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Hello Wow-Pro and welcome to me having a bit of a blog! If you are looking for helpful insight into anything, then you came to the WRONG place :D.

The Shattering
So in our World of Warcarft after a tireless week of alt killing elemental invasions on our beloved home cities, blizzard threw us a curveball and shattered Azeroth sooner than many thought. This was a good and bad thing for the content creators of Wow-pro.

The Good
Members of the Non-Beta club had chance to whack out loads of great guide files in the new realms of Azeroth with a 2 week head start on Cataclysm’s Launch. To see the progress of the guide files, visit Cataclysm Sign Ups by right clicking and opening a new tab/window.

The Bad
Cataclysm Beta was switched off very suddonly, so some of the 80-85 content writers didn’t have the optimal opportunity to fine tune and finish or test projects 100%

Wow-pro Community
I have been a member of Wow-pro for nearly four years and the site and it’s residents have changed and adapted a lot over the years. Also adapted is it’s presentation of content, I can say having a leveling guide, and guide recorder would have been a pipe dream back then, but when fools like myself can use them (Particularly the recorder) without causing a real life Cataclysm, the pipe dream soon become a reality. I want to give a thank you to the many people who have made this tool so good, wither in its conception, development or user support; I would list names, but I would ultimately miss someone unwhittingly.

Well done to the members climbing up the rankings on the site. Bitsem has joined the Exaulted Club, where as new users like Crackerhead22 are setting their foot firmly on the karma totem pole, not to mention many others who’s valuble contributions keep the Wow-pro heart beat healthy and strong.

If using a recorer is not something you feel comfortable with, this may appeal to your sense of expertise. Right now Wow-pro’s leveling guides are starting to take shape nicely, but we are very light on paper guides. Paper guides do take time and concentration, and Jame set a very high bar for quality, however, it can be fun and great to stamp your name on something that 1000’s of wow players will visit and use, for example, addonaphobes. Writing paper guides based on the Addon files will serve to VERY valuble roles, the most important I already mentioned, but it also gives our guides a good test. Even if you are not very good with editing pictures, you can always take screenshots and some text on your pictures, and there are several people in the community who will gladly gloss them up for you! To see what is needed visit Cataclysm Sign Ups by right clicking and opening a new tab/window.

Important Warning
Music… Blizzard recorded a ton of music for cataclysm. Some of it is very epic (Horde vs Alliance Quest hubs for example). Such music can be very blood pumping and cause you to want to pull 298398mobs at once. Mobs are a bit tougher now and have abilities more potent than before, so you may find yourself dying to said music. I would never do something like that, right Jiyambi?

Thanks for reading and have fun!

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    Nov 29, 2010 @ 19:39 pm

    You and your epic musicYou and your epic music deaths!

    A note to people interested in paper guides – we don’t just need leveling guides! If you want to tackle a smaller project, think of a smaller guide you might want to write, maybe something about a profession or a specific class.

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