The Best RPG Games Coming Out This Winter


The role-playing game (RPG) genre has always held a special place in the hearts of gamers. The rich storytelling, immersive worlds, and character development that RPGs offer are unparalleled in the gaming realm. As the winter season approaches, we can’t help but look forward to a slew of exciting RPG titles set to be released. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the most highly anticipated RPG games that make this winter a season of epic adventures and thrilling quests.

1. Lords of the Fallen (2023)

Lords of the Fallen, the action RPG developed by HEXWORKS, made its debut in 2014, and while its reception was mixed, it offered a different gaming experience that left a mark on the RPG gaming community. Fast forward to 2023, and we’re on the brink of a new installment in the series. This upcoming release, sharing only the name and Souls-like gameplay with its predecessor, has piqued the interest of both new and returning players.

2. Super Mario RPG Remake (November 17, 2023)

In 1996, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars broke new ground as Mario’s first foray into the world of RPGs. Developed by Square, this SNES classic remains a pinnacle of the Mario franchise and laid the foundation for subsequent titles like the Paper Mario series. Now, Nintendo is set to revisit this gem with a remake designed for the Switch.


3. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth (January 26, 2024)

Yakuza: Like a Dragon was a turning point in Sega’s Yakuza franchise, introducing a new protagonist, setting, and a surprising turn-based combat system. This move successfully blended elements of traditional JRPGs like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest with the Yakuza series’ signature charm. The result was a smash hit.

Now, with the upcoming release of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, we can expect the continuation of Ichiban’s story, accompanied by the return of the legendary Kazuma Kiryu. The teaser trailer hints at a location change, taking the series beyond Japan. The fusion of Yakuza’s trademark humor and the depth of the JRPG genre has fans eagerly awaiting this sequel.


4. Granblue Fantasy: Relink (February 1, 2024)

Granblue Fantasy: Relink has been in development since 2016, and it’s undergone several transformations since its initial announcement. Initially a collaboration between Cygames and PlatinumGames, it’s now a solo project by the former. The Granblue Fantasy series, born on mobile devices and browsers, gained a dedicated fanbase over the years. Even though it’s a spin-off, Granblue Fantasy: Versus was well-received since fans have longed for a true successor to the original.


5. Persona 3 Reload (February 2, 2024)

Announced alongside Persona 5 Tactica, Persona 3 Reload is a complete remake of Atlus’ classic turn-based JRPG. The original game, regarded as one of the best on the PS2 and PSP, has set high expectations for this remake. With a fresh visual style reminiscent of Persona 5, the remake is expected to deliver a modernized experience while retaining the essence of the original.

While the extent of gameplay changes is yet to be revealed, fans have faith in P-Studio’s track record. With a legacy of creating exceptional JRPGs, Persona 3 Reload launch has every opportunity to live up to its predecessor’s reputation.


6. Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth (February 29, 2024)

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake was a resounding success, laying the foundation for an even more substantial sequel. While details about Rebirth are scarce, it is clear that this project reimagines the 1997 classic rather than a simple retelling. The storyline has already started to diverge from the original plot, and new playable characters like Red 13 are set to be introduced.

As the journey in Midgar continues, Rebirth could push the world of Final Fantasy 7 even further along its new timeline, surprising newcomers and longtime fans alike. The anticipation for this sequel is palpable as fans eagerly await a return to the rich and immersive world of Gaia. The game requires at least 100+ hours of playtime to get the Platinum Trophy, and even more if your aim is to Complete 100% of FF7 Rebirth.


7. Suikoden 1 & 2 HD Remaster

The Suikoden series, although with some less acclaimed entries, has maintained a solid quality standard throughout the PS1 and PS2 eras. Among the numbered games, Suikoden 2 is one of the finest JRPGs on the PS1. Fans of the series rejoiced when Konami announced an HD remaster compilation of the first two games.

While the changes in the remaster are primarily cosmetic, it’s worth noting that both Suikoden and its sequel have aged gracefully. The demand for PS1 JRPGs has been evident with successful releases like The Legend of Dragoon. The prospect of revisiting these classics in high definition has fans eagerly awaiting this remaster.


8. Ys 10: Nordics (Released September 28, 2023 in Asia)

The Ys series, known for its action-packed gameplay, experienced a resurgence in popularity with Ys 8. While Ys 9 garnered mixed reviews, the Japanese version of Ys 10, released in Asia on September 28, 2023, promises a fresh take on the series. This installment abandons the traditional party system in favor of a dual protagonist setup and introduces a combo system that allows the two protagonists to combine forces.


9. Hades 2 (Released on November 30, 2023)

Hades, a roguelike action RPG released in 2020, received critical acclaim and became a benchmark in the genre. Supergiant Games has confirmed that a sequel is in the works, featuring Zagreus’s sister, Melinoë, as the protagonist. Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, Hades 2 thrusts players into a world thrown into turmoil by Chronos, the Titan of Time and Hades’ father.


11. The Elder Scrolls 6

Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls series has always been a behemoth in the RPG genre. The announcement of The Elder Scrolls 6 sent shockwaves of excitement through the gaming world. While the details remain limited, the mere existence of TES 6 is enough to generate immense hype.

Realistically, the game is still a few years away from its release. Bethesda is expected to start marketing it more heavily after completing the cycle for Starfield. Nevertheless, it’s almost certain that The Elder Scrolls 6 will be one of the best-selling games ever.


This Winter Holds Promise

This winter promises to be an exciting time for RPG enthusiasts. With a lineup that includes new installments in beloved series, remasters of classics, and mysterious announcements, the gaming community is in for an epic season of adventures and unforgettable quests. The anticipation is building, and each of these upcoming RPGs holds the potential to redefine the genre and captivate gamers worldwide.

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