Tailoring Mats Guide 1-300 without buying the Cloth have to be 65+ tail


ok this is a guide to tell u what to solo to get alot of the mats for tailoring fast and i will start by adding if you have other ideas please tell me. A little side tip when you are running these they can be a great help to guilds if they need a run and with all the greens and blues that drop what you should do is sell them if makes you some money fast and it helps in the long run. If you want to see other gold making videos go on youtube and look me up my account name is wowdruidkin i have all the real gold making videos posted .

1-75 on tailoring is all linen so the best spot would be Deadmines solo it once and you will get to 75 almost every time.

75-150 This takes some linen and alot of wool and for this you should go to stockades it drops so much wool and linen. This is where alot of greens will drop so if you do this more then once you can make alot of gold.

150-220 Go to any Scarlet Monstary but if you go there dont turn pvp because horde sit there and kill like crazy. The fastest way to lvl would be to run graveyard and then libary and when you are doing libary make sure to get the key and after you get the key run the others.

220-270 The thing you are getting is runecloth and for this go to uldeman and that will rake it up all the things drop it so just look and you will get some .

270-300 For this you need to go to Hellfire and in Hellfire just kill the ghost footman people and they drop alot and there is you guide thank you.

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