Storm Peaks Exploration Guide


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Source Code

WoWPro.Achievements:RegisterGuide(“KabExpSTp”,”The Storm Peaks”,”The Storm Peaks”,”Exploration”, “Northrend”, “Kaboca”, “Neutral”, function()
return [[
F Bor’s Breath|QID|912690004|M|24.0,70.0|ACH|1269;4|
F Frosthold|QID|912690015|M|29.0,74.3|ACH|1269;15|
F Sparksocket Minefield|QID|912690007|M|36.00,81.00|ACH|1269;7|
F Garm’s Bane|QID|912690014|M|43.00,82.00|ACH|1269;14|
F Brunnhildar Village|QID|912690001|M|49.00,69.00|ACH|1269;1|
F Dun Niffelem|QID|912690003|M|64.0,60.2|ACH|1269;3|
F Thunderfall|QID|912690011|M|70.00,49.00|ACH|1269;11|
F Temple of Life|QID|912690009|M|66.00,50.00|ACH|1269;9|
F Terrace of the Makers|QID|912690006|M|58.00,44.00|ACH|1269;6|
F Ulduar|QID|912690010|M|40.00,24.00|ACH|1269;10|
F Engine of the Makers|QID|912690008|M|41.00,56.00|ACH|1269;8|
F Temple of Storms|QID|912690012|M|34.00,56.00|ACH|1269;12|
F Narvir’s Cradle|QID|912690002|M|29.00,44.00|ACH|1269;2|
F Snowdrift Plains|QID|912690013|M|27.00,45.00|ACH|1269;13|
F Nidavelir|QID|912690016|M|25.00,51.00|ACH|1269;16|
F Valkyrion|QID|912690005|M|25.00,57.00|ACH|1269;5|

N Congratulations on exploring Storm Peaks

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