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Just a quick blog entry to revisit a WoWPro addon feature…

WoWPro addon has two keybindings implemented, that you can make use of while playing:

  • Use Quest Item:
    Default key: CTRL-SHIFT-I
    Attempts to use the first quest item shown (as a small clickable button) on the addon’s guide panel, if there’s one. 
  • Target Quest Mob:
    Default key: CTRL-SHIFT-T
    Attempts to target the first quest mob shown (as a small clickable button) on the addon’s guide panel, if there’s one.

By “first” above, I mean from top to bottom on the addon’s guide panel, following the guide progression.


Instead of clicking the quest item button associated with the quest “Speaking their language” (shown in the image below), you can use the keybinding to use that item (default: CTRL-SHIFT-I). In this case, the pressed keybinding blows the horn to summon the quilboar’s chieftain… *snort*

How to change WoWPro keybindings

Open up the game options frame (ESC), and click on Keybindings.

Scroll all the way down (or almost all the way, depending on other addon’s keybindings you might also have) to find the WoWPro keybindings. If you haven’t changed the default keybindings yet, you should see something like this:

Then you can change WoWPro’s keybindings like any other in the game, including also adding a second key for each.

Known issues

  • If both the top “sticky” step and the imediate follwing step have clickable item/target buttons, then the keybinding will favor the non-sticky step. That’s because I figured that would actually the “current” guide step. In any other case, though, the keybindings should work as expected.

If you notice any other issue, please feel free to post a reply here or on the addon’s general bug report page.

Also, I don’t plan (myself) on adding any more keybindings to the addon, but I wrote that part of the code to be easy to expand. So, if any other developer wants to add more keybindings, I’ll gladly point you the way.

Good questing! *snort*

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    Jan 30, 2011 @ 2:27 am

    Sure, do what you will withSure, do what you will with it. 🙂 The list in the first paragraph, listing the 2 keybindings along with their default keys, should be enough info already.

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    Jan 29, 2011 @ 23:42 pm

    Heehee, that quest.
    ThanksHeehee, that quest.Thanks for the write-up, Silvann! I’ll see about either linking it or incorporating the info on one of the main pages when I have some time.

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