Source Code – Northern Stranglethorn (Horde)


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Source Code

Completed by WKjezz.

If you feel comfortable editing guide files, feel free to fix bugs on this page. Make sure you record your changes in the change log!

If you’d rather just leave a comment with any mistakes you find in them, someone else can add the changes to the file at a later time.


Source Code

Completed by WKjezz.


local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘WkjNor2530’, “Leveling”, ‘Northern Stranglethorn’, ‘Gloves’, ‘Horde’)
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,24,29, 24.4358)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘WkjCap3035’)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()

return [[

A Well, Come to the Jungle|QID|26416|M|50.6,67|Z|Ashenvale|N|This guide starts in Ashenvale. Start with Cromula, who wanders up and down the hall.|
F Orgrimmar|QID|26416|M|49.49,65.24|Z|Ashenvale|N|Wind Tamer Shosok|
T Well, Come to the Jungle|QID|26416|M|53.94,54.42|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Bort.|
A Northern Stranglethorn: The Fallen Empire|QID|26417|PRE|26416|LEAD|26278|M|53.94,54.42|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Bort.|
N Before you fly off|QID|26278|N|Now is a good time to train up, repair and get supplies.|
R The Zep tower.|QID|26278|CC|M|52.52,53.18|Z|Orgrimmar|N|On the NE tip.|

T Northern Stranglethorn: The Fallen Empire|QID|26417|M|38.41,50.52|N|To Commander Aggro’gosh.|
A The Defense of Grom’gol: Raptor Risk|QID|26278|M|38.41,50.52|N|From Commander Aggro’gosh.|
h Grom’gol Base Camp|QID|26278|M|37.36,51.83|N|At Innkeeper Thulbek. Repair/Restock here also.|
C The Defense of Grom’gol: Raptor Risk|QID|26278|M|36.34,43.04|
f Grom’gol|QID|26278|M|38.96,51.14|N|At Thysta.|
A A Lashtail Hatchling|QID|26317|PRE|28855|M|36.34,43.04|N|From Lashtail Raptor.|
T A Lashtail Hatchling|QID|26317|M|38.35,50.89|N|To Far Seer Mok’thardin.|
A I Think She’s Hungry|QID|26321|PRE|26317|M|38.35,50.83|N|From Far Seer Mok’thardin.|
T The Defense of Grom’gol: Raptor Risk|QID|26278|M|38.36,50.71|N|To Commander Aggro’gosh.|
A The Defense of Grom’gol: Ogre Oppression|QID|26279|PRE|26278|M|38.36,50.71|N|From Commander Aggro’gosh.|
A The Defense of Grom’gol: Murloc Menace|QID|26280|PRE|26278|M|38.37,50.65|N|From Commander Aggro’gosh.|
C The Defense of Grom’gol: Ogre Oppression|QID|26279|M|45.46,51.62|N|Keep killing Ogres till you loot a hand.|
A Mosh’Ogg Handiwork|QID|26407|U|58491|M|42.82,51.89|N|From the hand…|
C I Think She’s Hungry|QID|26321|U|58165|M|41.02,37.68|
C The Defense of Grom’gol: Murloc Menace|QID|26280|M|40.34,35.03|
T The Defense of Grom’gol: Ogre Oppression|QID|26279|M|38.34,50.38|N|To Commander Aggro’gosh.|
T The Defense of Grom’gol: Murloc Menace|QID|26280|M|38.34,50.38|N|To Commander Aggro’gosh.|
A The Defense of Grom’gol: Trollish Thievery|QID|26281|PRE|26280|M|38.34,50.38|N|From Commander Aggro’gosh.|
T I Think She’s Hungry|QID|26321|M|38.36,50.95|N|To Far Seer Mok’thardin.|
T Mosh’Ogg Handiwork|QID|26407|M|38.36,50.95|N|To Far Seer Mok’thardin.|
A Bloodscalp Insight|QID|9436|PRE|26280|M|38.09,50.12|N|From Nemeth Hawkeye.|
A Hunt for Yenniku|QID|26298|PRE|26280|M|38.38,48.83|N|From Nimboya.|
C Hunt for Yenniku|QID|26298|S|
C Bloodscalp Insight|QID|9436|M|35.15,35.24|
C The Defense of Grom’gol: Trollish Thievery|QID|26281|M|34.35,35.45|
A Favored Skull|QID|26323|PRE|26321|M|34.42,35.71|N|From Lashtail Hatchling.|
C Hunt for Yenniku|QID|26298|US|M|33.95,36.68|
T Hunt for Yenniku|QID|26298|M|38.35,48.72|N|To Nimboya.|
A Headhunting|QID|26299|PRE|26298|M|38.35,48.72|N|From Nimboya.|
T Favored Skull|QID|26323|M|38.35,48.72|N|To Nimboya.|
A A Nose for This Sort of Thing|QID|26325|PRE|26323|M|38.44,48.67|N|From Nimboya.|
T The Defense of Grom’gol: Trollish Thievery|QID|26281|M|38.39,50.27|N|To Commander Aggro’gosh.|
T Bloodscalp Insight|QID|9436|M|38.08,50.15|N|To Nemeth Hawkeye.|
A An Unusual Patron|QID|9457|PRE|9436|M|38.08,50.15|N|From Nemeth Hawkeye.|
C A Nose for This Sort of Thing|QID|26325|U|58165|M|19.03,25.78|N|Your new best friend will complete this quest for you as you are killing trolls. Make sure you have empty bag slots though.|
C Headhunting|QID|26299|M|18.57,25.06|
C An Unusual Patron|QID|9457|U|23680|M|19.39,40.35|

;fix QID
H Grom’gol Base Camp|QID|9457|N|Hearth back to base.|
T An Unusual Patron|QID|9457|M|38.07,50.11|N|To Nemeth Hawkeye.|
A The Hunt|QID|26340|LEAD|583|PRE|9457|M|38.07,50.11|N|From Nemeth Hawkeye.|
T Headhunting|QID|26299|M|38.42,48.79|N|To Nimboya.|
T A Nose for This Sort of Thing|QID|26325|M|38.45,48.63|N|To Nimboya.|
A Who’s a Big Troll?|QID|26330|PRE|26325|M|38.45,48.63|N|From Nimboya.|
A Nezzliok Will Know|QID|26300|PRE|26299|M|38.43,48.65|N|From Nimboya.|
A Population Con-Troll|QID|26338|PRE|26325|M|38.35,50.91|N|From Far Seer Mok’thardin.|
C Population Con-Troll|QID|26338|S|M|27.16,23.35|
R Population Con-Troll|QID|26338|CC|M|21.56,21.76|N|Enter the troll complex here.|
C Nezzliok Will Know|QID|26300|M|26.75,19.50|
C Who’s a Big Troll?|QID|26330|U|58165|M|24.87,18.19|
C Population Con-Troll|QID|26338|US|M|26.97,23.13|
T The Hunt|QID|26340|M|44.19,22.09|N|To Barnil Stonepot.|
A Welcome to the Jungle|QID|583|M|44.19,22.09|N|From Barnil Stonepot.|
T Welcome to the Jungle|QID|583|M|44.20,22.88|N|To Hemet Nesingwary Jr..|
A Raptor Hunting|QID|194|PRE|583|M|44.20,22.88|N|From Hemet Nesingwary Jr..|
A Tiger Hunting|QID|185|PRE|583|M|44.48,22.62|N|From Ajeck Rouack.|
A Supply and Demand|QID|26343|M|43.69,23.48|N|From Drizzlik.|
A Panther Hunting|QID|190|PRE|583|M|43.76,22.32|N|From Sir S. J. Erlgadin.|
A The Green Hills of Stranglethorn|QID|26269|PRE|583|M|44.20,22.20|N|From Barnil Stonepot.|
C The Green Hills of Stranglethorn|QID|26269|S|M|41.88,20.98|
C Supply and Demand|QID|26343|S|M|42.46,19.62|
C Tiger Hunting|QID|185|M|41.10,24.67|
T Tiger Hunting|QID|185|M|40.98,24.65|N|UI Alert|
A Tiger Stalking|QID|186|PRE|185|M|40.98,24.65|N|UI Alert|
C Supply and Demand|QID|26343|US|M|39.32,20.12|
T Supply and Demand|QID|26343|M|43.68,23.55|N|To Drizzlik.|
A Some Assembly Required|QID|26344|PRE|26343|M|43.79,23.82|N|From Drizzlik.|
C Panther Hunting|QID|190|M|55.02,24.18|
T Panther Hunting|QID|190|M|54.99,24.30|N|UI Alert|
A Panther Stalking|QID|191|PRE|190|M|54.99,24.30|N|UI Alert|
C Tiger Stalking|QID|186|M|61.02,29.43|
T Tiger Stalking|QID|186|M|61.02,29.43|N|UI Alert|
A Tiger Prowess|QID|187|PRE|186|M|61.02,29.43|N|UI Alert|
C Some Assembly Required|QID|26344|M|53.55,39.21|

;fix QID
H Grom’gol Base Camp|QID|26344|N|Run back or hearth.|
T Population Con-Troll|QID|26338|M|38.32,50.96|N|To Far Seer Mok’thardin.|
T Who’s a Big Troll?|QID|26330|M|38.52,48.73|N|To Far Seer Mok’thardin.|
T Nezzliok Will Know|QID|26300|M|38.52,48.73|N|To Far Seer Mok’thardin.|
A Speaking with Nezzliok|QID|26301|PRE|26300|M|38.52,48.73|N|From Far Seer Mok’thardin.|
A Skullsplitter Mojo|QID|26332|PRE|26330|M|38.52,48.73|N|From Far Seer Mok’thardin.|

;fix QID
r Repair/Sell Junk|QID|187|CC|M|38.69,49.30|N|Vharr|
C Tiger Prowess|QID|187|M|38.26,32.72|
C Tiger Prowess|QID|187|M|37.48,31.93|
T Tiger Prowess|QID|187|M|37.48,31.93|N|UI Alert|
A Tiger Mastery|QID|188|PRE|187|M|37.48,31.93|N|UI Alert|
C Tiger Mastery|QID|188|M|38.04,32.80|
C Panther Stalking|QID|191|M|32.95,25.71|
T Panther Stalking|QID|191|M|32.94,25.69|N|UI Alert|
A Panther Prowess|QID|192|PRE|191|M|32.94,25.69|N|UI Alert|
C Raptor Hunting|QID|194|M|30.63,32.38|
T Raptor Hunting|QID|194|M|30.63,32.38|N|UI Alert|
A Raptor Stalking|QID|195|PRE|194|M|30.63,32.38|N|UI Alert|
C Raptor Stalking|QID|195|M|38.12,42.61|
T Raptor Stalking|QID|195|M|38.12,42.61|N|UI Alert|
A Raptor Prowess|QID|196|PRE|195|M|38.12,42.61|N|UI Alert|
T Some Assembly Required|QID|26344|M|43.65,23.47|N|To Drizzlik.|
A Excelsior|QID|26345|PRE|26344|M|43.65,23.47|N|From Drizzlik.|
C The Green Hills of Stranglethorn|QID|26269|US|M|41.88,20.98|N|You by now should have this and you may have already turned it in.|
T The Green Hills of Stranglethorn|QID|26269|M|44.23,22.24|N|To Barnil Stonepot.|
T Tiger Mastery|QID|188|M|44.60,22.72|N|To Ajeck Rouack.|
C Excelsior|QID|26345|M|48.88,52.26|
C Panther Prowess|QID|192|S|M|48.55,58.70|
C Raptor Prowess|QID|196|S|M|54.97,54.41|
C Skullsplitter Mojo|QID|26332|S|U|58165|M|57.58,58.48|N|Loot these from trolls|

;change L to QO
C Speaking with Nezzliok|QID|26069|QO|2|M|54.50,61.31|N|The pile of skulls in this camp|
C Speaking with Nezzliok|QID|26301|QO|1|M|60.10,56.03|N|The pile of skulls in this camp|
C Skullsplitter Mojo|QID|26332|US|U|58165|M|61.34,55.82|
C Raptor Prowess|QID|196|US|M|58.09,58.70|
T Raptor Prowess|QID|196|M|58.08,58.67|N|UI Alert|
A Raptor Mastery|QID|197|PRE|196|M|58.08,58.67|N|UI Alert|
C Raptor Mastery|QID|197|T|Tethis|M|59.60,62.45;62.83,61.80;64.70,58.08;59.17,59.12|CN|N|Use the button to hunt Tethis in this area.|

; add US
C Panther Prowess|QID|192|US|M|60.25,47.97|
T Panther Prowess|QID|192|M|60.25,47.97|N|UI Alert|
A Panther Mastery|QID|193|PRE|192|M|60.25,47.97|N|UI Alert|
C Panther Mastery|QID|193|T|Bhag’thera|M|64.62,38.31|N|Ride around the area useing the button to help you target her.|
f Bambala|QID|193|M|62.40,39.23|N|At Raskha. PLEASE do not pick up quests from here yet.|

; fix QID and destination
F Grom’gol|QID|26332|N|Fly to Grom’gol Base Camp.|
T Skullsplitter Mojo|QID|26332|M|38.43,48.55|
A Bloodlord Mandokir|QID|26334|PRE|26332|M|38.45,48.51|N|From Bloodlord Mandokir.|
T Speaking with Nezzliok|QID|26301|M|38.45,48.51|N|To Bloodlord Mandokir.|
A Chasing Yenniku’s Fate|QID|26302|PRE|26301|M|38.45,48.51|N|From Bloodlord Mandokir.|
A Priestess Hu’rala|QID|26350|PRE|26334|M|38.46,48.57|N|From Nimboya.|
T Bloodlord Mandokir|QID|26334|M|38.46,48.57|
T Raptor Mastery|QID|197|M|44.15,23.01|N|To Hemet Nesingwary Jr..|
T Panther Mastery|QID|193|M|43.78,22.40|N|To Sir S. J. Erlgadin.|
T Excelsior|QID|26345|M|43.64,23.34|N|To Drizzlik.|
A Big Game Hunter|QID|208|PRE|188&193&197|M|44.11,23.02|N|From Hemet Nesingwary Jr..|

;fix QID
H Grom’gol Base Camp|QID|26350|N|Hearth Back|
C Big Game Hunter|QID|208|M|46.26,58.65|
;fix QID
R Grom’gol Base Camp|QID|26350|CC|M|39.54,50.25|N|Run back to Camp|
;fix QID & name
F Bambala|QID|26350|N|Fly back across the zone.|
A The Mosh’Ogg Bounty|QID|26399|M|63.09,40.66|N|From Skeezy Whillzap.|
T Priestess Hu’rala|QID|26350|M|63.38,39.03|N|To Priestess Hu’rala.|
A Mind Vision|QID|26351|PRE|26350|M|63.27,38.97|N|From Priestess Hu’rala.|
T Chasing Yenniku’s Fate|QID|26302|M|63.17,41.39|N|To Kin’weelay.|
A The Mind’s Eye|QID|26303|PRE|26302|M|63.17,41.39|N|From Kin’weelay.|
C Mind Vision|QID|26351|M|56.16,50.15|

;fix QID
R Cave entrance|QID|26303|CC|M|66.45,49.00|N|Welcome to Orgeville|
R The Mind’s Eye|QID|26303|M|67.54,48.27;67.61,47.12;70.07,48.84|CC|N|Follow this path|
;Add Note
C The Mind’s Eye|QID|26303|M|70.38,48.98|N|Kill and loot Mai’Zoth.|
C The Mosh’Ogg Bounty|QID|26399|M|67.18,54.25|N|Leave the cave now and head to this location. Loot from a box on a pedistal by two ogre lords.|
T The Mind’s Eye|QID|26303|M|63.17,41.44|N|To Kin’weelay.|
A Saving Yenniku|QID|26305|PRE|26303|M|63.17,41.44|N|From Kin’weelay.|
T The Mosh’Ogg Bounty|QID|26399|M|62.80,40.21|N|To Skeezy Whillzap.|
A The Universal Key|QID|26400|PRE|26399^26412|M|62.85,40.16|N|From Skeezy Whillzap.|
;switched with next A
A Venture Company Mining|QID|26403|PRE|26399^26412|M|62.89,40.25|N|From Skeezy Whillzap.|
A Cozzle’s Plan|QID|26352|PRE|26399^26412|M|63.18,39.81|N|From Kil’karil.|
T Mind Vision|QID|26351|M|63.36,39.00|N|To Priestess Hu’rala.|
A See Raptor|QID|26359|PRE|26351|M|63.36,39.00|N|From Priestess Hu’rala.|
; add CHAT
C See Raptor|QID|26359|M|89.41,45.20|N|Talk to the quest giver.|CHAT|
T See Raptor|QID|26359|M|63.38,38.99|N|To Priestess Hu’rala.|
A Mind Control|QID|26360|PRE|26359|M|63.38,38.99|N|From Priestess Hu’rala.|
C Venture Company Mining|QID|26403|S|M|57.48,38.54|
C The Universal Key|QID|26400|M|57.25,36.67|N|Fight a Shredder to complete this one.|
R Hop onto the rig|QID|208|M|54.12,33.78|CC|
C Venture Company Mining|QID|26403|US|M|54.65,34.54|
l Cozzle’s Plan|QID|26352|L|5851|M|54.76,34.09|N|From Foreman Cozzle in the hut.|
C Cozzle’s Plan|QID|26352|M|55.89,37.16|N|From a chest in the small shack near the saw mill.|
T Big Game Hunter|QID|208|M|44.17,23.02|N|To Hemet Nesingwary Jr..|
H Grom’gol Base Camp|QID|26352|N|Hearth back… again|
C Saving Yenniku|QID|26305|U|3912|M|57.90,74.48|N|Use the soul gem on Yenniku.|
C Mind Control|QID|26360|M|61.96,74.15|
T Cozzle’s Plan|QID|26352|M|63.30,39.84|N|To Kil’karil.|
A Nighttime in the Jungle|QID|26304|PRE|26359|M|63.30,39.84|N|From Kil’karil.|
T Venture Company Mining|QID|26403|M|63.73,39.80|N|To Skeezy Whillzap.|
T The Universal Key|QID|26400|M|63.73,39.80|N|To Skeezy Whillzap.|
T Mind Control|QID|26360|M|63.43,38.99|N|To Priestess Hu’rala.|
A Be Raptor|QID|26362|PRE|26360|M|63.43,38.99|N|From Priestess Hu’rala.|
;C Be Raptor|QID|26362|S|M|86.90,44.65|N|Speak to the quest giver when you are ready.|
R Zul’Gurub|QID|26362|M|86.90,44.65|N|Speak to the quest giver when you are ready.|CHAT|
R Tan’shang|QID|26362|QO|1|CC|M|89.15,46.18|N|Run here and talk to the Raptor. Stick to the walls avoiding trolls.|
R Tenjiyu|QID|26362|QO|2|CC|M|87.22,44.79|N|Run here and talk to the Raptor. Stick to the walls avoiding trolls. Talk to him, and run to a tent and loot a pouch of food. Once done return and talk to Tenjiyu.|
R Chiyu|QID|26362|QO|3|CC|M|82.90,37.60|N|On your away click braziers and use button 3 on the tikis.|
R Almost done|QID|26362|QO|4|CC|M|75.13,31.00|N|Loot skulls and drop them using button 4 on the bridges for the trolls to run over. Once you arive to this point, you have one more tiki to burn.|
;C Be Raptor|QID|26362|M|73.50,32.90|
T Be Raptor|QID|26362|M|63.38,38.99|N|To Priestess Hu’rala.|
A Surkhan|QID|26386|PRE|26362|M|63.45,39.02|N|From Priestess Hu’rala.|
A Zul’Mamwe Mambo|QID|26405|PRE|26359|M|63.32,38.81|N|From Surkhan.|
T Surkhan|QID|26386|M|63.32,38.81|N|To Surkhan on the top floor.|
C Zul’Mamwe Mambo|QID|26405|S|M|60.70,68.17|N|Extinguish Braziers as you go|
C Nighttime in the Jungle|QID|26304|M|58.46,74.48|
C Zul’Mamwe Mambo|QID|26405|US|M|59.82,69.47|
H Grom’gol Base Camp|QID|26405|N|Hearth back to Grom’gol|
T Saving Yenniku|QID|26305|M|38.37,48.81|N|To Nimboya.|
F Bambala|QID|26304|N|Fly to Bambala|
T Nighttime in the Jungle|QID|26304|M|63.18,39.74|N|To Kil’karil.|
T Zul’Mamwe Mambo|QID|26405|M|63.27,38.83|N|To Surkhan.|
A Above My Pay Grade|QID|26404|LEAD|26450|M|63.10,40.05|N|From Skeezy Whillzap.|
F Harwrench Hideaway|QID|26404|N|Talk to the Raskha (Select the speech bubble)|


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    May 28, 2013 @ 4:02 am

    crashAnytime i try to load this module, it crashes WoW (Freezes and does nothing)It is the only one that does. I have used most all of them.I can expland more if needed.Thank you for all you have done! Sláinte

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    Apr 29, 2011 @ 14:52 pm

    This guide could use a lookThis guide could use a look at. The first few steps of the guide seems like they’ve been shuffled and doesn’t fit together. The rest of the guide could use explanations for quests and more stickies as well.

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