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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘WkjSotBar3035’, “Leveling”, ‘Southern Barrens’, ‘WKJezz’, ‘Alliance’)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘WkjDus3540′)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

R Stonetalon Pass|QID|24862|N|Welcome to the Southern Barrens guide. This guide starts off where Stonetalon Mountains leaves off with the lead-up quest All’s Clear. Alternatively, take the Hero’s Call: Southern Barrens quest from Darnassus or Exodar. For both, head to Commander Walpole at Stonetalon Pass, and hand in the respective quest.|M|29.89,8.97|
T All’s Clear|QID|25852|O|M|29.85,9.00|N|To Commander Walpole.|
T Hero’s Call: Southern Barrens! |QID|28550|O|M|29.89,8.97|N|To Commander Walpole.|
A Running the Gauntlet|QID|24862|M|29.83,8.97|N|From Commander Walpole.|
A Breaking the Siege|QID|24863|M|29.83,8.97|N|From Commander Walpole.|
C Running the Gauntlet|QID|24862|S|M|32.85,8.68|N|Kill Hunter Hill Scouts.|
C Breaking the Siege|QID|24863|M|31.87,8.96|N|Loot Stonetalon Supplies off the ground.|
C Running the Gauntlet|QID|24862|US|M|31.73,8.51|N|Kill Hunter Hill Scouts.|
T Running the Gauntlet|QID|24862|M|34.94,9.54|N|To Janice Mattingly.|
T Breaking the Siege|QID|24863|M|34.94,9.54|N|To Janice Mattingly.|
A Futile Resistance|QID|25186|PRE|24862&24863|M|34.93,9.57|N|From Janice Mattingly.|
C Futile Resistance|QID|25186|M|35.50,6.40|N|Kill Kona Thunderwalk.|
T Futile Resistance|QID|25186|M|38.77,11.38|N|To Commander Singleton.|
A Survey the Destruction|QID|25191|M|39.04,11.48|N|From Nibb Spindlegear.|

f Honor’s Stand|QID|25191|M|38.94,10.90|N|At John Johnson.|
C Survey the Destruction|QID|25191|NC|M|39.06,11.44|N|Go and speak to Nibb and tell her you are ready to fly.|
T Survey the Destruction|QID|25191|M|68.68,49.29|N|To Horton Gimbleheart.|
A The Admiral Won’t Back Down|QID|25197|LEAD|24934|PRE|25191|M|68.68,49.29|N|From Horton Gimbleheart.|
T The Admiral Won’t Back Down|QID|25197|M|69.23,49.06|N|To Admiral Aubrey.|
A Repel Boarders!|QID|24934|M|69.23,49.06|N|From Admiral Aubrey.|
C Repel Boarders!|QID|24934|M|57.47,60.97|Z|Northern Barrens|N|Tell the Admiral you are ready to go.|
T Repel Boarders!|QID|24934|M|57.47,60.97|Z|Northern Barrens|N|To Captain Fisher.|
R Northwatch Hold|QID|24938|N|Ask for a ride back from Captain Fisher.|

A The Guns of Northwatch|QID|24938|PRE|24934|M|69.22,49.07|N|From Admiral Aubrey.|
f Northwatch Hold|QID|24934|M|66.36,47.13|N|At Bill Williamson.|
A Langridge Shot|QID|24941|M|67.03,46.57|N|From Thomas Paxton.|
C Langridge Shot|QID|24941|M|67.63,46.59|N|In the tower beside the quest giver. Pick up anything that sparkles.|
T Langridge Shot|QID|24941|M|66.98,46.54|N|To Paxton’s Field Cannon.|
A Re-Take the Courtyard|QID|24943|PRE|24941|M|66.98,46.58|N|From Thomas Paxton.|
A Back in the Fight|QID|24944|PRE|24941|M|66.94,46.79|N|From Tolliver Houndstooth.|
C Back in the Fight|QID|24944|S|U|52014|M|67.07,45.39|N|Use the Herb-Saoked Bandages on Wounded Defenders.|
C Re-Take the Courtyard|QID|24943|S|M|67.28,40.56|N|Kill Rageroar Grunts.|
T The Guns of Northwatch|QID|24938|M|68.64,44.53|N|To Cannoneer Smythe.|

A Run Out the Guns|QID|24939|PRE|24938|M|68.64,44.53|N|From Cannoneer Smythe.|
C Run Out the Guns|QID|24939|M|68.72,44.62|N|Jump into a cannon when ready. You need to aim ahead of the moving ones.|
T Run Out the Guns|QID|24939|M|68.63,44.50|N|To Cannoneer Smythe.|
C Back in the Fight|QID|24944|US|U|52014|M|67.07,44.73|N|Use the Herb-Saoked Bandages on Wounded Defenders.|
C Re-Take the Courtyard|QID|24943|US|M|67.12,44.70|N|Kill Rageroar Grunts.|
T Back in the Fight|QID|24944|M|66.93,46.80|N|To Tolliver Houndstooth.|
A Silencing Rageroar|QID|24956|PRE|24944|M|66.92,46.79|N|From Tolliver Houndstooth.|
T Re-Take the Courtyard|QID|24943|M|67.00,46.57|N|To Thomas Paxton.|

A Lifting the Siege|QID|24948|PRE|24943|M|67.00,46.57|N|From Thomas Paxton.|
C Lifting the Siege|QID|24948|S|U|52017|M|68.17,41.47|N|Burn the Catapults.|QO|1|; Rageroar Catapults Burned: 3/3
C Silencing Rageroar|QID|24956|M|68.82,38.76|N|Kill the Rageroar Lieutenants.|S|QO|1|; Rageroar Lieutenant slain: 4/4
K Karga Rageroar |QID|24956|L|52036|M|67.6,36.7|N|Kill Hexmaster Bastoon, then kill Karga Rageroar and loot his helm.|
C Rageroar Blade Thrower Burned|QID|24948|U|52017|M|67.33,37.62|N|Burn the Blade Thrower.|QO|2|; Rageroar Blade Thrower Burned: 1/1
C Lifting the Siege|QID|24948|S|U|52017|M|68.17,41.47|N|Burn the Catapults.|QO|1|US|; Rageroar Catapults Burned: 3/3
C Silencing Rageroar|QID|24956|M|68.82,38.76|N|Kill the Rageroar Lieutenants.|US|QO|1|; Rageroar Lieutenant slain: 4/4
T Silencing Rageroar|QID|24956|M|66.94,46.77|N|To Tolliver Houndstooth.|
T Lifting the Siege|QID|24948|M|66.99,46.60|N|To Thomas Paxton.|

A Teegan’s Troubles|QID|25036|PRE|24948&24956|M|66.99,46.60|N|From Thomas Paxton.|
f Northwatch Hold|QID|25002|M|66.38,47.13|N|At Bill Williamson.|
A Teegan’s People|QID|25000|M|64.85,46.06|N|From Jeffrey Long.|
A Scavenged|QID|25002|M|61.88,42.10|N|From the Mangled Body.|
C Teegan’s People|QID|25000|M|61.3,44.1|N|Kill and loot the various Raptors in the area.|S|
C Scavenged|QID|25002|M|62.30,45.11|N|Loot the Crates from the floor.|
C Teegan’s People|QID|25000|M|61.3,44.1|N|Kill and loot the various Raptors in the area.|US|
T Teegan’s Troubles|QID|25036|M|56.15,42.74|N|To Corporal Teegan.|
T Scavenged|QID|25002|M|56.15,42.74|N|To Corporal Teegan.|
A Make ’em Squeal|QID|25015|M|56.12,42.72|N|From Corporal Teegan.|
A A Failure to Communicate|QID|25022|M|56.12,42.72|N|From Corporal Teegan.|
T Teegan’s People|QID|25000|M|56.14,42.55|N|To Goucho.|

A Filthy Animals|QID|25008|M|56.14,42.55|N|From Goucho (He also repairs and buys junk, I suggest doing this).|
C Filthy Animals|QID|25008|S|N|Kill 6 Hecklefang Scavengers.|
C Make ’em Squeal|QID|25015|S|M|56.27,45.76|N|Kill the Bristlebacks, the Bramblestaff will drop from the Thornweavers.|
C A Failure to Communicate|QID|25022|M|53.14,46.69|N|Click on the Quilboar Restraints to free Amassador Gaines.|
C Make ’em Squeal|QID|25015|US|M|53.59,46.69|N|Kill the Bristlebacks, the Bramblestaff will drop from the Thornweavers.|
C Filthy Animals|QID|25008|US|M|54.85,45.17|N|Kill 6 Hecklefang Scavengers.|
T Make ’em Squeal|QID|25015|M|56.10,42.74|N|To Corporal Teegan.|
T A Failure to Communicate|QID|25022|M|56.13,42.71|N|To Corporal Teegan.|
T Filthy Animals|QID|25008|M|56.07,42.56|N|To Goucho.|

A You Flicked a Fine Vine to Leaf Me|QID|25027|PRE|25015&25022|M|56.14,42.73|N|From Corporal Teegan.|
A Trouble From the Ground Up|QID|25028|PRE|25015&25022|M|56.16,42.77|N|From Hannah Bridgewater.|
C Trouble From the Ground Up|QID|25028|S|N|Pick up Budding Flowers from the ground. Herbalists will see them on the minimap if tracking herbs.|
C You Flicked a Fine Vine to Leaf Me|QID|25027|U|52073|M|52.97,49.71|N|Use the bramblestaff on Three-tooth, then kill the Crones.|
C Trouble From the Ground Up|QID|25028|US|M|54.02,45.94|N|Pick up Budding Flowers from the ground. Herbalists will see them on the minimap if tracking herbs.|
T You Flicked a Fine Vine to Leaf Me|QID|25027|M|56.10,42.73|N|To Corporal Teegan.|
A To the Front!|QID|25034|PRE|25027|M|56.09,42.65|N|From Corporal Teegan.|
T Trouble From the Ground Up|QID|25028|M|50.41,40.69|N|To Naralex.|

A Biological Intervention|QID|24565|M|50.35,40.55|N|From Naralex.|
A Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|M|50.34,40.47|N|From Muyoh.|
A Lashvine Seeds|QID|24571|M|50.34,40.47|N|From Muyoh.|
C Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|S|M|47.57,37.60|N|Jiyambi’s Favourite quest! Snakes are hard to see and die from AOE damage, keep your eyes peeled and loot them as you see them.|
C Lashvine Seeds|QID|24571|S|M|51.83,45.21|N|Kill and loot Lashvines.|
C Biological Intervention|QID|24565|M|52.75,41.16|N|Kill 5 Deviate Terrortooths and 5 Deviate Plainstriders.|
C Lashvine Seeds|QID|24571|US|M|47.38,40.42|N|Kill and loot Lashvines.|
C Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|US|M|46.99,39.49|N|Finish picking up Enervated Adders.|
T Biological Intervention|QID|24565|M|50.38,40.65|N|To Naralex.|

A To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|PRE|24565|M|50.36,40.63|N|From Naralex.|
T Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|M|50.32,40.50|N|To Muyoh.|
T Lashvine Seeds|QID|24571|M|50.32,40.50|N|To Muyoh.|
A Sowing a Solution|QID|24566|PRE|24570&24571|M|50.32,40.50|N|From Muyoh.|
C To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|S|M|47.56,38.37|N|Kill and loot Outgrowths until you have 5 kills and a Squirming Heart.|
C Sowing a Solution|QID|24566|U|49882|M|50.13,38.93|N|If you are lucky, the results may be explosive. Target Raptors/Plainstriders and click the bag.|
C To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|US|M|50.20,38.17|N|Kill and loot Outgrowths until you have 5 kills and a Squirming Heart.|
T Sowing a Solution|QID|24566|M|50.28,40.50|N|To Muyoh.|
T To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|M|50.37,40.69|N|To Naralex.|

A The Nightmare Scar|QID|24601|PRE|24574|M|50.37,40.69|N|From Naralex.|
R Run to this point|QID|24601|CC|M|48.31,38.89|N|Then tell Naralex you are ready.|
C The Nightmare Scar|QID|24601|M|48.20,38.71|N|Protect Naralex. Kill anything that spawns in the black circle.|
T The Nightmare Scar|QID|24601|M|48.21,38.69|N|To Naralex.|
T To the Front!|QID|25034|M|49.96,49.47|N|To Ambassador Gaines.|
A Diplomacy By Another Means|QID|25044|PRE|25022|M|49.90,49.43|N|From Ambassador Gaines.|
A Fields of Blood|QID|25043|M|49.91,49.62|N|From General Hawthorne.|
A A Line in the Dirt|QID|25045|M|49.98,49.53|N|From General Hawthorne.|
A Lion’s Pride|QID|25041|M|49.78,50.46|N|From Sam Trawley.|
C Lion’s Pride|QID|25041|S|M|33.84,39.36|N|Kill 5 of any type of Lion you see.|
C Fields of Blood|QID|25043|M|46.35,47.19|N|Kill 10 Desolation Grunts.|S|
C A Line in the Dirt|QID|25045|M|46.32,47.23;49.43,54.03|CN|N|Capture the Hill then defend it. Don’t reclick the hill if you lose control of it, or the number of mobs will multiply. If you lose control, fall back and try again later, or try another hill|
C Diplomacy By Another Means|QID|25044|U|49782|M|43.05,41.87|N|Blow the horn in the pit, then kill Sabersnout.|
C Fields of Blood|QID|25043|S|M|31.87,30.50|N|Take out the grunts.|
C Fields of Blood|QID|25043|M|46.35,47.19|N|Kill 10 Desolation Grunts.|US|
C Lion’s Pride|QID|25041|US|M|46.54,47.44|N|Kill 5 of any type of Lion you see.|
T Diplomacy By Another Means|QID|25044|M|49.96,49.47|N|To Ambassador Gaines.|
T A Line in the Dirt|QID|25045|M|49.90,49.64|N|To General Hawthorne.|
T Fields of Blood|QID|25043|M|49.90,49.64|N|To General Hawthorne.|

A Clap ‘Em In Irons|QID|25057|PRE|25043&25045|M|49.90,49.62|N|From General Hawthorne.|
A The Taurajo Briefs|QID|25059|PRE|25043&25045|M|49.93,49.65|N|From Ambassador Gaines.|
T Lion’s Pride|QID|25041|M|49.74,50.50|N|To Sam Trawley.|
A Marching On Our Stomachs|QID|25042|PRE|25041|M|49.74,50.50|N|From Sam Trawley.|
C Clap ‘Em In Irons|QID|25057|S|U|52271|M|44.62,49.99|N|Challenge Looters, bring their health down to 20%, then use the Northwatch Manacles on them.|
C Marching On Our Stomachs|QID|25042|M|49.11,47.26|N|Kill and loot Stormsnouts to get the steaks.|S|
C The Taurajo Briefs|QID|25059|M|45.36,52.42|N|Sparkley Parchments located around the camp.|
C Clap ‘Em In Irons|QID|25057|US|U|52271|M|44.34,52.11|N|Challenge Looters, bring their health down to 20%, then use the Northwatch Manacles on them.|
C Marching On Our Stomachs|QID|25042|M|49.11,47.26|N|Kill and loot Stormsnouts to get the steaks.|US|
T The Taurajo Briefs|QID|25059|M|49.95,49.49|N|To Ambassador Gaines.|
T Clap ‘Em In Irons|QID|25057|M|49.92,49.61|N|To General Hawthorne.|

A Meet Me at Triumph|QID|25074|PRE|25057|M|49.88,49.79|N|From General Hawthorne.|
T Marching On Our Stomachs|QID|25042|M|49.76,50.50|N|To Sam Trawley.|
T Meet Me at Triumph|QID|25074|M|49.08,66.93|N|To Commander Roberts.|
A Claim the Battlescar|QID|25081|M|49.08,67.02|N|From Commander Roberts.|
f Fort Triumph|QID|25081|M|49.20,67.78|N|At Steve Stevenson.|
A Working the Bugs Out|QID|25082|M|49.26,67.74|N|From Logan Talonstrike.|
A Pick-a-Part|QID|25075|M|49.43,67.52|N|From Mizzy Pistonhammer.|
C Working the Bugs Out|QID|25082|U|50128|M|47.79,67.48;48.25,68.45|CN|N|Stand next to the mounds and use the Bucket of Burning Pitch, then kill the Swarmers that appear.|
C Pick-a-Part|QID|25075|S|M|44.01,71.36|N|Pick up Siege Engine Scraps off the ground.|
C Claim the Battlescar|QID|25081|NC|M|45.3,69.79|N|Kill Battlescar Raiders. Head to the waypoint and get near the flag, you can claim it if the Horde controls it. But it will put you into PvP.|
C Pick-a-Part|QID|25075|US|M|45.39,70.17|N|Pick up Siege Engine Scraps off the ground.|
T Pick-a-Part|QID|25075|M|49.44,67.59|N|To Mizzy Pistonhammer.|

A Powder Play|QID|25079|PRE|25075|M|49.44,67.59|N|From Mizzy Pistonhammer.|
T Claim the Battlescar|QID|25081|M|49.11,66.96|N|To Commander Roberts.|
A Report to Twinbraid|QID|25087|PRE|25081|M|49.12,67.14|N|From Commander Roberts.|
T Working the Bugs Out|QID|25082|M|49.19,67.83|N|To Logan Talonstrike.|
A Firestone Point|QID|25086|PRE|25082|M|49.19,67.83|N|From Logan Talonstrike.|
C Powder Play|QID|25079|M|47.40,69.45|N|Kill and loot a goblin. If you catch it just right you can kill one right outside the fort walls.|
T Powder Play|QID|25079|M|49.45,67.58|N|To Mizzy Pistonhammer.|
A Batteries Not Yet Included|QID|25080|PRE|25079|M|49.34,67.60|N|From Mizzy Pistonhammer.|
C Batteries Not Yet Included|QID|25080|M|48.39,73.62|N|Kill and loot Thunderheads until you get a Humming Electrogizard.|
T Batteries Not Yet Included|QID|25080|M|49.44,67.59|N|To Mizzy Pistonhammer.|
T Report to Twinbraid|QID|25087|M|43.55,78.29|N|To General Twinbraid.|

A Digsite Status|QID|25104|M|43.55,78.29|N|From General Twinbraid.|
A No Bull|QID|25102|M|43.46,78.28|N|From Hurlston Stonesthrow.|
C No Bull|QID|25102|M|46.55,79.22|N|Kill 4 Landquaker Kodos, and 1 Landquaker Bull.|
T No Bull|QID|25102|M|43.45,78.26|N|To Hurlston Stonesthrow.|
T Firestone Point|QID|25086|M|45.04,85.32|N|To Dorn Redearth.|
A A Growing Threat|QID|25084|M|45.06,85.34|N|From Dorn Redearth.|
A The Disturbed Earth|QID|24824|M|45.12,85.38|N|From Tauna Skychaser.|
l Carved Boar Idol|QID|24606|L|49932|S|N|Loot the Quilboars until you get this item.|
C A Growing Threat|QID|25084|M|42.68,80.92|N|Kill any type of Razormane Quilboar.|S|
l Carved Boar Idol|QID|24606|L|49932|US|N|Loot the Quilboars until you get this item.|
A Blood of the Barrens|QID|24606|U|49932|M|42.39,81.62|N|From the Carved Boar Idol.|
C Blood of the Barrens|QID|24606|M|42.12,84.95|N|Loot Quilboars until you get 6 Blood Shard Trinkents.|
C A Growing Threat|QID|25084|M|42.68,80.92|N|Kill any type of Razormane Quilboar.|US|
T Blood of the Barrens|QID|24606|M|45.14,85.45|N|To Mahka.|
A Echoes of Agamaggan|QID|24653|PRE|24606|M|45.15,85.41|N|From Mahka.|
T A Growing Threat|QID|25084|M|45.06,85.36|N|To Dorn Redearth.|
A Mangletooth|QID|25085|PRE|25084|M|45.09,85.36|N|From Dorn Redearth.|
C Echoes of Agamaggan|QID|24653|S|M|41.46,84.06|N|Look for glittering skulls and loot them for the Polish Boar Skulls.|
C Mangletooth|QID|25085|M|38.11,81.96|N|Head up and kill Mangletooth.|
C Echoes of Agamaggan|QID|24653|US|M|37.76,81.44|N|Look for glittering skulls and loot them for the Polish Boar Skulls.|
C The Disturbed Earth|QID|24824|M|46.90,85.00|N|Kill and loot Disturbed Earth Elementals until you get 4 fragments.|
T Echoes of Agamaggan|QID|24653|M|45.19,85.40|N|To Mahka.|
T The Disturbed Earth|QID|24824|M|45.12,85.38|N|To Tauna Skychaser.|
T Mangletooth|QID|25085|M|45.09,85.37|N|To Dorn Redearth.|
T Digsite Status|QID|25104|M|47.19,88.50|N|To Marley Twinbraid.|

A Hands Off Me Dig!|QID|25106|PRE|25104|M|47.16,88.50|N|From Marley Twinbraid.|
A Feegly the Exiled|QID|25108|PRE|25104|M|47.16,88.50|N|From Marley Twinbraid.|
C Hands Off Me Dig!|QID|25106|S|M|46.94,86.76|N|Kill 8 Excavation Raiders, and loot artifacts off of the ground.|
C Feegly the Exiled|QID|25108|M|48.98,89.39|N|Kill Feegly. Loot the tools right next to where he was standing.|
C Hands Off Me Dig!|QID|25106|US|M|47.15,86.71|N|Kill 8 Excavation Raiders, and loot artifacts off of the ground.|
T Hands Off Me Dig!|QID|25106|M|47.17,88.48|N|To Marley Twinbraid.|
T Feegly the Exiled|QID|25108|M|47.17,88.48|N|To Marley Twinbraid.|
A Marley’s Final Flight|QID|25120|PRE|25106&25108|M|47.17,88.48|N|From Marley Twinbraid.|
C Marley’s Final Flight|QID|25120|M|49.25,86.70|N|Tell marley you are ready to fly.|
T Marley’s Final Flight|QID|25120|M|49.27,86.71|N|To Marley Twinbraid.|

A He Needs Ale!|QID|25151|PRE|25120|M|49.27,86.71|N|From Marley Twinbraid.|
A Bael’dun Rescue|QID|25153|PRE|25120|M|49.39,86.92|N|From Bael’dun Survivor.|
A Who Did This?|QID|25163|PRE|25120|M|49.59,87.14|N|From Wounded Bael’dun Officer.|
N WARNING: Read this.|QID|25153|N|Some people do not ready quest text closely. If you are at level for this zone, the fire in the keep will 1 shot you. Every time you are near a valve (they bubble) stand by it and activate it. You will be protected. You need to do this in regularly, not just one time. (Click the check box to continue.)|
C Bael’dun Rescue|QID|25153|S|M|49.41,86.88|N|Click on Burning Debris to rescue the survivers.|
T Who Did This?|QID|25163|M|50.26,87.10|N|When go in, take a right. Turn the quest into the corpse of Weezil Slipshadow.|
A Twinbraid Needs to Know|QID|25174|PRE|25163|M|50.26,87.10|N|From the corpse of Weezil Slipshadow.|
C He Needs Ale!|QID|25151|M|50.65,86.82|N|Click on the Keg of Ol’Barkerstout.|
C Bael’dun Rescue|QID|25153|US|M|50.69,86.37|N|Click on Burning Debris to rescue the survivers.|
T Bael’dun Rescue|QID|25153|M|49.41,86.86|N|To Bael’dun Survivor.|
T He Needs Ale!|QID|25151|M|49.27,86.66|N|To Marley Twinbraid.|

A The Bad News|QID|25175|PRE|25151|M|49.27,86.66|N|From Marley Twinbraid.|
T Twinbraid Needs to Know|QID|25174|M|43.51,78.30|N|To General Twinbraid.|
A Kill ’em All!|QID|25182|PRE|25174|M|43.51,78.30|N|From General Twinbraid.|
T The Bad News|QID|25175|M|43.51,78.30|N|To General Twinbraid.|
A …And Bury the Rest|QID|25183|PRE|25174|M|43.51,78.30|N|From General Twinbraid.|
C Kill ’em All!|QID|25182|S|M|40.25,77.31|N|Head into the mine all the while killing Goblins.|
C …And Bury the Rest|QID|25183|M|39.95,75.91|N|Click on Frazzlecrazz Explosives to arm them.|
C Kill ’em All!|QID|25182|US|M|40.30,77.37|N|Finish killing Goblins.|
T …And Bury the Rest|QID|25183|M|40.38,77.77|N|Turn the quest into the Big Nasty Plunger.|

A The Deed Is Done|QID|25185|PRE|25183|M|40.38,77.77|N|From the Big Nasty Plunger.|
T Kill ’em All!|QID|25182|M|43.48,78.27|N|To General Twinbraid.|
T The Deed Is Done|QID|25185|M|43.48,78.27|N|To General Twinbraid.|
A Reinforcements From Theramore|QID|26687|PRE|25182|M|43.48,78.27|N|From General Twinbraid.|

N The End.|QID|99999|N|Well Done on your achievement. The next zone is Dustwallow Marsh. Close this step and you will lead right into it. If you wish to try a different zone you can right click the title of this addon and load a new guide from our Guide list. WKjezz|



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    Dec 26, 2011 @ 11:30 am

    Not sure what you mean.  YouNot sure what you mean.  You start the guide from when you end Stonetalon Mountains usually, so it gives you directions on how to get to the Southern Barrens.

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    Dec 26, 2011 @ 7:52 am

    WRONG GUIDEThis is a serious mistake. The guide talk about STONETALON but NOT SOUTHERN BARRENS are it is supposed to be.

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    Jun 13, 2011 @ 19:02 pm

    Southern Barrens (Alliance) updateCondensed code, added missing notes, added a couple of sticky steps, fixed a few cords, fixed a few notes, added missing quest accept and turn-ins for 1 or 2 quests.

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    Mar 8, 2011 @ 11:34 am

    Sequence tweaks in alliance Southern_Barrens.Sequence changes around [A Line in the Dirt], [A Report to Twinbraid], and [Echoes of Agamaggan] for more optimal play.

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