What Awaits Us in February When the Elden Ring Is Released


It’s been more than two years in the making. The concept behind “Elden Ring” was first mentioned announced at the E3 press conference in 2019. Based on the connections behind this video game concept, video gamers all over the world began their waiting with great anticipation of the game’s release.


The next mention of Elden Ring came in June of 2021 when a trailer was released, promoting the release of the game in January of 2022. In October of 2021, game developers announced development delays that were forcing them to revise the release date to February 25, 2022. With that date hopefully set in concrete, the world of video gamers has begun its countdown to the fateful day.


About Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an action role-playing video game that was developed in the studios of FromSoftware. The game is being published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Serving as the director is Hidetaka Miyazaki, who worked in collaboration with the great fantasy novelist George R. R. Martin.


The premise behind the game is as follows: From a third-person perspective, video gamers will set out on a journey of combat and exploration of the realm of the Lands Between. The time period is set after the destruction of the titular Elden Ring. The task for gamers is to battle the offspring of the evil Queen Marika the Eternal.


Each of the offspring possesses a shard of the Ring that corrupts them with the power of evil. The goal of video gamers is to find all the Great Runes and restore the Elden Ring. After accomplishing that goal, they will become the Elden Lord. To accomplish this goal, they will need to traverse through six main areas, including an assortment of castles, fortresses, and catacombs.


Much like was found in previous Souls games, players will take a linear path towards Lord of Elden status. They will be relying heavily on character-building elements as they prepare for and encounter combat situations that require the use of certain weapons and gaming skills.

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Is Video Gaming a Viable Entertainment Alternative for Online Gamblers?

In recent years, two forms of online entertainment have exploded in popularity. For adults only, online gambling has become a mainstream activity. With literally hundreds and hundreds of online gambling sites from which to choose, adults all over the world are signing on to try their luck as sports bettors and online casino gamblers.


The other online entertainment explosion is taking place in the video gaming community. Yes, this has been ongoing for close to two decades. However, tens of thousands of new video gamers are still joining the fray every day of every month of every year. That includes a growing number of adults who are looking for fun and exciting ways to enjoy themselves while staying closer to home.


In the realm of online gambling, the explosion of online gambling activity has resulted in a growing number of people who are experiencing problem gambling issues. Given the similarities between online gambling and video gaming, it begs the question, “Is video gaming a good entertainment alternative for problem gamblers?”


The answer is an undeniable yes. What problem gamblers need are ways to distract themselves from the desire to gamble while still experiencing some level of excitement and enjoyment. With the right mindset and video game library, there are a lot of problem gamblers who would likely find video gaming to be a suitable replacement for their online gambling activities.


This would be particularly true for online gamblers who can’t gamble online with a UK online gambling operator because they registered for self-exclusion from the GamStop scheme. By registering with GamStop, online gamblers get help with their gambling problems from GamStop member gambling sites. These sites will block them from gambling online. Once blocked, the GamStop registered gambler faces a time void they need to fill with something.


If they decide to resume their gambling activities prior to the date their self-exclusion expires, they have to search for online gambling alternatives. The best one is usually trying to find NonGamStopWager slots available online. Of course, taking this path still exposes the individual to the potential of gambling addiction if they can’t control their behavior.


Instead of looking for online gambling alternatives, it might be prudent for the problem online gambler to simply take a break from their gambling activities. While on that break, playing exciting video games like Elden Ring might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

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