Blake’s Blood Elf Leveling Guide 1-13


__________Welcome to Blake’s Blood Elf Leveling guide!
In this chapter we will level 1-6 as fast as possible!

I don’t require much from you, but an expansive mind and some addons would sure make it easier 😛

Here’s some useful addons:

How to install addons:
First click the link of the addon you wanna install above.
Then press the “Select fastest mirror automaticly” button.
Now a menu should pop up, choose the “Open” option.
A map should open, minimize it and go to the Desktop and open “My computer”.
Press the “BOOT (C:)” option.
Then press Programs.
Open the file named “World of Warcraft”.
Then open the file named “Interface” and then “Addons”
Now enlarge the file that you earlier minimized and drag all files into the other file you just opened.
Open WoW and log on to you’r account.
When you see the bar of characters, there should be a button named “Addons” in the lower left corner of you’r screen, press it.
Now press the box named “Load out of date addons”.
Now you’r addons should work!


I will NOT write down class quests, so you will have to make them when it seems like a good time to you.

Here’s the colour charter:

  • Quests
  • Areas
  • Mobs
  • Items



  • Turn Auto-loot on to save much time!
  • If i say you should bind you’r heartstone to a place, it’s for a good reason, so don’t go bind some other place unless i say so!
  • If you see a quest i haven’t mentioned, don’t take it thinking i have missed it, i haven’t.
  • Sometimes i will be making a list of quests for an special area.
    I will only show the quest that interesst us at the moment, so don’t aboundon the quest that you don’t see, and also don’t aboundon unless i say so.
  • And spend you’r talent points so you do the most damage possible
    ________________________________________________________Here’s some words from Jame that i coulden’t say better:
    This guide is optimized for FAST leveling with a minimum of grinding sessions. Quests are important, they give rewards and faction and are less boring than pure grinding, BUT sometimes some quests are really a time waste and we will be skipping those and replacing them by good grinding spots when it is necessary. Some people say that grinding is always faster than questing, this is true in theory when you don’t know which quests to take and which to avoid, and what is the best order to do them. With this guide, questing will be very efficient and much better than pure grinding. Follow each instruction carefully and you will see for yourself. The quest choices and order to do them are optimal so that you run as few as possible while doing the most possible and then turning several quests at the same time. This guide will be very useful for both veteran and novice players. I try to keep the amount of information as short as possible. So even the guide itself is optimized for the minimum reading possible, to save time! Let’s get started immediately then! Everything described in this guide can be done solo (besides when I say otherwise). You can of course follow this guide while duoing, grouping, it’s not a problem, it works too.


    Level 1.

    1. Take the quest [1]Reclaiming Sunstride Isle from Magistrix Erona that should be in front of you.
    2. Now go Southeast and kill 8 Mana Wyrms .

Level 2.

  1. Now head back to Magistrix Erona and turn in the quest. Also get the two follow ups [3] Unfortuane Measures and [1] < class > Training .
  2. Walk into The Sunspire (the building behind Magistrix Erona and turn in [1]< class > Training to you’r class trainer. Get the follow up [2] Well Watcher Solanian and learn the new skill.
  3. Walk up on the ramp inside The Sunspire and turn in [2] Well Watcher Solanian at Well Watcher Solanian and get the two follow ups [4] Solanian’s Belongings and [4] The Shrine Of Dath’Remar .Jump down and get [4] A Fistful Of Slivers from Arcanist Ithanas.
    Go to the other side of the small house in front of you and get [3] Thirst Unending from Arcanist Helion.
  4. Now go East from you’r current position and kill Springpaw Cubs until you get 8 Lynx Collars and ding 3.

Level 3.

  1. Now head back to Magistrix Erona in front of The Sunspire and turn in [3] Unfortuane Measures and get the follow up [3] Report To Lanthan Perilon .Now you’r quest log should look like this:
  2. Now head south following the road until you see Lanthan Perilon at the side of the road, turn in [3] Report To Lanthan Perilon and get the follow up [4] Aggression .
  3. Now go east to the green hovering stone with eyes and look on the ground for Solanian’s Journal .
  4. Head south until you see a small pool , go up on the southern ramp at the pool and loot Solanian’s Scrying Orb .
    **NOTE: From now on, kill every Tenders in you’r path and use MANA TAP on the ferals**
  5. When you got the orb , head west to a Fountain . Search the floor for Scroll Of Scourge Magic .Now keep killing all Tenders you see until you are done with every quest exept [4] The Shrine Of Dath’Remar and ding level 4.

Level 4.

  1. Now go northwest from the Foutain .
    Soon you should see The Shrine Of Dath’Remar .
    Read the plate and Heartstone to The Sunspire .
    Run around in town turning in all quests exept [4] Aggression also learn the new skills, sell and repair.
  2. Head south and turn in [4] Aggression at Lanthan Perilon . Get the follow up [5] Felendren The Banished .
  3. Now follow the road Southwest until you stand before a ramp up to some floating Platforms .
    If you are level 5 already, skip the following step and go right to the
    level 5 chapter .
  4. Go north towards the Foutain and kill Tenders until you ding level 5.
    Get back on the road in front of the ramp.

Level 5.


  • Walk up on the ramp and start grinding on Arcane Wraiths and Tainted Arcane Wraiths until you are half way to level 6 and got all kills you need for [5] Felendren The Banished .
  • Look in you’r Inventory for a Tainted Arcane Sliver and take the quest [5] Tainted Arcane Sliver .
  • Now walk up on the highest Platform where you should find Felendren The Banished . Kill him and loot Felendren’s Head .
  • Clear the Platform from all monsters and jump down! (so you die)
  • Release you’r spirit and talk to the Spirit Healer and ask her to revive you.
  • Now walk to the house behind you, sell & repair.
    Also go and turn in [5] Tainted Arcane Sliver to Arcanist Helion .
  • Now go and turn in [5] Felendren The Banished at Lanthan Perilon and get the follow up [5] Aiding the Outrunners .
  • Follow the road southwest out of town, but at the crossroad, take the south road.
    Continue walking on the road, over the bridge, and turn in [5] Aiding the Outrunners at Outrunner Adriana who should be standing at a Wagon .
    Get the follow up [5] Slain by the Wretched .
  • Continue walking on the road south , utill you see a Slain Outrunner .
    Turn in the quest [5] Slain by the Wretched and get the follow up [5] Package Recovery .
  • Go back on the road North to Outrunner Adriana and turn in [5] Package Recovery and get the follow up [5] Completing the Delivery .
  • Once again head south following the road until you arrive at Falconwing Square .
  • Go to the Inn and turn in [5] Completing the Delivery .Now it’s time to fill that empty questlog of your’s 😛
    NOTE: If you are level 6 by now, learn your new spells. If not, continue with the Guide as normal.
  • Get out from the Inn and pick up [5]Major Malfunction from Magister Jaronis .
  • Pick up [5] Unstable Mana Crystals from Aeldon Sunbrand . To his Left there’s also a Wanted Poster , Accept [6] Wanted: Thaelis The Hungerer from it.
  • Now take the West road out of Falconwing Square and continue on the road until you see a road fork South from the main road, down the hill. Take that path and now you should see a big building, head to the door of it and you should soon se Thaelis The Hungerer inside. Kill him and loot his head. NOTE: While on this road, you should see a numberous of Arcane Patrollers patrol the area. Kill them for thier Arcane Cores . You should also spot some Unstable Mana Crystals . Pick 6 of them on your way.
  • When you are done with all quests, head back to Falconwing Square and return all quests and get the follow ups [6]Darnassian Intusions and [6] Delivery to the North Sanctum .You should now be level 6. Congratz!

    Level 6.

  • Learn the new spells, sell and repair. It may also be a good investment to learn First Aid since this is one of the best professions to learn since they lowers your downtime. I may also recommend you to buy a stack of food since we’re gonna quest with Murlocs very soon, and we all know what they are like… TO BE CONTINUED!
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    Aug 8, 2007 @ 14:56 pm

    It looks very promising soIt looks very promising so far, so I’m glad to see you’re going to finish it!

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    Aug 6, 2007 @ 15:28 pm

    Sorry guys :/I am so sorry everyone, my computer crashed and it took about 1 month for them to fix it…
    well, i’ll soon activate my account again and then i will work non-stop on this guide. (it will probably go up to level 21.)

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