The Construct Quarter



Boss HP: 4,320,000
Difficulty: Medium

Start Position


Patchwerk is walking along the green slime. The offtank will need to keep his threat at about 60-80%. The maintank will have to tank him in the slime and the melee DPS’s should not stay in the slime, if they do, they well get hit by a DoT and hp will be reduced by 50%, so for the tanks, it’s even more important to not stand in slime.

The fight


When the boss shows up from the north (on the picture), wait untill he stops. Then pull him, and melee DPS’s should run behind him and DPS from there. This is far the best example of a tank’n’spank boss in the game imo. The boss will hit the one that got aggro, and the one with the highest threat. Make sure this is should be the other tank! The boss will also do *Hateful strike* which hits for around 6,000 damage on tanks, so not only DPS and tanks need to focus, also healers will get work to do.
The boss will break into an enrage after 6 minutes fighting. With a basic setup (2-3range DPS’s, 2-3 melee DPS’s) it never happened to me that we reached the enrage timer. He will also go into a frenzy when he reaches 5% HP. Tanks and healers should try to save cooldowns for this.


Boss HP: 2,928,000
Adds HP: 102,300
Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Start Position


The Fight


This Fight is easy if you follow three simple rules:

  • Fallout Slime
    All other than the maintank should never stand in front of the boss. At random times in the fight he will cast *Slime Spray* which damage all in front of him by 6,300 – 7,700 damage and there will be summoned a “Fallout Slime” equal to the number of players in front of him. The slime got around 100,000 Hp and got a DoT that is dealing 1,000 damage every second to all players within 10 yards. All DPS’s should DPS it hard and fast so the DoT won’t bring out too much damage. The slime should only be in range of the Melee DPS’s and the offtank so only a few players get hit.
  • Debuff
    The debuff is called *Mutation Injection*. This ablility randomly hits players. Note that it should NOT be cleansed. After 10 seconds of this debuff you will explode, dealing 10,000 damage to all players within 10 yards of the player that got it, including the player and make a green spot on the ground which will cause damage to everyone standing on it. The green spot will grow. You will then have to run away from the raid group so you won’t be in range of the others. Don’t run into the green stuff on floor, you will take damage. Avoid to stand on the maintanks route around the room, so he/she won’t have to get around the green spots. There are alot of good spots, but along the wall is almost good every time, there is also the ramp etc. Don’t run to middle because the casters and healers are healing/DPSing there.
  • Green stuff on ground
    The circle grows and remains for 75 seconds. Don’t touch these, they deal out 2,000 damage per second when you’re standing in them. The boss will also spawn a green circle every 15 second. Every time he casts a circle the maintank will have to move the boss a few steps behind untill the melee DPS’s and the offtank (and the maintank of cause) don’t stand on it anymore.

So what is basically going on in this fight is:

  • Maintank kiting boss around the floor every time he leave a green circle.
  • Offtank grab the add(s) when it(they) spawn and all DPS’s kill them as fast as possible.
  • When you got the disease, run away to a good spot, so no one get hit.
  • Always stand behind boss except maintank.

Keep this up until the boss is dead.
This boss should be easy enough on a few tries, but he can be a little tricky at first.


Boss HP: 3,230,000
Adds HP: 500,000 (25,000 when Decimate)
Difficulty: Medium/hard

When you’re done with Grobbulus, you will have to run upside the ramp, and inside the entrance. Be careful when on the tube, it’s easy to fall and you have to run again. When all are buffed and ready, run through the sewer with the maintank in front and wait with DPSing untill the tanks are in position.

Start Position


Phase 1


The maintank and the offtank are facing the boss at the end of the room. The boss will cast *Mortal Wound* every 10-15 seconds, which reduce all healing taken by 10% and stacks up to 10 times. When the maintank got three of these marks, the offtank taunts him. When the offtank got three marks, the maitank taunt him back. Follow this process until the boss is dead. The DPS’s will just have to max focus on their DPS in this phase, except the kiter. The kiter (marked as a K on picture) need to pick up the adds which is spawning from 2-3 rifts on the ground every 10 seconds in the back of the room. These zombies/adds doesn’t hit for much damage but are stacking *Infected Wound* on you which are increasing damage taken by 100. The kiter will have to take care of these zombies. Every time a zombie spawns, the kiter get the aggro of it, and run around with it. Note that the adds should NOT be close to the boss. If they hit the boss it will increase his Hp by 5%. So 2-3 adds will probably mean a wipe for the raid group (if they hit Gluth). The zombies can be slowed, chilled, stunned etc. Mage is the best choice to be kiter. They got Cone of Cold, Blizzard, Blink etc. In particular if the mage is frost specced. Next choice will be a hunter with the slowing shot, Multi-shot, Volley, Traps etc. But also a warrior specced into Piercing howl works, and I’ve also seen a paladin doing the kiting however I don’t how, and a elemental shaman with Earthbind totem and Thunderstorm will probably also be able to do it.
Last ability to worry about is the Enrage. Sometimes, the boss will enrage, increasing his attack speed by 25% for 8 seconds. Hunters can use Tranquilizing Shot and Rogues can apply Anesthetic Poison II to their weapons to remove the Enrage.

Phase 2


Every 105 seconds the boss will use *Decimate* it reduces everybody except the boss HP to 5%, including the zombies. It’s very recomended to have Deadly Boss Mod or BigWings so the healer will be ready to cast a heavy heal before *Decimate* to replace the HP lost by *Decimate* on the tanks. When the boss uses *Decimate* ALL DPS’s including the kiter will have to kill all the zombies before they hit the boss. The zombies will not attack, but they will go directly to the boss with no threat. It’s very important that the kiter got the zombies close to the sewers (entrance) so the DPS’s will get more time to kill them because the zombies will have to walk longer. The tanks will still have their three marks shift during Phase 2 . When all the adds are dead, it’s back to Phase 1.

The boss also got an berserk timer on 8 minutes increasing Gluth’s attack speed by 150% and damage done by 500%, wiping the raid quickly. The berserk will happen shortly after the fourth *Decimate*. If no zombies hits Gluth you will probably not hit the berserk timer.


Boss HP: 3,850,000
Adds HP: 838,300
Difficulty: Hard

Start Position


The raid group will be split up in two parts. To the left you will have the two strongest DPS’s, two healers and the offtank. To the right, the rest of the group (3 DPS.One Healer. Maintank). When all is ready the tanks are to pull the two adds at the platform: Stalagg and Feugen.
Before pulling, you should be sure that all that don’t know this fight should practice the ‘jump’. The ‘jump’ is when you have killed Stalagg and Feugan and have to jump down to Thaddius. It’s prefered to switch into movement speed bonus auras (Unholy Presence, Aspect of the Pack etc.) before jumping. To practice the jump you can jump to the platforms next to the entrance.

Phase 1


When you feel that all are ready to jump; pull the adds (maybe make a count down so the other tank is ready). Pull the adds to the north edge and keep them there. Now, it’s just tank and spank the adds down. The group killing Feugen will pretty sure kill him faster than the group that is killing Stalagg. The bosses have to die within five seconds of each other, so make sure they are dying at almost same time. If not, they will both respawn with full HP. Also note that the adds most NEVER leave their platforms or you will receive massive damage. Sometimes, the adds will do a *tank throw*, the tanks will switch side.

Phase 2


When the adds are dead, then make the jump. The trick is to be very close to the edge, but don’t fall. If you miss and fall into the slime, all the thing you have to do is to run back and try again. When you’ve jumped go to the front of the boss (if you missed and the boss already started once you arrive at the second try, go in front of him until he will cast *Polarity Shift* See below;))


Keep DPSing him in front of him until he will cast *Polarity Shift* and you’ll have to run to one of the sides of him. If you got a minus debuff go clockwise to the left of the boss. If you got plus debuff go to the right of the boss. Apart from the first *Polarity Shift* where you may you have to go to the right, you should always run clockwise around the boss when he casts *Polarity Shift*. Remember to fight at max range (melee, offtank, maintank) or you will die. Ofcause also counts for ranged DPS’s and healers. Thaddius also got an enrage timer on 6 minutes.
Else keep the healings up, Thaddius got some AoE attacks that need to be healed, keep it up! 🙂

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    May 25, 2009 @ 22:41 pm

    Cool, thanks for the info,Cool, thanks for the info, very helpful post! 🙂

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    May 25, 2009 @ 18:49 pm

    Several months ago BlizzardSeveral months ago Blizzard changed the hateful strike mechanic to target those based on threat rather than health.

    Dipping in and out of the slime has the following detrimental effects:
    – DPS loss from movement
    – DPS loss from your “Mana Based Melee”, Enh. Shaman & Ret. Pally, going OOM. (Slime reduces health and mana to 50%)
    – In the event one of your melee careless pulls agro from the hateful tank momentarily they loose any chance of survival. (However slim it may be…)

    I definitely agree that this fight is all about Tank positioning, however any strategy that has your melee dipping in the slime should be struck down as out of date.


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    May 23, 2009 @ 0:49 am

    I’s definitely not necessaryI’s definitely not necessary to tank him in the slime. Some people do it that way so the melee can jump in and out of the slime to keep their HP low, but at least with my group, there is so much group healing flying around that this is pretty pointless.Just tank him in the open area. One note – it is VITAL that the two tanks stand ON TOP OF EACH OTHER, at least during the pull. Otherwise you can have your main tank take his hateful strike and get two-shot.

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    May 22, 2009 @ 18:36 pm

    PatchwerkI’m a little confused about the reasoning behind your Patchwerk setup.
    I have a couple of questions…

    What is the need for positioning him over the slime?

    Assuming the grey dots are melee DPS, where do you have them positioned for the initial pull?
    – If they are positioned with the rest of your group then you have them running across the slime. Why?
    – If they are positioned on the Patchwerk side of the slime then are you not risking a possible melee pull?

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    May 20, 2009 @ 11:31 am

    Paladins can also use HolyPaladins can also use [url=]Holy Wrath[/url] when things get a bit frantic, or when they look like they’re running at Gluth.

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    May 20, 2009 @ 11:01 am

    You can do the adds on GluthYou can do the adds on Gluth with a paladin, this way:

    Have a hunter stand at the spawn spot of the zombies, and let him lay freezing trap every cooldown (that AoE slow trap), a paladin then lays (and keeps up) a concecration, so he aggro’s them. After that, it’s just kiting for the Paladin. A DK can do exactly the same with Death and Decay.

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    May 18, 2009 @ 12:00 pm

    Good job once again Eric.Good job once again Eric. Bumping this to the front page 🙂

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