1-10 Human Starter Guide by Romeo



Starting area: Northshire Abbey
Race: Human

This guide is designed for players who are just starting World of Warcraft, and don’t want to waste time roaming around not knowing what to do. It will be fast XP, but will also include all the important and fun content that Blizzard put so much effort into.

The guide is designed for Solo playing, to minimize the need to look for a group I will sort the quests in an order that will be soloble by all classes.

The guide will start at level 1, at Northshire Abbey, Humans starting area. Before we go into the guide, there are a few pointers I would like to point out, basically the “legend” for this guide.

R” – Means this is a good time to repair and sell items to Merchants.
Level” – The point at which you should achieve that certain level, if you haven’t, kill a few more monsters in that area to hit that level.
Location” – Name of the specific location or city.
Quest” – A quest that you are picking up or turning in.
NPCs” – Not player controlled characters that you get quests from or interact with.
Items/Mobs” – Items and mobs that you will be dealing with.

Recomendations: There are many addons out there that could be of use, but a few that I found a must-have, and will help you find your way around. Click on the addon link to get it.

1. Titan Panel– I will use coords that go with the Titan Panel to help you find your way.
2. Gatherer- Very useful once you choose a gathering profession.

Chapter 1 Part 1

Rule Number One – Kill everything you see, its a good and fast xp.
Rule Number Two – Pick up items and sell to vendors, its a good start up cash budget that you will REALLY need at this point. If your bags are running full before I mention an “R” point, go to the closest vendor and sell it. Be careful not to sell the items needed for quests, and usable items (such as armor and items you can wear).

Familiarize yourself with game controlls, if needed visit for some beginners hands-on training.


Level 1

1. When you start, you will see yourself near the Abbey, and also several NPCs in that area. There are several quest givers, as well as merchants/vendors. Ignore them for now, and run WEST, past merchants, till you see some Level 1-2 wofls . Kill those untill you’re level 2, or untill you’re comfortable with controls.

Level 2

I advise that you go to your trainer every 2 levels, and check for available new skills.

1. Run back to the Abbey, and get the quest [2] A Threat Within. Run into the Abbey and turn it in for some XP. Get the follow up [2] Kobold Camp Cleanup
2. Run outside and get the quest [2] Eagan Peltskinner, run to him, he’s outside right by the building’s side. Turn in the quest [2] Eagan Peltskinner and get the follow up [2] Wolves Across the Border.
3. Go back to the wolfs, and kill them untill you get 8 Tough Wolf Meat, and reach Level 3.

Level 3

1. Once you got the 8 Tough Wolf Meats, run a bit NORTH, you’ll see Kobold camps. Kill 10 Kobold Vermins to finish the quest. Keep killing them untill you hit level 4. They will drop some items that you can vendor, and also a little coin.

Level 4

1. Run back and turn in [2] Wolves Across the Border, then run and turn in [2] Kobold Camp Cleanup. Get the follow up [3] Investigate Echo Ridge. Run back north and kill Kobold Workers untill you complete the quest, and untill you hit level 5.

Level 5

1. Run back, turn in the quest [3] Investigate Echo Ridge, and get the follor up [5] Skirmish at Echo Ridgep.R

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10

NOTE: At level 10, you will be introduced to the Talent System. Please read carefully and familiarize yourself. This is determine which path you are going to take as your class progresses. Usually there are certain specs which works the best for lvling up for each class.

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    Dec 5, 2007 @ 16:54 pm

    Taking a whileSorry its taking a while to complete this, was moving for a week now, and with work its kind of impossible to have any free time,. Plus we got like a foot of snow!

    Daelas – 70 Warlock

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    Nov 29, 2007 @ 2:17 am

    Hey everyone, I just startedHey everyone, I just started on this guide tonight, and will also be making Chapter 2, 10-20 leveling up guide (powerleveling). I personally think James’ Leveling guide for 30+ is superb, so I will make a really fast 1-30 leveling up guide section.
    Right now it will be for human races. I read through all the guides, and will combine the best from each one, to make 1 “perfect” set, after reading all the comments and suggestions on other guides. Please leave feed back/suggestions!

    Daelas – 70 Warlock

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