Top Blockers for International Gamers



The experts in responsible gaming are convinced that introducing the blocking schemes is a step to minimize gambling harm. Over the last five years, different self-exclusion programmes have been released allowing the consumers to prevent the temptation to gamble excessively. A blocking scheme is a facility for those who have decided to stop gambling for a short or long period of time. 

The interested gamers are required to register at the scheme and after the confirmation; they can ban themselves from the websites or apps. There is also an option to block gambling transactions depending on the self-prohibition scheme. Some countries have implemented their own self-exclusion tools but the following are the best blockers for international gamers.


Launched in 2018, GamStop is probably the most popular option for excluding from the gambling sites. This free service was created to reduce gambling-related problems within the UK. Recently, GamStop has become compulsory in the British gambling industry from which all the UK licensed operators must participate in this scheme. UK players still can find NonGamStopBets slots available online which keep the same high standard as before. 


As this organism has the ambition to expand its service across the world, international gamblers who want to quit gambling are today, permitted to use this tool. Registering at this UK’s self-exclusion solution is quick in which the customers will be easily prohibited from the gambling websites or apps of their choice within 24 hours. GamStop has expanded its partnerships with various entities making this well-known multi-operator scheme one of the renowned blockers in the world.


SpelPaus or Game Pause is a Sweden blocking solution released in 2019 to slow down the gambling addiction in this country. Despite its young age, this Swedes scheme has spread its cooperation making it used worldwide. With this tool, the players who want to escape the gambling harm are required to register and after the confirmation, they can prohibit themselves partially or completely. 


Actually, with SpelPaus, the prohibition can be three, six, or twelve months. There is also an option for those who definitely want to leave gambling definitely. SpelPaus offers several advantages and the registers will be blocked from accessing all gambling activities until their chosen period of time has elapsed. What’s more, all forms of digital communications will be also forbidden once the block is activated.


BetBlocker has been recognized as an organisation focusing on supporting people who are experiencing gambling problems. The service has been around since 2019 and similar to other blockers, the gamers who feel to develop a gambling addiction should use it. The UK service centering on giving details and reviews of the online casino called POGG was the founder of BetBlocker and added to the UK-based players, the foreigners are also able to block themselves with this tool. 


BetBlocker is, actually, an app downloaded to help the users ban themselves from the online gambling operators. This app has recently been enhanced with additional options making it more appealing among the users. These new features permit them to avoid gambling on their chosen days that can be a weekend, their preferred business days, and else.


When it comes to a gambling blocking software application, Gamban is probably among the most popular. This service was established by a well-known not-for-profit organism called GambleAware. This latter is considered a leading national charity to promote responsible gambling in the UK. With Gamban, the players can exclude themselves from the gambling websites and apps of their choice. 


Apart from the blocking service, Gamban is also packed with a support option to assist those who desperately need help. To use this app, the punters are required to install the software on computers and mobile devices. Once this is installed, they will no longer be able to access gambling sites.

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey Blocker is a famous website blocking software allowing the users to block distracting sites like Facebook, YouTube, gambling platforms, and more. The blocking will be during selected times depending on their preference. The first step that they have to do is to install the app and once it is done, they are free to self-block from their chosen gambling sites temporarily. 


Cold Turkey is a free programme and does not require a long procedure to be installed. Today, this scheme has become vital among gamblers across the globe as it is an easy solution to escape excessive gambling. Previously, Cold Turkey was used by the social networks addicted but the punters have opted for this tool to avoid gambling.


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