WoW-Pro 2.3.6A Leveling, Dailies, Professions, WorldEvents, and Achievements Release Notes


Current Version: 2.3.6A
Last Update: Nov 13, 2012
Next Update: Nov 19, 2012

This update includes:

  • Updates, as we incorporate the suggestions and bug fixes from YOU, our community! There are 159 guides, of which XX had updates.
  • A promise to update the guides frequently, until we get MoP settled down.
  • A few bug fixes and enhancements.

The updated guides include:

  1. Will fill in more tomorrow!
  2. Pandaria updates, more dailies and achievements.
  3. LOTS of edits

We have 6 bug fixes/enhancements this update:

  1. Will Fill in more tomorrow
  2. The dreaded Cross Real Zones bug has been found and SQASHED
  3. A long standing memory leak was found and fixed
  4. DongleStub crash eliminated
  5. Dragonblight zone map .vs. Dragonblight in instance fixed.

We have 1 known bug this release:

  1. Updates to the profession guides

While the current guides are pretty good, we will be working constantly to improve and update these guides. Remember that if you notice a bug, you can help us by reporting it!

If you have trouble getting our addon to work, please check our “Troubleshooting Page” first. If you still need help, you can always stop by our “Friendly Chat Room“!

—Ludovicus Maior

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    Dec 2, 2012 @ 0:02 am

    Syntaxwoo hoo. I can (hopefully) not have to tell people to check steps off for a couple of days until they get far enough into the faction 🙂  I will edit the tiller guides sometime soonish.. (i.e. maybe not until tomorrow-certainly not until after you have checked in your fix.)  to put that in.  Hopefully fixing the 2nd  bug you mentioned above will solve the issue i was having :).  I was noticing things not checked off that should be when i reset the guide.  I was leaving it along, as there was nothing I could do to resolve it at this time.

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    Dec 1, 2012 @ 20:58 pm

    Friendship and specific rep levels and Dalies shortcutThe syntax is supposed to be:|REP|Operation: Shieldwall;1376;friendly;950|which would enable the quest 950 points or more into friendly.   There were no previous uses of this, and there was a small bug associated with it, which I will check in today.  It is supposed to be used to start quests that tick at specific rep levels and not at rep boundries.BTW, I also am playing with an implementation of :A Get All of Misha’s Quests|QID|*|That sucks down all the quests a given NPC has.   Getting it to work exposed another bug in Dailies quest processing having to do with quests that you have in your quest log not being correctly marked as accepted, but not completed. 

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    Nov 30, 2012 @ 10:34 am

    Re I had a friend in EQ that hadMine went quite well; I tested the tillers guide and it blew up on me.Blizzard changed the GetFriendshipReputationByID function (it no longer exsts) and I have to redo that section of code.“The Tillers” are now a proper faction, but they also have isChild to be set.  GRRRR!I only had my left eye operated on and I have to put stuff on it every hour or half hour in a horridly complicated pattern for 3 more days.But I can see out of the other eye OK.   Unfortunatly, the sedatives they gave me caused me to delete the second draft of my Operation: Shieldwall guide.    But it will much simpler the second time around :-).PS:  Wow, I actually had the foresight to save a copy on a new wiky page!  Now I can get the edits done after my doctor’s appointment this morning,.

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    Nov 30, 2012 @ 7:10 am

    I had a friend in EQ that hadI had a friend in EQ that had an eye operation and I never saw him again… He did log in again, but it was months later and by then I had quit and moved to WoW.  It occured to me that maybe it sounded too dire… so I had to add the 2nd statement.

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    Nov 29, 2012 @ 17:02 pm

    Re: Tillers guide/friendshipIf you are not on a quest, any C or T steps for it should never show up.But they sticky logic may have bugs in it.  I’ll check it out.But I am having an eye operation in a two hours, so I may not get to it right away. 

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    Nov 29, 2012 @ 11:02 am

    Tillers guide/friendshipToday for the first time, it {friendship reps filtering properly] actually worked right.  I changed the broker file to use 5-8 (but I don’t see why that would matter) anyway. I want to run thru it one more time tomorrow, then I will post it.  i was hoping to get a 3rd char to test it on… but that will have to wait a day or two longer.  One of mine has finished all the quests/gotten the final achievement and both of my husbands lvl 90s have.  We each have an 89 that will get to start them soon 🙂  So right now, I only have one to truely it test with :(A question about dailies guides? I am requesting clarification if what I am seeing/experiencing is the way it is designed or is it a bug?Should steps that are to be skipped (because you didn’t get that quest that day) still show in the guide frame? If so… it would be much better if they were checked off? Especially with stickies. If I could post a pix , this would probably make more sense but here goes…___quest A (sticky) needs done_X_quest B (sticky) doesnt need done___quest C (not sticky) needs done___qiest D (not sticky) doesnt need done___quest A (unsticky)___quest B (unsticky)They all show with the unchecked box in the guide frame, except the first instance (where it is stickied) of quest B will have a chekcmark (the unsticky line will not have a chekcmark) I am finding to do dailies with the guide I have to keep my quest log open too, so I can see which quests I am actually on.  Also, the stickies (sometimes there are 4 or 5) fill up the whole guide frame and cause any use items to scroll off the bottom of the page. So, even if I know what I am supposed to be doing, I can’t do it.  (that particular example is from the  Klaxxi guide (Quest=MeltdownQID|31507) where you use the item when fighing the scorpians) I would scroll down to it, use it, fight, next mob, it would be back at the top of the list. then I would try to scroll… dang im in combat, no scrolling, open quest log, use from there. back to killing it… was frusterating.  I have been trying to rearrange things so that doesn’t happen in the tillers guide, but there are so many quests and I haven’t figured out a way to know which ones will never be offored together, so all the stickies – for that area – are together followed by the non stickies, then the unstickies.  For example in the Hozen area, there are 11 quests available to be done, it seemed appropriate to sticky 5 of them.  You will at most have 5 daily quests to do in an area (and the occasional non daily chain).  So, even if you set it to only have one step visable you are still looking at the 5 stickies some of which may check off , and some of which don’t but you still don’t need to do them, and when you finally get passed them, they skip properly.  In the meantime it is confusing

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    Nov 29, 2012 @ 1:48 am

    re: re: friendshipCool.  I just just my next toon to 90.  Now I have two to play with.Will try out your test guide tomorow before I have my little eye operation.

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    Nov 25, 2012 @ 22:06 pm

    re: friendshipit wouldnt really matter what numbers you assigned as long as you assign the same ones both places. The integer returned for standingID for the function GetFactionInfoByID, if its a friendship type rep is NOT the value you want as it is the value on the “normal” scale.  That is the reason for the 2nd function, but unfortunantly, the GetFriendshipRepuationbyID returns a text value instead of an integer value.  (You have probably figured this out before you read this…its pretty self expanatory once you look at it… but just in case you hadn’t gotten to it yet.)Thus you are assigning the integer value for both sides of the comparison, therefore, as long as they agree it wouldnt really matter which numbers you use, and maybe you can just use text compare, but that was a bit beyond me, I didn’t because I wanted to not have to wrote the whole skip step as differant for friendship vs normal factionsI also toyed with it using 3-8 since ‘best friend’ = 42,000-42999 just like exalted.

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    Nov 25, 2012 @ 17:09 pm

    RE: Friendships!OK.  Checked into the trunk. I think your levels (1-6) were really (0-5). 

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    Nov 25, 2012 @ 7:20 am

    FriendshipI  put a version on github that seems to work.  Unfortunantly with my tillers guide… which uses this logic I get an error whether or not I use the modified broker file… so . like I said there, it may not be right.editted cuz i cant spell

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    Nov 24, 2012 @ 20:04 pm

    FriendshipOh, I was wondering how the friendship thing worked under the hood.OK.   I’ll put it on my queue.   I have a L90 toon that is ready for testing it and two others at L89  that I am trying to get to 90 with the 8th anniversary bonus!Perhaps a draft by tomorrow.  

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    Nov 23, 2012 @ 11:14 am

    deleted original post.-started over I thought I was giving up, but I finally managed it. Did you notice Im not good at giving up on things…

    I did determine that dispite the initial research I did before posting the above… I have found its not that easy.

    the function GetFactionInfoByID() – which returns:

    name, description, standingId, bottomValue, topValue, earnedValue, atWarWith, canToggleAtWar, isHeader, isCollapsed, hasRep, isWatched, isChild

    The variable ischild shows whether its a friendship rep. If that is a nil, it is a normal rep; if its “1”, its one of these friendship reps.

    To get the faction level of the friendship reps you then do the following function: GetFriendshipReputationByID() which returns:

    friendID, friendRep, friendMaxRep, friendText, friendTexture, friendTextLevel, friendThresh

    The value in friendTextLevel will be stranger, buddy, etc. which is what I was hoping to use in the guide…

    posts of interest (or not)

    OK, I did homework. and thought about how to change it, but it is still beyond me. I think it would be something like

    if ischild = 1, then
    friendID, friendRep, friendMaxRep, friendText, friendTexture, friendTextLevel, friendThresh = GetFriendshipReputationByID(factionIndex)
    if friendtextlevel = ‘stranger’ then standingID = 1 end
    if friendtextlevel = ‘acquaintance’ then standingID = 2 end
    if friendtextlevel = ‘buddy’ then standingID = 3 end
    if friendtextlevel = ‘friend’ then standingID = 4 end
    if friendtextlevel = ‘good friend’ then standingID = 5 end
    if friendtextlevel = ‘best friend’ then standingID = 6 end
    — inserted just above the following (i.e. line 289)
    if (repID <= standingId) and (repmax >= standingId) and (replvl == 0) then
    skip = false
    but I know there are more pieces to it than that. I hope that gives you something to work with.

    because I cant leave stuff alone… who knows I may figure it out, but atm, I’m going to play 🙂

    PS. you will need this for the anglers too (I think… since Nat Pagle has the friendship levels… its not just for me 🙂

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    Nov 21, 2012 @ 23:09 pm

    New Guide not loadingI’m working on a tillers guide (as I’m sure ive said before) and my newest problem is that it wont load into the guide frame unless I click on scroll mode (if its already on, toggle it off, then on again) if its off, just turning it on works.  It does however load into the current guide.  (So if you click on current guide in the menu, there it is).  After I get it to show in the guide frame it seems to work fineI put the guide on github if you wanna look at it.  I can’t see how its differant than other guides that would cause this?!? Its totally not ready for distribution yet as there are several steps that don’t autocomplete that I think should. (so I am still muddling thru on that). And I’m not sure I have all the one time quests where I want them in the guide.   Any other helpful comments on the guide wouldnt hurt my feelings.Related to that I modified my copy of wowpro_broker.lua to include the new faction levels (stranger to best friend) The above error occurs whether I’m using the modified or the original file.  These are the changes if you want that too. but I’m not positive they are right, since this loading error also affected the guide I made to try and test them. (First line is the line above the insert for each of the two inserts.)   replvl = tonumber(replvl) or 0  if repID == ‘stranger’ then repID = 1 end   if repID == ‘acquaintance’ then repID = 2 end   if repID == ‘buddy’ then repID = 3 end   if repID == ‘friend’ then repID = 4 end   if repID == ‘good friend’ then repID = 5 end   if repID == ‘best friend’ then repID = 6 end   elseif repmax == ‘exalted’ then repmax = 8   elseif repmax == ‘stranger’ then repmax = 1     elseif repmax == ‘acquaintance’ then repmax = 2   elseif repmax == ‘buddy’ then repmax = 3   elseif repmax == ‘friend’ then repmax = 4   elseif repmax == ‘good friend’ then repmax = 5   elseif repmax == ‘best friend’ then repmax = 6Hope that made sense. 

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