto the Mechashark X-Steam Controller|NC|
C A Goblin in Shark’s Clothing|QID|24817|M|41.69,66.17|QO|2|N|Use abilites 1&2 to kill The Hammer. Ability 3 is used to heal.|
T A Goblin in Shark’s Clothing|QID|24817|M|45.34,65.20|N|To Hobart Grapplehammer.|

A Invasion Imminent!|QID|24856|M|45.34,65.20|N|From Hobart Grapplehammer.|PRE|24817|
T Invasion Imminent!|QID|24856|M|52.19,73.11|N|To Megs Dreadshredder who has moved to the Ruins of Vashj’elan (follow the path up the hill through Raptor Rise).|

A Bilgewater Cartel Represent|QID|24858|M|52.19,73.11|N|From Megs Dreadshredder.|PRE|24856|
A Naga Hide|QID|24859|M|52.19,73.11|N|From Brett “Coins” McQuid.|PRE|24856|
C Naga Hide|QID|24859|M|54.18,76.66|S|N|Kill and loot Nagas.|
C Bilgewater Cartel Represent|QID|24858|M|54.18,79.86|N|Go around and click on the Naga Banners to replace them.|NC|
C Naga Hide|QID|24859|M|54.18,76.66|US|N|Kill and loot Nagas.|
T Naga Hide|QID|24859|M|52.22,73.21|N|To Brett “Coins” McQuid.|
T Bilgewater Cartel Represent|QID|24858|M|52.20,73.19|N|To Megs Dreadshredder.|

A Irresistible Pool Pony|QID|24864|M|52.20,73.19|N|From Megs Dreadshredder.|PRE|24859&24858|
C Irresistible Pool Pony|QID|24864|U|50602|M|58.18,84.52|N|Head to the Spawning Pool and use the Pool Pony. Kill the Vashj’elan Siren, then talk to the Naga Hatchlings to get them.|
T Irresistible Pool Pony|QID|24864|M|52.19,73.17|N|To Megs Dreadshredder.|

; Two lines at this point, if you are on your Chauffeur mount, it will skip the first Accept step and show the second one which tells you to dismount.
; If you don’t have the Chauffeur, it will show the first accept step, and skip the second once accepted.
A Surrender or Else!|QID|24868|M|52.20,73.19|N|From Megs Dreadshredder.|PRE|24864|BUFF|179244|
A Surrender or Else!|QID|24868|M|52.20,73.19|N|From Megs Dreadshredder. You will need to dismount from your Chauffeur before accepting this quest!|PRE|24864|

C Surrender or Else!|QID|24868|M|54.17,91.15|N|Follow Ace. When you can attack the Faceless, do so and kill it.|
T Surrender or Else!|QID|24868|M|52.20,73.17|N|To Megs Dreadshredder.|

A Get Back to Town|QID|24897|M|52.20,73.17|N|From Megs Dreadshredder.|PRE|24868|
T Get Back to Town|QID|24897|M|45.23,64.96|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|

A Town-In-A-Box: Under Attack|QID|24901|M|45.23,64.96|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|24897|
N B.C. Eliminator|QID|24901|M|45.66,65.05|N|Jump onto the B.C. Eliminator|BUFF|72240|ACTIVE|24901|
C Town-In-A-Box: Under Attack|QID|24901|M|45.68,65.16|N|Kill 30 Oomlet Warriors.|
T Town-In-A-Box: Under Attack|QID|24901|M|45.21,64.94|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|

A Oomlot Village|QID|24924|M|45.21,64.94|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|24901|
T Oomlot Village|QID|24924|M|56.55,71.90|N|To Izzy in Oomlot Village.|

A Free the Captives|QID|24925|M|56.55,71.90|N|From Izzy.|PRE|24924|
A Send a Message|QID|24929|M|56.54,71.85|N|From Izzy.|PRE|24924|
C Free the Captives|QID|24925|M|60.00,70.20|S|N|Kill Oomlet Shamans that are channeling next to the Goblin Captives.|
C Send a Message|QID|24929|M|59.11,70.29;59.36,67.46;62.90,69.19;62.96,68.49|CS|N|Follow the waypoints to Yngwie and kill him.|
C Free the Captives|QID|24925|M|60.00,70.20|US|N|Kill Oomlet Shamans that are channeling next to the Goblin Captives.|
T Free the Captives|QID|24925|M|56.55,71.94|N|To Izzy.|
T Send a Message|QID|24929|M|56.55,71.94|N|To Izzy.|

A Oomlot Dealt With|QID|24937|M|56.55,71.94|N|From Izzy.|PRE|24925&24929|
T Oomlot Dealt With|QID|24937|M|45.21,64.93|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|

A Up the Volcano|QID|24940|M|45.21,64.93|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|24937|
T Up the Volcano|QID|24940|M|51.79,47.06|N|To Coach Crosscheck.|

A Zombies vs. Super Booster Rocket Boots|QID|24942|M|51.81,47.10|N|From Coach Crosscheck.|PRE|24940|
A Three Little Pygmies|QID|24945|M|51.83,47.18|N|From Foreman Dampwick.|PRE|24940|
A Rockin’ Powder|QID|24946|M|51.77,47.33|N|From Assistant Greely.|PRE|24940|

N Super Booster Rocket Boots|QID|24942|N|Activate the Super Booster Rocket Boots|BUFF|72887|ACTIVE|24942|U|52013|
C Zombies vs. Super Booster Rocket Boots|QID|24942|U|52013|M|62.09,49.41|S|N|Hover over zombies to kill them. You will not be able to loot so you will have to de-activate them to loot.|
C Rockin’ Powder|QID|24946|M|63.19,52.90|S|N|Loot any Rockin’ Powder mounds you see.|NC|U|52013|

K Gaahl|QID|24945|M|59.59,40.21|N|Kill Gaahl.|QO|1|ACTIVE|24945|U|52013|
K Malmo|QID|24945|M|58.77,47.17|N|Kill Malmo.|QO|2|ACTIVE|24945|U|52013|
K Teloch|QID|24945|M|63.66,52.78|N|Kill Teloch.|QO|3|ACTIVE|24945|U|52013|

C Rockin’ Powder|QID|24946|M|63.19,52.90|US|N|Loot any Rockin’ Powder mounds you see.|NC|U|52013|
C Zombies vs. Super Booster Rocket Boots|QID|24942|U|52013|M|62.09,49.41|US|N|Finish slaying any Goblin Zombies you have left.|

T Zombies vs. Super Booster Rocket Boots|QID|24942|M|51.83,47.16|N|Use the Rocket Boots to get you back to Coach Crosscheck safely.|U|52013|
T Three Little Pygmies|QID|24945|M|51.83,47.16|N|To Foreman Dampwick.|
T Rockin’ Powder|QID|24946|M|51.72,47.38|N|To Assistant Greely.|

A Rocket Boot Boost|QID|24952|M|51.83,47.16|N|From Coach Crosscheck.|PRE|24942&24945&24946|
C Rocket Boot Boost|QID|24952|U|52032|M|52.58,47.14|N|Use the Rockin’ Powder Infused Rocket Boots.|NC|
T Rocket Boot Boost|QID|24952|M|68.97,46.45|N|To Hobart Grapplehammer, who is now at the Lost Caldera.|

A Children of a Turtle God|QID|24954|M|68.97,46.45|N|From Hobart Grapplehammer.|PRE|24952|
C Children of a Turtle God|QID|24954|M|67.46,44.85|N|Kill and loot Children of Volcanoth until you get 5 Fire Glands.|
T Children of a Turtle God|QID|24954|M|68.96,46.45|N|To Hobart Grapplehammer.|

A Volcanoth!|QID|24958|M|68.96,46.45|N|From Hobart Grapplehammer.|PRE|24954|
C Volcanoth!|QID|24958|U|52043|M|71.63,54.92|N|Hotkey the Bootzooka, get in range, spam the Bootzooka. Move out of line of sight when Volcanoth use his breath attack.|

;Coordinates for the turn-in and accept next quest are not displaying properly.
T Volcanoth!|QID|24958|M|72.87,57.02|N|To Sassy Hardwrench, who is now at the back of Volcanoth’s Lair.|

A Old Friends|QID|25023|M|72.87,57.02|N|From Sassy Hardwrench. On accepting quest you will be flown to the Warchief’s Lookout|PRE|24958|
T Old Friends|QID|25023|M|36.81,43.16|N|To Thrall.|

A Repel the Paratroopers|QID|25024|M|36.81,43.16|N|From Thrall.|PRE|25023|
A The Heads of the SI:7|QID|25093|M|36.28,43.43|N|From Aggra.|PRE|25023|
A Mine Disposal, the Goblin Way|QID|25058|M|37.34,41.95|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|25023|
C Repel the Paratroopers|QID|25024|M|34.04,38.48|S|N|Kill any Alliance Paratrooper you see.|
C Mine Disposal, the Goblin Way|QID|25058|U|52280|M|33.08,43.80|S|N|Throw a grenade at a land mine.|NC|
K Commander Arrington|QID|25093|M|32.27,42.88|QO|1|N|Kill and loot Commander Arrington for his head.|ACTIVE|25093|
K Alexi Silenthowl|QID|25093|M|30.78,33.91|QO|3|N|Kill and loot Alexi Silenthowl for his head.|ACTIVE|25093|
K Darkblade Cyn|QID|25093|M|33.42,27.89|QO|2|N|Kill and loot Darkblade Cyn for her head.|ACTIVE|25093|
C Repel the Paratroopers|QID|25024|M|34.04,38.48|US|N|Kill any Paratrooper you have left to kill.|
C Mine Disposal, the Goblin Way|QID|25058|U|52280|M|33.08,43.80|US|N|Throw a grenade at a land mine.|NC|
H Warchief’s Lookout|QID|25024|M|36.83,43.19|N|Hearth back to Warchief’s Lookout.|ACTIVE|25024|
T Repel the Paratroopers|QID|25024|M|36.80,43.09|N|To Thrall.|
T The Heads of the SI:7|QID|25093|M|36.30,43.35|N|To Aggra.|
T Mine Disposal, the Goblin Way|QID|25058|M|37.37,41.88|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|

A The Pride of Kezan|QID|25066|M|37.37,41.88|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|25024&25093&25058|
C The Pride of Kezan|QID|25066|N|Speak to Sassy Hardwrench and tell her to get you up into the skies.|BUFF|73427|ACTIVE|25066|CHAT|
C The Pride of Kezan|QID|25066|M|32.03,31.46|N|Fly around using ability 1&2 and shoot down 10 Gnome planes.|
T The Pride of Kezan|QID|25066|M|37.33,41.90|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|

A The Warchief Wants You|QID|25098|M|37.33,41.90|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|25066|
T The Warchief Wants You|QID|25098|M|36.83,43.17|N|To Thrall.|

A Borrow Bastia|QID|25099|M|36.83,43.17|N|From Chawg.|PRE|25098|
T Borrow Bastia|QID|25099|M|33.81,38.82|N|To Kilag Gorefang.|

A Let’s Ride|QID|25100|M|34.01,38.76|N|From Kilag Gorefang. On accepting this quest you will be taken to Sky Falls.|PRE|25099|
T Let’s Ride|QID|25100|M|53.72,34.92|N|To Slinky Sharpshiv.|

A The Gallywix Labor Mine|QID|25109|M|53.72,34.92|N|From Slinky Sharpshiv.|PRE|25100|
N Professions Trainer|QID|25109|N|The Professions Trainer and Vendor is available again outside the mine.|T|KTC Train-A-Tron Deluxe|ACTIVE|25109|S|
T The Gallywix Labor Mine|QID|25109|M|54.14,36.00;54.78,34.82;53.15,36.57|CC|N|Head inside the mine, go through the door to the right, drop down, then head to Assistant Greely. |

A Kaja’Cola Gives You IDEAS! (TM)|QID|25110|M|53.15,36.57|N|From Assistant Greely.|PRE|25109|
C Kaja’Cola Gives You IDEAS! (TM)|QID|25110|M|53.67,36.71|N|Kill Overseers until a Kaja’ Cola drops, it can also be looted off the ground.|
T Kaja’Cola Gives You IDEAS! (TM)|QID|25110|M|53.18,36.63|N|To Assistant Greely.|

A Morale Boost|QID|25122|N|From Assistant Greely who is now follow you.|PRE|25110|
A Throw It On the Ground!|QID|25123|N|From Assistant Greely.|PRE|25110|
C Morale Boost|QID|25122|M|56.86,36.79|S|N|Throw a Kaja’Cola at the Goblin Survivors and Kezan Citizens to free their minds. Kill and loot Overseers or loot from the floor to get Kaja’Cola.|QO|4|NC|

K Blastshadow the Brutemaster|QID|25123|M|55.38,31.58|N|Kill Blastshadow the Brutemaster, then loot the Soulstone that will be on the floor.|L|52481|T|Blastshadow the Brutemaster|ACTIVE|25123|
C Throw It On the Ground!|QID|25123|M|55.38,31.58|U|52481|N|Target Blastshadow’s corpse and use the Soulstone.|T|Blastshadow the Brutemaster|NC|
T Throw It On the Ground!|QID|25123|M|55.40,31.51|N|To Assistant Greely.|

C Gobber|QID|25122|M|57.03,32.15|QO|3|N|Throw a Kaja’Cola at Gobber to free his mind. Kill and loot Overseers or loot from the floor to get Kaja’Cola.|NC|T|Gobber|
C Izzy|QID|25122|M|57,35.04|QO|2|N|Throw a Kaja’Cola at Izzy to free her mind. Kill and loot Overseers or loot from the floor to get Kaja’Cola.|NC|T|Izzy|
C Ace|QID|25122|M|56.99,37.15|QO|1|N|Throw a Kaja’Cola at Ace to free his mind. Kill and loot Overseers or loot from the floor to get Kaja’Cola.|NC|T|Ace|
C Morale Boost|QID|25122|M|56.86,36.79|US|N|Throw a Kaja’Cola at the Goblin Survivors and Kezan Citizens to free their minds. Kill and loot Overseers or loot from the floor to get Kaja’Cola.|QO|4|
T Morale Boost|QID|25122|N|To Assistant Greely.|

A Light at the End of the Tunnel|QID|25125|N|From Assistant Greely.|PRE|25122&25123|
T Light at the End of the Tunnel|QID|25125|M|56.30,27.36|N|To Mine Cart.|

A Wild Mine Cart Ride|QID|25184|M|56.30,27.36|N|From Mine Cart. On accepting quest, you will be transproted to the Bilgewater Lumber Yard.|PRE|25125|
C Wild Mine Cart Ride|QID|25184|M|54.27,17.10|N|Enjoy the ride.|NC|
T Wild Mine Cart Ride|QID|25184|M|54.37,17.02|N|To Assistant Greely, who is now in the Bilgewater Lumber Yard.|

A Shredder Shutdown|QID|25200|M|54.37,17.02|N|From Assistant Greely.|PRE|25184|
A The Ultimate Footbomb Uniform|QID|25201|M|54.37,17.02|N|From Coach Crosscheck.|PRE|25184|
C Shredder Shutdown|QID|25200|M|55.99,23.51|S|N|Kill the Steamwheedle Shark|
C The Ultimate Footbomb Uniform|QID|25201|M|53.46,23.39|N|Gather the parts from the broken down looking Shredders, also possible to get from looting the Steamwheedle Sharks.|NC|
C Shredder Shutdown|QID|25200|M|55.99,23.51|US|N|Finish killing the Steamwheedle Shark|
T The Ultimate Footbomb Uniform|QID|25201|M|54.41,16.97|N|To Coach Crosscheck.|
T Shredder Shutdown|QID|25200|M|54.41,16.97|N|To Assistant Greely.|

A Release the Valves|QID|25204|M|54.41,16.97|N|From Assistant Greely.|PRE|25201&25200|
A What Kind of Name is Chip, Anyway?|QID|25203|M|54.18,17.15|N|From Ace.|GEN|MALE|PRE|25201&25200|
A The Fastest Way to His Heart|QID|25202|M|54.01,16.97|N|From Izzy.|GEN|FEMALE|PRE|25201&25200|
C Valve #1|QID|25204|M|50.73,13.81|QO|1|N|Head to the KTC Oil Platform, and Release Valve #1.|NC|
C Valve #3|QID|25204|M|50.54,13.11|QO|3|N|Release Valve #3.|NC|
C What Kind of Name is Chip, Anyway?|QID|25203|M|49.86,13.89|N|Kill Chip.|GEN|MALE|
C The Fastest Way to His Heart|QID|25202|M|49.86,13.89|N|Kill and loot Chip to get his heart.|GEN|FEMALE|
C Valve #4|QID|25204|M|49.88,12.71|QO|4|N|Release Valve #4.|NC|
C Valve #2|QID|25204|M|50.18,11.75|QO|2|N|Release Valve #2.|NC|
T Release the Valves|QID|25204|M|51.40,13.12|N|At the Platform Control Panel.|

A Good-bye, Sweet Oil|QID|25207|M|51.40,13.12|N|From the Platform Control Panel.|PRE|25204|
C Good-bye, Sweet Oil|QID|25207|M|51.40,13.15|N|Press the Big Red Button.|NC|
T What Kind of Name is Chip, Anyway?|QID|25203|M|54.18,17.23|N|To Ace.|GEN|MALE|
T The Fastest Way to His Heart|QID|25202|M|54.01,16.97|N|To Izzy.|GEN|FEMALE|
T Good-bye, Sweet Oil|QID|25207|M|54.37,17.00|N|To Assistant Greely.|

A The Slave Pits|QID|25213|M|54.36,17.02|N|From Assistant Greely. On accepting the quest, you will be whisked to the Slave Pits.|PRE|25207|GEN|MALE|
A The Slave Pits|QID|25213|M|54.36,17.02|N|From Assistant Greely. On accepting the quest, you will be whisked to the Slave Pits.|PRE|25207|GEN|FEMALE|
r Repair Opportunity|QID|25213|N|You have a repair and sell junk opportunity with Chawg.|T|Chawg|ACTIVE|25213|S|
T The Slave Pits|QID|25213|M|43.65,25.31|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|

A She Loves Me, She Loves Me NOT!|QID|25243|M|43.66,25.31|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|GEN|MALE|PRE|25213|
A What Kind of Name is Candy, Anyway?|QID|25244|M|43.66,25.31|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|GEN|FEMALE|PRE|25213|
A Escape Velocity|QID|25214|M|43.82,25.33|N|From Hobart Grapplehammer.|PRE|25213|
C Escape Velocity|QID|25214|M|41.49,26.24|S|N|Click on the cages of the Captured Goblins.|NC|
C She Loves Me, She Loves Me NOT!|QID|25243|M|38.90,25.55|N|Kill and loot Candy for her heart.|GEN|MALE|
C What Kind of Name is Candy, Anyway?|QID|25244|M|39.60,27.16|N|Kill Candy.|GEN|FEMALE|
C Escape Velocity|QID|25214|M|41.50,26.25|US|N|Finish clicking on the cages of the Captured Goblins.|NC|
T Escape Velocity|QID|25214|M|43.84,25.35|N|To Hobart Grapplehammer.|
T She Loves Me, She Loves Me NOT!|QID|25243|M|43.66,25.32|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|GEN|MALE|
T What Kind of Name is Candy, Anyway?|QID|25244|M|43.66,25.31|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|GEN|FEMALE|

A Final Confrontation|QID|25251|M|43.66,25.32|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|25214|
C Final Confrontation|QID|25251|M|43.85,25.18|QO|1|N|Hop into the Ultimate Footbomb Uniform.|NC|
C Final Confrontation|QID|25251|M|43.27,20.03|QO|2|N|Head to where the Trade Prince Gallywix is and use the abilities of the shredder when they are not on cooldown.|
T Final Confrontation|QID|25251|M|43.67,25.32|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|

A Victory!|QID|25265|M|43.53,24.64|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|PRE|25251|
T Victory!|QID|25265|M|42.14,17.41|N|To Thrall.|

;The following will only show if you’ve skipped the quests before this point.
N Quest Skipping Not Allowed|QID|99999|N|You won’t be able to skip the quests in this zone. Please reset this guide and pick up all the quests.|LEAD|25265|

A Warchief’s Emissary|QID|25266|M|42.14,17.41|N|From Thrall.|PRE|25265|LEAD|25267|
R Bladefist Bay|QID|25266|M|42.59,16.40|N|Talk to Sassy Hardwrench and choose to go to Orgrimmar.|T|Sassy|ACTIVE|25266|
T Warchief’s Emissary|QID|25266|M|57.67,9.6|Z|Durotar|N|To Korkron Loyalist.|

A Message for Saurfang|QID|25267|M|57.67,9.6|Z|Durotar|N|From some Loyalist. On accepting quest, you will be taken to Orgrimmar.|
T Message for Saurfang|QID|25267|M|48.26,70.93|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Saurfang, inside Grommash Hold.|

A Report to the Labor Captain|QID|25275|LEAD|14129|PRE|25267|M|48.26,70.93|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Saurfang.|
A Missing Reports|QID|26803|M|49.0,72.2|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Eitrigg.|RANK|2|
T Missing Reports|QID|26803|M|49.4,59.2|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Doras, the flight master, located on the upper level of Orgrimmar.|RANK|2|

A Flight to Razor Hill|QID|26804|M|49.4,59.2|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Doras, the flight master.|PRE|26803|RANK|2|
F Razor Hill|QID|26804|M|49.4,59.2|Z|Orgrimmar|N|Fly to Razor Hill.|RANK|2|ACTIVE|26804|
T Flight to Razor Hill|QID|26804|M|51.8,43.4|Z|Durotar|N|To Gar’Thok.|RANK|2|

A Reports to Orgrimmar|QID|26806|M|51.8,43.4|Z|Durotar|N|From Gar’Thok.|PRE|26804|RANK|2|
T Reports to Orgrimmar|QID|26806|M|53.0,43.6|Z|Durotar|N|To Burok.|RANK|2|

A Return to Eitrigg|QID|26807|M|53.0,43.6|Z|Durotar|N|To Burok.|PRE|26806|RANK|2|
F Orgrimmar|QID|26807|M|53.0,43.6|Z|Durotar|N|Fly back to Orgrimmar.|ACTIVE|26807|
T Return to Eitrigg|QID|26807|M|49.0,72.2|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Eitrigg.|RANK|2|

N City Facilities|QID|25275|N|You can take this opportunity to use the city’s facilities (Repair, Auction House, etc.) before heading to Azshara.|ACTIVE|25275|S|
R Azshara|QID|25275|M|69.01,33.25;66.19,17.41;76.48,1.03|CS|N|Run to Azshara.|Z|Orgrimmar|ACTIVE|25275|
T Report to the Labor Captain|QID|25275|M|26.98,77.11|Z|Azshara|N|To Labor Captain Grabbit.|



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    Orgrimmar Coordinates not working (again)Orgrimmar coordinates don’t seem to be working again. 

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    May 21, 2014 @ 1:52 am

    You no Skip Quests!Yeah, that line has outlived its usefulness.

    So instead at the top of the guide in the registration section, lets add something like:


    and then I’ll add the line or two of code to pay attention to that.

    Similarly, the race specific guides, like the Worgen, Goblin, and Pandaren guides will no longer have step blockers, but will instead be blocked at the registration level. The Death Knight guide will be protected with a WoWPro:GuideClassSpecific(guide,”Death Knight”) clause.

    I’ve gotten all the leveling guides converted over except for a few of the starting zones.
    Getting the right icons for each of the guides is a bit of a pain.

  • img
    May 19, 2014 @ 20:29 pm

    Test run through (in proper location)I’m currently doing a run through the Kezan guide looking for improvements.I do have an issue with the last line in the guide:;The following will only show if you’ve skipped the quests.N Quest Skipping Not Allowed|QID|14126|N|You won’t be able to skip the quests in this zone. Please reset this guide and pick up the quests.|R|Goblin|Because this line uses the last quest as its ID, it’s shown throughout the guide.  I’m trying to think of a better approach to this.

  • img
    Aug 11, 2011 @ 20:53 pm

    Changed all N to C, addedChanged all N to C, added |NC| where appropriate, changed some B to C where appropriate, added a |U| for the car in some places, moved L steps a little later, fixed a coordinate, added some better explanation text to some steps.

  • img
    Mar 31, 2011 @ 13:10 pm

    Step 46 New Shiny BlingKezan-Goblin Guide  Step 46 New Shiny Bling has a misplaced marker
    Coordinate change to 34.87, 45.71
    the current marker is further away from Silvertooth

  • img
    Jan 21, 2011 @ 19:45 pm

    Sadly I had not finished TheSadly I had not finished The Lost Isles untill after the update was complete, sorry for the confusion.

  • img
    Jan 21, 2011 @ 13:44 pm

    Just a NoteThe Lost Isles here is not the one in the addon as of 2.1.2. The one included is missing all the steps in Orgrimmar… which can lead to some confusion if you stick to the guide alone and end up with unfinished quests. It is easy enough to figure out though. 

  • img
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 22:57 pm

    Most excellent work….I was going though the “Lost Isles” and had annotated the guide as I went along.I was doing it just to get to test the new |GEN|  tag, but you caught every other edit I was going to make and others I misssed.Most excellent!

  • img
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 1:11 am

    The Lost Isles source updateAdded/fixed notes, sticky steps, QO steps for The Lost Isles.  Added “The” to the first line to make it ‘The Lost Isles’ instead of ‘Lost Isles’, removed unneeded zone tags after that.

  • img
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 19:11 pm

    Fixed QO steps for “RollingFixed QO steps for “Rolling with my Homies”. Added QO steps for “Do it Yourself”, “The New You” and “447”. Added in Female version of “Life of the Party”. Added |MEN| and |FEM| tags in preparation for gender checks in addon. Added notes, removed |Z|Kezan| as it was not needed anymore.

  • img
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 18:36 pm

    Actually the class quests areActually the class quests were in there,.

  • img
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 18:33 pm

    Ah, you updated Kezan beforeAh, you updated Kezan before I could.  I asked Jiya about the gender tag, she said, and I quote, “Someone mentioned FEM and MEN. That works for me! Just add a |FEM| or a |MEN| to the respective steps.”  So I guess if you put those in that way for now, when she does get to putting the gender tag in it will be ready to go.

  • img
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 17:12 pm

    The Grunt WorkThanks for making these changes.   I was about to spend a fair amount of time looking them up this morning and getting them in. 

  • img
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 17:09 pm

    My changes are now into theMy changes are now into the Malorajan section.

  • img
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 17:07 pm

    My inner pre-adolescentWell, its a shorter tag name.   Purely on esthetic grounds, of course.A Off to the Bank|QID|26712|M|56.49,76.98|N|From Candy Cane. (For Males)|Z|Kezan|gets changed into:A Off to the Bank|QID|26712|M|56.49,76.98|SEX|Male|N|From Candy Cane.|Z|Kezan|Oh, and the official GetPlayerInfoByGUID() function returns three values for sex {0 => Neuter/ Unknown, 1 => Male , 2 => Female}.  Many references even mix the terms, like  ‘gender_code = UnitSex(“unit”)’.   Since there is no consitency in the community, after a little googling, short and amusing win in my book. 

  • img
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 15:20 pm

    This comment made me giggle.This comment made me giggle. I’d went to it expecting something I would mark as spam when I saw the title in the ‘recent comments’ box too.Not entirely sure why using ‘sex’ instead of ‘gender’ feels more amusing since they are synonyms, but it really does bring out the inner-11 year old in me. =p

  • img
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 14:22 pm

    LOL!And I see there are changes suggested already in this thread.  I will snarf them all up and update today.

  • img
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 14:20 pm

    Sex and ClassThe guide is missing the class specific quests and version 2.1.2 of the addon does not support sex specific quests.I wil patch my guides and see about writing the SEX tag …  

  • img
    Jan 15, 2011 @ 22:39 pm

    /facepalm   Reverted since/facepalm   Reverted since somehow I removed the Lost Isles portion last time I updated the page.  Added back in the changes from before the revert.

  • img
    Dec 22, 2010 @ 17:15 pm

    Thanks for saying somethingThanks for saying something though. We had completely forgot to update this page.

  • img
    Dec 22, 2010 @ 4:31 am

    Hm, alrighty. Didn’t checkHm, alrighty. Didn’t check the addon file, generally just check the source code page. -shrug-

  • img
    Dec 22, 2010 @ 3:21 am

    Updated source with classUpdated source with class quests.

  • img
    Dec 22, 2010 @ 1:32 am

    Thanks, though I think it gotThanks, though I think it got changed in the most recent addon version but not here.

  • img
    Dec 22, 2010 @ 0:17 am

    Goblin class questsFinally sat down and pulled up the information for the level 3 goblin class quests. Coords are a tad rough and come from wowhead. Any errors in syntax are my own. Instead of the lines:A Steady Shot|QID|14007|M|60.26,77.54|N|From Bamm Megabomb.|C Steady Shot|QID|14007|M|60.31,77.53|T Steady Shot|QID|14007|M|60.36,77.52|N|To Bamm Megabomb.| You should have:A Primal Strike|RANK|1|QID|14011|C|Shaman|M|59.60,76.00|N|From Maxx Avalanche.|A Arcane Missiles|RANK|1|QID|14008|C|Mage|M|59.40,73.90|N|From Fizz Lighter.|A Charge|RANK|1|QID|14013|C|Warrior|M|60.20,77.70|N|From Warrior-Matic NX-01.|A Steady Shot|RANK|1|QID|14007|C|Hunter|M|60.40,77.50|N|From Bamm Megabomb.|A Immolate|RANK|1|QID|14012|C|Warlock|M|58.00,74.30|N|From Evol Fingers.|A Eviscerate|RANK|1|QID|14010|C|Rogue|M|59.00,76.30|N|From Slinky Sharpshiv.|A Flash Heal|RANK|1|QID|14009|C|Priest|M|57.80,77.00|N|From Sister Goldskimmer.| C Primal Strike|RANK|1|QID|14011|C|Shaman|M|59.60,76.00|N|Train Primal Strike and practice on training dummy.|C Arcane Missiles|RANK|1|QID|14008|C|Mage|M|59.40,73.90|N|Train Arcane Missiles and practice on training dummy.|C Charge|RANK|1|QID|14013|C|Warrior|M|60.20,77.70|N|Train Charge and practice on training dummy.|C Steady Shot|RANK|1|QID|14007|C|Hunter|M|60.40,77.50|N|Train Steady Shot and practice on training dummy.|C Immolate|RANK|1|QID|14012|C|Warlock|M|58.00,74.30|N|Train Immolate and practice on training dummy.|C Eviscerate|RANK|1|QID|14010|C|Rogue|M|59.00,76.30|N|Train Eviscerate and practice on training dummy.|C Flash Heal|RANK|1|QID|14009|C|Priest|M|57.80,77.00|N|Train Flash Heal and practice on injured employee.| T Primal Strike|RANK|1|QID|14011|C|Shaman|M|59.60,76.00|N|To Maxx Avalanche.|T Arcane Missiles|RANK|1|QID|14008|C|Mage|M|59.40,73.90|N|To Fizz Lighter.|T Charge|RANK|1|QID|14013|C|Warrior|M|60.20,77.70|N|To Warrior-Matic NX-01.|T Steady Shot|RANK|1|QID|14007|C|Hunter|M|60.40,77.50|N|To Bamm Megabomb.|T Immolate|RANK|1|QID|14012|C|Warlock|M|58.00,74.30|N|To Evol Fingers.|T Eviscerate|RANK|1|QID|14010|C|Rogue|M|59.00,76.30|N|To Slinky Sharpshiv.|T Flash Heal|RANK|1|QID|14009|C|Priest|M|57.80,77.00|N|To Sister Goldskimmer.|  

  • img
    Dec 9, 2010 @ 0:21 am

    Kezan quest placement…The quest ‘Off to the Bank’ is not available at the time you are directed to pick it up, unless you spend a ton of time grinding. (At level 3 with 2 heirloom pieces at that time in the guide)[Edit: Disregard. For some reason, Chip Endale offered me the quest, as opposed to Candy Cane.][Edit2: I think what happens is that the quest giver varies depending on if you are a male or female goblin. If you are male, Candy Cane gives you that quest and a few others. If you are female, you get those quests from Chip Endale. Heh.][Edit3: Also, Steady Shot is the level 3 hunter class quest. Warlock quest is Immolate. Will look up QIDs and other class quests after a bit.] Apologies for all the edits. Noting as I go. ^^;

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