UnholyDisypl’s 1-450 JewelCrafting Guide


Jewelcrafting Guide

Shopping List for Azeroth Recipes
Copper Bar x180
Malachite/Tigerseye x30
Bronze Bar x60
Shadowgem x100
Silver Bar x40
Jade x10
Gold Bar x20
Mithril Bar x100
Truesilver Bar x20
Citrine x10
Elemental Water x20
Aquamarine x45
Flask of Mojo x60
Thorium Bar x50
Star Ruby x25
Large Opal x20
Blue Sapphire x10
Essence of Undeath x10

Level 1-20 Delicate Copper Wire x20 (Copper Bar x40)
Continue making 70 additional Delicate Copper Wire (Copper Bar x140)
Level 21-50 Malachite Pendant OR Tigerseye Band x30 (Delicate Copper Wire x30 and 30 Malachite/Tigerseye)
Level 51-70 Bronze Setting x20 (Bronze Bar x40)
Continue making 10 more Bronze Settings (Bronze Bar x20)
Level 71-80 Gloom Band x10 (Shadowgem x20, Bronze Setting x10, Delicate Copper Wire x20)
Level 81-100 Ring of Silver Might x20 (Silver Bar x40)
Level 81-100 Gloom Band x20 (Shadowgem x40, Bronze Setting x20, Delicate Copper Wire x40)
Level 100-110 Ring of Twilight Shadows x10 (Shadowgem x20, Bronze Bar x20)
Level 111-120 Heavy Stone Statue x10 (Heavy Stone x80)
Level 121-130 Ring of Twilight Shadows x10 (Shadowgem x20, Bronze Bar x20)
Level 131-140 Amulet of the Moon x10 (Lesser Moonstone x20, Bronze Setting x10)
Level 141-150 Golden Dragon Ring x10 (Jade x10, Gold Bar x20, Delicate Copper Wire x20)
Level 151-170 Mithril Filigree x20 (Mithril Bar x40)
Continue making 30 Mithril Filigree (Mithril Bar x60)
Level 171-180 Blazing Citrine Ring x10 (Citrine x10, Mithril Filigree x10)
Level 181-200 Engraved Truesilver Ring x30 (Truesilver Bar x20, Mithril Filigree x40)
Level 201-210 Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing x10 (Citrine x10, Elemental Water x20, Mithril Bar x20)
Level 211-225 Aquamarine Signet x15 (Aquamarine x45, Flask of Mojo x60)
Level 226-235 Thorium Setting x10 (Thorium Bar x10)
Continue making 40
Level 236-260 Ruby Pendant x25 (Star Ruby x25, Thorium Setting x25)
Level 261-280 Simple Opal Ring x20 (Large Opal x20, Thorium Setting x20)
Level 281-290 Sapphire Pendant of Winter Nightx10 (Blue Sapphire x10, Essence of Undeath x10, Thorium Setting x10)

Outland Recipes

Level 300-325 There are a few recipes to buy from the vendor. Teardrop Living Ruby, Inscribed Flame Spessarite, Radiant Deep Peridot, Glowing Shadow Draenite, Brilliant Golden Draenite, and Solid Azure Moonstone. Simply pick the gem type that you have the most of. Should take no more than 30-40 to obtain these levels.

Level 326-340 There are a few recipes that are yellow at 325 (and trainable at 325) that do not require reputation with any factions; these are Sovereign Shadow Draenite, Rigid Golden Draenite, and Smooth Golden Draenite. All of these recipes are purchasable at the Jewelcrafting trainer’s “store”. Craft as many as it takes to reach. This should take no more than 30-40 cuts to obtain.

This is where things get interesting. You can either continue cutting gems, pouring a lot of gems into it (which is no problem if you already have stockpiles) or you could craft a few items which are pretty cheap. The cheapest item to make is the Heavy Adamantite Ring, which goes yellow at 345, but is fairly cheap.

Level 341-350 Heavy Adamantite Ring x10+ (Adamantite bar x10+, Mercurial Adamantite x10+)

Now, it’s time for some Northrend recipes… FINALLY.

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    Dec 30, 2008 @ 12:15 pm

    Ouch, you seemed to alreadyOuch, you seemed to already have put a lot of work on this one 🙁

    I’m really sorry, but Dark_Fanboy already released a Jewelcrafting guide from 1-450:

    And it looks near perfect so I’m not sure if there’s any point in you continuing to write this one :/

    In the future, please check the [url=]Needed Guides[/url] list to make sure that your guide do not overlap with someone elses.

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