Release Dates - Updated 15th February

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These are the release dates for the upcoming guides, it will be updated regularly, so keep checking it! I will do my best to stick to those deadlines, but they might not always be respected. Sometimes they will be delayed, but they can also be published before the deadline. So if you want to get the guide as soon as possible, my advice is to check the front page regularly.

Also, if you want to know what are my future plans, check this Blog Post.

Anyway, here are the current release dates:

  • 18th February: Alliance Leveling Addon: Boston's 20-30 (Addon Revamp)
  • 20th February: Alliance Leveling Addon: Boston's 20-30 (Speed Testing)
  • 25th February: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's 30-40 (Addon Revampç
  • 27th February: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's 30-40 (Speed Testing)
  • 4th March: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's 40-50 (Addon Revamp)
  • 6th March: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's 40-50 (Speed Testing)
  • 11th March: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's 50-60 (Addon Revamp)
  • 13th March: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's 50-60 (Speed Testing)
  • 18th March: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Hellfire (Addon Revamp)
  • 20th March: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Hellfire (Speed Testing)
  • 25th March: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Zangarmarsh (Addon Revamp)
  • 27th March: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Zangarmarsh (Speed Testing)
  • 1st April: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Terokkar (Addon Revamp)
  • 3rd April: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Terokkar (Speed Testing)
  • 8th April: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Nagrand (Addon Revamp)
  • 10th April: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Nagrand (Speed Testing)
  • 15th April: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Blade's Edge (Addon Revamp)
  • 17th April: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Blade's Edge (Speed Testing)
  • 22nd April: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Netherstorm (Addon Revamp)
  • 24th April: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Netherstorm (Speed Testing)
  • 29th April: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Borean Tundra (Addon Revamp)
  • 1st May: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Borean Tundra (Speed Testing)
  • 6th May: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Howling Fjord (Addon Revamp)
  • 8th May: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Howling Fjord (Speed Testing)
  • 13th May: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Dragonblight (Addon Revamp)
  • 15th May: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Dragonblight (Speed Testing)
  • 20th May: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Grizzly Hills (Addon Revamp)
  • 22nd May: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Grizzly Hills (Speed Testing)
  • Date will be announced later:Horde Leveling Addon: Full Revamp / Speed testing
  • Date will be announced later: Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide - Zul'Drak (77-78)
  • Date will be announced later: Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Zul'Drak (77-78)

After that, the order of the zones will be:

  • 1. Sholazar Basin
  • 2. Storm Peaks
  • 3. Icecrown

Please note that these release dates are bound to change, and by that I mean I will release some of those guides sooner. So stay tuned, keep checking our front page for news and follow my Blog for the latest updates and previews of my guides.

9th November: Dragonblight XP Rate = 620000XP/hour
15th February: Alliance Leveling Addon - Maw's 12-20 Released and Tested! (50 Minutes per level on average) | Related Blog Post


So... This is it ?

So... This is it ?

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Cataclysm Problems....

Don't follow the link if you don't want any spoilers revealed!!!!

I'm sure most have heard the rumors about Cataclysm. I just found some stuff on MMO-Champion that will change up the guides again....Sigh....

Fortunately, details about the guide will be further cleared up at Blizzcon in a week.


Jiyambi's picture

Yeah, I don't want to even

Yeah, I don't want to even worry about this until we hear official stuff from Blizzard. I hate most of the expansion info posted at MMO-Champion, and I really hope some of it is false. There is some of conjecture from commenters that it's actually a misinformation campaign by Blizz, and for once I'm hoping those conspiracy theorists are right. Sticking out tongue

Still no news ?

Hey there ! Any news from James ? Is he alright ? Just asking as he seems to be really off line from a long time now Smiling.
Do you have any information to give us about the 3 last guides for Northrend ? Can we still expect them one day or we should just know it will never come ?

Jiyambi's picture

I just don't know. Jame has

I just don't know. Jame has continued to tell me that he will be back, and he does drop a line occasionally when something interesting happens on the site, but I have no idea when he plans to return or if/when the last guides will come out.

I know we all miss him and hope he comes back soon, but when I talked to him last it sounded like he was entering a very busy and interesting time in his life and I don't blame him for letting the site take a lower priority. All I can hope is that he'll be back eventually Smiling

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For what it's worth, you're doing a great job keeping the place going in his absence.

We all wish Jame well and look forward to the time when he does return.


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Is there a problem I'm not aware of?


Jiyambi's picture

QFT = quoted for truth,

QFT = quoted for truth, meaning he agrees. Thanks you guys Smiling

JamesL85's picture

My bad.....

I thought it was Quit F'ing Trolling..... Shocked

Again, my bad....LOL


Jiyambi's picture

Hahah, maybe it means that

Hahah, maybe it means that too, I admit I had to look it up Eye

Maw's picture

Thank God for the

Thank God for the dictionary!

No, wait - that was me...

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LOLs! Thanks for my giggle

LOLs! Thanks for my giggle of the day. Smiling

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"


when are they coming?!?!

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As far as I know, Jame's

As far as I know, Jame's still busy with RL. I'm hoping he'll return soon. The addon itself is moving along okay without him, since we're mostly refining his previous work. We've had some awesome users release high quality guides along the same lines of Jame's guides (the Shadowmoon Valley guide, for instance). Keep checking the works in progress section to get updates on the addon.

For the rest of the WoW-Pro users - I'm going to try to contact Jame and see if I can get permissions to do an update of the live version of the addon, since we have quite a few sections updated that have not been included yet. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for info and good

Thanks for info and good that James is busy IRL. I really appreciate these guides and was hoping to see the end of Wotlk guides one day. I still beleive to concentrate on the addon version of the guides before finnishing the paper/screen version of all the areas of Wotlk was a mistake. I'm a little bit sad it will probably never come before next expension. Anyway. Thanks a lot for the great work James and friends. Eye


Any way we could get these updated? Smiling It's been four months lol. Smiling


I second that...

Jiyambi's picture

James going through a tough

James going through a tough and busy time in RL right now. I think he'll be back in a week or so and will start the process of getting caught up and updated then. Until then, we'll all just have to be patient!

If you want to do something to help in the meantime, become a tester for the addon! Smiling

Hey Jyiambi

Hi, How can I become a tester?

Jiyambi's picture

Go to the works in progress

Go to the works in progress page to see what is currently being worked on, pick a section where you have a character and that isn't currently being worked on, and post a comment saying you're testing. Take detailed notes of any mistakes or bugs you find. For more info, see the how to contribute page, it explains in detail Smiling

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As far as updates, you can visit this page to see how far we are with the in game leveling guide, just in case you aren't aware of that page.


Jiyambi's picture

Jame's blog also sometimes

Jame's blog also sometimes has more updated information.

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James Is My Hero!

So James, i have been following your guides for eternity, and they took me from a reluctant WoW player to an avid player. Your guides are amazing, i would never have made it to 80 without them (im working on my second 80!) Anyway, I am so pumped for the release of zuldrak because that's usually where ding 80, but good luck with the addons and i think an admin mentioned some real-life stuff that came up so good luck with that too!

WoW <3 James!!!

I <3 James!


to avoid questing without having a guide, what i do is level up and i stay in outlands untill i've cleared all areas (not all quests, but the majority of them)
sure it takes longer technicly, but i avoid getting stuck on slower levelling when im done in grizzly hills. (and for me, playning on a pvp server, its also the safest Sticking out tongue theres barely any people in netherstorm these days)

even though this is my 6th level 80..

jame's guides are awesome.

my priest is currently level 72, and soon done in netherstorm (wearing 10% more xp shoulders) - then hitting the newly released shadowmoon valley guide, and when im done there, ill do the rest of northrend, and to finish it all off, im gonna complete all quests in all areas when i hit level 80, just for the gold income.

the reason i mainly did the outlands quests was coz i needed green items to disenchant for my enchanting skills Sticking out tongue
and cloth for tailoring

it all worked out perfectly!

Elaikases's picture

Found a zul'drak guide

JamesL85's picture

Used Before....

I've actually used that guide a couple of times and sent errors in the author. He fixed the errors the first time but hasn't changed anything after the last couple of e-mails. I used a couple of guides for Sholazar and Stormpeaks from Allakhazam (sp?). They were OK but didn't have any pictures....I like pictures.....

Jame and the crowd here are MUCH more friendly!!!! I'm actually trying the Sholazar guide that comes with TourGuide for my current run. It's been OK so far....


Elaikases's picture

The current errors aren't

The current errors aren't too bad, it could use co-ords, but I got the "do 100" quests achievement and caught all the quests in the zone, something that is easy to miss (especially the bread crumb quest in the Dalaran Sewers).

I'm a tailor, so the more or less all quests in zone achievement is important to me. Zul'Drak is one people complain about all the time.

Pictures were good, though not as good as Jame's. But the circuits were pretty solid.

Anyway, I'm now trying to get the Sholazar Basin achievement, hope the next in the ping series doesn't lead me wrong.

I was going to level a mage to 80 while waiting on Jame, but the mage doesn't quite do it for me, I don't like the rogue or warrior. I wanted a druid, but not a night elf. Thinking of a death night or a paladin next.

Jame' you are the best!

ty mate

Nakeed 80 druid aggramar server.


I have used all yer guides on this char, dinged 80 in the mid of the grizzly hills guide. I really hope u make deasent money for all the work u do. Im 42 years old and not at all an addicted, so I probably would have given up in the mid 40:s or so if it was´nt so easy to just go on...

Ty mate for all the work u done. I owe u some!!
( contributes are on the way)

(The game begins at 80, so im lookin fwd for the high end guides )



Ok, it's past almost a half year from grizzly hills release. So i expected for Ice crown to be in 2011?

Take patience

...and stop bitching, retarded.

To all the idiots complaining

I can't believe people are complaining about the release dates. STFU!! OK, imagine you are Jame, you have all this work to do, perfecting your guides, Making the guides, making the add-ons. And, on top of that, he has real life stuff to do. AND if he somehow has time left in his day, he can play WoW, or go out etc. You know how long it takes and how time consuming this is? And, he does it all FREE! Why would you complain about getting AMAZING guides FREE? If you are trying to get 80 REALLY fast, you will most likley hit 80 when you finish Jame's guides. Even if you did not hit 80, you can run instances or are very close to 80. So everyone complaining needs to stop crying.
Great job on the guides Jame. Keep up the good work.

Go Browns!

Elmo23's picture


drats i cant do -x karma yet....
maybe you can try and rent jame to do it for money. enough to let him take on enough free hours to finish it instead of trashtalk on someone whom invests so much time and effort for us to take pleasure and ease from without even charging us Smiling

Jame's picture

Bitching about things you

Bitching about things you get for free.

-1 Karma for humanity Sad

The rest of us appreciate

The rest of us appreciate your hard work. Without your guides it would have taken forever to level my first character to 80. They're awesome guides, and if you need any help with the addon testing I could possibly lend a hand. Thanks for your hard work!

Jiyambi's picture

As you can see (if you would

As you can see (if you would actually read the page you posted on) the Northrend guides have been postponed in favor of the leveling addon. That said, Jame is a bit behind in his planned revamps, due to a lot of RL stuff that has come up.

Regardless, Jame (and everyone else working on the addon and the other guides on the site) is doing this for FREE. In our free time, when we aren't actually playing WoW. If you are not satisfied with the speed of our progress, feel free to sacrifice your own time to speed it up Smiling


It seems the Dragonblight guide for the addon exists somewhere (because some users have been testing it), but I can't find it for the life of me. I have everything up to it, and I have Grizzly Hills, but I don't have Dragonblight. Can someone point me in the right direction?

JamesL85's picture


I'm assuming you're asking about Alliance side.

I too have seen the Dragonblight guide linked twice (two different authors), but I can't remember where. I have downloaded both and have made modifications to one of them (I can't remember which). I put a post on the Works in Progress page, but haven't heard back about what they're going to do.



Alliance side. My DK is parked there waiting for it.

Status quo?


does anyone know if the leveling guides are still tested and updated?

According to the schedule we should be at:

"25th March: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's Zangarmarsh (Addon Revamp)"

By know, we have not even reached:

"25th February: Alliance Leveling Addon: Jame's 30-40 (Addon Revamp)"

According to the arsenal "Holyjame" ist still level 31.

I love Jame's guides and I am just interested to know if there ist still hope to see some more of them?

Jiyambi's picture

Jame has had a bunch of

Jame has had a bunch of stuff going on in RL lately and hasn't been able to devote as much time to testing the guides. However, an army known as the WoW-Pro community is working night and day to make them as perfect as possible for Jame's approval Eye You can see the most updated files and who's working on what on this page.

EDIT: Oops, I reallized I didn't exactly answer your question. Jame *is* planning on continuing his testing and then writing the new guides (as far as I know!) - it's just been delayed a bit.


Zul'Drak just in time to bring my 4th toon to 80 Smiling

I owe you so many beers Eye

Grimnismol's picture

I apologize for my scolding

I apologize for my scolding up there.

I didn't mean to sound rude or target you alone.

I guess I was just tired of seeing people whine over Jame's release dates, especially since his uber quality guides are completely free.

After reading your post again, as well as your new reply, I'm certain you mean well.

110% my bad.


Tap into your infinite energy.

abrown516's picture

Just a Suggestion

I personally think that the rest of 70-80 should be prioritized before the perfection of the other guides. Otherwise, I think it's great that you have a specific schedule for all the difficulties you have to tackle.

P.S.: Move Dragonblight speed testing back one day (the 16th) so it will land on my birthday. Sticking out tongue

Progressive, agressive.
Jæger and Jæger. For the Azerothians.

James is the best

I just wanted to say thank you for the effort you have put into the guides and addons. I have used them since the release of BC and what a difference they have made. The addon is a trip to use and works well. I look forward to the new releases that are planned.

I was bummed to see that it wont be until May for the last 3 levels of WotLK but I don't mind because I hit 80 halfway thru the last one with 2 of my toons.

BTW I bought a guide and leveled 2 locks using theirs and yours and yours was a full day faster to 70!

Keep up the great work and I will keep sending people here for what I consider the best guides available.

Jame's picture

Thank you, I appreciate that!

Thank you, I appreciate that!

Hello James, I just wanted

Hello James,

I just wanted to add a comment to that news. I'm a complet fan of your guide as there are in my opinion the best around.

And I have to say that I was waiting quiet a lot for the rest of Northrend guides comming every day to see if a new one was out. So I'm quiet disapointed to see they will "perhaps" come only end of may.

To be honest, I'm not interested at all in the addon versions (but it's only my tasts). Don't you think it would have been more efficient to finish first the guides for all areas than working on another thing ?

Anyway, keep the good work James. I will for sure come back end of may to see if something move on the paper/screen versions of the guides.

++ Eye



Brune's picture

To be honest Jame, I

To be honest Jame, I would've preferred you to give a release date, even if it was mid-june Sticking out tongue

I'm wondering to what extent Ulduar will be dependent on Storm Peaks questing, which has me slightly worried...

Although I feel that for the shoulder enchants, I have to do the Sons of Oh-Dear quest chain, but I'll be carefully writing them all down, to allow me to tick them off as soon as I get my hands on your Ulduar guide Sticking out tongue

I too have been using Jame's

I too have been using Jame's guides since before BC, and have thoroughly enjoyed using them, seeing parts of Azeroth I would have missed otherwise, while at the same time leveling efficiently and quickly.

And while I love the addon - (I'm using it extensively on my alts) - I'm also disappointed that new material isn't being released prior to re-releasing old material in a new handier format. It's akin to your favorite television show not making more episodes, but re-releasing current ones in 3D or in HD with Dolby. Smiling

I used QuestHelper through Sholazar Basin and that "worked" I guess, but it seemed like I was flying around a lot. And after Sholazar Basin, Storm Peaks and Icecrown do not even have generic guides yet - let alone the finer quality of Jame's guides.

Ideally, it would be great if Jame were to kill two birds with one stone, and create the guides for SB, SP and IC, but create them from scratch in QH. Then he would be creating the guides for the last 3 zones, but also working on the add-on. Smiling

Thanks for your had work, in all aspects of your guides Jame, and I look forward to seeing the next addition in whatever format.