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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘WkjSton2530’, “Leveling”, ‘Stonetalon Mountains’, ‘WKjezz’, ‘Alliance’)
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,24,27, 25.2466)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘WkjDes3035′)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

R Stardust Spire |QID|13979|N|You start off Stonetalon Mountains from Stardust Spire, Ashenvale. This is south of Astranaar.\n\nThere is a breadcrumb Hero’s Call from The Exodar and Darnassus, otherwise this guide comes off the Ashenvale guide (there are four quests overlap that should be picked up by the guide).\n\nYou will be performing a few quests in Astranaar before heading to Stonetalon Mountains, this is the only way to get a lot of the Stonetalon Quests.|M|35.25,71.50|Z|Ashenvale|

A The Goblin Braintrust|QID|13979|M|35.07,71.55|N|From Huntress Jalin.|S|Z|Ashenvale|
A They Took Our Gnomes|QID|13913|M|35.13,71.69|N|From Huntress Jalin.|S|Z|Ashenvale|
T Hero’s Call: Stonetalon Mountains! |QID|28539|N|To Huntress Jalin|M|35.08,71.56|Z|Ashenvale|
A The Goblin Braintrust|QID|13979|M|35.07,71.55|N|From Huntress Jalin.|US|Z|Ashenvale|
A They Took Our Gnomes|QID|13913|M|35.13,71.69|N|From Huntress Jalin.|US|Z|Ashenvale|

A Ze Gnomecorder|QID|25607|M|35.28,71.30|N|From Professor Xakxak Gyromate.|Z|Ashenvale|

C They Took Our Gnomes|QID|13913|M|43,63.6;44.8,65.3;47.0,65.7|CS|N|Head to The Skunkworks, then look for the (badly driven) caravan (it only runs along the road). Kill the driver Painmaster Thundrak.|Z|Ashenvale|

C Ze Gnomecorder|QID|25607|S|M|47.15,65.01|N|Kill and loot Goblin Technicians, to get the Filthy Goblin Technology.|Z|Ashenvale|
C The Goblin Braintrust|QID|13979|M|46.18,61.58|N|Kill and loot Chief Bombgineer Sploder.|Z|Ashenvale|
A They Set Them Up The Bomb! |QID|13981|M|46.3,61.3|N|From The Bomb|Z|Ashenvale|
C Ze Gnomecorder|QID|25607|US|M|46.46,61.31|N|Finish killing and loot Goblin Technicians, to get the Filthy Goblin Technology.|Z|Ashenvale|

T Ze Gnomecorder|QID|25607|M|35.36,71.17|N|To Professor Xakxak Gyromate.|Z|Ashenvale|

T The Goblin Braintrust|QID|13979|M|35.18,71.57|N|To Huntress Jalin.|Z|Ashenvale|S|
T They Took Our Gnomes|QID|13913|M|35.18,71.57|N|To Huntress Jalin.|Z|Ashenvale|S|
T They Set Them Up The Bomb! |QID|13981|M|35.18,71.57|N|To Huntress Jalin.|Z|Ashenvale|
T They Took Our Gnomes|QID|13913|M|35.18,71.57|N|To Huntress Jalin.|Z|Ashenvale|US|
T The Goblin Braintrust|QID|13979|M|35.18,71.57|N|To Huntress Jalin.|Z|Ashenvale|US|

A Do Yourself a Favor|QID|25613|PRE|13913&25607&13979|M|35.25,71.25|N|From Gnombus the X-Terminator|Z|Ashenvale|
T Do Yourself a Favor|QID|25613|M|71.87,39.04;71.80,45.67|CS|N|To Kalen Trueshot.|

A The Only Way Down is in a Body Bag|QID|25614|PRE|25613|M|71.80,45.67|N|From Kalen Trueshot.|
C The Only Way Down is in a Body Bag|QID|25614|M|71.84,45.83|N|Shoot the windriders with the cannon using option 1, then take out the parachute too.|
T The Only Way Down is in a Body Bag|QID|25614|M|71.84,45.77|N|To Kalen Trueshot.|
A Return to Stardust|QID|25615|PRE|25614|M|71.82,45.66|N|From Kalen Trueshot.|
T Return to Stardust|QID|25615|M|35.12,71.63|Z|Ashenvale|N|To Huntress Jalin.|

A Hellscream’s Legacy|QID|25616|PRE|25615|M|35.12,71.63|Z|Ashenvale|N|From Huntress Jalin.|
A Field Test: Gnomecorder|QID|25621|PRE|25615|M|35.35,71.22|Z|Ashenvale|N|From Professor Xakxak Gyromate.|
C Field Test: Gnomecorder|QID|25621|NC|M|73.35,40.65;73.10,46.74|CS|N|Head next to the drill machine.|
T Field Test: Gnomecorder|QID|25621|M|73.12,46.96|N|(UI Alert)|
A Burn, Baby, Burn!|QID|25622|PRE|25621|M|73.12,46.96|N|(UI Alert)|

K Krom’gar Incinerator |QID|25622|L|55152|N|Kill Krom’gar Incinerators until they drop a Warsong Flame Thrower. Although they are elite, targetting and destroying the Oil Canister on their backs will instantly kill them.|

C Burn, Baby, Burn!|QID|25622|U|55152|M|73.27,51.31|N|Target Warsong Stockpiles and use your flame thrower near them.|NC|S|
C Hellscream’s Legacy|QID|25616|M|73.10,49.77|N|Kill Krom’gar Incinerators. Target the Oil Canister on their backs to kill them easily.|
C Burn, Baby, Burn!|QID|25622|U|55152|M|73.10,49.77|N|Target Warsong Stockpiles and use your flame thrower near them.|NC|US|
T Burn, Baby, Burn!|QID|25622|M|73.10,49.77|N|(UI Alert)|

A Bombs Away: Windshear Mine!|QID|25640|PRE|25622|M|73.10,49.77|N|(UI Alert)|
T Hellscream’s Legacy|QID|25616|M|72.53,61.40|N|To Sentinel Heliana.|
T Bombs Away: Windshear Mine!|QID|25640|M|72.53,61.40|N|To Boog the “Gear Whisperer”.|
A Don’t Look Them in the Eyes|QID|25642|PRE|25640|M|72.53,61.40|N|From Boog the “Gear Whisperer”.|
A Windshear Mine Cleanup|QID|25646|PRE|25640|M|72.53,61.40|N|From Sentinel Heliana.|

C Don’t Look Them in the Eyes|QID|25642|M|71.54,62.60|N|Kill Peons that are carrying ore, then loot the ore off the ground.|S|
K Windshear Overseer |QID|25647|N|Kill Windshear Overseers until they drop the Illegible Orc Letter.|L|55181|

C Windshear Mine Cleanup|QID|25646|S|N|Continue to kill Windshear Overseers.|
A Illegible Orc Letter |QID|25647|PRE|25640|N|Start the quest Illegible Orc Letter from the item you looted from the Windshear Overseer.|U|55181|
T Illegible Orc Letter |QID|25647|M|72.53,61.40|N|To Boog the “Gear Whisperer”.|
A Minx’ll Fix It|QID|25649|PRE|25647|M|72.60,61.57|N|From Boog the “Gear Whisperer”.|
T Minx’ll Fix It|QID|25649|N|To Minx.|M|72.21,61.52;72.00,62.73;71.26,62.77;70.80,62.96|CS|
A Orders from High Command|QID|25650|PRE|25649|M|70.80,62.96|N|From Minx.|

C Windshear Mine Cleanup|QID|25646|US|M|71.23,62.79|N|Finish killing Overseers.|
C Don’t Look Them in the Eyes|QID|25642|US|M|71.24,61.79|N|Finish getting ore.|

T Windshear Mine Cleanup|QID|25646|M|72.49,61.49|N|To Sentinel Heliana.|

T Don’t Look Them in the Eyes|QID|25642|M|72.49,61.49|N|To Boog the “Gear Whisperer”.|S|
T Orders from High Command|QID|25650|M|72.49,61.49|N|To Boog the “Gear Whisperer”.|
T Don’t Look Them in the Eyes|QID|25642|M|72.49,61.49|N|To Boog the “Gear Whisperer”.|US|

A Commandeer That Balloon!|QID|25652|PRE|25650|M|72.49,61.46|N|From Boog the “Gear Whisperer”.|
C Commandeer That Balloon!|QID|25652|M|73.26,61.10|N|Click on the ladder of the balloon, then protect yourself from ambushing goblins.|
T Commandeer That Balloon!|QID|25652|M|59.54,56.92|N|To Lord Fallowmere.|
A Free Our Sisters|QID|25662|PRE|25652|M|59.54,56.92|N|From Lord Fallowmere.|
A Thinning the Horde |QID|25671|M|59.54,56.92|N|Daily Quest available from Lord Fallowmere, won’t be available to you if your reputation with Darnassus is exalted, or apparently at certain times of the day. Right click this quest if it’s not available to you.|RANK|2|

h Fallowmere Inn |QID|25729|M|59.0,56.4|N|From Alithina Fallowmere.|
r Repair/Sell Junk|QID|25729|M|58.82,56.00|N|From Ol’Irongoat, just outside the inn.|

A Just Ask Alice|QID|25673|PRE|25652|M|58.53,55.25|N|From Alice.|

f Windshear Hold|QID|25729|M|58.80,54.30|N|At Allana Swiftglide.|

C Just Ask Alice – Fire|QID|25673|L|55221|M|63.09,56.70|N|Loot the Mechanised Fire at the top of the large shredder.|QO|2|NC|; Mechanized Fire: 1/1
C Free Our Sisters|QID|25662|S|M|65.92,54.00|N|Kill the orcs for their keys and free the trapped Sisters.|
A BEWARE OF CRAGJAW!|QID|25730|M|64.96,49.52|N|This is a Group quest from the STAY OUT! sign.\n\nThis is a little tough for a non-heal class to solo – get a group if you can, give it a try, or otherwise skip this quest.|RANK|3|C|DeathKnight,Mage,Rogue,Warrior|
A BEWARE OF CRAGJAW!|QID|25730|M|64.96,49.52|N|This is a Group quest from the STAY OUT! sign.\n\nAlthough this is a group quest, it should be soloable for you. Skip if you don’t want to try.|RANK|3|C|Hunter,Paladin,Shaman,Druid,Priest,Warlock|

C BEWARE OF CRAGJAW!|QID|25730|M|65.68,46.90|N|Found in Cragpool Lake to the north of the sign – he has 3,200 HP. Once killed, loot the Huge Tooth.|RANK|3|O|

C Just Ask Alice – Ice|QID|25673|L|55222|M|66.18,50.04|N|Loot the Mechanized Ice at the top of the rig.|QO|3|NC|; Mechanized Ice: 1/1
A Gerenzo the Traitor|QID|25729|PRE|25652|M|69.2,48.1;69.5,46.4;68.3,45.4;64.64,43.77|N|(UI Alert)Head to the BD-816 War Apparatus (north of Cragpool Lake, follow the waypoints to get there).|CS|
C Gerenzo the Traitor|QID|25729|M|63.10,45.84|N|Kill Gerenzo.|
T Gerenzo the Traitor|QID|25729|M|63.10,45.84|N|(UI Alert)|

C Just Ask Alice – BD-816 War Apparatus|QID|25673|L|55227|M|63.05,45.67|N|Just behind Gerenzo. Once collected, feel free to jump to the south into the water to get back to Windshear Crag.|QO|1|NC|; BD-816 War Apparatus: 1/1
C Free Our Sisters|QID|25662|US|M|64.91,52.13|N|Finish freeing the trapped Sisters.|
T Free Our Sisters|QID|25662|M|66.21,54.57|N|To Huntress Illiona.|
A Rumble in the Lumber… Mill|QID|25669|PRE|25662|M|66.21,54.57|N|From Huntress Illiona.|
K Warlord Roktrog|QID|25669|M|66.2,54.6|N|Warlord Roktrog will spawn behind you. Kill him, then loot Huntress Illiona’s Cage Key.|L|55213|
C Rumble in the Lumber… Mill|QID|25669|M|66.21,54.57|N|Use the key on the cage to free Huntress Illiona.|NC|
C Just Ask Alice – Air|QID|25673|M|59.95,64.02|N|Loot the Mechanized Air from inside the hut.|QO|2|NC|; Mechanized Air: 1/1
C Just Ask Alice |QID|25673|M|59.95,64.02;66.18,50.04;63.09,56.70|CN|N|Loot the Mechanized Air, Ice and Fire.|NC|
T Rumble in the Lumber… Mill|QID|25669|M|59.56,56.88|N|To Lord Fallowmere.|

A If the Horde Don’t Get You…|QID|25739|PRE|25669|M|59.49,56.95|N|From Northwatch Captain Kosak.|
A Preparations for the Future|QID|25741|PRE|25669|M|59.05,56.37|N|From Alithia Fallowmere.|
T BEWARE OF CRAGJAW!|QID|25730|M|58.83,56.01|N|To Ol’ Irongoat.|O|
T Just Ask Alice|QID|25673|M|58.52,55.28|N|To Alice.|

A Mr. P’s Wild Ride|QID|25728|PRE|25673|M|58.38,55.17|N|From Alice.|

C Thinning the Horde |QID|25671|O|N|Kill any 20 Krom’gar and Goblin in Stonetalon Mountains.|S|
C Mr. P’s Wild Ride|QID|25728|M|61.12,55.71|N|Use the abilities to kill what you need for this quest.|
C Thinning the Horde |QID|25671|O|N|You really shouldn’t see this after completing Mr. P’s Wild Ride.|US|

T Thinning the Horde |QID|25671|O|N|To Lord Fallowmere.|
T Mr. P’s Wild Ride|QID|25728|M|59.57,56.90|N|To Lord Fallowmere.|

A Capturing Memories|QID|25767|PRE|25669|M|58.73,55.98|N|From Neophyte Starcrest.|
A Arcane Legacy|QID|25766|PRE|25669|M|58.73,55.91|N|From Arcanist Valdurian.|

C Capturing Memories|QID|25767|S|M|48.41,74.55|N|Loot Eldre’thar Relics off the ground.|
C Arcane Legacy|QID|25766|U|55972|M|46.77,74.35|N|Use the Highborne Prison on any Highborne. If an Enraged Highborne Spirit spawns kill it.|
C Capturing Memories|QID|25767|US|M|49.06,77.99|N|Finish looting relices.|
C Preparations for the Future|QID|25741|S|M|58.32,70.83|N|Kill and loot Deepmoss Creepers and Venomspitters to get the Venom Sacs.|
C If the Horde Don’t Get You…|QID|25739|M|58.40,70.89|N|Kill Queen Silith. She wanders around.|T|Queen Silith|
C Preparations for the Future|QID|25741|US|M|58.41,70.86|N|Finish gathering Venom Sacs.|
T Arcane Legacy|QID|25766|M|58.69,55.90|N|To Arcanist Valdurian.|
T Capturing Memories|QID|25767|M|58.69,55.90|N|To Neophyte Starcrest.|

A Fallowmere Beckons|QID|25769|PRE|25766&25767|M|58.69,55.90|N|From Arcanist Valdurian.|
T Preparations for the Future|QID|25741|M|59.02,56.40|N|To Alithia Fallowmere.|
T If the Horde Don’t Get You…|QID|25739|M|59.47,57.03|N|To Northwatch Captain Kosak.|
A Tell ‘Em Koko Sent You|QID|25765|PRE|25739|M|59.50,56.94|N|From Northwatch Captain Kosak.|
T Fallowmere Beckons|QID|25769|M|59.55,56.90|N|To Lord Fallowmere.|
A Bombs Away: Mirkfallon Post!|QID|25768|PRE|25769|M|59.55,56.90|N|From Lord Fallowmere.|

R Northwatch Expedition Base Camp|QID|25765|M|60.60,70.84|N|Head to the waypoint, you should see a horse called Blue Steel. When you do, mount him for a free ride.|
T Tell ‘Em Koko Sent You|QID|25765|M|71.07,79.70|N|To Force Commander Valen.|
A The Deep Reaches|QID|25793|PRE|25765|M|71.07,79.70|N|From Force Commander Valen.|

f Northwatch Expedition Base Camp|QID|25793|M|70.90,80.57|N|At Kaluna Songflight.|

T The Deep Reaches|QID|25793|M|72.05,75.94|N|To Steeltoe McGee.|
A Shuttin Her Down|QID|25811|PRE|25793|M|72.05,75.94|N|From Steeltoe McGee.|
A Leave No Man Behind!|QID|25809|PRE|25793|M|72.05,75.95|N|From Corporal Wocard.|
A They Put the Assass in… Never Mind|QID|25806|PRE|25793|M|72.06,76.01|N|From Lieutenant Paulson.|
C They Put the Assass in… Never Mind|QID|25806|S|U|56014|N|Use your goggles to see the mobs. Kill Krom’gar Assassins.|
C Leave No Man Behind!|QID|25809|S|M|70.66,72.54|N|Talk to the Frightened Miners to rescue them.|
U Plant Explosives at First Beam|QID|25811|U|56018|QO|1|M|70.64,76.04|N|First Beam is here.|; Plant Explosives at First Beam: 1/1
U Plant Explosives at Second Beam|QID|25811|U|56018|QO|3|M|69.67,75.24|N|Second Beam is here.|; Plant Explosives at Second Beam: 1/1
U Plant Explosives at Third Beam |QID|25811|U|56018|QO|1|M|68.72,71.30|N|Third Beam is here (on the ground, level, not the track).|; Plant Explosives at Third Beam: 1/1
C Shuttin Her Down|QID|25811|U|56018|M|68.47,72.56|N|Plant the explosives at the Fourth Beam.|
C They Put the Assass in… Never Mind|QID|25806|US|U|56014|M|69.47,72.23|N|Finish killing Krom’gar Assassins.|
T They Put the Assass in… Never Mind|QID|25806|M|69.47,72.23|N|(UI Alert)|

A Is This Thing On?|QID|25808|PRE|25806|M|69.47,72.23|N|(UI Alert)|
C Is This Thing On?|QID|25808|U|56014|M|70.04,72.90|N|Kill Master Assassin Kel’istra.|
C Leave No Man Behind!|QID|25809|US|M|68.75,72.72|N|Finish rescueing Miners.|
T Leave No Man Behind!|QID|25809|M|72.05,75.96|N|To Corporal Wocard.|
T Is This Thing On?|QID|25808|M|72.05,75.96|N|To Lieutenant Paulson.|
T Shuttin Her Down|QID|25811|M|72.05,75.96|N|To Steeltoe McGee.|
A A Special Kind of Job|QID|25821|PRE|25808&25809&25811|M|72.11,76.01|N|From Lieutenant Paulson.|
T A Special Kind of Job|QID|25821|M|71.07,79.67|N|To Force Commander Valen.|

A Death by Proxy|QID|25834|PRE|25821|M|71.06,79.70|N|From Force Commander Valen.|
T Death by Proxy|QID|25834|M|70.92,79.74|N|To “Cookie” McWeaksauce.|
A A Proper Peace Offerin’|QID|25837|PRE|25834|M|70.92,79.74|N|From “Cookie” McWeaksauce.|
C A Proper Peace Offerin’|QID|25837|S|M|60.13,87.08|N|Kill rams and loot nests as you go.|
R Boulderslide Cavern|QID|25837|M|64.87,89.43;63.44,90.07;62.49,89.65|CS|N|Follow the waypoints to get to Boulderslide Cavern.|
l Boulderslide Cheese|QID|25837|L|56042 10|M|60.13,87.08|N|Kill and loot Kobolds to get the needed cheese.|
C A Proper Peace Offerin’|QID|25837|US|M|63,80|N|Finish gathering Ram Haunches and Eagle Eggs.|
T A Proper Peace Offerin’|QID|25837|M|70.91,79.77|N|To “Cookie” McWeaksauce.|

A Sating the Savage Beast|QID|25844|PRE|25837|M|70.91,79.77|N|From “Cookie” McWeaksauce.|
r Repair and Sell time|QID|25844|CC|M|71.38,79.55|N|From the Chief Explorer|
T Sating the Savage Beast|QID|25844|M|72.77,81.08|N|To Ton Windbow.|
A Terms of Service|QID|25845|PRE|25844|M|72.77,81.08|N|From Ton Windbow.|
T Terms of Service|QID|25845|M|71.03,79.73|N|To Force Commander Valen.|
A Armaments for War|QID|25822|PRE|25845|M|71.03,79.73|N|From Force Commander Valen.|
A The Unrelenting Horde|QID|25823|PRE|25845|M|71.02,79.75|N|From Force Commander Valen.|
C The Unrelenting Horde|QID|25823|S|M|76.43,76.17|N|Kill 12 Horde mobs.|
C Armaments for War|QID|25822|M|77.60,78.94|N|Loot Alliance Weapon Crates.|
C The Unrelenting Horde|QID|25823|US|M|77.21,75.02|N|Finish killing Horde mobs.|
T Armaments for War|QID|25822|M|71.02,79.75|N|To Force Commander Valen.|
A Grundig Darkcloud, Chieftain of the Grimtotem|QID|25846|PRE|25822|M|71.18,79.74|N|From Force Commander Valen.|
T The Unrelenting Horde|QID|25823|M|71.01,79.74|N|To Force Commander Valen.|

T Grundig Darkcloud, Chieftain of the Grimtotem|QID|25846|M|72.19,83.80|N|To Grundig Darkcloud.|
A Grimtotem Supremacy|QID|25847|PRE|25846|M|72.19,83.80|N|From Grundig Darkcloud.|
C Grimtotem Supremacy|QID|25847|U|56069|M|72.87,83.80|N|Target a Grimtotem, then use the crate to arm them.|
T Grimtotem Supremacy|QID|25847|M|72.27,83.87|N|To Grundig Darkcloud.|
A Downfall|QID|25848|PRE|25847|M|72.21,83.95|N|From Grundig Darkcloud.|
C Downfall|QID|25848|M|74.35,87.62|N|You will have to kill four generals, (one spawns when the current one dies) then loot the chest that drops.|
T Downfall|QID|25848|M|72.28,83.75|N|To Grundig Darkcloud.|
A Dances with Grimtotem|QID|25851|PRE|25848|M|72.28,83.75|N|From Grundig Darkcloud.|
T Dances with Grimtotem|QID|25851|M|71.08,79.73|N|To Force Commander Valen.|

A All’s Clear|QID|25852|PRE|25851|M|71.08,79.73|N|From Force Commander Valen. If you do not plan on doing Southern Barrens, Abandon this quest. If you are seeking Stonetalon’s Quest achievement, Keep this quest.|

F Windshear Hold|QID|25768|N|Fly to Windshear Hold.|M|70.92,80.58|
f Mirkfallon Post|QID|25768|M|48.61,51.54|N|At Fiora Moonsoar.|

T Bombs Away: Mirkfallon Post!|QID|25768|M|48.36,51.85|N|To Scout Commander Barus.|
A Gnome on the Inside|QID|25875|PRE|25768|M|48.36,51.85|N|From Scout Commander Barus.|
A The Lumbering Oaf Problem|QID|25879|PRE|25768|M|48.45,51.92|N|From Scout Mistress Yvonia.|
A Schemin’ That Sabotage|QID|25878|PRE|25768|M|48.45,51.92|N|From Scout Mistress Yvonia.|
C The Lumbering Oaf Problem|QID|25879|S|M|51.05,44.42|N|Kill 10 Lumbering Oafs.|
C Schemin’ That Sabotage|QID|25878|U|56140|M|50.36,43.86|N|Kill the goblins by the Iron Horses (Oil Pumps) and use the Controllers they drop on the pumps.|
T Gnome on the Inside|QID|25875|M|53.67,42.34|N|To “Goblin” Pump Controller.|

A It’s Up There!|QID|25876|PRE|25875|M|53.67,42.34|N|From “Goblin” Pump Controller.|
C It’s Up There!|QID|25876|M|51.01,44.57|N|At the hut on the top of the oil rig.|
T It’s Up There!|QID|25876|M|53.68,42.35|N|To “Goblin” Pump Controller.|
A No Time for Goodbyes!|QID|25877|PRE|25876|M|53.68,42.35|N|From “Goblin” Pump Controller.|
C The Lumbering Oaf Problem|QID|25879|US|M|52.38,42.26|N|Finish killing Lumbering Oafs.|
T The Lumbering Oaf Problem|QID|25879|M|48.45,51.91|N|To Scout Mistress Yvonia.|
T Schemin’ That Sabotage|QID|25878|M|48.45,51.91|N|To Scout Mistress Yvonia.|
T No Time for Goodbyes!|QID|25877|M|48.41,51.89|N|To Scout Commander Barus.|
A Warn Master Thal’darah|QID|25880|PRE|25877|M|48.34,51.77|N|From Scout Commander Barus.|

f Thal’darah Overlook|QID|25880|N|Get this flight path.|

T Warn Master Thal’darah|QID|25880|M|39.96,33.53|N|To Master Thal’darah.|
A Save the Children!|QID|25889|PRE|25880|M|39.95,33.50|N|From Master Thal’darah.|
C Save the Children!|QID|25889|U|56168|M|40.09,32.03;39.76,45.06|CN|N|Use your whistle to begin. If you have done the quest in Dragonblight on a main you will know what to do. Fly south, land near a feared druid. Press 1. Fly back to the Overlook to the flight point, press 2. Repeat 5 times.|
T Save the Children!|QID|25889|M|39.95,33.57|N|To Master Thal’darah.|
A Last Ditch Effort|QID|25891|PRE|25889|M|40.05,33.66|N|From Master Thal’darah.|
C Last Ditch Effort|QID|25891|NC|M|39.83,43.59|N|Nothing to do but watch the scene.|
T Last Ditch Effort|QID|25891|M|39.93,33.51|N|To Master Thal’darah.|
A Thal’darah’s Vengeance|QID|25925|PRE|25891|M|39.93,33.51|N|From Master Thal’darah.|
C Thal’darah’s Vengeance|QID|25925|M|42.10,36.38|N|Grab you a Glaive Thrower and unleash havoc.|

A Seen Better Days|QID|25912|PRE|25891|M|39.61,30.69|N|From Elder Sareth’na.|
A Putting Them to Rest|QID|25913|PRE|25891|M|39.61,30.69|N|From Sentinel Mistress Geleneth.|
A Back to the Depths!|QID|25914|PRE|25891|M|39.60,30.64|N|From Sentinel Mistress Geleneth.|
C Back to the Depths!|QID|25914|S|M|40.66,23.22|N|Kill Invading Tendrils and Crushers.|
C Putting Them to Rest|QID|25913|S|M|42.53,20.17|N|Kill and loot Corrupted Sentinels.|
K Harbginer Aph’lass|QID|25914|QO|1|N|Kill Harbinger Aph’lass.|M|41.42,22.86|; Harbinger Aph’lass slain: 1/1
C Seen Better Days|QID|25912|M|40.73,17.28|N|Loot Elder Sareth’na’s Sketch Book at the top of the building.|
C Putting Them to Rest|QID|25913|US|M|40.18,19.49|N|Finish getting Santinel’s Glaives.|
C Back to the Depths!|QID|25914|US|M|41.45,22.54|N|Finish kill the Invading Tenticles.|
T Putting Them to Rest|QID|25913|M|39.62,30.72|N|To Sentinel Mistress Geleneth.|
T Back to the Depths!|QID|25914|M|39.62,30.72|N|To Sentinel Mistress Geleneth.|
T Seen Better Days|QID|25912|M|39.62,30.72|N|To Elder Sareth’na.|
A Help for Desolace|QID|25938|LEAD|14384|M|33.11,59.64|N|From Hierophant Malyk. (If you do not plan to run Desolace abandon this quest and skip this step.)|
T Thal’darah’s Vengeance|QID|25925|M|33.11,59.64|N|To Hierophant Malyk.|
A Ascending the Vale|QID|25930|PRE|25925|M|33.12,59.69|N|From Hierophant Malyk.|
A World First: Gnomegen|QID|25934|PRE|25925|M|33.03,59.58|N|From Salsbury the “Help”.|
A Hungry Pups|QID|25935|PRE|25925|M|32.25,60.12|N|From Houndmaster Jonathan.|

f Farwatcher’s Glen|QID|25935|M|31.95,61.79|N|At Ceyora.|
h Farwatcher’s Glen|QID|25935|M|31.50,60.62|N|At Innkeeper Bernice.|

R Carefull shimmy down the mountain.|QID|25934|CC|M|31.01,62.13;30.23,63.15;30.06,64.98|
C World First: Gnomegen|QID|25934|S|M|27.39,70.10|N|Kill every Fire elemental you see. You may need to kill quite a number of them to get the Heart to drop.|
C Hungry Pups|QID|25935|S|M|30.65,72.39|N|Kill and loot Black Dragon Whelps.|
C Ascending the Vale|QID|25930|NC|U|56221|M|29.25,71.07|N|Use your boots as needed.|
T Ascending the Vale|QID|25930|M|29.50,71.50|N|(UI Alert)|
A Brood of Seldarria|QID|25931|PRE|25930|M|29.50,71.50|N|(UI Alert)|
C Brood of Seldarria|QID|25931|S|U|56221|M|29.71,73.17|N|Destroy 5 of Seldarria’s Eggs.|
C Hungry Pups|QID|25935|US|M|31.64,69.62|N|Finish getting the filets needed.|
C Brood of Seldarria|QID|25931|US|U|56221|M|30.32,70.86|N|Destroy 5 of Seldarria’s Eggs.|
C World First: Gnomegen|QID|25934|US|M|30.08,67.82|N|Keep killing Fire elementals until a Blazing Heart of Fire drops.|

H Farwatcher’s Glen|QID|25934|N|Hearth back to Farwatcher’s Glen, or run back if your hearth is down.|U|6948|

T World First: Gnomegen|QID|25934|M|33.05,59.62|N|To Salsbury the “Help”.|
T Brood of Seldarria|QID|25931|M|33.05,59.62|N|To Hierophant Malyk.|
T Hungry Pups|QID|25935|M|32.47,61.22|N|To Houndmaster Jonathan.|

N The End|N|This is the end of Stonetalon Mountains. This guide leads into Desolace which I recommend over Southern Barrens. Close this step to load the next guide. If you wish to go to Southern Barrens, please load the guide manually.|


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    May 23, 2011 @ 5:42 am

    Stonetalon Mountains (Alliance)Rearranged a few steps for better flow, removed the static |QID|99999| that was in certain steps, added notes and some cords. Changed the next guide ID to the GID of Desolace, since in the guide it states that it go there.  Condensed the code a bit.

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    Jan 1, 2011 @ 9:42 am

    Minx will fix itIs this quest bugged?  I’m standing exactly on the coordinates and no Minx?  What’s a Worgen to do? Happy New Year and thanks for the awesome guide!

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