Blood Elf Leveling (1-10)



I wrote this guide as an easy way for me to get my alts up fast. I noticed there were no guides for this yet so I decided that I would write my own. Any comments or corrections on it are appreciated.

Any coordinate mod

If the mob you are fighting has mana always try to mana tap it, this will allow for the maximum up time and keep you from having to drink often.

Level 1

Pick up the quest Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle which should be right in front of where you spawn. (38:21)

Run west from the npc and look for mana wyrms, kills 8 of them.

Gratz on level 2

Level 2

Go back to 38:21 and turn in the quest. Get the follow-up
Go inside the building and train your skills.
Go up the ramp and outside to 39:19 and get the two quests there.
Jump down and run to 38:19 and pick up the quest there.
Move east to 36:19 and grab that quest
Your quest log should look like this

Thirst Unending
Unfortunate Measures
A Fistful of Slivers
Solanian’s Belongings
The Shrine of Dath’Remar
And if you’re a warlock you should also have Windows to the Source

Move to 37:23 and start killing any lynx or Mana Wyrm you see (don’t forget to mana tap the wyrms.)
Also while you’re here grab Solanian’s Journal at 38:25
Continue killing until you have completed A Fistful of Slivers Unfortunate Measures and Thirst Unending.
You should be level three by now, if not kill a few mobs until you are.

Level 3

Now head 31:23 and get the Scroll of Source Magic
Move north west from there until you get to 30:19, on the front of the shrine is a stone you can interact with to complete the quest
About face and head southwest until you get to 35:29 and get Solanian’s Scrying Orb.
Head back to town and turn in all of your quests
Gratz on level 4

Level 4

Train your new skills
You should get the follow-up Report to Lanthan Perilon he is south east of the town at 35:23. Turn in the quest and get the follow-up.
Go east until you see the tenders and feral tenders. Kill 7 of each, once this is done return to 35:23 and turn it in / get the follow-up. You should be around 1500xp into your level now
Go to town to sell if needed
Head south to 33:26 and head up the ramp. Work your way to the top killing everything on your way
At the top kill Felendren the Banished and loot his head, kill any other mobs you need to too complete the quest.
Congrats on level 5.
Head back down killing all of the mobs in sight.

Level 5

Hopefully while you were killing you should have got a Tainted Arcane Sliver, use that to start the quest.
Head back to town and turn in all of your quests / sell items.
Hopefully you should be close to level 6 by now, grind out the rest of the level, go to town and train and then move on to 40:32

Level 6

I now have a /played of about 1 hour
Go south to 42:36, complete the quest and go back to 40:32. Get the follow-up and head south to 48:47, turn in the your quest.
Make this inn your home.
Get quests at the following locations: 47:46, 48:46 (Talk to the guy and get the quest from the wanted poster)
Go north of the camp via the bridge you came on until you get to about 44:40, turn east.
Look for barrels that seem to be glowing and loot them until you get 6 Unstable Mana Crystals.
Once you get 6 go inside the main building via the front entrance and kill Thaelis the Hungerer
Once your done with that kill Arcane Patrollers till you get 6 Arcane Cores (there are a lot on the other side of the road.)
Head back to town
Turn in all of your quests and get the follow-ups
Now go south through the big doorway then go west until you get to 45:53.
Turn in the quest, get the follow-up and then head west again until you reach 37:57
Turn in the quest and get the follow-up.
Start killing mana wraiths and mana stalkers until you have finished that quest. While your doing this quest make sure to kill a Darnassian Scout up on the ledge, I found one at 34:58
If your lucky he will drop some “Incriminating Documents” use them to start the quest.
You should ding level 7 here, if not grind a few mobs until you do.

Level 7

Once both quests are done head back to 37:57 and turn them in.
If your hearthstone is up you may as well use it to get to falconwing square
Turn in the quest and get the follow-up at 48:46
Head back to North Sanctum (45:53) and talk to Prospector Anvilward, once you kill him head back to Falconwing and turn in the quest and get the follow-up at 48:46
Grind mobs to level 8 (you shouldn’t have to kill much more than 10 mobs.
Gratz on level 8

Level 8

Train your skills.
Head to 60:63 and pick up the quests there (one on the ground level, one on the platform before and one up the ramp on the north side)
Head southeast of the town.
Once you get to about 67:70 you should start seeing Amani mobs, kill them and continue southeast until you get into their camp.
Kill Berserkers and Axe Throwers until you complete Amani Encroachment
Once that is complete skill Spearcrafter Otembe at 70:73. Get the quest from the guy in the cage.
Return to Farstrider Retreat and turn in your quests.
Head west until you get to East Sanctum (54:71) get the quest there.
Now go into the dead scar and find 8 tainted soil samples, kill mobs on your way.
Return to East Sanctum (still killing mobs on the way) and turn in the quest.
Get the follow-up. 3 Mobs will rush at you and basically you have to kill them before they kill Apprentice Mirveda, as a warlock this was easy, just through DOT’s on everything.
Turning in this quest should level you up, if not kill a few mobs until you do
Gratz on level 9

Level 9

Head west to Fairbreeze Village (47:72)
Pick up quests at 47:72, 45:70, 44:71, 43:73 and 44:71 (inside the building)
Your quest log should look like this
Pelt Collection 28 79
Situation at Sunsail Anchorage 31 69
Defending Fairbreeze Village 51 76
Saltheril’s Haven 38,73
The Magister’s Apprentice 67 56
The Scorched Grove 34 80
Zul’Marosh 62 79

Head out of town due west. Kill all cats that you see (eg. Springpaw Stalker) until you have completed pelt collection
Stop at 38:73 turn in the quest there and get the follow-up
36:67 and grab the two quests there
Continue west a little more until you reach 34:71, here you need to kill 5 wretched thugs and 5 wretched hooligans. Also while you’re here collect Weapon crates which can be found, youll need 8 to complete Lost Armaments
Once your done with this continue west until you see murlocs. Kill them and look for barrels on the ground (they can also drop off of the murlocs) , loot these until you complete Grimscale Pirates! If an item called Captain Kelisendra’s Lost Rudders doesn’t drop keep killing them until it does.
Head back to 36:67 turn in the three quests and get the followup Wretched Ringleaders
Move east from there until you get to 40:65 and kill Springpaw Stalkers until you finish Pelt Collection
Now go back to Fairbreeze Village and buy a Bundle of Fireworks from Halis Dawnstrider (44:70) Turn in the two quests you have here, this should level you up.
If you aren’t level 10 yet grind a few mobs, you should be close.
Gratz on level 10

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