Using the WoW-Pro Recorder


In this guide, I’ll go over how to use the WoW-Pro Recorder to help you write leveling guides. The Recorder is awesome both for writing addon guides, AND for writing paper guides – the pseudo-code is very simple and works GREAT for an outline for your paper guide, and has all the information you’ll need including coordinates, quest IDs, and NPC names!

Coming Soon: The Recorder will soon have the ability to add notes to quests, add custom steps, and delete steps on the fly, but right now all it can do is record automated steps. I’ll post comments on this guide, as well as update the guide, when the new features are added to the recorder.

Table of Contents


  1. Downloading the Recorder
  2. Creating a New Guide
  3. Editing an Existing Guide
  4. Recording
  5. Saving Your Work
  6. Working With the File
  7. Submitting Your Work
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

Downloading the Recorder

To get started, you’ll need to download the guide recorder. There are versions available on Curse and WoW Interface, but I’ve got a handy link here that includes:

  • The In-Dev (most up to date) version of the WoW-Pro Addon
  • The most current guides
  • WoW-Pro Recorder

Download here.

Unzip the file into your beta addons folder. You should have eight separate folders:

  • WoWPro
  • WoWPro_Achievements
  • WoWPro_Dailies
  • WoWPro_Leveling
  • WoWPro_Profession
  • WoWPro_Recorder (disabled by default)
  • WoWPro_Utilities (not an addon)
  • WoWPro_WorldEvents

Everything should be ready to go – fire up the client and log in!
By default WoWPro_Recorder is disabled, so you need to enable it in your addons list for each character you will use it on.

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Creating a New Guide

If you’d like to append a guide that’s already been created, skip to the Editing an Existing Guide section below.

To create a new guide, simply click on the « new » button. It’s toward the right side of the Recorder’s bar, and it looks like a piece of blank paper.

This will bring up a dialog box asking what type of guide you’d like to create. For now, we only have one type, and that’s Leveling! Select it.

This will being up a new window. Now, some of these fields will be automatically filled out. I need to make this very very clear:


I plan to fix this in the future but for now please just hit enter in each field. Sorries!

Note that the stuff you put in these fields isn’t really that important, and can always be edited later.

Once all of the fields are filled out, just hit « Register Guide ». If you did it correctly, your guide window will change to a mostly blank guide with one step, called « First Step ». If it doesn’t change, it means you didn’t hit enter for every field – try going through them all again.

Now that you have a new guide, you can start recording! Skip to the Recording section below.

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Editing an Existing Guide

If you want to add to one of the guides that’s already included in the addon, OR if you have saved a guide using the recorder and would like to edit it, this section will explain how to do that.

All you need to do is open up the guide you want from the guide list, just as you would if you wanted to play it! Don’t worry if it’s already completed – if the recorder is enabled, the addon doesn’t automatically ask if you want to go to the next guide.

Note: Guides saved with the recorder currently aren’t displayed on the guide list. Instead, you can access them by clicking the « Open Guide » button (it looks like a folder). This will open a dialog where you can select the guide you want to edit. This list will contain ALL guides, both those in the WoWPro_Leveling folder, and those you’ve saved using the Recorder.

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First of all – the recorder is set to « REC » or record, by default. You can use the record (circle) and stop (square) buttons to toggle between recording and not recording. This can be useful in several situations. Say for example you take a break to do an instance – you can stop recording during the instance so instance quests aren’t tracked. Similarly, if you for example need to abandon and re-accept a quest, you can stop the recorder so the second accept step isn’t tracked.

Once you have the guide you want loaded and the recorder is set to « REC », you really don’t have to do anything – just play the game! It can be useful, however, to keep in mind the things that the guide recorder records.

    • Accept steps:
      • Quest Name
      • Quest ID
      • Location (including zone if it’s different from the title zone)
      • Quest giver name (if you have them targeted)
    • Complete steps:
      • Quest Name
      • Quest ID
      • Location of the LAST place you completed a quest objective
      • Use items for the quest
    • Turn-In steps:
      • Quest Name
      • Quest ID
      • Location (including zone if it’s different from the title zone)
      • Quest giver name (if you have them targeted)
    • Get Flight Path Steps:
      • Location as the title
      • Quest ID of the last quest you accepted
      • Location (including zone if it’s different from the title zone)
      • Flight master name (if you have them targeted)
    • Set Hearth Steps:
      • Location as the title
      • Quest ID of the last quest you accepted
      • Location (including zone if it’s different from the title zone)
      • Innkeeper name (if you have them targeted)
    • Level Up Steps:
      • Your level as the title
      • Quest ID of the last quest you accepted

If you make a mistake while recording, you can delete the last step recorded by using the minus (-) button.

I recommend recording while in scroll mode. This will allow you to see what you are recording. You’ll note that the bottom step will be highlighted – this is the active recorder step. New steps will be placed AFTER this step. This is also the step that will be edited when using the edit or delete buttons.

To change steps, simply left-click on a different step! You can also right-click a step to open a small menu. With this menu, you can move the step up, down, or clone it.

You can add new steps by clicking the « Add Step » button – it looks like a plus (+) sign. You can choose to have the recorder automatically fill in information from one of your quests, or you can fill everything in for a step from scratch.

You can also edit the selected step by clicking the « Edit Step » button – it looks like a pencil.

Now that you know how to record, you need to know what to do with the data you are gathering.

Saving Your Work

Though the recorder does save your work automatically when a new step is added, it’s still wise to save it manually, and often! That’s because when WoW closes unexpectedly, it doesn’t always save it’s saved variables, and your data may be lost!

You can save your work at any time by clicking on the save button. It’s on the far right of the Recorder’s bar, and it looks like a little disk.

Clicking this button does two things.

FIRST: It will save your data in the WTF file. When you quit and log back in, your guide will be loaded and you can select it at the bottom of the guide list. Note that the guide is also automatically saved every time a new step is added.

SECOND: It will open a dialog box which contains the code for your guide. This is how you will submit your guide, and also the best way to manually save to make sure you don’t lose your work – just copy/paste the stuff in the box into a text file and save it. You can also use this to work with your guide to fill it out, change the order, and more – we’ll cover that later in the Working With the File section. For now, just know that you can safely close this box without doing anything to it if you want to.

Just hit that save button often and you’ll be okay, I’ll try to get an auto-save feature enabled soon!

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Working With the File

Note that with the advanced features recently added to the recorder, it’s no longer necessary to work directly with the file. Reading this section still may give you some insight into how the files work, though, which can be useful.

If you would like to do a bit more advanced work with the guide file, please read this section. No coding knowledge of any sort is needed – the guide files are written in pseudo-code and they are very easy to understand once you have a key.

First of all, open up your favorite simple text editor. I prefer Notepad++, it’s a WONDERFUL editor with lots of very nice features.

Open up a new text file. Now, hit the save button on the recorder to bring up the code for your guide. Select all (Ctrl+A for PC users) and copy (Ctrl+C for PC users). Paste your code into your new file.

You should see something that looks similar to this:

A Clear the High Road|QID|24504|M|31.42,13.32|N|From Nura Pathfinder.|
f Hunter's Hill|QID|24504|M|39.75,20.18|N|At Unega.|
h Hunter's Hill|QID|24504|M|39.30,20.05|N|At Innkeeper Hurnahet.|
C Clear the High Road|QID|24504|M|35.93,15.58|
L Level 30|QID|24504|N|You should be around level 30 by this point|
T Clear the High Road|QID|24504|M|37.36,16.70|N|To Tunawa Stillwind.|


First, I’ll explain how to read this stuff and what it means. Then, I’ll tell you how you can improve your guide file’s code to make it even better!

Anatomy of a guide step:
Each step is only ONE LINE of code. A new line means a new step to the addon.

Step Type:

    • The first letter that you see all by it self at the beginning of the line is the step type. Every step has a step type. These are the types of steps that the addon can process:
      • A = “Accept”
      • C = “Complete”
      • T = “Turn in”
      • K = “Kill”
      • R = “Run to”
      • H = “Hearth to”
      • h = “Set hearth to”
      • F = “Fly to”
      • f = “Get flight path for”
      • N = “Note:”
      • B = “Buy”
      • b = “Boat or Zeppelin”
      • U = “Use”
      • L = “Level”
      • r = “Repair/Restock”
    The Recorder only automatically creates A, C, T, h, f, and L type steps. If you want the guide to have other types of steps, you’ll need to add them in yourself.


Step Name:

    The step name is the word or set of words that follows the step type. This is often a quest name, but is sometimes a location or other short descriptor for the step. The addon knows when the step name ends based on the | symbol.



    • The rest of the step is defined by tags. Tags basically either flag the step for a special function, or feed a piece of information to the addon. The most common tags are map tags, note tags, and quest ID tags. There are a LOT more tags, too, but I won’t cover them all here.
      • |QID|24504| = Tags the step as being tied to quest #24504. EVERY step must have a quest ID!
      • |M|37.36,16.70| = Tells TomTom where to map it’s arrow to.
      • |N|To Tunawa Stillwind.| = Displays “To Tunawa Stillwind” as a note for this step. These should be limited to one or two sentences – we want to minimize reading as much as possible!


This covers the basics of the pseudo-code. It would be really awesome if people wanted to improve their guide file code before submitting it, since it’s pretty bare-bones otherwise. However, some guide code is MUCH better than no guide code, so if you don’t feel comfortable doing this, don’t worry about it!

If you’d like to learn more about the pseudo-code and how to use it, check out the addon’s documentation page!

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Submitting your work

So now you’ve got some stuff recorded – maybe you even edited the code to make it a bit nicer. What do you do with it?

Well, lucky you, it’s really easy to submit your code to the addon! All you have to do is make a comment on this page containing your copy/pasted code! Be sure to disable rich text and set the input format to bbcode so the line break don’t get wrapped. I’ll look it over, and if it seems sound, I’ll put it into the addon!

Remember that not only are we trying to get a lot of addon guides done, we also want to make more « paper » guides – guides here on our website. If you’d like to make a paper guide based on your (or someone else’s) recorded guide, go ahead! You already have most of the information you need for your guide at your fingertips – all you need are maps and screenshots. The recorder file makes a very nice outline, as well, with steps that can be easily moved around to make the best questing route.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Register Guide doesn’t seem to do anything – I don’t see my guide being recorded! Is the addon broken?

    No – you probably didn’t hit enter for every single field. Go through them and try hitting enter for each.

My guide won’t save, what’s going on? I’m getting lua errors when I try to save!

    In all liklihood, you didn’t actually make a new guide and instead tried to record on the « Nil Guide » – the « No guide is currently loaded » guide. This will indeed produce errors. Make sure you click that « New Guide » button before starting!

I was testing a guide, and when I got to the end, it started repeating! What happened?

    You probably accidentally had REC on while you were testing! Don’t worry – the Recorder can’t actually modify any of the files included with the leveling addon, so the double steps won’t be saved over the real guide. However you WILL need to delete your WTF file for the Recorder before you can access the original guide. Make sure to back up your work first!

Please let me know if you have any questions about this process, either by PM or by comment!

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  • img
    Nov 26, 2010 @ 20:33 pm

    Save issuesHi! I’m having some issues with saving my guide. I’m probably doing something wrong, but I figured I’d post to either get help or bring up a possible bug.

    Here’s what happens:
    I create a new guide (press enter on all the fields before I register), add a step or two (manually or automatically), hit the save button (highlight and copy everything, accept button is grayed out) and close the dialog box.
    At this point, when I use the “open” button, my guide is in the list.
    However, if I log out and then log back in, my guide is no longer in the list. It’s as if I never created it at all.

    I can add steps and everything just fine. It’s just that if I log out, I lose the entire guide I’ve written. I don’t know if there’s something I’m missing somewhere that I’m supposed to do…

  • img
    Nov 26, 2010 @ 13:01 pm

    Recorder ErrorI am getting a couple different errors when trying to put in an item ID#. Also unable to save after-wards, even when I remove the ID# number out.

    I am getting the following error when I try to add an item ID# to a step that is a “Note”.

    Message: InterfaceAddOnsWoWPro_RecorderWoWPro_Recorder.lua:359: attempt to compare string with boolean
    Time: 11/26/10 06:54:26
    Count: 2
    Stack: InterfaceAddOnsWoWPro_RecorderWoWPro_Recorder.lua:359: in function `SaveGuide’
    …ceAddOnsWoWPro_RecorderWoWPro_Recorder_Frames.lua:892: in function
    (tail call): ?
    [C]: ?
    [string “safecall Dispatcher[2]”]:9: in function
    (tail call): ?
    …nfig-3.0AceConfigDialog-3.0AceConfigDialog-3.0.lua:798: in function
    (tail call): ?
    [C]: ?
    [string “safecall Dispatcher[3]”]:9: in function
    (tail call): ?
    InterfaceAddOnsAce3AceGUI-3.0AceGUI-3.0.lua:314: in function `Fire’
    …ootLibsAceGUI-3.0widgetsAceGUIWidget-EditBox.lua:74: in function


    When using the step as “Complete”.

    Message: InterfaceAddOnsWoWPro_RecorderWoWPro_Recorder.lua:359: attempt to compare string with boolean
    Time: 11/26/10 06:56:43
    Count: 1
    Stack: InterfaceAddOnsWoWPro_RecorderWoWPro_Recorder.lua:359: in function `SaveGuide’
    …ceAddOnsWoWPro_RecorderWoWPro_Recorder_Frames.lua:642: in function
    (tail call): ?
    [C]: ?
    [string “safecall Dispatcher[2]”]:9: in function
    (tail call): ?
    …nfig-3.0AceConfigDialog-3.0AceConfigDialog-3.0.lua:798: in function
    (tail call): ?
    [C]: ?
    [string “safecall Dispatcher[3]”]:9: in function
    (tail call): ?
    InterfaceAddOnsAce3AceGUI-3.0AceGUI-3.0.lua:314: in function `Fire’
    …otLibsAceGUI-3.0widgetsAceGUIWidget-DropDown.lua:439: in function
    (tail call): ?
    [C]: ?
    [string “safecall Dispatcher[3]”]:9: in function
    (tail call): ?
    InterfaceAddOnsAce3AceGUI-3.0AceGUI-3.0.lua:314: in function `Fire’
    …3AceGUI-3.0widgetsAceGUIWidget-DropDown-Items.lua:345: in function


  • img
    Nov 25, 2010 @ 18:58 pm

    Yay! I’ve really had funYay! I’ve really had fun using the recorder. I hope you do too! It’s nice to feel that I can help, even though I started with zero coding experience. 🙂

  • img
    Nov 25, 2010 @ 18:44 pm

    ThanksThank you. I just downloaded it and will start recording my journeys. I have been waiting to be able to help.

  • img
    Nov 25, 2010 @ 18:39 pm

    Yep! The recorder will workYep! The recorder will work anywhere. 🙂 The beta is now over, so we’re all recording on live servers now. We’d love to have your help! Thanks!

  • img
    Nov 25, 2010 @ 18:38 pm

    Will the Recorder work without the beta?The Shattering has happened and I would like to help get caught up on the alliance part of things. Can I use the recorder as I play on a regular server?

  • img
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 22:01 pm

    Another Recorder/Cataclysm UpdateAnother update to the Recorder and Cata guides, hopefully the last for a while.

    [url=]Click here for the update[/url]

    In this version:
    [list][*]Fixes issue causing problems when moving items up and down or cloning them.
    [*]Fixes issue with incorrectly named saved variable file – NOTE: users with save data should BACK UP YOUR WORK before updating!
    [*]Fix to bug causing |RANK| and |QID| tags to destroy eachother.[/list]

    I *think* this will be the last update for some time. I just completed the Feralas guide doing all of my editing in-game with the recorder, so I think everything has been tested. As always, please report any bugs you encounter!

  • img
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 19:33 pm

    I experienced this as well.I experienced this as well. Have a version 2.0.2 on the way that I think fixes this, I want to finish testing all the way through my current zone though to make sure everything seems to be ironed out.

  • img
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 19:30 pm

    I don’t *think* that’s theI don’t *think* that’s the case. I’ve made sure that even without the recorder enabled, having nil or some non-existent guide name as the next guide won’t lock the game up – the guide just won’t continue. But it’s doubly sure with the recorder enabled, because when the recorder is loaded, the addon won’t try to load the next guide (since often people are trying to record with a fully complete guide). Though it sounds like maybe you didn’t have the recorder on?

    Regardless, I’ll look over the guide and the code and see what I can find. Thanks for the report!

  • img
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 13:30 pm

    SaveWith 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 my save button dont work. i get a 0,5sec freeze everytime i press it but nothing else happens. all other addons disabled and i got enGB. tried with new guide and by editing and existing guide. didnt try other versions.

  • img
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 9:52 am

    LockupAlso had my game completely lock up. Mine was at the end of the Twilight Highlands guide. I clicked the box to mark the step as being completed, and it locked up the game and eventually crashed. Had no other addons turned on just ‘WoWPro’ and ‘WowPro_Leveling’, and the guide showed as being 333/334. The current quest listed was ‘Unbinding’, which is the last one in the TH part of the addon. Think it has something to do with the ‘next’ guide being listed as ‘nil’ (it IS the last zone after all), and the addon not being able to properly determine that it should end, and locks up trying to find the guide with the name ‘nil’.

  • img
    Nov 21, 2010 @ 9:50 am

    Recorder/Cataclysm Addon Fixes!Hi folks! I just uploaded some fixes to the addon and the recorder.

    [url=]Click here to download.[/url]

    Bugs fixed:
    [list][*]Infinite loop is no longer caused when placing a sticky right after an unsticky (or accidentally marking them both sticky and unsticky).
    [*]Quest Objective based steps (|QO| tags) should now complete correctly.
    [*]The addon frame now correctly remembers it’s location if it’s in manual resize mode, but still has issues in auto-resize mode. We’re working on this.[/list]


  • img
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 19:43 pm

    ty i went threw last nightty i went threw last night and revised it to add that, was hoping to change a way a few other quest worked. having a lil problem getting one thing to work will probably post a full thing tonight.

  • img
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 11:43 am

    ErrorsGetting errors today with the 2.0 dev build and updated Parser. Each event (login, add step, delete step etc etc) seems to fire a different error. Also I can’t delete steps, as the dialog box is blank, this might have something to do with the error though. I’ll grab all the errors codes later, if you can’t replicate them.

  • img
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 10:25 am

    Woot, new guides My UldumWoot, new guides 😀 My Uldum guide was written using an older version, wish I’d had it when I recorded 🙁 Would have made things a bit easier to do.

    I’ve found some quests, and recorded them, that need to be added to the top of Liavan’s Twilight Highlands guide. These are bread-crumb quests, but they’re also the prerequisites for the quests that the current guide starts out at. I couldn’t make the recorder go back to the beginning steps so I could edit in the fact that they are prereq’s, but in either case, here they are!

    A Warchief’s Command: Twilight Highlands!|QID|28717|M|49.85,76.57|Z|Orgrimmar|
    T Warchief’s Command: Twilight Highlands!|QID|28717|M|48.18,70.66|Z|Orgrimmar|
    A Machines of War|QID|26293|M|48.18,70.66|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Garrosh Hellscream.|
    A Unfamiliar Waters|QID|26311|M|48.14,71.00|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Sauranok the Mystic.|
    C Unfamiliar Waters|QID|26311|M|71.08,50.59|Z|Orgrimmar|N|Talk to Herezegor Flametusk. After the ambush, talk to him again to get the chart.|
    T Machines of War|QID|26293|M|26.17,78.81|Z|Azshara|N|To Foreman Glibbs.|
    A Weapons of Mass Dysfunction|QID|26294|M|26.17,78.81|Z|Azshara|N|From Foreman Glibbs.|
    C Weapons of Mass Dysfunction|QID|26294|M|73.81,8.18|Z|Orgrimmar|
    T Unfamiliar Waters|QID|26311|M|48.04,71.16|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Sauranok the Mystic.|
    T Weapons of Mass Dysfunction|QID|26294|M|48.19,70.59|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Garrosh Hellscream.|
    A Where Is My Warfleet?|QID|26324|M|48.19,70.59|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Garrosh Hellscream.|
    T Where Is My Warfleet?|QID|26324|M|60.13,50.41|Z|Azshara|N|To Warlord Krogg.|
    A Ready the Ground Troops|QID|26374|M|60.13,50.41|Z|Azshara|N|From Warlord Krogg.|
    A Ready the Navy|QID|26335|M|60.13,50.41|Z|Azshara|N|From Warlord Krogg.|

    After accepting the ‘Ready the Navy’ quest, is ‘Ready the Air Force’, which is where Liavan’s guide starts out. What I’ve posted above should be lines 4 through 17. Cheers! 🙂

  • img
    Nov 18, 2010 @ 16:19 pm

    New Recorder and Cataclysm Update!Hi guide writers, coders, and testers!

    I just uploaded an update to our Cataclysm version of the addon, and a HUGE update to the recorder! Please make sure, as always, to back up your work before installing this update.

    [url=]Click here for the download.[/url]

    New features in this update include…

    [b]Leveling Addon[/b]
    [list][*]Reminder for when you have new spells that need to be learned!
    [*]New type of step: Loot.
    [*]Addon now tracks items that need to be looted, just like quest objectives!
    [*]Many new guides recorded and written by our community members!

    [list][*]No more blank looking guide window! The addon now takes the selected step (see below) as the active step, so you won’t have to scroll up to see the thing you just recorded!
    [*]Select steps! You can now select a step to be the new point for steps to be added. This interface also works with delete step, and the other new features described below. Left-click a step to select it.
    [*]Move step up or down. Right-click a step to get a menu with this as an option.
    [*]Clone step. Right-click a step to get a menu with this as an option.
    [*]Edit step. Use the little pencil button, you will get a dialog box for editing the selected step.
    [*]Add step. Can auto-populate from a quest in your log if you want! Use the plus button to do this.
    [*]Add note. For simple cases where you just want to add or edit a note. Click the speech bubble button for this.
    [*]Open Guide. Open a guide you’ve edited and saved with the recorder.
    [*]Delete guide. Deletes the current guide.
    [*]Tooltips for the buttons (so you don’t have to memorize this 😉

    To come: I would like to add the ability to record coordinates with one click, store them, then apply them to a quest.

  • img
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 23:14 pm

    Forgot that pre-madeForgot that pre-made characters start with 0 quests done, so I’m going to make one of them, and do Uldum / Twilight Highlands throughout this week 😀 Thanks for the help/info/great site! 😀

  • img
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 13:18 pm

    it’s for this exact reasonit's for this exact reason that I have a blank guide setup ready to record into.Open a good text editor, Notepad++ is a good one. Then create a new blank file and change language to Lua via the drop down menu.Paste the following into your new file:WoWPro_Leveling:RegisterGuide("New Guide", "New Guide", "Gylin", "00", "00", "Next guide", "Alliance", function()
    return [[

    end)Editing the info you need to, check out another guide to see what you need to change to what, but this works for me to record new guides in any zone. Save this as "New Guide" within your World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons/WoWPro_Leveling/Alliance folder.Now open the Guide.XML file from the same folder in your text editor, and add the following line to it:  <Script file="New_Guide.lua"/>below the 1st line, then save it.If doing this for Horde, then simply change "Alliance" to "Horde" in your guide file and save it in the Horde folder and open the Guide.XML from there instead.Load WoW (or /reload if your already playing) and your new blank guide should be listed in the guide list of the addon, now record away to your hearts content. When your finished, hit the save button on the recorder frame, then click into the text in the box. Press Ctrl+A to select it all, Ctrl+C to copy it.Now open your New Guide.Lua file, delete everything in it, then paste your recording into it. Save it as a different name, editing the information you need to before doing so (guide title, zone, author, start/end levels, next guide, faction)eg:WoWPro_Leveling:RegisterGuide("GylDwa0105", "Dun Morogh", "Gylin – Dwarf", "01", "05", "GylDun0512", "Alliance", function()WoWPro_Leveling:RegisterGuide("GylGno0105", "Dun Morogh", "Gylin – Gnome", "01", "05", "GylDun0512", "Alliance", function()are the first lines of my dwarf and gnome starter guides.Now go back into the Guide.XML and insert another <Script file="New_Guide.lua"/> line, changing "New_Guide" to your guides title, remembering to use _ instead of space. After saving all these and doing a /reload in WoW your newly recorded guide will now be in the guide list and ready to play.As and when you want to record another guide, just select "New Guide" in the guide list in game and you're back to a nice blank guide to record into.

  • img
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 11:01 am

    Starting from the beginningStarting from the beginning is preferable. BUT, every little bit helps! If it’s a lot easier and you’ll end up recording more by just continuing from where you are, then do that! Regardless, we really appreciate the help!

  • img
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 4:06 am

    Quest submission starting part-way?First time posting on the site, 😀 so bear with any stupidness on my part. I’m interested in trying to help a little bit with some of the 80+ zones. However, seeing as how I just barely saw this page, I’m already partway through a zone; Uldum. Is starting to record quests partway through the zone and submitting them a big problem, or should I copy another toon over and start at the beginning?

  • img
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 3:39 am

    Hmmmm. Did you not have aHmmmm. Did you not have a guide loaded when you started? Make sure you create a new guide with the new button before you start recording, or it will break things.

    When you are making a new guide, also make sure you press enter for every single field, even the ones that auto-populate.

    I’m betting you had “NilGuide”, a guide with basically nothing in it that isn’t a proper guide, up when recording – so the “loadedguide” parameter wasn’t set.

    The new version I’m working on makes all this a bit smoother.

  • img
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 2:08 am

    Errorinfo pasted: Error occurred when I clicked the (save guide?) button on the far right:  Date: 2010-11-15 20:07:07ID: 23Error occured in: GlobalCount: 1Message: ..AddOnsWoWPro_RecorderWoWPro_Recorder.lua line 255:   attempt to index field ‘loadedguide’ (a nil value)Debug:   (tail call): ?   [C]: ?   WoWPro_RecorderWoWPro_Recorder.lua:255: SaveGuide()   …ceAddOnsWoWPro_RecorderWoWPro_Recorder_Frames.lua:169:      …ceAddOnsWoWPro_RecorderWoWPro_Recorder_Frames.lua:167AddOns:  Swatter, v3.1.16 (<%codename%>)  NPCScan, v4.0.0.5  Ace3, v  AckisRecipeList, v2.0.5  ArkInventory, v3.02  ArkInventoryRules, v  Automaton, v1.3.10  AutoRepair, v3.03  Babylonian, v5.1.DEV.130  Bartender4, v4.4.13  BeanCounter, v5.9.4960 (WhackyWallaby)  BloodyRare, v1.6  BonusScanner, v5.3.1  ClearFont2, v2.6  Clique, vv40000-1.2.11  Configator, v5.1.DEV.282  CopyThat, v  CurseProfiler, v  DBMCore, v  DBMRaidLeadTools, v  DBMSpellTimers, v  DebugLib, v5.1.DEV.275  Decursive, v2.5.2.2  DetachedMiniButtons, v0.9.47  DeuceCommander, v1.1  DontBugMe, v2.6.48  DoTimer, v4.5  DoTimerOptions, v  eePanels, v1.0  ElkBuffBars, v2.3.0-159  Enchantrix, v5.9.4960 (WhackyWallaby)  EnchantrixBarker, v5.9.4960 (WhackyWallaby)  EventAlert, v4.5.4  Fizzle, vv1.5.2  FramesResized, v2.4.0-51  FuBar, v  FuBarAmmoFu, v2.0  FuBarBagFu, vv1.1.8  FuBarClockFu, v3.0  FuBarDuraTek, v$Revision: 70051 $  FuBarExitFu, v1.1  FuBarExperienceFu, v1.1 $Revision: 65606 $  FuBarLocationFu, v3.0  FuBarMailFu, vr89  FuBarMicroMenuFu, v3.0.2  FuBarMoneyFu, vv1.2.4  FuBarMonkeyQuestFu, v1.1.1  FuBarPerformanceFu, v2.0.0  FuBarPortalFu, v1.18  FuBarReagentFu, v3.07  FuBarReloadUI, v2.0.0  FuBarVolumeFu, v2.0.$Revision: 55081 $  FuTextures, v2.0  Grid, v1.40000.1370  GridManaBars, v1.04  Informant, v5.9.4960 (WhackyWallaby)  ItemPriceTooltip, v92  lern2count, vv1.4-release  LibRock10, v  LibSink20, v  LootFilter, v3.20  MagicRunes, v1.0.73  MagicRunesIconDisplay, v1.0.73  MagicRunesRuneBars, v1.0.73  MikScrollingBattleText, v5.5.91  Minimalist, v  MobHealth, v3.3  MobInfo2, vv3.83  MonkeyBuddy, v  MonkeyLibrary, v  MonkeyQuest, v  MonkeyQuestLog, v  MoveAnything, v11.4.5  Omen, v3.0.11  OmniCC, v3.1.4  OmniCCConfig, v  Postal, v3.4.4  Prat30, v3.4.10        Prat30Libraries, v  Quartz, v3.0.4  RangeDisplay, vv3.9.2  RareSpawnOverlay, v4.2.40000  RatingBuster, v  Recount, v  RecountGuessedAbsorbs, v  RecountHealAndGuessedAbsorbs, v  Scorchio2, v  SellFish, v2.1.10  SexyMap, v  SharedMedia, v3.0.4-179  SharedMediaLib, v1.0  SilverDragon, vv2.4  SlideBar, v3.1.16 (<%codename%>)  Squeenix, v4.0.0.14  Stubby, v5.9.4960 (WhackyWallaby)  Surfaces, v0_o  TankWarnings, v1.2.2b  TipTac, v10.11.10  TipTacItemRef, v10.11.10  TipTacTalents, v10.10.27  TomTom, vv40000-1.0.1  VanasKoS, v4.26-$Rev: 482 $  WIM, v3.3.7  WoWPro, v1.7.1  WoWProLeveling, v1.7.1  WoWProRecorder, v1.2.0  XLoot, v0.91.1  XLootGroup, v0.61  XPerl, v3.1.1  XPerlArcaneBar, v  XPerlParty, v  XPerlPartyPet, v  XPerlPlayer, v  XPerlPlayerBuffs, v  XPerlPlayerPet, v  XPerlRaidAdmin, v  XPerlRaidFrames, v  XPerlRaidHelper, v  XPerlRaidMonitor, v  XPerlRaidPets, v  XPerlTarget, v  XPerlTargetTarget, v  XRS, v3.1  BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v4.0.3.40000 <>  (ck=b2c) 

  • img
    Nov 2, 2010 @ 2:00 am

    Latest version version seemed to fix it, so I’ll post my gnome starter now

  • img
    Nov 1, 2010 @ 22:15 pm

    Hmmmm. I’m not sure why thatHmmmm. I’m not sure why that error was happening in that case.

    I’ll do some testing on this when I have time. The waypoints *shouldn’t* be required – but there may be an error in the code somewhere that causes the above issue when one isn’t supplied.

  • img
    Nov 1, 2010 @ 11:00 am

    Aha, because I was gettingAha, because I was getting the same kind of “‘waypcomplete’ (a nil value)” error without them, and if I didn’t add them at any time there wasn’t a waypoint in guide the first waypoint from the old gnome/dwarf start guide “kill wolves and troggs” would appear. Maybe had something to do with that old guide being autoloading because I’m playing a gnome

    This was prior to you wiping all the old guides from the lastest version, so shall I now remove the wp’s and retest?

  • img
    Oct 31, 2010 @ 22:16 pm

    Just don’t add a waypoint,Just don’t add a waypoint, they aren’t required.

    And no, the above error was due to a flub on my part, I didn’t initialize a table correctly in the main addon code.

  • img
    Oct 31, 2010 @ 22:14 pm

    Hmmm. That is mostHmmm. That is most definitely something to look into, it would be very nice to have all the quest titles translated.

  • img
    Oct 31, 2010 @ 21:25 pm

    looking up via QIDI tried that “lookup via QID” in the early state of this AddOn.
    It works, but only after reloading via /reload UI
    because the WoW Client needs some time to load/refresh the Questcache after start.

    Even the untranslated (english) guides show the Questobjectives in the corresponding Clientlanguage (german) actually.
    I will look after that later.

    “Professional” Guideaddons like Zygor do the translation of titles, objectives, … “on the fly” with some kind of delay routines or so and use the QID lookup functions too afaik.

  • img
    Oct 31, 2010 @ 12:39 pm

    Missed waypoint or somethingMissed waypoint or something else?

    On the subject of waypoints, is there any way to add a step without one?
    For example, your already in the area, and don’t need to be directed

    example code to better explain:

    T Meet the High Tinker |QID|26425| |M|33.71,36.48| |N|To High Tinker Mekkatorque| |C|Warrior|
    A The Fight Continues |QID|26208| |M|33.71,36.48|
    C The Fight Continues |QID|26208| |M|33.71,36.48| |N|Watch the scene on the Holo-table| |QO|Learn about Operation: Gnomeregan: 1/1| |NC|
    T The Fight Continues |QID|26208| |M|33.71,36.48|
    A Triumph of Gnomish Ingenuity |QID|26566| |M|33.71,36.48|

    As you can see 5 steps all done while standing at the same spot, you don’t need to move, so don’t need an arrow pointing you anywhere

  • img
    Oct 30, 2010 @ 13:29 pm

    Cataclysm Addon UpdateHi folks! I’ve updated the Cataclysm recorder package to include the most recent exploits of both Bitsem and myself. You can download it [url=]here[/url].

    If you have recorded files, send em in! I’ll try to update this package every time a new guide section is completed. Thanks for all the hard work!

  • img
    Oct 30, 2010 @ 7:41 am

    Yay!Excellent work again Miss! 🙂

  • img
    Oct 30, 2010 @ 6:41 am

    Thanks, I think I found theThanks, I think I found the problem, fixing, will be in the next update.

  • img
    Oct 30, 2010 @ 6:03 am

    ErrorRecently getting this error:

    Date: 2010-10-29 22:57:43
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: …ceAddOnsWoWPro_LevelingWoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua line 874:
    attempt to index field ‘waypcomplete’ (a nil value)
    [C]: ?
    …ceAddOnsWoWPro_LevelingWoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:874: AutoCompleteZone()
    …ceAddOnsWoWPro_LevelingWoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:686: EventHandler()
    Swatter, v5.9.4960 (WhackyWallaby)
    Ace3, v
    Babylonian, v5.1.DEV.130
    Bagnon, v2.14.0
    BagnonForever, v1.1.2
    BagnonTooltips, v
    Configator, v5.1.DEV.278
    DebugLib, v5.1.DEV.275
    Informant, v5.9.4960 (WhackyWallaby)
    Stubby, v5.9.4960 (WhackyWallaby)
    Titan, v4.3.9.40000 – Revision 386
    TitanBag, v4.3.9.40000
    TitanClock, v4.3.9.40000
    TitanCoords, v4.3.9.40000
    TitanGoldTracker, v4.3.9.40000
    TitanLootType, v4.3.9.40000
    TitanPerformance, v4.3.9.40000
    TitanRepair, v4.3.9.40000
    TitanVolume, v4.3.9.40000
    TitanXP, v4.3.9.40000
    TomTom, vv40000-1.0.0
    WoWPro, v1.7.0
    WoWProLeveling, v1.7.0
    WoWProRecorder, v1.2.0
    BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v4.0.3.40000

  • img
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 21:52 pm

    Hmm, you may be right. :/Hmm, you may be right. :/ I’ll see what else we can do.

  • img
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 21:44 pm

    Hmmmm, I didn’t think aboutHmmmm, I didn’t think about this. Though for some reason I was under the impression that WoW won’t really give you information about a quest unless it’s actually in your log – I’m not sure there’s a way to look it up via QID.

  • img
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 21:37 pm

    Yes it can, but it’s a bitYes it can, but it’s a bit more advanced so I hadn’t included it here.

    Basically: instead of registering a guide with the addon, you create the new guide out of game by creating a new LUA file. If you already have some code complete, you can copy and paste your code into this new file. Then you need to place the file in either the Horde or Alliance folder, respectively, in the WoWPro_Leveling folder in the addons directory. Finally, you need to add this file’s name to the Guides.xml file within the same folder.

    Once that’s done, your new guide will load just like the “official” WoW-Pro guides. When you record, your new recording is tacked on to the end.

    Keep Notepad++ open in the background. When you complete a new step, alt+tab and copy everything over the top of what you have in Notepad++ – this shouldn’t delete anything because you are just adding on to code you already have.

    THEN, you can change things in Notepad++ as you go. Save the Notepad file, the do a /reload in WoW. You should see your new steps formatted with any manual changes you made!

    Like I said, this is a it more of an advanced tip, so let me know if you have trouble with it. This is how I work on guides, but having a physical notepad by the computer probably wouldn’t be a bad plan 😉

  • img
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 21:25 pm

    I’d be interested in thatI’d be interested in that and I can think of something in the future. I think we can actually do it ingame, as long as someone takes your files that should be translated and opens up the client where you want the files to be translated to.

  • img
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 18:56 pm

    How do I edit the code to add notes and things.Can the guide be edited while going from step to step? I know that it can be saved at anytime. When are notes like ‘follow the road out of the village to the next person to talk to.’ added to steps? I was thinking of having a notepad next my computer and making notes while moving through the steps, like the map coords and any notes to add. Is this common practice.
    If I was to copy the code in to a editor like Wordpad or Notepad++ and make edits there, is there a way to return the edited code to the addon, and see the added information on the guide?

    I think that is all the questions. I believe I can make a great guide but I just have these process questions.

  • img
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 12:28 pm

    That kind of a script isThat kind of a script is definitely possible, but way beyond my ability – I’m still a noob when it comes to programming. Without such a script, sadly the untranslated guide would not be very useful, except of course for those seeking a German translation!

    I’m not really sure where to direct you at this point 🙁

  • img
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 11:36 am

    I guess it would be hard toI guess it would be hard to do inside the addon, but it should be possible to write a scripe that processes a guide file and searches for the quests on the wowhead or mmo-champion database, parses the results and replaces the text in the file.

    If that sounds too complicated, is it useful if I submit a (untranslated) guide anyways (I’d write all notes etc in English, only quest and NPC names would be in german), or would that work be wasted anyways and I’ll better spend my time doing something different?

  • img
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 4:07 am

    Sadly I don’t thinkSadly I don’t think translating the quest names from a different client is really something we can do 🙁 I just don’t think it’s something available to the addon to look up. If anyone has any ideas on how to do this, please let me know!

  • img
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 23:18 pm

    Localisation of recorded guides?Hi,

    I’ve just started to record my Silverpine questing. However, I’m using a German client, so everyting recorded is in German. Is there any process (planned) that will allow the localisation? I’d guess it would be possible to search for the quest IDs somewhere and replace the name, but doing it manually will be really tendious work. Any ideas of what would be the best course of action?

  • img
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 12:03 pm

    Soooo true….Soooo true….

  • img
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 12:01 pm

    Sleep? Pah sleep is for theSleep? Pah sleep is for the weak!

    Oh sing with me now….
    “I’m an insomniac, and I’m ok. I play all night and I work all day.” 😛

  • img
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 9:35 am

    I see you’ve alreadyI see you’ve already incorporated them into your guide, but I’ll leave a quick explanation here anyway

    Ranks go from 1-3 (changing from 1-5). They determine how important the recorder sees the steps. The user can set the guide to 1 (ignores everyone marked 2 or 3), 2 (ignores 3s), or 3 (displays all steps normally). This will let the user choose how “complete” they want their zone experience to be. It’s especially good for users with heirloom items or those who want to do instances a lot.

    Basically, MOST quests should be 1s. You can also leave them unranked, since this defaults to 1. This definitely includes any quests that open up new areas. Quests that aren’t right on the questing path and which don’t have important follow-ups should be marked 2. Quests that go decently far out of the way or which have very few rewards should be marked 3.

  • img
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 15:20 pm

    Rank tagsI’ll check the addon documentation page for this, but what are Rank tags for? Pre must be for pre-reqs, and hopefully I can find the answers on my own, but for lazy people, a quick description of how to add them might be a good idea?

    If I get a chance, I’ll try to clean up the Troll stuff I’ve recorded. I’ll never learn if I don’t try, right? lol.

    Amazing work as usual Jiya. You make it so easy for us to contribute! Rock on girl! 🙂

  • img
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 14:06 pm

    Holy moo-moo, what a commentHoly moo-moo, what a comment those make.

    Also, I don’t know if you wanted to add in the turn-in from Darnassus to Darkshire. I had it in there, but I think I deleted it instead of the sample first line.

  • img
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 14:05 pm

    DarkshoreThis may come out a bit bumpy, as my first use of the recorder… It’s workable, but the quests in old Auberdine, as well as finding the survivors shortly after you arrive at Lor’danel, both could probably be gone over and re-sorted for better efficiency. At those I was mostly wandering around a bit lost.

    WoWPro_Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘darkshore’, ‘Darkshore’, ‘Aquang’, ’12’, ’99’, ‘ashenvale’, ‘Alliance’, function()
    return [[

    N First Step|QID|1|N|This is the first step in your new guide. A guide must always have at least one step. Delete this one when you add your own!|
    A The Last Wave of Survivors|QID|13518|M|51.76,17.94|N|From Dentaria Silverglade.|
    A Threat from the Water|QID|13522|M|50.39,18.75|N|From Ranger Glynda Nal’Shea.|
    C Threat from the Water|QID|13522|M|45.50,17.64|
    T Threat from the Water|QID|13522|M|50.21,19.83|N|To Ranger Glynda Nal’Shea.|
    C The Last Wave of Survivors|QID|13518|M|44.10,17.81|
    T The Last Wave of Survivors|QID|13518|M|51.75,18.05|N|To Dentaria Silverglade.|
    A The Boon of the Seas|QID|13520|M|51.75,18.05|N|From Serendia Oakwhisper.|
    A Buzzbox 413|QID|13521|M|51.17,19.61|N|From Wizbang Cranktoggle.|
    C Buzzbox 413|QID|13521|M|48.64,16.30|
    C The Boon of the Seas|QID|13520|M|49.56,18.48|
    T The Boon of the Seas|QID|13520|M|50.93,18.75|N|To Serendia Oakwhisper.|
    L Level 13|QID|13521|LVL|13|N|You should be around level 13 by this point.|
    T Buzzbox 413|QID|13521|M|53.23,19.58|
    A No Accounting for Taste|QID|13527|M|53.23,19.58|
    C No Accounting for Taste|QID|13527|M|55.05,20.95|
    T No Accounting for Taste|QID|13527|M|51.18,19.59|N|To Wizbang Cranktoggle.|
    A Buzzbox 723|QID|13528|M|51.18,19.59|N|From Wizbang Cranktoggle.|
    C Buzzbox 723|QID|13528|M|54.89,27.76|
    T Buzzbox 723|QID|13528|M|54.19,29.21|
    A A Cure In The Dark|QID|13554|M|54.19,29.21|
    A The Corruption’s Source|QID|13529|M|56.81,30.04|N|From Tharnariun Treetender.|
    A Bearer of Good Fortune|QID|13557|M|57.02,31.46|
    A A Troubling Prescription|QID|13831|M|57.37,33.80|
    C Bearer of Good Fortune|QID|13557|U|44925|M|57.50,32.41|
    C A Cure In The Dark|QID|13554|M|58.86,32.34|
    C The Corruption’s Source|QID|13529|M|58.75,32.64|
    T The Corruption’s Source|QID|13529|M|51.19,19.69|N|To Tharnariun Treetender.|
    T Bearer of Good Fortune|QID|13557|M|51.19,19.69|N|To Tharnariun Treetender.|
    T A Troubling Prescription|QID|13831|M|51.19,19.69|N|To Tharnariun Treetender.|
    T A Cure In The Dark|QID|13554|M|51.19,19.69|N|To Wizbang Cranktoggle.|
    h Lor’danel|QID|13831|M|50.98,18.61|N|At Innkeeper Kyteran.|
    A A Love Eternal|QID|13563|M|50.84,17.96|N|From Cerellean Whiteclaw.|
    A A Lost Companion|QID|13564|M|50.89,17.98|N|From Volcor.|
    A The Final Flame of Bashal’Aran|QID|13562|M|50.31,19.59|N|From Ranger Glynda Nal’Shea.|
    A Solace for the Highborne|QID|13561|M|46.80,33.23|N|From Arya Autumnlight.|
    C The Final Flame of Bashal’Aran|QID|13562|NC|M|45.97,34.25|
    L Level 14|QID|13561|LVL|14|N|You should be around level 14 by this point.|
    C A Love Eternal|QID|13563|M|48.29,36.54|
    C Solace for the Highborne|QID|13561|M|47.27,34.59|
    T Solace for the Highborne|QID|13561|M|46.76,33.28|N|To Arya Autumnlight.|
    C A Lost Companion|QID|13564|NC|M|43.00,38.86|
    T A Lost Companion|QID|13564|M|42.95,38.90|N|To Keeper Karithus.|
    A Unsavory Remedies|QID|13598|M|42.95,38.90|N|From Keeper Karithus.|
    A Ritual Materials|QID|13566|M|42.95,38.90|N|From Keeper Karithus.|
    A Twice Removed|QID|13565|M|42.95,38.90|N|From Seraphine.|
    C Twice Removed|QID|13565|U|45911|M|48.60,40.81|
    C Unsavory Remedies|QID|13598|M|49.15,40.55|
    C Ritual Materials|QID|13566|M|44.66,40.86|
    T Unsavory Remedies|QID|13598|M|42.96,39.11|N|To Keeper Karithus.|
    T Ritual Materials|QID|13566|M|42.96,39.11|N|To Keeper Karithus.|
    T Twice Removed|QID|13565|M|42.88,39.01|N|To Seraphine.|
    A The Ritual Bond|QID|13569|M|42.93,39.02|N|From Keeper Karithus.|
    C The Ritual Bond|QID|13569|NC|M|43.74,40.34|
    T The Ritual Bond|QID|13569|M|42.99,39.10|N|To Keeper Karithus.|
    A Grimclaw’s Return|QID|13599|M|42.99,39.10|N|From Keeper Karithus.|
    T Grimclaw’s Return|QID|13599|M|50.88,18.20|N|To Serendia Oakwhisper.|
    T A Love Eternal|QID|13563|M|50.85,18.00|N|To Cerellean Whiteclaw.|
    T The Final Flame of Bashal’Aran|QID|13562|M|50.82,18.19|N|To Ranger Glynda Nal’Shea.|
    A The Shatterspear Invaders|QID|13589|M|50.82,18.19|N|From Ranger Glynda Nal’Shea.|
    A An Ocean Not So Deep|QID|13560|M|50.97,19.23|N|From Gorbold Steelhand.|
    C An Ocean Not So Deep|QID|13560|M|52.95,11.06|
    L Level 15|QID|13560|LVL|15|N|You should be around level 15 by this point.|
    T An Ocean Not So Deep|QID|13560|M|51.03,19.26|N|To Gorbold Steelhand.|
    T The Shatterspear Invaders|QID|13589|M|58.96,19.48|N|To Lieutenant Morra Starbreeze.|
    A Remnants of the Highborne|QID|13505|M|58.93,19.49|N|From Balthule Shadowstrike.|
    A Shatterspear Laborers|QID|13504|M|58.93,19.49|N|From Sentinel Tysha Moonblade.|
    A Reason to Worry|QID|13506|M|60.12,19.15|
    T Reason to Worry|QID|13506|M|58.94,19.48|N|To Lieutenant Morra Starbreeze.|
    A Swift Response|QID|13508|M|58.94,19.48|N|From Lieutenant Morra Starbreeze.|
    C Shatterspear Laborers|QID|13504|M|60.55,22.17|
    C Remnants of the Highborne|QID|13505|M|60.43,21.54|
    T Remnants of the Highborne|QID|13505|M|58.93,19.49|N|To Balthule Shadowstrike.|
    T Shatterspear Laborers|QID|13504|M|58.93,19.49|N|To Sentinel Tysha Moonblade.|
    A War Supplies|QID|13509|M|58.93,19.49|N|From Lieutenant Morra Starbreeze.|
    A Denying Manpower|QID|13507|M|58.93,19.49|N|From Sentinel Tysha Moonblade.|
    T Swift Response|QID|13508|M|63.77,6.04|N|To Alanndarian Nightsong.|
    A One Bitter Wish|QID|13511|M|63.77,6.04|N|From Alanndarian Nightsong.|
    C One Bitter Wish|QID|13511|M|63.91,6.10|
    A Timely Arrival|QID|13510|M|64.44,5.47|N|From Sentinel Aynasha.|
    C Timely Arrival|QID|13510|NC|M|60.58,6.97|
    C War Supplies|QID|13509|U|44999|M|62.42,8.08|
    C Denying Manpower|QID|13507|M|62.23,9.31|
    T War Supplies|QID|13509|M|58.92,19.49|N|To Lieutenant Morra Starbreeze.|
    T One Bitter Wish|QID|13511|M|58.92,19.49|N|To Lieutenant Morra Starbreeze.|
    L Level 16|QID|13510|LVL|16|N|You should be around level 16 by this point.|
    T Timely Arrival|QID|13510|M|58.92,19.49|N|To Lieutenant Morra Starbreeze.|
    T Denying Manpower|QID|13507|M|58.92,19.39|N|To Sentinel Tysha Moonblade.|
    A Strategic Strikes|QID|13512|M|58.94,19.51|N|From Lieutenant Morra Starbreeze.|
    A On the Brink|QID|13513|M|58.94,19.51|N|From Balthule Shadowstrike.|
    A The Looting of Althalaxx|QID|13844|M|59.08,19.60|N|From Mathas Wildwood.|
    C The Looting of Althalaxx|QID|13844|M|58.28,24.01|
    C On the Brink|QID|13513|M|57.33,25.86|
    C Strategic Strikes|QID|13512|U|44995|M|57.12,25.91|
    T Strategic Strikes|QID|13512|M|58.88,19.47|N|To Lieutenant Morra Starbreeze.|
    T On the Brink|QID|13513|M|58.88,19.47|N|To Balthule Shadowstrike.|
    A The Front Line|QID|13590|M|58.88,19.47|N|From Lieutenant Morra Starbreeze.|
    T The Looting of Althalaxx|QID|13844|M|59.08,19.59|N|To Mathas Wildwood.|
    A The Ancients’ Ire|QID|13514|M|69.13,19.20|N|From Kerlonian Evershade.|
    C The Ancients’ Ire|QID|13514|M|70.67,17.07|
    T The Front Line|QID|13590|M|72.23,19.06|N|To Huntress Sandrya Moonfall.|
    A Ending the Threat|QID|13515|M|72.23,19.06|N|From Huntress Sandrya Moonfall.|
    C Ending the Threat|QID|13515|M|72.21,19.06|
    A Disturbing Connections|QID|13591|M|72.31,18.90|
    T Ending the Threat|QID|13515|M|72.35,18.87|N|To Huntress Sandrya Moonfall.|
    T The Ancients’ Ire|QID|13514|M|69.14,19.25|N|To Kerlonian Evershade.|
    T Disturbing Connections|QID|13591|M|50.65,19.65|N|To Ranger Glynda Nal’Shea.|
    L Level 17|QID|13591|LVL|17|N|You should be around level 17 by this point.|
    A The Twilight’s Hammer|QID|13519|M|50.31,20.29|N|From Sentinel Lendra.|
    A Twilight Plans|QID|13596|M|50.31,20.29|N|From Sentinel Lendra.|
    A Power Over the Tides|QID|13523|M|44.60,30.83|N|From Moon Priestess Tharill.|
    C Twilight Plans|QID|13596|M|45.10,30.34|
    C Power Over the Tides|QID|13523|U|44975|M|43.97,28.54|
    T Power Over the Tides|QID|13523|M|44.62,30.68|N|To Moon Priestess Tharill.|
    C The Twilight’s Hammer|QID|13519|M|44.11,32.22|
    T The Twilight’s Hammer|QID|13519|M|50.35,20.35|N|To Sentinel Lendra.|
    T Twilight Plans|QID|13596|M|50.35,20.35|N|To Sentinel Lendra.|
    A In Aid of the Refugees|QID|13601|M|50.35,20.35|N|From Sentinel Lendra.|
    T In Aid of the Refugees|QID|13601|M|42.61,45.05|N|To Priestess Alinya.|
    A Against the Wind|QID|13542|M|42.56,45.16|N|From Sentinel Selarin.|
    A Three Hammers to Break|QID|13543|M|42.63,45.16|N|From Corvine Moonrise.|
    A Malfurion’s Return|QID|13573|M|42.63,45.16|N|From Corvine Moonrise.|
    A Coaxing the Spirits|QID|13547|M|39.08,43.13|N|From Yalda.|
    A The Last Refugee|QID|13605|M|38.59,42.37|N|From Archaeologist Hollee.|
    C The Last Refugee|QID|13605|NC|M|41.20,43.34|
    C Against the Wind|QID|13542|M|39.51,42.09|
    C Coaxing the Spirits|QID|13547|M|39.34,39.03|
    C Three Hammers to Break|QID|13543|M|39.34,39.01|
    T Coaxing the Spirits|QID|13547|M|39.08,43.11|N|To Yalda.|
    A Call Down the Thunder|QID|13558|M|39.08,43.11|N|From Yalda.|
    C Call Down the Thunder|QID|13558|M|37.24,41.49|
    T Against the Wind|QID|13542|M|42.52,45.24|N|To Sentinel Selarin.|
    T Three Hammers to Break|QID|13543|M|42.62,45.17|N|To Corvine Moonrise.|
    T Call Down the Thunder|QID|13558|M|42.62,45.17|N|To Corvine Moonrise.|
    L Level 18|QID|13558|LVL|18|N|You should be around level 18 by this point.|
    T The Last Refugee|QID|13605|M|42.58,45.22|N|To Elisa Steelhand.|
    T Malfurion’s Return|QID|13573|M|43.67,53.51|N|To Malfurion Stormrage.|
    A The Land Is in Their Blood|QID|13575|M|43.67,53.51|N|From Malfurion Stormrage.|
    A The Last Wildkin|QID|13577|M|43.67,53.51|N|From Malfurion Stormrage.|
    A Protector of Ameth’Aran|QID|13579|M|43.67,53.51|N|From Malfurion Stormrage.|
    T The Last Wildkin|QID|13577|M|45.54,48.50|N|To Aroom.|
    A Aroom’s Farewell|QID|13578|M|45.54,48.50|N|From Aroom.|
    C Aroom’s Farewell|QID|13578|M|46.67,46.47|
    T Aroom’s Farewell|QID|13578|M|45.53,48.50|N|To Aroom.|
    A Elune’s Fire|QID|13582|M|45.53,48.50|N|From Aroom.|
    C Elune’s Fire|QID|13582|M|46.80,50.32|
    T Elune’s Fire|QID|13582|M|45.53,48.49|N|To Aroom.|
    A The Wildkin’s Oath|QID|13583|M|45.55,48.41|N|From Aroom.|
    T Protector of Ameth’Aran|QID|13579|M|44.48,56.62|N|To Selenn.|
    A Calming the Earth|QID|13584|M|44.48,56.62|N|From Selenn.|
    C Calming the Earth|QID|13584|M|43.71,55.94|
    T Calming the Earth|QID|13584|M|44.38,56.65|N|To Selenn.|
    A Sworn to Protect|QID|13585|M|44.38,56.65|N|From Selenn.|
    T The Land Is in Their Blood|QID|13575|M|41.01,56.44|N|To Elder Brownpaw.|
    A Mutual Aid|QID|13576|M|41.01,56.44|N|From Elder Brownpaw.|
    C Mutual Aid|QID|13576|U|44959|M|40.25,60.57|
    T Mutual Aid|QID|13576|M|40.94,56.55|N|To Elder Brownpaw.|
    A Soothing the Elements|QID|13580|M|40.94,56.55|N|From Elder Brownpaw.|
    C Soothing the Elements|QID|13580|U|46546|M|39.74,62.61|
    T Soothing the Elements|QID|13580|M|40.94,56.59|N|To Elder Brownpaw.|
    A The Blackwood Pledge|QID|13581|M|40.94,56.59|N|From Elder Brownpaw.|
    T The Blackwood Pledge|QID|13581|M|43.66,53.41|N|To Malfurion Stormrage.|
    T The Wildkin’s Oath|QID|13583|M|43.66,53.41|N|To Malfurion Stormrage.|
    T Sworn to Protect|QID|13585|M|43.66,53.41|N|To Malfurion Stormrage.|
    A The Emerald Dream|QID|13586|M|43.66,53.41|N|From Malfurion Stormrage.|
    T The Emerald Dream|QID|13586|M|49.14,56.98|N|To Thessera.|
    A The Waking Nightmare|QID|13587|M|49.14,56.98|N|From Thessera.|
    L Level 19|QID|13587|LVL|19|N|You should be around level 19 by this point.|
    C The Waking Nightmare|QID|13587|M|49.34,55.74|
    T The Waking Nightmare|QID|13587|M|49.19,56.89|N|To Thessera.|
    A Leaving the Dream|QID|13940|M|49.19,56.89|N|From Thessera.|
    T Leaving the Dream|QID|13940|M|43.63,53.43|N|To Malfurion Stormrage.|
    A The Eye of All Storms|QID|13588|M|43.63,53.43|N|From Malfurion Stormrage.|
    C The Eye of All Storms|QID|13588|M|44.27,54.20|
    T The Eye of All Storms|QID|13588|M|43.63,53.41|N|To Malfurion Stormrage.|
    A Mounting the Offensive|QID|13902|M|43.63,53.41|N|From Malfurion Stormrage.|
    f Grove of the Ancients|QID|13902|M|44.39,75.39|N|At Delanea.|
    T Mounting the Offensive|QID|13902|M|45.25,75.12|N|To Balren of the Claw.|
    A Leave No Tracks|QID|13892|M|45.25,75.12|N|From Balren of the Claw.|
    A What’s Happening to the Blackwood Furbolg?|QID|13525|M|45.19,75.16|N|From Foriel Broadleaf.|
    A Consumed|QID|13881|M|45.19,74.70|N|From Kathrena Winterwisp.|
    C Consumed|QID|13881|NC|M|45.89,78.78|
    T What’s Happening to the Blackwood Furbolg?|QID|13525|M|43.54,80.94|N|To Elder Brolg.|
    A The Bear’s Paw|QID|13526|M|43.54,80.94|N|From Elder Brolg.|
    C The Bear’s Paw|QID|13526|M|44.99,88.61|
    T The Bear’s Paw|QID|13526|M|43.54,80.90|N|To Elder Brolg.|
    A The Bear’s Blessing|QID|13544|M|43.54,80.90|N|From Elder Brolg.|
    C Leave No Tracks|QID|13892|U|46696|M|40.74,84.58|
    T Leave No Tracks|QID|13892|M|40.74,84.58|N|To Faceless One.|
    C The Bear’s Blessing|QID|13544|M|45.30,76.82|
    T Consumed|QID|13881|M|45.19,74.69|N|To Kathrena Winterwisp.|
    A The Seeds of Life|QID|13882|M|45.19,74.69|N|From Kathrena Winterwisp.|
    A Stepping Up Surveillance|QID|13948|M|45.27,75.08|N|From Balren of the Claw.|
    C The Seeds of Life|QID|13882|M|38.60,78.14|
    T The Bear’s Blessing|QID|13544|M|43.48,80.96|N|To Elder Brolg.|
    A Cleansing the Afflicted|QID|13545|M|43.48,80.96|N|From Elder Brolg.|
    A Jadefire Braziers|QID|13572|M|43.57,80.95|N|From Gren Tornfur.|
    C Cleansing the Afflicted|QID|13545|U|44889|M|44.62,82.07|
    C Jadefire Braziers|QID|13572|M|44.36,84.07|
    C Stepping Up Surveillance|QID|13948|U|46696|M|39.96,84.84|
    L Level 20|QID|13572|LVL|20|N|You should be around level 20 by this point.|
    T Jadefire Braziers|QID|13572|M|43.55,80.94|N|To Gren Tornfur.|
    T Cleansing the Afflicted|QID|13545|M|43.55,80.94|N|To Elder Brolg.|
    A The Defiler|QID|13546|M|43.55,80.94|N|From Elder Brolg.|
    C The Defiler|QID|13546|M|46.34,83.66|
    T The Defiler|QID|13546|M|43.54,80.93|N|To Elder Brolg.|
    T Stepping Up Surveillance|QID|13948|M|45.25,75.18|N|To Balren of the Claw.|
    A Unearthed Knowledge|QID|13896|M|45.28,75.05|N|From Larien.|
    T The Seeds of Life|QID|13882|M|45.20,74.71|N|To Kathrena Winterwisp.|
    A An Ounce of Prevention|QID|13925|M|45.20,74.71|N|From Kathrena Winterwisp.|
    C An Ounce of Prevention|QID|13925|U|46363|M|45.79,76.48|
    T An Ounce of Prevention|QID|13925|M|45.19,74.70|N|To Kathrena Winterwisp.|
    A In Defense of Darkshore|QID|13885|M|45.19,74.70|N|From Kathrena Winterwisp.|
    C In Defense of Darkshore|QID|13885|M|40.61,81.61|
    T In Defense of Darkshore|QID|13885|M|45.20,74.69|N|To Kathrena Winterwisp.|
    A The Devourer of Darkshore|QID|13891|M|45.20,74.69|N|From Kathrena Winterwisp.|
    C The Devourer of Darkshore|QID|13891|U|46370|M|44.97,78.70|
    T The Devourer of Darkshore|QID|13891|M|45.18,74.69|N|To Kathrena Winterwisp.|
    T Unearthed Knowledge|QID|13896|M|37.69,82.74|N|To Archaeologist Groff.|
    A Soggoth and Kronn|QID|13893|M|37.69,82.74|N|From Archaeologist Groff.|
    A Sweeping Clean the Ruins|QID|13907|M|37.69,82.74|N|From Archaeologist Groff.|
    A Swamped Secrets|QID|13912|M|37.69,82.93|N|From Jr. Archaeologist Ferd.|
    A The Absent-Minded Prospector|QID|13911|M|37.69,82.93|N|From Prospector Remtravel.|
    C The Absent-Minded Prospector|QID|13911|NC|M|37.68,82.95|
    T The Absent-Minded Prospector|QID|13911|M|37.73,82.95|N|To Jr. Archaeologist Ferd.|
    C Swamped Secrets|QID|13912|M|36.99,83.37|
    C Sweeping Clean the Ruins|QID|13907|M|36.99,83.38|
    T Swamped Secrets|QID|13912|M|37.70,82.90|N|To Jr. Archaeologist Ferd.|
    A The Titans’ Terminal|QID|13918|M|37.70,82.90|N|From Jr. Archaeologist Ferd.|
    L Level 21|QID|13918|LVL|21|N|You should be around level 21 by this point.|
    T Sweeping Clean the Ruins|QID|13907|M|37.70,82.90|N|To Archaeologist Groff.|
    A Got Some Flotsam?|QID|13909|M|37.70,82.90|N|From Archaeologist Groff.|
    C The Titans’ Terminal|QID|13918|U|46388|M|37.09,81.24|
    C Got Some Flotsam?|QID|13909|M|37.16,86.91|
    T The Titans’ Terminal|QID|13918|M|37.69,82.92|N|To Jr. Archaeologist Ferd.|
    T Got Some Flotsam?|QID|13909|M|37.68,82.78|N|To Archaeologist Groff.|
    A A New Home|QID|13910|M|37.68,82.78|N|From Archaeologist Groff.|
    C A New Home|QID|13910|U|46385|M|35.91,81.89|
    T A New Home|QID|13910|M|37.67,82.77|N|To Archaeologist Groff.|
    T Soggoth and Kronn|QID|13893|M|45.29,75.07|N|To Larien.|
    A The Slumbering Ancients|QID|13895|M|45.36,74.91|N|From Onu.|
    T The Slumbering Ancients|QID|13895|M|45.67,71.72|N|To Aros.|
    A Naga In Our Midst|QID|13953|M|45.63,71.70|N|From Darkscale Assassin.|
    T Naga In Our Midst|QID|13953|M|45.27,75.10|N|To Balren of the Claw.|
    A The Darkscale Warlord|QID|13899|M|45.27,75.10|N|From Balren of the Claw.|
    A The Tides Turn Against Us|QID|13898|M|45.27,75.10|N|From Felros.|
    C The Tides Turn Against Us|QID|13898|M|31.19,84.20|
    T The Darkscale Warlord|QID|13899|M|32.27,85.30|N|To Warlord Wrathspine.|
    A The Offering to Azshara|QID|13900|M|32.25,85.13|N|From Warlord Wrathspine.|
    C The Offering to Azshara|QID|13900|M|32.57,84.61|
    T The Offering to Azshara|QID|13900|M|32.81,84.23|N|To Malfurion Stormrage.|
    A The Battle for Darkshore|QID|13897|M|32.83,84.30|N|From Malfurion Stormrage.|
    C The Battle for Darkshore|QID|13897|U|58365|M|40.12,83.91|
    T The Tides Turn Against Us|QID|13898|M|45.32,75.09|N|To Felros.|
    T The Battle for Darkshore|QID|13897|M|45.32,75.09|N|To Balren of the Claw.|
    A Ashes in Ashenvale|QID|26408|M|45.32,75.09|N|From Balren of the Claw.|


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    Oct 26, 2010 @ 13:13 pm

    Yup, and I just added saidYup, and I just added said feature. Yay!

    Will package and upload later, sleepy time now.

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    Oct 26, 2010 @ 12:56 pm

    One thing I’d add that I’veOne thing I’d add that I’ve noticed, is don’t reload the ui without saving, as it wipes whatever the recorder currently has in it. I think that as and when the autosave feature is added, this will cease to be an issue.

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