WoW-Pro November Competition


WoW-Pro is proud to announce the new ”’WoW-Pro Competition”’.

The winner of this competition will receive ”’100 US$”’. The second and third winners will each receive ”’50 US$”’.
The prize money will be sent over ”’paypal”’. You must have a working paypal account to participate.

===How to enter the competition===

* Register an account on our site.
* Read [ the competition rules]
* Use the [ contact form] and choose “competition” as category. Mention your username and that you’d like to enter the competition. ”’ATTENTION: By entering this competition you agree to [ this set of rules]”’
* You will receive a confirmation email (not the automated response) after a moderator has added you to the list of participants. Conserve this email.
* Start writing guides/wiki pages/news posts.

===Time Period===
The competition will be held over the month of November and it ”’will end on November 30, 2007”’. Any submissions made after this date will not be counted.


To put it simple: ”’Submit useful articles”’.

Your goal is to receive as much rating as possible. You can either achieve that by writing one really good article and getting a significant rating for it or by writing several articles (news posts for example) and winning through the sum of different ratings. In any case ”’the rating for each article that you submit in the mentioned time period will be added”’.

The member who receives the highest combined rating will win. In the case of a tie, the WoW-Pro team will determine the winner by judging how useful the guides were for the community.

The combined rating (userpoints) will be added to each participant’s account ”’at the end of the month”’.

”Important”: Only the rating for articles submitted ”’within the mentioned time period”’ counts.

===General Rules===

Your guide or news post MUST COVER A SUBJECT THAT IS [ NEEDED] BY THE WOW-PRO COMMUNITY. That means that if there is already an article about (for example) “Human Leveling Guide 1-6″ then don’t even bother submitting another one unless your guide is groundbreakingly better than the already existing one.

”’We will also delete (without hesitation) content that”’:

* is useless (contains no viable information)
* has been stolen from someone else
* contains less than ”’200 words for an article/wiki page”’ or less than ”’75 words for a news article”’
* doesn’t respect our [ FAQ]
* is obviously patched together quickly just to submit something
* we judge doesn’t fit on this site

”’The decisions to delete content will not be discussed”’.

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