Blake’s Blood Elf leveling guide 1-13


Hey and welcome to Blake’s Blood Elf leveling guide 1-13.
As some of you might know, i’ve once before started this project, but it did not go too well. But now i am back and I belive my guide will help all of you out there with leveling.

NOTE: This guide is done by and foremost written in a Hunters perspective!
You can ofc do this with another class, but I will take you trough a Hunter path and you will have to do your class quest on your own.

To help out, I will use a color scheme (as you’ve probz seen in all other guides out there :P)


      • *


      • *


      • *


      • *


Alright, that’s the color scheme for you!

I’d use to put in a post here on what addons to use, but I’ve noticed that almost everyone have addons of thier own out there, so I see no reson!
And I will always post a map on the longer, hard to explain paths, so the only addon you will need is Cartographer to remove the fog!

OK, as with almost all guides out there, a simple rules goes, do NOT accept quest or other things if I don’t mention them in the guide. I know all the quest and if I don’t tell u to grab it, it’s for a reson. So do as I command! Oo

That would be enough for 1 day! To be continued! -cheers

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