Addon- Tanaris Guide (Alliance) Ready for teasting.

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This guide will need a revision on the 7th, as some of the quests take you into Uldum (and ports you out) However, this guide does earn a player 3 levels (45-48) and the Zone’s quest achievement.

WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘TAN1’, ‘Tanaris’, ‘Wkjezz’, ’45’, ’50’, ‘UNGC’, ‘Alliance’, function()
return [[

N This Guide:|QID|99999|N|Starts off on the Speedbarge in Thousand Needles. If you did not complete Thousand Needles; It’s OK, Just skip this step and the next one. (Click to continue)|
A Tanaris is Calling|QID|27446|M|75.95,74.58|Z|Thousand Needles|N|From Fizzle Brassbolts.|
R Tanaris is Calling|QID|99999|U|55121|M|75.06,96.38|N|If you have your boat use it now and heat south, if you do not, swim. Continue along the path marked by the co-ords (click to complete)|
h Gadgetzan|QID|27446|M|52.59,27.00|N|At Innkeeper Fizzgrimble.|
r Sell Junk / Repair and Restock|QID|99999|N|You can also put items in the bank here. I would suggest doing so. (Click to continue)|
f Gadgetzan|QID|27446|M|51.32,29.45|N|At Bera Stonehammer.|
T Tanaris is Calling|QID|27446|M|51.23,29.90|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
A Seaside Salvage|QID|25048|M|51.23,29.90|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|
A Puddle Stomping|QID|25049|M|51.23,29.90|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|
A Butcherbot|QID|25112|M|52.24,28.07|N|From Driz Plunkbow.|
C Seaside Salvage|QID|25048|M|54.88,36.83|N|Kill Striders as you go.|
C Puddle Stomping|QID|25049|M|54.93,43.58|
N Distress Beacon|QID|99999|N|You could well find a distress beacon at any time from mobs in tanaris. If you should do so use it to accept the quest and we will deal with it later. If not, don’t worry. (Click to continue)|
A Find OOX-17/TN!|QID|351|N|This is the Distress Beacon, If you do not have it yet skip this step to continue.|
N Butcherbot|QID|25112|U|52715|M|50.86,37.48|N|Progress to this location killing Basalisks as you go. Once dead use the Butcherbot Control when targeting the Basilisks. (Click to continue)|
C Butcherbot|QID|25112|U|52715|M|49.73,39.34|
T Seaside Salvage|QID|25048|M|51.27,29.98|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
T Puddle Stomping|QID|25049|M|51.25,29.94|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
A Rocket Rescue|QID|25050|M|51.25,29.94|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|
T Butcherbot|QID|25112|M|52.26,28.07|N|To Driz Plunkbow.|
A Scavengers Scavenged|QID|25111|M|52.26,28.07|N|From Driz Plunkbow.|
R Rocket Rescue|QID|99999|M|53.27,27.43|N|Get in the balloon here, and fingers crossed they it stays in the air better than the Zeps! (Click to continue)|
C Rocket Rescue|QID|25050|M|60.05,27.04|N|Button 1 Delivers Life Boats. Button 2 Sends Pirates Flying. Press Button 6 When you are done.|
T Rocket Rescue|QID|25050|M|51.22,29.90|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
A Momentum|QID|25121|M|51.22,29.90|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|
C Scavengers Scavenged|QID|25111|U|52715|M|44.19,40.97|
R Momentum|QID|99999|M|67.66,41.75|N|Run east after your buzzard slaughter. (Click to continue)|
T Momentum|QID|25121|M|72.17,45.21|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
A Dead Man’s Chest|QID|25052|M|72.17,45.21|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|
A To The Ground!|QID|25053|M|72.17,45.21|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|
A Lootin’ Plunder|QID|25054|M|72.17,45.21|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|
R To The Ground!|QID|99999|U|51547|M|71.67,46.75|N|The 1st building to torch is here. Kill Pirates and collect booty as you go. Kill your way through this first building, pleanty of booty in here (Click to continue)|
C Lootin’ Plunder|QID|99999|M|71.50,46.79|
R To The Ground!|QID|25053|U|51547|M|71.86,47.73|N|The 2nd building to torch is here. If you still need booty have a look inside, kill the pirates, yearggg (Click to continue)|
C Dead Man’s Chest|QID|25052|M|72.61,46.39|
C To The Ground!|QID|25053|U|51547|M|72.68,46.15|
L Level 46|QID|25052|LVL|46|N|You should be around level 46 by this point.|
T Dead Man’s Chest|QID|25052|M|72.22,45.22|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
A Going Off-Task|QID|26886|M|72.22,45.22|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|
T To The Ground!|QID|25053|M|72.22,45.22|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
T Lootin’ Plunder|QID|25054|M|72.22,45.22|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
A Filling Our Pockets|QID|26887|M|72.22,45.22|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|
C Going Off-Task|QID|26886|M|74.60,45.18|N|Getting on this boat is a tricky affair. Mobs will aggro onto you as you climb the ramp. Try and burn down one at a time, and have potions ready.|
C Filling Our Pockets|QID|26887|M|69.94,53.44|N|Beware the Stongarms; They will pull you to them and possibly cause mass mob aggro; if in packs CC the Stongram, and kill the other first.|
T Going Off-Task|QID|26886|M|72.17,45.23|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
T Filling Our Pockets|QID|26887|M|72.17,45.23|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
A Captain Dreadbeard|QID|25166|M|72.17,45.23|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|
C Captain Dreadbeard|QID|25166|M|71.04,55.62|
T Captain Dreadbeard|QID|25166|M|72.17,45.19|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
A All Cheered Out|QID|26889|M|72.17,45.19|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|
H Hearth to Gadgetzan|QID|99999|M|52.79,27.00|N|Click to complete|
T Scavengers Scavenged|QID|25111|M|52.27,28.03|N|To Driz Plunkbow.|
A Blisterpaw Butchery|QID|25115|M|52.27,28.03|N|From Driz Plunkbow.|
C Blisterpaw Butchery|QID|25115|U|52715|M|46.89,28.72|
T Blisterpaw Butchery|QID|25115|M|52.26,28.06|N|To Driz Plunkbow.|
A Sandsorrow Watch|QID|25091|M|52.26,28.06|N|From Driz Plunkbow.|
T Sandsorrow Watch|QID|25091|M|42.44,24.00|N|To Trenton Lighthammer.|
A Blood to Thrive|QID|25021|M|42.32,23.90|N|From Mazoga.|
A I’m With Scorpid|QID|25521|M|42.46,24.32|N|From Gus Rustflutter.|
C Blood to Thrive|QID|25021|M|40.46,29.14|N|Kill all the scorpids you see on the way to the trolls. Don’t wory if you don’t complete the quest; you can kill more on the way back.|
C I’m With Scorpid|QID|25521|M|44.38,26.25|
T I’m With Scorpid|QID|25521|M|42.46,24.25|N|To Gus Rustflutter.|
A Gargantapid|QID|25522|M|42.46,24.25|N|From Gus Rustflutter.|
T Blood to Thrive|QID|25021|M|42.27,23.91|N|To Mazoga.|
A Sang’thraze the Deflector|QID|25025|M|42.27,23.91|N|From Mazoga.|
C Gargantapid|QID|25522|M|45.89,24.51|
T Gargantapid|QID|25522|M|42.46,24.22|N|To Gus Rustflutter.|
C Sang’thraze the Deflector|QID|25025|M|44.88,44.32|
T Sang’thraze the Deflector|QID|25025|M|42.28,23.86|N|To Mazoga.|
A Darkest Mojo|QID|25026|M|42.28,23.86|N|From Mazoga.|
C Darkest Mojo|QID|25026|M|38.92,23.98|N|If zombies seem in short supply, try clicking on shallow graves.|
L Level 47|QID|25026|LVL|47|N|You should be at least half way to level 47 by this point. If not, don’t worry. (Click to continue)|
T Darkest Mojo|QID|25026|M|42.29,23.88|N|To Mazoga.|
A Secrets in the Oasis|QID|25032|M|42.29,23.88|N|From Mazoga.|
C Secrets in the Oasis|QID|25032|M|39.04,35.17|
T Secrets in the Oasis|QID|25032|M|42.44,24.02|N|To Trenton Lighthammer.|
A Into Zul’Farrak|QID|25556|M|42.44,24.02|N|From Trenton Lighthammer. If you do not wish to run the Zul’farrak dungeon; abandon this quest; but it is good XP and rewards if you do.|
f Bootlegger Outpost|QID|25556|M|55.84,60.63|N|At Slick Dropdip.|
T All Cheered Out|QID|26889|M|55.65,60.82|N|To Zeke Bootscuff.|
A Cutting Losses|QID|24932|M|55.65,60.82|N|From Zeke Bootscuff.|
A A Few Good Goblins|QID|25072|M|55.65,60.82|N|From Zeke Bootscuff.|
C A Few Good Goblins|QID|25072|M|56.75,63.46|N|These goblins are in Purple cocoons. Make sure you get the killing blow if you are a pet class. Keeep killing Bugs as you do this.|
C Cutting Losses|QID|24932|M|56.70,61.92|
T Cutting Losses|QID|24932|M|55.66,60.85|N|To Zeke Bootscuff.|
A Chicken of the Desert|QID|24933|M|55.66,60.85|N|From Zeke Bootscuff.|
T A Few Good Goblins|QID|25072|M|55.66,60.85|N|To Zeke Bootscuff.|
A Gazer Tag|QID|24931|M|55.25,60.22|N|From Narain Soothfancy.|
N Grindfest:|QID|99999|N|To say the drop rate on the Basalisks and Hyenas is low, is an understatement; Do not get discouraged. Also, watch out for disturbed land; these are Elite worms, easy enough to solo, but annoying. (Click to Continue)|
C Gazer Tag|QID|24931|M|52.65,53.99|
C Chicken of the Desert|QID|24933|M|58.14,59.84|N|Hooray!|
T Chicken of the Desert|QID|24933|M|55.60,60.80|N|To Zeke Bootscuff.|
A A Great Idea|QID|24951|M|55.60,60.80|N|From Zeke Bootscuff.|
T Gazer Tag|QID|24931|M|55.27,60.19|N|To Narain Soothfancy.|
C A Great Idea|QID|24951|U|52031|M|55.60,60.62|N|Look for the big fat beetle, they are usually accompanied by a tiny little one. Throw the bait and WALK back. Do not mount, this will de-spawn your bug.|
T A Great Idea|QID|24951|M|55.65,60.79|N|To Zeke Bootscuff.|
A Just Trying to Kill Some Bugs|QID|24953|M|55.65,60.79|N|From Zeke Bootscuff.|
R Talk to Narain Soothfancy.|QID|99999|N|All that meat grinding was worth it, now you get to pilot a silithid! (click to continue)|
R Go here|QID|99999|M|54.66,69.60|N|Go to the hole here; it’s the first one you see on the way down the ram and you will be heading south west as you enter. (click to continue)|
R Then here…|QID|99999|M|54.19,70.07|N|Go to the cave mouth here, and take the left fork. (click to continue)|
R Then here…|QID|99999|M|54.02,71.85|N|Into the circle room. Get in there center, and hit button 2 (click to continue)|
C Just Trying to Kill Some Bugs|QID|24953|M|54.54,72.01|
T Just Trying to Kill Some Bugs|QID|24953|M|55.65,60.83|N|To Zeke Bootscuff.|
A Land’s End|QID|25061|M|55.31,60.30|N|From Narain Soothfancy.|
N Please Read. Click when finished.|QID|99999|M|59.79,64.08|N|By now you should be high enough level to handle the Beacon quest. I also set the path up in this guide to give you ample opportunity to collect the homing beacon. If you still do not have this beacon skip this step; you will need to revisit it later as I will not be directing you back here.|
T Find OOX-17/TN!|QID|351|O|M|59.81,64.06|N|To Homing Robot OOX-17/TN.|
A Rescue OOX-17/TN!|QID|648|O|M|59.80,63.99|N|From Homing Robot OOX-17/TN.|
C Rescue OOX-17/TN!|QID|648|O|NC|M|60.86,53.63|
T Land’s End|QID|25061|M|49.99,82.92|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
A Define “Crazy”|QID|25060|M|50.00,82.93|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|
A What We Came For|QID|25062|M|50.00,82.93|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|
C What We Came For|QID|25062|M|50.76,90.75|N|Keep killing goblins.|
C Define “Crazy”|QID|25060|M|51.68,91.20|
T Define “Crazy”|QID|25060|M|49.99,82.91|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
T What We Came For|QID|25062|M|49.99,82.91|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
A Terrapination|QID|25063|M|49.92,82.95|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|
L Level 48|QID|25063|LVL|48|N|You should be atleast 1/2 way to level 48 by this point.|
C Terrapination|QID|25063|M|49.98,90.47|N|Turtles are in the sea.|
T Terrapination|QID|25063|M|49.99,82.90|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
A You Too, Brute?|QID|25065|M|49.99,82.90|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|
C You Too, Brute?|QID|25065|M|53.31,89.73|
T You Too, Brute?|QID|25065|M|50.00,82.90|N|To Kelsey Steelspark.|
A Prospector Gunstan|QID|28881|M|50.00,82.90|N|From Kelsey Steelspark.|
f Southmoon Ruins|QID|28881|M|40.01,77.50|N|At Thurda.|
T Prospector Gunstan|QID|28881|M|40.12,76.91|N|To Prospector Gunstan.|
A Ancient Obstacles|QID|25420|M|40.12,76.91|N|From Prospector Gunstan.|
A Laying Claim|QID|25559|M|40.12,76.91|N|From Prospector Gunstan.|
A Fragments of Language|QID|25565|M|40.12,76.91|N|From Prospector Gunstan.|
A The Thunderdrome!|QID|26895|M|40.26,77.13|N|From Flinn.|
C Ancient Obstacles|QID|25420|M|37.91,76.99|
C Fragments of Language|QID|25565|M|41.03,70.46|
C Laying Claim|QID|25559|M|41.21,69.31|
T Ancient Obstacles|QID|25420|M|40.13,76.93|N|To Prospector Gunstan.|
T Laying Claim|QID|25559|M|40.13,76.93|N|To Prospector Gunstan.|
T Fragments of Language|QID|25565|M|40.13,76.93|N|To Prospector Gunstan.|
A The Secrets of Uldum|QID|25566|M|40.10,76.86|N|From Prospector Gunstan. This quest can not be completed until cataclysm goes live (Dec 7th 2010) Skip this step for now if you get teleported out.|
H Gadgetzan|QID|99999|N|Your hearth SHOULD still be set at Gadgetzan, if it is not, use the flight path to go back. (click to continue)|
T The Thunderdrome!|QID|26895|M|51.78,28.00|N|To Dr. Dealwell.|
N The Following quest…|QID|99999|N|The following quest is listed as a group quest. With potions advanced players can solo the first 2. So Try as hard as you can to get a group for these quests.|
A Thunderdrome: Sarinexx!|QID|25095|M|51.78,27.95|
C Thunderdrome: Sarinexx!|QID|25095|NC|M|51.45,28.45|
T Thunderdrome: Sarinexx!|QID|25095|M|51.67,27.97|N|To Katrina Turner.|
A Thunderdrome: Grudge Match!|QID|25513|M|51.76,27.98|N|From Katrina Turner.|
C Thunderdrome: Grudge Match!|QID|25513|NC|M|51.73,28.33|
T Thunderdrome: Grudge Match!|QID|25513|M|51.66,27.97|N|To Katrina Turner.|
T Thunderdrome: The Ginormus!|QID|25067|M|51.64,27.95|N|To Katrina Turner.|
A Thunderdrome: Zumonga!|QID|25094|M|51.79,27.99|N|From Saykred.|
C Thunderdrome: Zumonga!|QID|25094|NC|M|51.70,28.29|
T Thunderdrome: Zumonga!|QID|25094|M|51.65,27.97|N|To Katrina Turner.|
A Thunderdrome: The Ginormus!|QID|25067|M|51.75,28.02|N|From Dr. Dealwell.|
C Thunderdrome: The Ginormus!|QID|25067|NC|M|51.56,28.39|
N The Secrets of Uldum|QID|25566|M|37.82,84.17|N|As mentioned, this quest can not be completed until the 7th Dec 2010. This quide was written before then, so for now, this is the end of the Tanaris Guide. I hope you have had as much fun in this zone as I did  However, you should have been able to complete the zone’s meta achievement and got 3 levels (w/o BOA itmes)|


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