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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘EstAchUnVa’,”Achievements”,’Northrend’, ‘Estelyen’ ,’Neutral’)
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,75, 81, 80)
WoWPro.Achievements:GuideMisc(guide, “Unborn Val’kyr”, “Pets”, “Northrend”)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()

N Unborn Val’kyr|N|This pet has only 3 possible spawn points per zone, spread out across Northrend. This guide will lead you to all of them in a reasonable order. Even at the Spawn Points, the pet spawns quite rarely, so you’ll probably have to do this guide several time before finding one|
R Crystalsong Forest 1|Z|Crystalsong Forest|M|17.60,57.00|CC|T|Unborn|
R Crystalsong Forest 2|N|Storm Peaks coming up, Crystalsong Forest 3 will be done at the very end to lead us back to Dalaran|Z|Crystalsong Forest|M|43.60,44.00|CC|T|Unborn|
R The Storm Peaks 1|Z|The Storm Peaks|M|41.80,78.80|CC|T|Unborn|
R The Storm Peaks 2|Z|The Storm Peaks|M|65.20,41.80|CC|T|Unborn|
R The Storm Peaks 3|Z|The Storm Peaks|M|29.00,51.40|CC|T|Unborn|
R Icecrown 1|Z|Icecrown|M|73.60,64.80|CC|T|Unborn|
R Icecrown 2|Z|Icecrown|M|48.20,87.00|CC|T|Unborn|
R Icecrown 3|Z|Icecrown|M|44.20,33.60|CC|T|Unborn|
R Sholazar Basin 1|Z|Sholazar Basin|M|58.40,22.20|CC|T|Unborn|
R Sholazar Basin 2|Z|Sholazar Basin|M|36.80,19.40|CC|T|Unborn|
R Sholazar Basin 3|Z|Sholazar Basin|M|44.40,69.20|CC|T|Unborn|
R Borean Tundra 1|Z|Borean Tundra|M|47.60,7.80|CC|T|Unborn|
R Borean Tundra 2|Z|Borean Tundra|M|32.70,60.10|CC|T|Unborn|
R Borean Tundra 3|Z|Borean Tundra|M|80.80,48.20|CC|T|Unborn|
R Dragonblight 1|Z|Dragonblight|M|26.80,54.00|CC|T|Unborn|
R Dragonblight 2|Z|Dragonblight|M|65.40,35.60|CC|T|Unborn|
R Dragonblight 3|Z|Dragonblight|M|82.20,65.80|CC|T|Unborn|
R Grizzly Hills 1|N|We’ll do a detour to Howling Fjord before doing Grizzly Hills 2 & 3 on our way back north|Z|Grizzly Hills|M|25.80,56.80|CC|T|Unborn|
R Howling Fjord 1|Z|Howling Fjord|M|45.80,43.00|CC|T|Unborn|
R Howling Fjord 2|Z|Howling Fjord|M|68.20,67.60|CC|T|Unborn|
R Howling Fjord 3|Z|Howling Fjord|M|71.80,43.00|CC|T|Unborn|
R Grizzly Hills 2|Z|Grizzly Hills|M|79.50,51.60|CC|T|Unborn|
R Grizzly Hills 3|Z|Grizzly Hills|M|61.50,18.00|CC|T|Unborn|
R Zul’Drak 1|Z|Zul’Drak|M|75.20,23.00|CC|T|Unborn|
R Zul’Drak 2|Z|Zul’Drak|M|57.60,39.60|CC|T|Unborn|
R Zul’Drak 3|Z|Zul’Drak|M|24.50,63.90|CC|T|Unborn|
R Crystalsong Forest 3|Z|Crystalsong Forest|M|68.20,49.20|CC|T|Unborn|
N Finished|N|That was all of the spawn points. If you didn’t find a pet, try again. Good luck!|

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    Dec 27, 2014 @ 1:19 am

    Unborn Val’kyr and my GarrisonI am a completionist nut.Having that Garrison Menagerie with the [Pets Versus Pests] quest baiting me finally forced me to force to learn how to do it and collect all the relevant pets I needed to complete the quest and win the first random pet battle.And an “Unborn Val’kyr” was just one of the ones I needed.   Along the way, I collected 50 blues too.As a side effect, I realized there could be a different type of guide written:  an NPC triggered guide.  If you target and NPC, that activates part of the guide.    It would be useful for both pet battles and for dungeon guides.I am soooo burned out.   I am going to have a mojito!

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    Nov 27, 2013 @ 16:04 pm

    Re: For some reason, this onlyI fixed it.   You had entered the guide in the fancy HTML format instead of BBcode, so it looked right, but confused the SW.I’ll need to re-check permissions.  I have my suspicions the site restoration may have some glitches. 

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    Nov 26, 2013 @ 21:46 pm

    For some reason, this onlyFor some reason, this only came thru with the header in the 2.7.1 download.  I decided I wanted to catch another, but alas, I have to do it the old fashioned way.  I found 5 before I found a B/B one ;(.  PS for some reason I don’t have permission to edit this file, so I couldnt go in and see what is wrong.

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    Jul 30, 2013 @ 9:13 am

    Grats! she was one of my moreGrats! she was one of my more frusterating pets to find.

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    Jul 27, 2013 @ 11:17 am

    For two weeks I used thisFor two weeks I used this guide at least once every day. Yesterday, I finally got the pet 😛

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    Jul 12, 2013 @ 9:03 am

    I created this simple guideI created this simple guide as I grew annoyed that I had to open my map every time and check off the waypoints whenever I reached one of them. So I just used WoWPro to do it automatically, I’m not sure if the guide is good enough for the addon but it could help people who want the dang rare pet ;)Posted it as an achievement guide since I didn’t know where else to put it 😛

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