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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘JiySou3035’, “Leveling”, ‘Southern Barrens’, ‘Jiyambi’, ‘Horde’)
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,28,33, 30.2616)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘JiyDus3540′)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

T Warchief’s Command: Southern Barrens!|O|QID|28549|M|31.42,13.32|N|To Nura Pathfinder.|
F Malaka’jin|QID|26069|M|45.11,30.88|N|Fly to Malaka’jin.|O|
T Nura Pathfinder|QID|26069|M|31.42,13.32|N|To Nura Pathfinder.|O|
A Clear the High Road|QID|24504|M|31.42,13.32|N|From Nura Pathfinder.|
C Clear the High Road|QID|24504|M|35.93,15.58|N|The scouts patrol the road to the east.|
T Clear the High Road|QID|24504|M|37.36,16.70|N|To Tunawa Stillwind.|
A Holdout at Hunter’s Hill|QID|24505|M|37.36,16.70|N|From Tunawa Stillwind.|PRE|24504|
A Warriors’ Redemption|QID|24512|M|37.59,16.65|N|From Holgom.|
A Feeding the Fear|QID|25284|M|37.61,16.63|N|From Holgom.|
C Feeding the Fear|QID|25284|S|M|37.27,13.15|N|Kill Tower Wardens.|
l Confiscated Arms|QID|24512|M|37.30,14.10|N|Loot 5 Confiscated Arm crates.|L|49769 5|
C Warriors’ Redemption|QID|24512|NC|M|37.30,14.10|N|Arm Stonetalon Prisoners.|
A Eye for an Eye|QID|24513|M|37.11,13.95|N|From Oltarg. Use the rope to get down the cliff, and circle to the other side of the tower to find the entrance.|
C Eye for an Eye|QID|24513|M|37.17,13.98|N|Head to the top of the tower. Kill and loot Captain Peake.|
T Eye for an Eye|QID|24513|M|37.11,13.95|N|To Oltarg.|
C Feeding the Fear|QID|25284|US|M|37.27,13.15|N|Kill Tower Wardens.|
T Warriors’ Redemption|QID|24512|M|37.63,16.63|N|To Holgom.|
T Feeding the Fear|QID|25284|M|37.63,16.63|N|To Holgom.|
T Holdout at Hunter’s Hill|QID|24505|M|39.44,20.33|N|To Onatay.|

A Put the Fear in Them|QID|24517|M|39.61,19.93|N|From Kilrok Gorehammer.|
A Raptor Scraps|QID|24514|M|39.44,20.33|N|From Onatay.|
A Signals in the Sky|QID|24515|M|39.44,20.33|N|From Onatay.|
h Hunter’s Hill|QID|24517|M|39.30,20.05|N|If you’d like, set your hearth at Innkeeper Hurnahet.|
C Put the Fear in Them|QID|24517|S|M|41.08,22.15|N|Kill 8 Honor’s Stand Footman and 1 Officer.|
C Raptor Scraps|QID|24514|M|40.11,23.96|N|From the raptors all around below Hunter’s Hill.|
C Put the Fear in Them|QID|24517|US|M|41.08,22.15;39.58,15.13|N|Kill 8 Honor’s Stand Footman and 1 Officer.|CN|
l Roadway Plans|QID|24518|M|41.08,22.15|N|Kill an officer and loot it for the Roadway Plans.|L|49776|
A The Low Road|QID|24518|N|From the Roadway Plans.|U|49776|
T Put the Fear in Them|QID|24517|M|39.64,19.98|N|To Kilrok Gorehammer.|
T The Low Road|QID|24518|M|39.64,19.98|N|To Kilrok Gorehammer.|
A Stalling the Survey|QID|24519|PRE|24518|M|39.61,19.93|N|From Kilrok Gorehammer.|
T Raptor Scraps|QID|24514|M|39.47,20.39|N|To Onatay.|
C Stalling the Survey|QID|24519|M|42.87,25.77;42.7,26.2|CN|N|Kill Henry Zykes, he wanders between the waypoints. Careful, he has two other humans with him.|
T Stalling the Survey|QID|24519|M|39.61,19.93|N|To Kilrok Gorehammer.|
T Signals in the Sky|QID|24515|M|44.17,33.71|N|To Makaba Flathoof.|

A Keeping the Dogs at Bay|QID|24525|M|44.17,33.71|N|From Makaba Flathoof.|
A Bad to Worse|QID|24529|M|44.19,33.69|N|From Makaba Flathoof.|
A When Plants Attack|QID|24539|PRE|24515|M|44.33,33.38|N|From Lane Tallgrass.|
C When Plants Attack|QID|24539|M|45.61,31.99|N|Free refugees from Overgrowth.|S|
C Keeping the Dogs at Bay|QID|24525|M|43.12,42.74|N|Kill Hecklefang Scavengers.|S|
C Bad to Worse|QID|24529|M|42.11,36.73|N|Kill 8 Quillboar and free 5 refugees.|
C Keeping the Dogs at Bay|QID|24525|M|43.12,42.74|N|Kill Hecklefang Scavengers.|US|
C When Plants Attack|QID|24539|M|45.61,31.99|N|Free refugees from Overgrowth.|US|
T Keeping the Dogs at Bay|QID|24525|M|44.21,33.71|N|To Makaba Flathoof.|
T Bad to Worse|QID|24529|M|44.21,33.71|N|To Makaba Flathoof.|
A Speaking Their Language|QID|24534|PRE|24529|M|44.21,33.71|N|From Makaba Flathoof.|
T When Plants Attack|QID|24539|M|44.31,33.40|N|To Lane Tallgrass.|
A A Curious Bloom|QID|24542|PRE|24539|M|44.31,33.40|N|From Lane Tallgrass.|
A A Family Divided|QID|24543|PRE|24529|M|44.49,33.59|N|From Tawane.|
C A Curious Bloom|QID|24542|NC|M|42.11,33.99|N|Loot Budding Flowers.|S|
C Speaking Their Language|QID|24534|U|49782|M|43.03,41.74|N|Head to the pit, use the horn then kill Sabersnout.|
T Speaking Their Language|QID|24534|M|44.12,33.71|N|To Makaba Flathoof.|
C A Curious Bloom|QID|24542|NC|M|42.11,33.99|N|Loot Budding Flowers.|US|
T A Curious Bloom|QID|24542|M|50.37,40.69|N|To Naralex.|

A Biological Intervention|QID|24565|M|50.37,40.69|N|From Naralex.|
A Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|M|50.36,40.51|N|From Muyoh.|
A Lashvine Seeds|QID|24571|M|50.36,40.51|N|From Muyoh.|
C Biological Intervention|QID|24565|S|N|Kill Deviate Terrortooths and Plainstriders.|
C Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|S|NC|N|Pick up Enervated Adders. Be careful using AoE abilites around them.|
C Lashvine Seeds|QID|24571|N|Kill and loot Lashvines.|M|47,35|
C Biological Intervention|QID|24565|US|N|Kill Deviate Terrortooths and Plainstriders.|
C Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|US|NC|N|Pick up Enervated Adders. Be careful using AoE abilites around them.|
T Biological Intervention|QID|24565|M|50.37,40.69|N|To Naralex.|
A To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|PRE|24565|M|50.37,40.61|N|From Naralex.|
T Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|M|50.36,40.51|N|To Muyoh.|
T Lashvine Seeds|QID|24571|M|50.36,40.51|N|To Muyoh.|
A Sowing a Solution|QID|24566|PRE|24570&24571|M|50.36,40.51|N|From Muyoh.|
C Sowing a Solution|QID|24566|U|49882|M|52.66,39.88|S|N|Use the Soothing Seeds on Deviate Terrortooths or Plainstriders. They can become aggressive (or blow up).|
C To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|M|49.25,40.07|N|Kill and loot Outgrowths. Make sure you get a Squirming Heart from one.|
C Sowing a Solution|QID|24566|U|49882|M|52.66,39.88|US|N|Use the Soothing Seeds on Deviate Terrortooths or Plainstriders. They can become aggressive (or blow up).|
T Sowing a Solution|QID|24566|M|50.36,40.54|N|To Muyoh.|
T To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|M|50.38,40.62|N|To Naralex.|

A The Nightmare Scar|QID|24601|PRE|24574|M|50.39,40.66|N|From Naralex.|
C The Nightmare Scar|QID|24601|M|48.17,38.72|N|Speak to Naralex when you are ready, and defend him.|
T The Nightmare Scar|QID|24601|M|48.18,38.70|N|To Naralex.|
A Winnoa Pineforest|QID|24807|PRE|24601|M|48.18,38.70|N|From Naralex.|
T A Family Divided|QID|24543|M|41.62,46.57|N|To Kirge Sternhorn.|
A A Line in the Dirt|QID|24546|PRE|24543|M|41.62,46.57|N|From Kirge Sternhorn.|
T Winnoa Pineforest|QID|24807|M|41.62,46.57|N|Winnoa Pineforest.|
A Lion’s Pride|QID|24552|M|41.56,47.13|N|From Jorn Skyseer.|
A Meet the New Boss|QID|24551|M|41.70,46.71|N|From Tatternack Steelforge.|
C Lion’s Pride|QID|24552|M|43.82,46.80|N|Kill 5 Lions.|S|
C Meet the New Boss|QID|24551|S|M|46.40,47.19|N|Kill and loot Northwatch Recon patrols.|
C A Line in the Dirt|QID|24546|M|46.35,47.24|N|Capture a neutral flag and defend it.|
C Meet the New Boss|QID|24551|US|M|46.40,47.19|N|Kill and loot Northwatch Recon patrols.|
C Lion’s Pride|QID|24552|M|43.82,46.80|N|Kill 5 Lions.|US|
T Lion’s Pride|QID|24552|M|41.54,47.16|N|To Jorn Skyseer.|
T Meet the New Boss|QID|24551|M|41.53,46.82|N|To Warlord Bloodhilt.|
T A Line in the Dirt|QID|24546|M|41.64,46.59|N|To Kirge Sternhorn.|

A Siegebreaker|QID|24569|PRE|24546&24551|M|41.51,46.75|N|From Warlord Bloodhilt.|
C Siegebreaker|QID|24569|NC|M|41.00,53.10|N|Right-click the Siege Engines.|
T Siegebreaker|QID|24569|M|41.51,46.75|N|To Warlord Bloodhilt.|
A Taking Back Taurajo|QID|24572|PRE|24569|M|41.51,46.75|N|From Warlord Bloodhilt.|
A Honoring the Dead|QID|24573|PRE|24569|M|41.53,46.63|N|From Winnoa Pineforest.|
C Taking Back Taurajo|QID|24572|S|M|44.05,52.21|N|Kill Taurajo Looters.|
N Krulmoo Eulogized|QID|24573|NC|QO|1|U|49880|M|44.35,50.87|N|Use the totem next to the corpse of Krulmoo.|
N Omusa Eulogized|QID|24573|NC|QO|4|U|49880|M|43.7,52.34|N|Use the totem next to the corpse of Omusa.|
N Yonada Eulogized|QID|24573|NC|QO|3|U|49880|M|44.32,52.57|N|Use the totem next to the corpse of Yonada.|
C Honoring the Dead|QID|24573|NC|U|49880|M|44.54,52.18|N|Finally use the totem next to Dranh.|
C Taking Back Taurajo|QID|24572|US|M|44.05,52.21|N|Kill Taurajo Looters.|
T Honoring the Dead|QID|24573|M|41.51,46.64|N|To Winnoa Pineforest.|
T Taking Back Taurajo|QID|24572|M|41.53,46.81|N|To Warlord Bloodhilt.|
A Desolation Hold Inspection|QID|24577|PRE|24572|M|41.50,46.78|N|From Warlord Bloodhilt.|
C Desolation Hold Inspection|QID|24577|NC|M|41.69,69.79|N|Talk to Warlord Bloodhilt – he’ll give you a wolf that will take you right where you need to go, past any hostile mobs! Talk to Warlord Gar’dul when you get there.|
T Desolation Hold Inspection|QID|24577|M|41.69,69.79|N|To Warlord Gar’dul.|
A Changing of the Gar’dul|QID|24591|PRE|24577|M|41.69,69.79|N|From Warlord Gar’dul.|

A Flightmare|RANK|2|QID|24631|M|41.11,70.92|N|From Tomusa.|
A Silithissues|RANK|2|QID|24654|M|41.62,69.43|N|From Crawgol.|
h Desolation Hold|QID|24654|M|40.73,69.28|N|If you’d like, set your hearth at Innkeeper Lhakadd.|
C Changing of the Gar’dul|QID|24591|M|40.85,69.16|N|Head to the top of the tower, and get ready for an interesting event.|
T Changing of the Gar’dul|QID|24591|M|40.77,69.21|N|(UI Alert)|
A Claim the Battle Scar|RANK|2|QID|24618|PRE|24591|M|41.61,69.79|N|From Warlord Bloodhilt.|
A Intelligence Warfare|QID|24634|PRE|24591|M|41.61,69.79|N|From Warlord Bloodhilt.|
C Intelligence Warfare|QID|24634|M|41.78,69.50|N|Look for an “Awkward Gangly Orc”, standing nearby. Speak with him, unmask him as a spy, kill him, and take the briefings.|
T Intelligence Warfare|QID|24634|M|41.65,69.77|N|To Warlord Bloodhilt.|
A The Butcher of Taurajo|QID|24637|PRE|24634|M|41.65,69.77|N|From Warlord Bloodhilt.|
A Parts-is-Parts|RANK|2|QID|24619|M|42.62,70.22|N|From Calder Gray.|
C Silithissues|RANK|2|QID|24654|U|50128|M|43.30,69.26|N|Use the Bucket of Burning Pitch while standing on the white sand patches – the silithid mounds just look like rocks, but when you use the pitch, they’ll come running out in a swarm.|
C Parts-is-Parts|RANK|2|QID|24619|S|NC|U|49948|M|45.29,69.79|N|Use the saw on the bodies of soldiers you kill, then loot it from the ground.|
C Flightmare|RANK|2|QID|24631|S|U|50031|M|45.29,69.79|N|While you kill normal soldiers, use the hook on any griffons you see.|
C Claim the Battle Scar|RANK|2|QID|24618|NC|M|45.29,69.79|N|Head to the waypoint to scout the flag. If the Horde doesn’t own it you can capture it, but it will put you into PVP. Kill 10 Triumph Vanguards.|
C Flightmare|RANK|2|QID|24631|US|U|50031|M|45.29,69.79|N|Use the hook on any griffons you see.|
C Parts-is-Parts|RANK|2|QID|24619|US|NC|U|49948|M|45.29,69.79|N|Use the saw on the bodies of soldiers you kill, then loot it from the ground.|
T Parts-is-Parts|RANK|2|QID|24619|M|42.63,70.21|N|To Calder Gray.|

A Hearts-is-Hearts|RANK|2|QID|24620|PRE|24619|M|42.63,70.21|N|From Calder Gray.|
T Claim the Battle Scar|RANK|2|QID|24618|M|41.69,69.81|N|To Warlord Bloodhilt.|
T Silithissues|RANK|2|QID|24654|M|41.64,69.48|N|To Crawgol.|
A Firestone Point|QID|24667|PRE|24654|M|41.61,69.62|N|From Crawgol.|
T Flightmare|RANK|2|QID|24631|M|41.13,71.03|N|To Tomusa.|
A Tauren Vengeance|RANK|2|QID|24632|PRE|24631|M|41.13,71.03|N|From Tomusa.|
C The Butcher of Taurajo|QID|24637|M|48.18,58.18|N|Speak with Karthog. When the Alliance general rides by, let Karthog run in first. Be careful – the general is an elite, but with Karthog’s help, you should be fine.|
T The Butcher of Taurajo|QID|24637|M|41.68,69.82|N|To Warlord Bloodhilt.|
C Hearts-is-Hearts|RANK|2|QID|24620|M|44.13,75.79|N|Kill and loot a Landquaker Bull to get the heart.|
T Hearts-is-Hearts|RANK|2|QID|24620|M|42.63,70.23|N|To Calder Gray.|
A Smarts-is-Smarts|RANK|2|QID|24621|PRE|24620|M|42.63,70.23|N|From Calder Gray.|
C Smarts-is-Smarts|RANK|2|QID|24621|M|46.53,68.81|N|Kill and loot a Triumph Captain.|
T Smarts-is-Smarts|RANK|2|QID|24621|M|42.62,70.25|N|To Calder Gray. Brraaaaaaiiinnnnss…|
T Firestone Point|QID|24667|M|45.14,85.32|N|To Tauna Skychaser.|

A The Disturbed Earth|RANK|2|QID|24824|M|45.14,85.32|N|From Tauna Skychaser.|
A Concern for Mankrik|QID|24604|LEAD|24603|M|45.15,85.41|N|From Mahka.|
A Feeling Thorny|QID|26908|M|45.15,85.41|N|From Mahka. Take this quest if you’d like to do the instance Razorfen Kraul|
T Concern for Mankrik|QID|24604|M|44.58,87.90|N|To Mankrik.|
A Don’t Stop Bereavin’|QID|24603|M|44.47,88.06|N|From Mankrik.|
C Don’t Stop Bereavin’|QID|24603|M|40.73,80.85|N|Kill Razormane Seers, Warfrenzys and Pathfinders.|S|
l Carved Boar Idol|QID|24606|M|40.73,80.85|N|Loot Razormane Seers, Warfrenzys and Pathfinders. until you get this.|L|49932|
A Blood of the Barrens|QID|24606|M|40.73,80.85|N|From the Carved Boar Idol.|U|49932|
C Blood of the Barrens|QID|24606|M|40.73,80.85|N|Collect Blood Shard Trinket from Razormane Seers, Warfrenzys and Pathfinders.|
C Don’t Stop Bereavin’|QID|24603|M|40.73,80.85|N|Kill Razormane Seers, Warfrenzys and Pathfinders.|US|
T Don’t Stop Bereavin’|QID|24603|M|44.46,88.03|N|To Mankrik.|
A Mangletooth|QID|24608|PRE|24603|M|44.46,88.03|N|From Mankrik.|
T Blood of the Barrens|QID|24606|M|45.15,85.41|N|To Mahka.|
A Echoes of Agamaggan|QID|24653|PRE|24606|M|45.15,85.41|N|From Mahka.|
C Echoes of Agamaggan|QID|24653|M|41.46,84.06|S|N|Loot Polished Boar Skulls from the ground.|
C Mangletooth|QID|24608|M|37.96,81.81|N|Kill Mangletooth.|
C Echoes of Agamaggan|QID|24653|M|41.46,84.06|US|N|Loot Polished Boar Skulls from the ground.|
T Mangletooth|QID|24608|M|44.49,88.02|N|To Mankrik.|
T Echoes of Agamaggan|QID|24653|M|45.15,85.41|N|To Mahka.|
A Mahka’s Plea|QID|24633|PRE|24653|M|45.15,85.41|N|From Mahka.|
T Mahka’s Plea|QID|24633|M|44.49,88.02|N|To Mankrik.|
C The Disturbed Earth|RANK|2|QID|24824|M|48.22,81.11|N|Kill elementals and loot them.|
T The Disturbed Earth|RANK|2|QID|24824|M|45.06,85.36|N|To Tauna Skychaser.|
T Tauren Vengeance|QID|24632|M|49.15,82.34|N|To Gann Stonespire.|
A A Weezil in the Henhouse|QID|24684|PRE|24632|M|49.19,82.36|N|From Gann Stonespire.|
C A Weezil in the Henhouse|QID|24684|M|50.74,86.78|N|Kill dwarves on your way in.|
T A Weezil in the Henhouse|QID|24684|M|50.74,86.78|N|To Weezil Slipshadow.|

A Dwarf Fortress|QID|24685|PRE|24684|M|50.74,86.78|N|From Weezil Slipshadow.|
C Dwarf Fortress|QID|24685|NC|M|50.14,86.73|N|The Schematics are next to the fireplace behind Haggis Boatmurder.|
T Dwarf Fortress|QID|24685|M|50.73,86.83|N|To Weezil Slipshadow.|
A Sabotage!|QID|24747|PRE|24685|M|50.73,86.83|N|From Weezil Slipshadow.|
C Sabotage!|QID|24747|NC|M|50.68,85.98|N|Head out of the room and turn right, then right again between the tanks. Follow the arrow, you’ll find the artillery shell. Click it, run for your life, and get ready for a fun cutscene!|
T Sabotage!|QID|24747|M|50.73,86.83|N|To Gann Stonespire. Congrats on a nice, blue quest reward!|
A Next of Kin|QID|25292|PRE|24747|M|49.23,82.18|N|From Nato Raintree. Take this quest if you’d like to do Dustwallow Marsh next.|


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    Feb 4, 2018 @ 16:56 pm

    Re: Display stuck for Stonetalon Mountains (Horde)Just send me a debug log and a screen capture.Best place to post it is on Discord, if you can:–Ludo

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    Jan 31, 2018 @ 21:47 pm

    Display stuck for Stonetalon Mountains (Horde)I just started questing in Stonetalon Mountains for the first time in … well, a really long time.  I loaded the guide for the Horde, and it is stuck on the “Onwards” entry that ends Stonetalon Mountains and loads Southern Barrens.  I tried checking it off in the display, only to have Southern Barrens load (like it should).  I’ve also tried going to the current guide in settings and checking it off there, and it won’t leave a check in the box.  I’ve also loaded other guides and come back as well as started playing hoping it would reset itself (no change).  My display is set with a drag handle to show up to 11 steps, and it is only showing the one “Onwards” step.There are no errors displaying to provide for you, and the guide itself seems to be working properly except for not displaying.  The steps are advancing as I complete things (currently on 18 or 128, I think), and the arrow is pointing me to the right places.  If I can provide any more info, please let me know.  Thanks!

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    Jan 16, 2011 @ 8:04 am

    When working on Don’t StopWhen working on Don’t Stop Bereavin’ (QID 24603), the Quilboars drop a Carved Boar Idol which starts the quest Blood of the Barrens (QID 24606). It should be accepted as soon as the idol drops, as killing Quilboars also gets you the Blood Shard Trinkets needed for the quest. Unsure of if this should be added in. I believe it used to be the start of a chain that led to Razorfen Kraul that is no longer necessary with dungeon quests moving inside the instances now.

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    Jan 15, 2011 @ 3:32 am

    Added in missing turn in stepAdded in missing turn in step for A Curious Bloom. You were directed to pick it up and complete it, but never turn it in.

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    Dec 12, 2010 @ 21:51 pm

    Make sure you have the mostMake sure you have the most recently updated version of TomTom – this shouldn’t be happening in this zone.

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    Dec 12, 2010 @ 18:17 pm

    The Arrow just point at yourThe Arrow just points at your character and not at the location in the world. thx for an awsome addon

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