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Source Code

WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(“ScoShoH7879”, “Sholazar Basin”, “Scoot”, “78”, “79”, “ScoSto7980”, “Horde”, function()
return [[
N Cold Weather Flying |QID|12620| |N|You should be at least 77 and have Cold Weather Flying before using this guide. There are some quest here that REQUIRE you to be able to fly in order to complete them.|

F Dalaran |QID|12521| |N|You can get Cold Weather Flying from Hira Snowdown on Krasus’ Landing if you don’t already have it.|

A Where in the World is Hemet Nesingwary? |QID|12521| |N|Near the exit from Krasus’ Landing. |M|68.68,42.06|
C Where in the World is Hemet Nesingwary? |QID|12521| |N|Talk to the Archmage again to get a flight.|
T Where in the World is Hemet Nesingwary? |QID|12521| |N|He’s hanging from a tree at |M|35.68,58.65|

A Welcome to Sholazar Basin |QID|12489|M|39.7,58.7|
T Welcome to Sholazar Basin |QID|12489| |N|Go find Hemet at, where else, Nesingwary Base Camp to the West. |M|27.09,58.72|

A It Could Be Anywhere! |QID|12624| |N| He’s right it really could be anywhere. Turn it in when you find it.|M|26.95,58.92|

A Venture Co. Misadventure |QID|12524| |N| |M|27.21,59.86|

A Need an Engine, Take an Engine |QID|12522| |N|Go down the path to the other side of the wrecked boat. |M|25.38,58.35|
C Need an Engine, Take an Engine |QID|12522| |N|Near where you landed when you first got here. |M|38.64,56.75|
T Need an Engine, Take an Engine |QID|12522| |N|Nesingwary Base Camp. |M|25.38,58.35|

A Have a Part, Give a Part |QID|12523|M|25.4,58.5|

A Engineering a Disaster |QID|12688| |N|On the other side of The Suntouched Pillar. It’s an escort. He’s at on a platform next to the huge yellow crystal.|M|35.51,47.45|
C Engineering a Disaster |QID|12688|M|35.5,47.4|
C Have a Part, Give a Part |QID|12523| |N|Collect the parts all over the ground.|M|32.7,46.9|
C Venture Co. Misadventure |QID|12524| |N|Kill any more you need|M|37.4,46.1|
T Engineering a Disaster |QID|12688| |N|Nesingwary Base Camp |M|27.09,58.72|
T Venture Co. Misadventure |QID|12524| |N| |M|27.21,59.86|

A Wipe That Grin Off His Face |QID|12525|M|27.2,59.9|
T Have a Part, Give a Part |QID|12523| |N|Back around the broken boat. |M|25.38,58.35|

A Aerial Surveillance |QID|12696|M|25.4,58.5|
C Wipe That Grin Off His Face |QID|12525| |N|Go to the platform in the dig at . |M|35.72,50.24|
T Wipe That Grin Off His Face |QID|12525| |N|Nesingwary Base Camp |M|27.21,59.86|

A Kick, What Kick? |QID|12589| |N|In the base camp. |M|27.07,59.82|
C Kick, What Kick? |QID|12589| |N|The gun needs to be in you ranged/relic slot. Shoot at Wilhelm until you hit the apple.| |U|38573|
T Kick, What Kick? |QID|12589|M|27.1,59.9|
N Re-equip Ranged |QID|12549| |N|Make sure you re-equip the slot the gun was in.|

A The Great Hunter’s Challenge |QID|12592|M|27.1,59.9|

A Dreadsaber Mastery: Becoming a Predator |QID|12549| |N|He’s under the tent.|M|26.71,59.12|

A Rhino Mastery: The Test |QID|12520| |N||M|27.09,58.72|
C Rhino Mastery: The Test |QID|12520| |N|Head up the road to the NW. You’ll see Rhinos and Dreadsabers all around.|
C Dreadsaber Mastery: Becoming a Predator |QID|12549| |N|Kill any more you need.|
T Dreadsaber Mastery: Becoming a Predator |QID|12549| |N|Nesingwary Base Camp. |M|26.71,59.12|

A Dreadsaber Mastery: Stalking the Prey |QID|12550|M|26.7,59.0|
T Rhino Mastery: The Test |QID|12520| |N||M|27.09,58.72|

A Rhino Mastery: The Chase |QID|12526|M|27.1,58.6|

A A Steak Fit for a Hunter |QID|12804| |N||M|26.73,59.59|

A Some Make Lemonade, Some Make Liquor |QID|12634| |N||M|26.86,60.01|

A Crocolisk Mastery: The Trial |QID|12551| |N||M|27.21,59.86|
T Rhino Mastery: The Chase |QID|12526| |N|Oracle Soo-rahm is in a camp south near the Bones of Nozronn. |M|25.55,66.45|

A An Offering for Soo-rahm |QID|12543|M|25.6,66.5|
C Dreadsaber Mastery: Stalking the Prey |QID|12550| |N|North of Swindlegrin’s Dig, on and near the shore of Bittertide Lake |M|36.15,40.70|
C Some Make Lemonade, Some Make Liquor |QID|12634| |N|Pull the hanging vines in the Wildgrowth Mangal. They can be hard to see, so use your mouseover. If you get a Dorf, talk to it. Kill Cobras and Crocolisks as well.|M|37.6,61.8|
C An Offering for Soo-rahm |QID|12543| |N|Kill more Cobras.|M|36.3,65.8|
C Crocolisk Mastery: The Trial |QID|12551| |N|Kill the rest you need.|
T An Offering for Soo-rahm |QID|12543| |N|Oracle Soo-rahm. |M|25.55,66.45|

A The Bones of Nozronn |QID|12544|M|25.6,66.5|
C The Bones of Nozronn |QID|12544| |N|To the South, the offering bowl is in front of the giant skull at | |U|38519|M|26.12,71.59|
C A Steak Fit for a Hunter |QID|12804| |N|Kill the giraffe-looking things.|M|29.5,66.4|
T The Bones of Nozronn |QID|12544| |N|Nesingwary Base Camp.|M|27.1,58.6|

A Rhino Mastery: The Kill |QID|12556|M|27.1,58.6|
T Dreadsaber Mastery: Stalking the Prey |QID|12550|M|26.7,59.0|

A Dreadsaber Mastery: Ready to Pounce |QID|12558|M|26.7,59.0|
T A Steak Fit for a Hunter |QID|12804|M|26.7,59.5|
T Crocolisk Mastery: The Trial |QID|12551|M|27.2,59.9|

A Crocolisk Mastery: The Plan |QID|12560|M|27.2,59.9|
T The Great Hunter’s Challenge |QID|12592|M|27.1,59.9|
T Some Make Lemonade, Some Make Liquor |QID|12634|M|26.8,60.1|

A Still At It |QID|12644|M|26.8,60.1|
C Still At It |QID|12644| |N|Stand where you can reach everything at the still (oranges, bananas, papayas, brazier, and pressure valve). Talk to “Tipsy” McManus to start the quest. He’ll tell you what to do (it’s all random). Do it quickly.|M|26.7,60.0|
T Still At It |QID|12644|M|26.8,60.1|

A The Taste Test |QID|12645|M|26.8,60.1|
C Crocolisk Mastery: The Plan |QID|12560| |N|Gather ferns along the banks of the river.|M|34.7,41.5|
T Crocolisk Mastery: The Plan |QID|12560| |N|Nesingwary Base Camp. |M|27.21,59.86|

A Crocolisk Mastery: The Ambush |QID|12569|M|27.2,59.9|
A Lakeside Landing |QID|12651|
C The Taste Test |QID|12645|N|Give a sample to Hemet and Hadrius (27.37,59.28), then fly to River’s Heart (in the center of the Basin) and give a taste to Tamara at Lakeside Landing (50.44,62.10).| |U|38697|M|27.09,58.72|
T Lakeside Landing |QID|12651|

A The Part-time Hunter |QID|12654|M|50.5,62.1|
f Lakeside Landing|QID|12671|
T Aerial Surveillance |QID|12696|M|50.0,61.5|

A An Embarassing Incident |QID|12699|M|50.0,61.5|
A Force of Nature |QID|12803|M|50.0,61.5|
C An Embarassing Incident |QID|12699| |N|Look in the piles of Raised Mud at the bottom of the lake. If you need it you’ve got an air tank| |U|40390|M|48.6,64.0|
C Crocolisk Mastery: The Ambush |QID|12569| |N|Use the disguise while standing on the fallen log on the East side of the lake. .| |U|38564|M|46.50,63.48|
T An Embarassing Incident |QID|12699|M|50.0,61.5|

A Reconnaissance Flight |QID|12671|M|50.0,61.5|
C Reconnaissance Flight |QID|12671| |N|While on the flight, you will get attacked. Fight back with your missles (use Tab to target). You will get a message to fly back, do so as quickly as you can. Ues ability 1 to land when you get back.|M|50.0,61.5|
T Reconnaissance Flight |QID|12671|M|50.0,61.5|
C The Part-time Hunter |QID|12654| |N|By the Skyreach Pillar, to the South |M|50.55,77.33|

A Playing Along |QID|12528|M|50.5,76.6|
T Playing Along |QID|12528| |N|Frenzyheart Hill |M|55.00,69.16|

A The Ape Hunter’s Slave |QID|12529|M|55.0,69.1|
A Tormenting the Softknuckles |QID|12530|
C Tormenting the Softknuckles |QID|12530| |N|Hardknuckle Clearing . Clear the area. Poke the little ones with the stick until mama shows up.| |U|38467|M|66.46,73.95|
C The Ape Hunter’s Slave |QID|12529| |N|Kill the Foragers and Chargers until you’re done.| |U|38619|
T The Ape Hunter’s Slave |QID|12529| |N|Frenzyheart Hill |M|55.00,69.16|
T Tormenting the Softknuckles |QID|12530|M|55.0,69.1|

A The Wasp Hunter’s Apprentice |QID|12533|M|55.0,69.1|
A The Sapphire Queen |QID|12534|M|55.5,69.7|
C The Sapphire Queen |QID|12534| |N|Inside the Sapphire Hive at the end. | |U|38621|M|57.37,79.51|
C The Wasp Hunter’s Apprentice |QID|12533| |U|38621|
T The Wasp Hunter’s Apprentice |QID|12533| |N|Frenzyheart Hill |M|55.00,69.16|
T The Sapphire Queen |QID|12534|M|55.0,69.1|

A Flown the Coop! |QID|12532|M|55.5,69.7|
C Flown the Coop! |QID|12532| |N|They’re quick, but as long as you have them in the target circle when you click, you’ll catch them. Pick them up for credit. Turn on the nameplates (V key) to make it easier.|
T Flown the Coop! |QID|12532|M|55.5,69.7|

A The Underground Menace |QID|12531|M|55.5,69.7|
A Mischief in the Making |QID|12535|M|55.0,69.1|
C The Underground Menace |QID|12531| |N|Head South to the Wintergrasp River . Look for the disturbed ground that is a sign of an underground worm. Collect crystals while you’re there.| |U|38621|M|49.99,85.77|
C Mischief in the Making |QID|12535| |N|Get the rest of the crystals.| |U|38621|M|56.6,84.6|
T The Underground Menace |QID|12531| |N|Frenzyheart Hill |M|55.00,69.16|
T Mischief in the Making |QID|12535|M|55.0,69.1|

A A Rough Ride |QID|12536|M|55.0,69.1|
C A Rough Ride |QID|12536| |N|The croc is tied to a tree to the North. Surf’s up Dude! |M|57.26,68.34|
T A Rough Ride |QID|12536| |N| |U|38512|

A Lightning Definitely Strikes Twice |QID|12537| |U|38512|
A The Mist Isn’t Listening |QID|12538| |U|38621|
C Lightning Definitely Strikes Twice |QID|12537| |N|At the stone shrine in the little lake (big puddle?) (45.39,37.27), use the crystals, then destory them.| |U|38510|M|45.4,37.2|
C The Mist Isn’t Listening |QID|12538| |N|Kill any more you need.|M|45.5,39.8|
T Lightning Definitely Strikes Twice |QID|12537| |U|38512|
T The Mist Isn’t Listening |QID|12538|

A Hoofing It |QID|12539|
C Rhino Mastery: The Kill |QID|12556| |N|Around the Glimmering Pillar to the SE.|M|48.50,44.32|
C Dreadsaber Mastery: Ready to Pounce |QID|12558| |N|At the top of Bittertide Lake. |M|32.49,35.16|
T Rhino Mastery: The Kill |QID|12556| |N|Nesingwary Base Camp |M|27.09,58.72|
T Dreadsaber Mastery: Ready to Pounce |QID|12558|M|26.7,59.0|
T Crocolisk Mastery: The Ambush |QID|12569|M|27.2,59.9|
T The Taste Test |QID|12645|M|26.8,60.1|

A In Search of Bigger Game |QID|12595|M|27.1,58.6|
T Hoofing It |QID|12539| |N|Frenzyheart Hill |M|55.00,69.16|

A Just Following Orders |QID|12540|M|55.0,69.1|
C Just Following Orders |QID|12540| |N|Near the Frenzyheart River to the North |M|55.67,64.96|
T Just Following Orders |QID|12540|M|55.7,64.9|

A Fortunate Misunderstandings |QID|12570|M|55.7,64.9|
C Fortunate Misunderstandings |QID|12570| |N|Talk to him againg to start. Just follow, you won’t have time to fight anything until it’s over.|M|55.7,64.9|
T Fortunate Misunderstandings |QID|12570|M|54.6,56.3|

A Make the Bad Snake Go Away |QID|12571|M|54.6,56.3|
A Gods like Shiny Things |QID|12572|
C Gods like Shiny Things |QID|12572| |N|The things you want are on the ground and they blink on and off. He has to be almost on top of them to dig them up.| |U|38622|M|52.4,53.2|
C Make the Bad Snake Go Away |QID|12571| |N|You’ll find Venomtip near the Rainspeaker Rapids. |M|58.14,52.87|
T Make the Bad Snake Go Away |QID|12571| |N|Rainspeaker Canopy |M|54.53,56.36|

A Making Peace |QID|12573|M|54.6,56.3|
T Gods like Shiny Things |QID|12572|M|54.6,56.3|
C Making Peace |QID|12573| |N|Talk to the guy overlooking River’s Heart. |M|51.32,64.77|
T The Part-time Hunter |QID|12654| |N|Tamara at Lakeside Landing |M|50.44,62.10|
T Making Peace |QID|12573| |N|Rainspeaker Canopy |M|54.53,56.36|

A Back So Soon? |QID|12574|M|54.6,56.3|
T Back So Soon? |QID|12574| |N|Mistwhisper Refuge, the place where you messed with the shrine. He’s on the beach by the lake. |M|42.16,38.52|

A The Lost Mistwhisper Treasure |QID|12575|M|42.1,38.6|
A Forced Hand |QID|12576|M|42.1,38.6|
T In Search of Bigger Game |QID|12595| |N|Dorian’s Outpost |M|42.42,28.68|

A Sharpening Your Talons |QID|12603|M|42.3,28.7|
A Securing the Bait |QID|12605|M|42.3,28.7|
A Burning to Help |QID|12683|M|42.1,28.7|
C The Lost Mistwhisper Treasure |QID|12575| |N|On the top level of the Spearborn Encampment . When you get near the treasure Warlord Tartek will show up and attack you.| |U|38623|M|41.61,19.60|
C Forced Hand |QID|12576|N|Kill Frenzyhearts in the area.| |U|38623|
C Burning to Help |QID|12683| |N|Dive into the lake, use the sample container to get rid of the the debuff. Call Jaloot if you want the swimming buff.| |U|39164|M|39.7,38.0|
T The Lost Mistwhisper Treasure |QID|12575| |N|Mistwhisper Refuge |M|42.16,38.52|
T Forced Hand |QID|12576|M|42.1,38.6|

A Home Time! |QID|12577|M|42.1,38.6|
C Securing the Bait |QID|12605| |N|The Savage Thicket, East of the Dorian’s Outpost. You know how these egg quest go by now.|M|44.7,27.4|
C Sharpening Your Talons |QID|12603| |N|Kill the big Drakes.|
T Sharpening Your Talons |QID|12603| |N|Dorian’s Outpost |M|42.42,28.68|
T Securing the Bait |QID|12605|M|42.3,28.7|
T Burning to Help |QID|12683|M|42.1,28.7|

A Reagent Agent |QID|12681|M|42.1,28.7|

A A Mammoth Undertaking |QID|12607|M|42.1,28.9|
A My Pet Roc |QID|12658|M|42.1,28.9|
N Use the Harness |N|Pick a neutral Mammoth. Take it back to the outpost.| |QID|12607| |QO|Shattertusk Mammoth delivered 1/1| |U|38627|
T A Mammoth Undertaking |QID|12607|M|42.1,28.9|

A Post-partum Aggression |QID|12614|
C Post-partum Aggression |QID|12614| |N|She’s at the North of the Savage Thicket . Follow the road almost to the Bonefields and circle back from the East.|M|46.48,21.21|
C Reagent Agent |QID|12681| |N|Kill Rocs at the Bonefields . Collect eggs too|M|57.26,27.56|
C My Pet Roc |QID|12658| |N|Get any more eggs you need.|M|54.5,27.9|
T Post-partum Aggression |QID|12614| |N|Dorian’s Outpost |M|42.42,28.68|
T Reagent Agent |QID|12681|M|42.1,28.7|
T My Pet Roc |QID|12658|M|42.1,28.9|
T Home Time! |QID|12577| |N|Rainspeaker Canopy |M|54.53,56.36|

A The Angry Gorloc |QID|12578|M|54.6,56.3|
T Force of Nature |QID|12803| |N|The giant at Rainspeaker Rapids |M|64.59,48.52|

A An Issue of Trust |QID|12561|M|64.5,48.7|
C The Angry Gorloc |QID|12578| |N|Fly over Mosswalker Village |M|75.39,50.43|
T The Angry Gorloc |QID|12578| |N|Find a quiet place to use the stress ball.| |U|38624|

A The Mosswalker Savior |QID|12580| |U|38624|
A Lifeblood of the Mosswalker Shrine |QID|12579| |U|38624|
C The Mosswalker Savior |QID|12580| |N|Talk to the victims to try to rescue them. If they die they’ll drop a bag for you to loot, sometimes there’s a Lifeblood Shard in it. You can also find them on the ground, but you’ll collect them all on a later step.| |U|38624|M|75.4,52.4|
T The Mosswalker Savior |QID|12580| |U|38624|
C An Issue of Trust |QID|12561| |N|Finish off the Corpses and Ravegers.|
T An Issue of Trust |QID|12561| |N|Rainspeaker Rapids |M|64.59,48.52|

A Returned Sevenfold |QID|12611|M|64.5,48.7|
C Returned Sevenfold |QID|12611| |N|Kill Thalgran Blightbringer . Use the ward when he starts to cast Deathbolt to reflect it back on him.| |U|38657|M|66.73,44.16|
T Returned Sevenfold |QID|12611| |N|Rainspeaker Rapids |M|64.59,48.52|

A The Fallen Pillar |QID|12612|M|64.5,48.7|
A Salvaging Life’s Strength |QID|12805|M|64.5,48.7|
T The Fallen Pillar |QID|12612| |N|Top of the Lifeblood Pillar |M|65.04,60.30|

A Cultist Incursion |QID|12608|M|65.1,60.3|
C Salvaging Life’s Strength |QID|12805| |N|Kill the Lifeblood Elementals, then use the gem to get the lifeforce. Loot shards while you’re at it.| |U|40397|M|69.7,57.9|
C Lifeblood of the Mosswalker Shrine |QID|12579| |N|Loot more shards.|M|68.9,54.6|
T Lifeblood of the Mosswalker Shrine |QID|12579| |N|Summon Moodle| |U|38624|

A A Hero’s Burden |QID|12581| |U|38624|
N A Hero’s Burden |QID|12581| |N|You may be able to solo this quest. If you want to do it now, go to the Sundered Shard and kill Artruis the Heartless at the end of the cave . This quest is used to pick a faction, Frenzyheart or Oracles. You have to save either the gorlock or the tanuki. You can do this quest at any time to switch back and forth between factions.|M|72.27,57.39|
T Cultist Incursion |QID|12608| |N|Rainspeaker Rapids |M|64.59,48.52|
T Salvaging Life’s Strength |QID|12805|M|64.5,48.7|

A Exterminate the Intruders |QID|12617|M|64.5,48.7|
A Weapons of Destruction |QID|12660|M|64.5,48.7|
C Weapons of Destruction |QID|12660| |N|Death’s Hand Encampment . The bombs are huge, you can’t miss them.|M|56.21,41.28|
C Exterminate the Intruders |QID|12617| |N|The cultists throw bombs, but they don’t have a large blast radius, just move away a little bit.|
T Exterminate the Intruders |QID|12617| |N|Rainspeaker Rapids |M|64.59,48.52|
T Weapons of Destruction |QID|12660|M|64.5,48.7|

A The Lifewarden’s Wrath |QID|12620|M|64.5,48.7|
C The Lifewarden’s Wrath |QID|12620| |N|Top of the Glimmering Pillar , blow the horn.| |U|38684|M|49.67,37.44|
T The Lifewarden’s Wrath |QID|12620| |N|Rainspeaker Rapids |M|64.59,48.52|

A Freya’s Pact |QID|12621|M|64.5,48.7|
C Freya’s Pact |QID|12621| |N|Listen to the story.|M|64.5,48.7|
T Freya’s Pact |QID|12621|M|64.5,48.7|

A Powering the Waygate – The Maker’s Perch |QID|12559|M|64.5,48.7|
C Powering the Waygate – The Maker’s Perch |QID|12559| |N|Go to the West side of the Basin at the Makers’ Perch |M|26.23,35.49|
T Powering the Waygate – The Maker’s Perch |QID|12559| |N|Rainspeaker Rapids |M|64.59,48.52|

A Powering the Waygate – The Maker’s Overlook |QID|12613|M|64.5,48.7|

A A Timeworn Coffer |QID|12691| |N|Go to the East side of the Basin at the Makers’ Overlook. The coffer is out side on the right. |M|80.36,55.84|
C Powering the Waygate – The Maker’s Overlook |QID|12613| |N|You can sneak past the elite in the the middle. He only patrols in a circle.|M|89.1,52.9|
C A Timeworn Coffer |QID|12691| |N|Kill Guardians until the key drops.|M|80.3,54.9|
T A Timeworn Coffer |QID|12691| |N|Back outside |M|80.37,55.81|
T Powering the Waygate – The Maker’s Overlook |QID|12613| |N|Rainspeaker Rapids |M|64.59,48.52|

A The Etymidian |QID|12548|M|64.5,48.7|
C The Etymidian |QID|12548| |N|The Waygate is near the Mosslight Pillar |M|40.45,82.99|
T The Etymidian |QID|12548| |N|Big statue up the stairs | |Z|Un’Goro Crater|M|47.43,9.23|

A The Activation Rune |QID|12547|M|47.4,9.2|
C The Activation Rune |QID|12547| |N|Kill the named guy at the back of the Hall of Repose, keep going up the stairs. | |Z|Un’Goro Crater|M|48.16,2.41|
T The Activation Rune |QID|12547| |N|Back to the Etymidian | |Z|Un’Goro Crater|M|47.43,9.23|

A Back Through the Waygate |QID|12797|M|47.4,9.2|
T Back Through the Waygate |QID|12797| |N|Rainspeaker Rapids |M|64.59,48.52|

A Reclamation |QID|12546|
C Reclamation |QID|12546| |N|Head over to the Avalanche and use the rune to ride the Etymidian. These fights aren’t that hard, with a little strategy. The first guy has 2 pets, the second does an avoidable massive attack, and the third summons undead adds. Check Lightheaded for in depth instructions.| |U|38709|
T Reclamation |QID|12546| |N|Rainspeaker Rapids |M|64.59,48.52|
T It Could Be Anywhere! |QID|12624| |N|I know you found it a long time ago. Turn it in now if you haven’t already.|M|26.9,58.9|
T A Hero’s Burden |QID|12581| |N|If you did it turn it in.| |U|38624|
N The End |QID|12853|N|End of Sholazar Basin. Click off this step to load The Storm Peaks or manually load Icecrown.|

Change Log

12/2/2010 – Edit by Jiyambi

  • Addon Version: v2.0.4
  • Game Version: 4.0.3
  • Summary: Created a source file page

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