The dark fantasy genre boasts millions of avid fans worldwide, particularly in the realm of video gaming, where it embraces a sinister culture teeming with diverse creatures and lurking dangers at every turn. While this genre has been explored extensively in the past, many argue that nowhere is it better exemplified than in Elden Ring. FromSoftware’s monumental success has captivated audiences from the outset. Over the years, we’ve been treated to trailers showcasing an extravagant dark fantasy world meticulously crafted to perfection. Speaking of trailers, another one just came out for the upcoming DLC for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, and it’s already all the rage all over the internet right now.

And there’s also icing on the cake: an official release date, much sooner than many expected, as Shadow of the Erdtree will release on June 21 this year, so in exactly 4 months!

Unlike more lighthearted RPGs, this is a realm of adversity rather than amusement, and therein lies its allure. So from my personal experience, this game is for fans of folklore and fantasy.


Does life imitate art, or is it the other way around? Philosophers may debate, but it’s clear that video games often mirror life. While many games offer leisurely side activities set in realistic environments, Elden Ring forges its own path with a nightmarish portrayal of a world steeped in darkness and peril.

And that’s precisely what sets it apart. The dystopian landscapes of Elden Ring are truly captivating. From the grotesque creatures to the uncharted territories awaiting discovery on the map, each location embodies the essence of dark fantasy seldom explored by the human mind. Credit goes to director/writer Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin (renowned for Game of Thrones) for this masterpiece. Both have crafted an epic saga that emerges once in a generation. A glance at their past works makes it evident that Elden Ring is a culmination of their collective brilliance. Embarking on this journey can be as thrilling as hitting the jackpot in your favorite online slot game, and with the added bonus of darmowe spiny za rejestrację, it’s an adventure in the iGaming world that’s definitely worth taking.

Miyazaki, a multifaceted creative director, writer, and designer, also serves as a director at FromSoftware Games. This studio is known for its complex dark fantasy games such as Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. And frankly, his skill in these games is unmatched. However, in order to create the quintessential dark fantasy landscape, he enlisted the support of a writer with an outstanding track record. Someone I personally admire.

Despite George R.R. Martin’s struggles to complete Winds of Winter, he managed to contribute to Miyazaki’s magnum opus. His input added the perfect finishing touch, propelling it to the level of a genuine dark fantasy masterpiece that eclipses any Soulsborne game.



If there’s one element that defines the essence of dark fantasy, it’s the intricate design of its creatures. In Elden Ring, these entities are abundant and diverse, drawing inspiration from real-world animals such as octopi, bats, wolves, dogs, and dragonflies, yet twisted and corrupted beyond recognition. The meticulous design is evident, with each creature meticulously crafted with intricate detail and unique characteristics. Unlike conventional fantasy games that often portray creatures in a neutral or friendly manner, those in Elden Ring are grotesque and menacing.

Elden Ring Demigod 1st BossNaturally, no dark fantasy realm is complete without supernatural entities. Walking skeletons, toxic cadavers, slimy creatures, revenants, zombies, and tree spirits populate the landscapes of Elden Ring, alongside a myriad of gods and demigods.

However, the gods in the Elden Ring are anything but kind-hearted. This sentiment holds true for the Outer Gods as well, sinister entities hellbent on sowing destruction and chaos. Take for instance the demigod Malenia, whose very name strikes fear into the hearts of players across the game’s universe. Confrontations with these formidable beings often lead to intense battles against adversaries wielding otherworldly powers and formidable weapons, resulting in frequent encounters with the infamous “YOU DIED” screen. Widely recognized as one of the most challenging games of all time, newcomers to the genre or those striving for 100% completion can find valuable assistance in the optimised Elden Ring Platinum Guide.

Elden Ring undeniably reigns supreme in the dark fantasy genre, immersing players in a perilous world where vigilance is paramount. While it draws inspiration from the Soulsborne series, its unparalleled atmosphere and world-building elevate it to the pinnacle of video game excellence—not merely within its genre, but across all gaming landscapes.

In closing, Elden Ring epitomises the essence of dark fantasy, where supernatural beings and malevolent deities hold sway over a treacherous domain. From confronting walking skeletons and toxic cadavers to facing off against formidable demigods like Malenia, players are thrust into a world fraught with peril and turmoil. Engagements with these powerful adversaries present formidable obstacles, often resulting in swift defeat and the dreaded “YOU DIED” screen.

In the end, Elden Ring outshines its predecessors in the realm of dark fantasy, captivating players with its immersive world and expertly crafted environments. Its brilliance transcends mere genre boundaries, earning it recognition as a pinnacle of video game artistry revered by gamers everywhere.

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