Stubs, Abandoned Work and Outdated Material




This is a page containing links to all guides that have once been started but never finished or that no one takes care of anymore or that simply became outdated with new expansions etc.

Some of these guides are Wiki Pages. You can edit those directly and continue the work of other people, change and improve things or you can simply use the work of that person to create something new yourself (within this site only though). Be sure to give credits to the original author if you use someone else’s work.

In the abandoned work section you’ll find guides that have once been finished but that need updating and maintaining. If you’d like to take over those guides, please send a private message to Snowflake or contact us through the [ contact form].

===Stubs & Unfinished Work===

[ Blood Elf Guide 6-12]
[ Boston’s Dun Morogh Leveling Guide in Swedish]
[ Gathering and Crafting 1-70]
[ Guide to Azuremyst]
[ Guilding Your Account]
[ Horde Questing Guide: Northern Terokkar, Level 63]
[ Jame’s Alliance leveling guide: kapittel 1 (30-41)]
[ Revolution’s Guide to Hellfire Citadel – Ramparts]
[ Subir de Nivel 30-41 (Spanish)]

===Abandoned Guides===

===Outdated Material===

[ Tier 3 Preparation Guide]
[ Zul Gurub Guide]

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