WoW-Pro 7.0.3P Leveling, Dailies, WorldEvents, Achievements and Professions Release Notes



Current Version: 7.0.3P
Last Update: Sep 19, 2016
Next Update: Sep 28, 2016

This is the next WoW 7.0.3 Update

This update includes:

  • Support for 7.0.3
  • Guide Updates
  • A few bug fixes

The updated guides in 7.0.3 include:

  1. This is a cop-out, but about 60+ guides got updated. So just the highlights.
  2. All zone errors have been fixed!
  3. No guide syntax errors!
  4. Guide levels have been adjusted to reflect reality
  5. All Legion guides got updates
  6. Suramar is now more than half done (horde play-through, but Alliance could still use)
  7. Emmaleah (19!), Ludovicus, Fluclo, Blanckaert, tubera all touched lots of guides.

We have some fixes/enhancements this update:

  1. WoW-Pro key bindings are now in their own menu
  2. Fixed crash when targeting a player when doing a kill
  3. Added default class icons to class specific guides
  4. Added new LVL tag functionality to allow blocking quests when player is too high
  5. Accounted for new taxi class semantics in the Broken Isles
  6. Disabled Instance auto-hide for scenarios
  7. Corrected crash when using numeric zone specification
  8. Removed global taint on mapID and level variables
  9. Corrected crash when doing pet battles without a pet battle guide active
  10. Added the “TheDreamgrove” zone
  11. Changed Zone mapping code to keep track of floors better
  12. Added code to let recorder know the correct zone name to use according to the current zone database

We have 4 known bugs this release:

  1. Guide for Neutral Suramar has a Horde play-through, but not an Alliance.
  2. Disabling and then Enabling addon using in-game menu loses settings.
  3. Trade Skills spells not being sensed
  4. Guide selector module currently not functioning.

While the current guides are pretty good, we will be working constantly to improve and update these guides. Remember that if you notice a bug, you can help us by reporting it!

If you have trouble getting our addon to work, please check our “Troubleshooting Page” first. If you still need help, you can always stop by our “Friendly Chat Room“!


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    Oct 5, 2016 @ 22:50 pm

    Re: EmmLegionPriest error It is a small error in the guide.  Fixed.

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    Oct 3, 2016 @ 20:33 pm

    EmmLegionPriest error I am getting an error: Guide EmmLegionPriest has a bad QID []I have the lastest download, it’s not causing any problems it just keeps coming up as I move from zone to zone or area to area.

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