Testing Before 7.1.0


So 7.1.0 is just around the corner. While I expect the questing content not to change much, I do expect that our coverage of the existing quest lines to continue improving as we play through the guides ourselves and expand what is being offered.

One of the interesting wrinkles we found is that some of the new quest IDs that are being used are recycled!
It looks like Blizzard internally uses an unsigned 16 bit integer to store quest ID numbers and that they reserved numbers greater than about 45,000 for some other use.

Anyways, I intend to take my top level toons through all the zones. This is my coverage pattern:

  • Cenarion Circle:
    • Alliance Oquichtia (Blood DK): Stormheim , Highmountain
    • Alliance Quezhuiaya (Vengance DH): Azuna
    • Alliance Xoxonapo (Fire Mage): Stormheim


  • Dawnbringer:
    • Horde Formalyn (Demonology Warlock): Stormheim
    • Horde Carbane (Vengance DH): Val’sharah
    • Alliance Trenbolone (Restoration Druid): Val’sharah
    • Alliance Boldenone(Guardian Druid): Azuna


  • Uldaman:
  • Alliance Riemann(Unholy DK): Highmountain
  • Horde Hechiciero (Affliction Warlock): Val’sharah
  • Horde Depredador (Vengance DH): Azuna
  • Horde Ocultà³ (Arcane Mage): Highmountain

Oquichtia and Depredador get priority.
I also want to add Legion specific profession guides.

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