Bloodbane’s Tirisfal Leveling Guide Part II (13-25)



Welcome to the second part of Bloodbane’s Leveling Guide for the horde.

Last part we’ve went through Tirisfal Glades and Ragefire Chasm.

In this part we are running through the following areas:

· Silverpine Forest
· The Barrens
· Wailing Caverns (instance)
· Stonetalon Mountains

Alright, now, before we start I want to note that I was level 16 when I started this second part. How did I get to level 16 from level 13 where we ended last guide? Read the way I did Ragefire Chasm three times.

First I picked up the quest from Neeru Fireblade, Slaying the Beast, and the quest from Varimathras in Undercity, The Power to Destroy.

Now I went into Ragefire Chasm and did a succesfull complete run.

After that I did another run, I didn’t have any quests this run, but I thought, the exp is great, so why not?

After that second run I went to Thrall in Orgrimmar and started the quest line of Hidden Enemies, ending up with the Ragefire Chasm quest to kill Jergosh and Bazzalan.
After that I went to Thunder Bluff and went to Elder Rise and picked up Searching for the lost Satchel and Testing an Enemy’s Strength from Rahauro.

Now I went finding another group for Ragefire Chasm and did another succesfull run. Due all the delivering of quests along the road I leveled 16 when delivering the final part of Hidden Enemies at Thrall to get the weapon.

Aren’t you level 16 yet? Remember how much exp you are away from it and we’ll get to a grinding spot, then you grind that amount of exp there.

Now, let’s get back to the guide.

Level 16:

Hearthstone to Undercity.

Sell/Repair and learn you new class skills.

Then go to the bank in the middle of Undercity and put yer Slumber Sand on the bank. If you’ve still got your Lieutenant’s Insignia, just destroy it, you won’t need it anymore.
Make sure you do have the quest item Johaan’s Findings in your inventory because you’ll need it.

Now make your way out of Undercity and take the road west and makes a turn south and continue following it.

When you reach Silverpine Forest, start looking for Worgs and loot Discolored Worg Hearts because you’ll need 6 of those.

Make your way to Malden’s Orchard which is around (57, 10).
There, enter the little house at (56, 9) and talk to Deathstalker Erland and get the quest:

· Escorting Erland

Now escort Deathstalker Erland until you reach Ivar’s Patch and turn in the quest Escorting Erland at Rane Yorich at (53, 13). Accept the follow up and get the other quest:

· The Deathstalkers’ Report
· Wild Hearts

We are now at a spot that you might like for grindin’ the remaining exp you remember from earlier that you needed until 16, grind that amount of exp here.

At this time I had 8 Discolored Worg Hearts, so that’s more than enough.
Don’t have enough yet? Go back to Malden’s Orchard and grind some more Worgs.

Then get back on the road and go further south until you reach a split-up. You can go more south or you can go west. For now, go west and we’ll reach The Sepulcher, this is the horde camp in Silverpine Forest.

Get the flightpath and then turn in the quests:

· Delivery to Silverpine Forest at Apothecary Renferrel.
· Wild Hearts at Apothecary Renferrel.
· The Deathstalkers’ Report at High Executor Hadrec.

Then get the quests:

· The Dead Fields from High Executor Hadrec.
· Speak with Renferrel from High Executor Hadrec.
· Return to Quinn from Apothecary Renferrel.
· A Recipe For Death from Apothecary Renferrel.
· Also turn in Speak with Renferrel at Apothecary Renferrel.
· Border Crossings from Shadow Priest Allister.
· Beren’s Peril from Shadow Priest Allister.
· Prove Your Worth from Dalar Dawnweaver.
Note: This quest is grey and therefore you won´t see a big yellow mark above Dalar Dawnweaver, nontheless get the quest.

Sell/Repair and set your Hearthstone to The Sepulcher.

Right outside The Sepulcher kill 5 Moonrage Whitescalps.
Run back to The Sepulcher and turn in:

· Prove Your Worth at Dalar Dawnweaver.

Get the follow-up:

· Arugal´s Folly from Dalar Dawnweaver.

Go north until you get to the bridge at around (49, 29) and after you´ve crossed it, go east and you´ll hit Valgan´s Field.
Now enter the big house there and run up the stairs while killing everything on the way. At the last room there are Dusty Spellbooks on the ground, use them and get Remedy of Arugal.

Now get back on the road and head north until you reach Ivar’s Patch again.

Turn in:

· Return to Quinn at Quinn Yorich.

Get quest:

· Ivar the Foul from Rane Yorich.

Now go to the barn close to you at (51, 13) and clear all mobs in front of it.
Then enter the barn and kill Ivar the Foul and loot his Ivar’s Skull.

Run back to Rane Yorich and turn in:

· Ivar the Foul at him.

Then go west through the forest and kill every mob you see for experience.
Keep an eye open for Grizzled Bears because we need them for quest items.

Then you’ll reach The Dead Fields. You’ll get the complete message of “Enter the Dead Fields” which is part of the The Dead Fields quest. Keep killing all Rot Hide mobs there until you see a ghost in the middle of the farm called Nightlash, kill her and loot her Essence of Nightlash.

After that continue your way west and still kill all mobs on your way.

At some time, you’ll reach an area called The Skittering Dark. There are a lot of Moss Stalker’s. Kill them until you have 6 Skittering Blood. You might have to go into the cave at (53, 13) to kill more spiders if the ones outside are all dead.

If you, during killing the spiders and bears, tend to get a full inventory. Don’t run back to The Sepulcher but go to the Fisherman, Killian Sanatha, at (33, 17) close to the spider cave.

Now, continue killing spiders and bears until you´ve got 6 Grizzled Bear Hearts and 6 Skittering Blood´s. I got all of these short after I sold my stuff.

Hearthstone to The Sepulcher.

Turn in:

· The Dead Fields at High Executor Hadrec.
· Arugal´s Folly at Dalar Dawnweaver.

Get the follow-ups:

· The Decrepit Ferry at High Executor Hadrec.
· Arugal´s Folly at Dalar Dawnweaver.

Get on the road again and now go south until around (52, 60) when you will hit a Dalaran Camp at your right hand, meaning west.
During the cleaning of the camp I leveled 17, if you haven´t, grind the mobs there until you are level 17 and after that, turn in the quest.

Level 17:

The camp itself is around (49, 60) and that´s where you´ll find the Dalaran Crate, use it and complete:

· Border Crossings.

Get the follow-up:

· Maps and Runes.

Get on the road and go north until you get to (51, 36), from there, go east until you reach (58, 35), kill every mob on the way there. You should reach the area called The Decrepit Ferry.
At (58, 34) you´ll find a Corpse Laden Boat, use it and complete:

· The Decrepit Ferry.

Get the follow-up:

· Rot Hide Clues.

Run back to The Sepulcher and turn in:

· Maps and Runes at Shadow Priest Allister.

Get the follow-up and walk between Shadow Priest Allister and Dalar Dawnweaver to turn in all the follow-ups until Shadow Priest Allister gives you:

· Ambermill Investigations.

Then turn in:

· Rot Hide Clues at High Executor Hadrec.

Get the follow-up:

· Rot Hide Ichor from High Executor Hadrec.

Don´t get the other quest yet.

Sell and Repair.

Now go north, and go to (44, 28) and start killing Moonrage Darksouls and Moonrage Gluttons. Move more to the west and you will find alot more. You need to keep killing them until you have got 3 Darksoul Shackle´s and 6 Glutton Shackle´s.

When you are done with that quest, go east until you hit the road again. From there, go more to the east and cross the water until you reach an island, called Fenris Island. On the island you´ll find alot ofRot Hide mobs, kill them all until you´ve got 8 Rot Hide Ichor´s.
Ps, you can get on land at (64, 32).

While grindin´ these you should find A Talking Head, an item that starts a quest.
If you do, use it and accept the quest:

· Resting in Pieces.

After getting the head, I got my last Rot Hide Ichor, so I have 8 now.

Now you got 2 choices, or rather, 3.

1. You haven´t looted A Talking Head, skip these stept and continue the guide.
2. You haven´t looted A Talking Head, however, grind more of the Rot Hide mobs until you do.
3. You have found the head. Continue with the next step and skip it if you want to continue the guide.

Optional (Head quest):
Go north on the island until you reach the castle.
When you enter the castle, take the right road when it splits up.
Note: At (67, 25) there could be the rare mob Rot Hide Bruiser, though he´s level 22.
At (67, 24) you will find a Swallow Grave. Use it and complete the quest:

· Resting in Pieces.

Get the follow-up:

· The Hidden Niche.
I solo´d the quest, as a warrior, so you could try to do so too, and if you cant make it you could always continue the guide and look for a group while you do that.

I managed to solo my way to the top of the Fenris Keep. When you´ve done that too, there will be a Dusty Shelf at (65, 24). Use it and complete:

· The Hidden Niche.

Get the follow-up:

· Wand to Bethor.

Then, hearthstone to The Sepulcher.

Turn in the quests:

· Rot Hide Ichor at Apothecary Renferrel.
· Arugal´s Folly at Dalar Dawnweaver.

This made me Honored with Undercity.

Now get the quests:

· The Engraved Ring from High Executor Hadrec.
· Zinge´s Delivery from Apothecary Renferrel.
· Supplying the Sepulcher from Deathguard Podrig.

Go to the Bat Handler, Karos Razok and turn in:

· Supplying the Sepulcher.

Get the follow-up:

· Ride to the Undercity.

Then buy a trip to Undercity.

When you arrive there, it´s time to turn in some quests:

· Ride to the Undercity at Gordon Wendham near the batrider. And get the follow-up Michael Garrett.
· Walk back to the Bat Handler, Michael Garrett, and turn in the quest Michael Garrett, accept the follow-up Return to Podrig.
· Wand to Bethor at Bethor Iceshard in Magic Quarter.

This made me level to 18!

Level 18:

· Rot Hide Origins at Bethor Iceshard in Magic Quarter.
· Accept the follow-up Thule Ravenclaw.
· A Recipe For Death at Master Apothecary Faranell in Royal Apothecary Society part of Undercity.
· Zinge´s Delivery at Apothecary Zinge.

Get the two follow-ups of those last two quests you turned in called:

· Sample for Helbrim.
· A Recipe For Death.

Then, while still here, get your class skills from your trainer.

Now move out of Undercity to Brill.

There, turn in:

· The Engraved Ring at Magistrate Sevren.

Get the followup:

· Raleigh and the Undercity.

And back to Undercity we go.

Trade Quarter this time, turn in:

· Raleigh and the Undercity at Raleigh Andrean.

Get the followup:

· A Husband´s Revenge.

You can now put all your Uncommon items, a.k.a greens, on the Auction House. Ask a guard for directions if you don´t know where it is.

After you´re done in Undercity, but a ride to The Sepulcher from the Bat Handler.

Once there, turn in:

· Return to Podrig at Deathguard Podrig.
· Thule Ravenclaw at Apothecary Renferrel.

And get the follow-up:

· Report to Hadrec from Apothecary Renferrel.

Turn in:

· Report to Hadrec at High Executor Hadrec.

Get the follow-up:

· Assault on Fenris Island.

Then go east back on the road and go south.
Until you reach a road-split at (52, 47), there go left, or, east.
There you´ll discover the Deep Elem Mine.
Go into the actual mine and get to the back of it.
There, kill Grimson the Pale, and loot his Head of Grimson.

Note: From here to Ambermill you might want to check for Old Vicejaw, a bear rare mob, he is mostly east of the road.
After that get back on the road and continue going south.
At a split-up, at (54, 64), go left, you´ll reach Ambermill.
Start killin’ the Dalaran mobs and kill them until you have 8 Dalaran Pendant’s.

After you’re done with that, get back on the road and continue south.

At (53, 72) the roads splits up, take a right there. Right after that, at (51, 72), it splits up again, take a left there.
Kill some mobs on your way down the road, and watch out for the Son of Arugal patrolling there.

When the area is clear, look for the mob named Valdred Moray, he’s level 21 but should be solo-able at level 18, which I did.
Loot his Valdred’s Hands.

Then, on my way back north, I found a group for Pyrewood Village. We only have one quests for it yet, A Recipe For Death, but in the townhall you can get another, called Pyrewood Ambush, when you accept it the event will start, so watch out.
When your group is ready, accept the quest and there will be 4/5 groups, after that you can turn in the quest again.

However this group wasn’t the best, so I only got to complete Pyrewood Ambush.

After that I hearthstoned toThe Sepulcher.

There I turned in:

· Ambermill Investigations at Shadow Pirest Allister.
· Arugal’s Folly at Dalar Dawnweaver.

And get the follow-ups:

· The Weaver from Shadow Priest Allister.
· Arugal’s Folly from Dalar Dawnweaver.


Now, last chance to find a group for Pyrewood Village. I didn’t get it, so it’s not really needed for the guide.

Okey, so instead of that go grind Ambermill until you are 1550 xp or less away from level 19.

Then run back to The Sepulcher, Sell and Repair and take a bat trip to Undercity.

For now, you can abandon the following quests, exept if you have already completed some of them ofcourse:

· A Recipe For Death.
· Arugal’s Folly.
· Beren’s Peril.
· The Weaver.
· Assault on Fenris Isle.

So when arrived in Undercity you can deliver the following quest:

· A Husband’s Revenge at Raleigh Andrean.

This should make you ding level 19.

Level 19:

Get out of Undercity and take the zeppelin to Orgrimmar.

From Orgrimmar take a flight to The Crossroads, or if you don’t have that yet, here is how to get there:
You walk out of Orgrimmar, follow the road until you hit around (48, 42) and take a right there, going west. Keep following the road, through Durotar and the start of The Barrens until you reach (53, 23), take a left there, going south, and you’ll be in Crossroads soon.

When there, deliver the following quest:

· Sample for Helbrim at Apothecary Helbrim.

Then gather some quests:

· Fungal Spores from Apothecary Helbrim.
· Egg Hunt from Korran.
· Supplies for the Crossroads from Thork.
· Harpy Raiders from Darsok Swiftdagger.
· Lost in Battle from Mankrik.
· Consumed by Hatred from Mankrik.
· The Forgotten Pools from Tonga Runetotem

Set your hearthstone to The Crossroads.

Okey, so from Crossroads, we move out to the east, or rather, north-east.
To an area called Thorn Hill.
So, I found the Crossroads’ Supply Crates at (59, 27).
From there, go south, get over the road until you reach a littl’ lake, called the Stagnant Oasis.
There, loot all the Laden Mushroom around the lake. I only got 2 Fungal Spores there, so don’t worry if you don’t get all 4, we’ll get to another lake later.
For now, get back on the road and continue going south.
At (49, 50) make a stop at the camp next to the road. There you’ll find a Beaten Corpse on the ground. Talk to it and “I inspect the body further”. Then you have found Mankrik’s Wife.
Continue going south, now, to the west there is a camp called Agama’gor. There, start killing Bristleback mobs because we need them to drop 60 Bristleback Quilboar Tusk’s for us. So happy grindin’.
After a “while” you will have all 60. Good job.

Now, go north again until you hit the Lushwater Oasis at around (46, 40).
There, use the last 2 Laden Mushrooms to get the last 2 Fungal Spores.

Okey, done that, go to the far north-west point of The Barrens and kill the Harpy’s there until you’ve got 8 Witchwing Talon’s. The area of the harpy’s is called The Dry Hills.

After you’ve got that, we’re going to make a visit to The Forgotten Pools, they are to the south-east of The Dry Hills, between there, and The Crossroads. The coordinates are (44, 22)’ish.
So, you must be warm walking around all day in The Barrens, an empty desert, therefore, take a swim in The Forgotten Pools to forget about your worries!
A.k.a. swim around the lake until you’ve got the complete message for The Forgotten Pools. I got the message at (45, 22) at the bubble place.

Now, finally, hearthstone to The Crossroads.

Time to turn in the quests!:

· The Forgotten Pools at Tonga Runetotem.
· Consumed by Hatred at Mankrik.
· Lost in Battle at Mankrik.
· Supplies for the Crossroads at Thork.
· Harpy Raiders at Darsok Swiftdagger.
· Fungal Spores at Apothecary Helbrim.

Get the following quests:

· Harpy Lieutenants from Darsok Swiftdagger.
· The Stagnant Oasis from Tonga Runetotem.

Now, get off yer lazy but and let’s get moving again!

Go south-east until you hit the Stagnant Oasis again.
When there, you need to swim to the bottom at (55, 42) and use the Bubbling Fissure.

After that, guess where we are going!
That’s right… Crossroads. Go north-west until you reach it and turn in:

· The Stagnant Oasis at Tonga Runetotem.

Get the follow-up:

· Altered Beings from Tonga Runetotem.

Now let’s go to the Lushwater Oasis which is south-west of The Crossroads.
Once there, kill the Oasis Snapjaw’s until you’ve got 8 Altered Snapjaw Shell’s.
I pretty much had a 100% droprate on them.

After that, go to the far north-west of the land, back to The Dry Hills.
When there, kill Witchwing Slayer’s to get the 6 Harpy Lieutenant Ring’s.

Then grind some more mobs until you are 2300 xp away from level 20.

Then hearthstone/run back to The Crossroads.

Turn in the quests:

· Altered Beings at Tonga Runetotem.
· Harpy Lieutenant’s at Darsok Swiftdagger.

You should ding level 20 here, congratulations!

Level 20:

Fly to Orgrimmar and learn your new spells there. Priests and Mages might have to go back to Undercity to learn them though.

In Orgrimmar I got my level 20 Warrior quest. After that, go back to The Crossroads.

Get the follow-ups:

· Serena Bloodfeather from Darsok Swiftdagger.
· Hamuul Runetotem from Tonga Runetotem.
· Mura Runetotem from Tonga Runetotem.

Then go west and when you are at (45, 28) get the following quests:

· Kolkar Leaders from Regthar Deathgate.

Then go north until you hit The Forgotten Pools.
You can find Barak Kodobane there at (42, 23), kill him and loot Barak’s Head.

After that go north-west until you hit The Dry Hills and find Serena Bloodfeather at the northern part of The Dry Hills. You can see her in the north when you stand at (39, 12), try to pull her with bow/gun/spells from there.

When done, run or hearthstone back to The Crossroads.

Turn in:

· Serena Bloodfeather at Darsok Swiftdagger.

Get the follow-up:

· Letter to Jin’Zil from Darsok Swiftdagger.

Sell/Repair and go west until you reach (45, 28), there, turn in:

· Kolkar Leaders at Regthar Deathgate.

Get the follow-up.

· Verog the Dervish from Regthar Deathgate.

Now start heading south until you hit a camp called Camp Taurajo, get the flightpath there.

Note: What I did here, was turning in my warrior quest.

I killed some mobs on my way there because it’s such a long way J.

Once there, get some quests:

· Melor Sends Word from Jorn Skyseer.
· Tribes at War from Mangletooth.
· Warrior quest: Trial at the Field of Giants from Ruga Ragetotem.

Now I started to run south to the Field of Giants, because the warrior quest had a 30 minutes timer.

After completing my warrior quest I ran back to Camp Taurajo and turned it in. Then I went back to Field of Giants to do the remaining things there.

So, back at Field of Giants, now let’s get those 12 Silithid Eggs by “using” the Silithid Mounds all over the place. They mostly drop 2 or 3 eggs each.
After a while I got all the 12 eggs, time to go on. Time to go north again, when you reach Camp Taurajo again, go east and when you reach the mountains go north while killing all the mobs for Tribes at War. The area is called Bramblescar.
Note! Keep the Blood Shards that drop!
Lovely grinding spot too if you ask me. Anyway, when your done, run back to Camp Taurajo.

When there, turn in the quest:

· Tribes at War at Mangletooth.

Get the follow-up:

· Blood Shards of Agamaggan.

If correct you can turn that in immediatly because you have saved the Blood Shards that dropped.

Now, you’ve got 2 choices.

1. If you already have the flightpath of Thunderbluff, hearthstone to The Crossroads.
2. If you don’t, run to Thunderbluff and after that, hearthstone.

How to get to Thunderbluff?
From Camp Taurajo you go west until you hit Mulgore, keep going west until the road splits, keep going straight ahead all the time and you should get to Thunderbluff, which stands in the north-western corner of Mulgore.

When you are back at the Crossroads. Go east until you reach Ratchet.
At (62, 37) you can find Mebok Mizzyrix, get the quest there:

· Raptor Horns.

Also get some other quests:

· The Guns of Northwatch from Captain Thalo’thas Brightsun.
· Ziz Fizziks from Sputtervalve.
· Trouble at the Docks from Crane Operator Bigglefuzz.

Now move out again to the west.
You can find the Intact Raptor Horns. You can find the Sunscale Sytheclaws that drop them just north-west of Ratchet.
After getting the 5 horns you can go back to Ratchet and turn in:

· Raptor Horns.

Dinged level 21 here:

Level 21:

Get follow-up:

· Smart Drinks.

Now get to Stagnant Oasis and kill Verog the Dervish, he will spawn when you’ve killed alot of Kolkar mobs, then you’ll hear a yell that he has spawned. Then go to around (52, 42) where he will be.

After that, run back to The Crossroads.

There turn in:

· Egg Hunt at Korran.

Sell/Repair and go west until you reach that little camp again, there turn in:

· Verog the Dervish at Regthar Deathgate.

Get the followup:

· Hezrul Bloodmark from Regthar Deathgate.

Now go south to the Lushwater Oasis.

Search for Hezrul Bloodmark there, he’s a patrolling dude with 1 or 2 guards. He patrols around the oasis. Use your cooldowns to take him down quickly. As a warrior I used Retaliation to cut them all apart.

After that, don’t leave yet, we’re gonna get the 2 “secret” quests for Wailing Caverns.
“Watch the video how to get there at”.

When done with that, go north again and deliver the quest:

· Hezrul Bloodmark at Regthar Deathgate.

Now run back to The Crossroads.
We’re going to get all quests for Wailing Caverns now.

You should have the flighpath to Thunderbluff by now.
Get the quest:

· Apothecary Zamah from Apothecary Helbrim.

Then quickly fly to Thunder Bluff.

When arrived there, turn in the quests:

· Hamuul Runetotem at Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem at Elder Rise.
· Followup: Nara Wildman.
· Turn it in at Nara Wildmane at Elder Rise.
· Followup: Leaders of the Fang.
· Apothecary Zamah at Apothecary Zamah at The Pools of Vision at Spirit Rise.
· Get the quest Serpentbloom from her.
· Melor Sends Word at Melor Stonehoof at Hunter Rise.
· Don’t get the followup yet.

Now you can hearthstone back to The Crossroads and find yourself a group to the Wailing Caverns. I suggest you do “WC” around 2 or 3 times because it’s a great instance with good drops and great exp from the quests. I completed the quests after 2 runs, however I wanted some more drops so I did a 3rd run. If you don’t want to do this third run, go to the place where we grinded earlier, Bramblescar, and grind there until you hit level 24.
If you do want a 3rd run, find yourself a group again and finish the instance. After that you’ll be maybe like halfway through level 23. So go to Bramblescar and grind the rest until you hit level 24.

Here’s Jame’s guide for Wailing Caverns.

Okey so you should be level 24 now.

Level 24:

Go to Orgrimmar and learn your new spells. Put your uncommons on the Auction House and Sell/Repair.

Now fly from Orgrimmar to Ratchet and go to Sputtervale that’s close to you, talk to him and say “Tell me about the Glowing Shard”. Then you will get the complete message. We’ll deliver this later.
Now go south over the peach, just cross The Merchant Cost until you reach Northwatch Hold. Enter it and kill every mob on your way up, because they drop Theramore Medal’s.
Now, somewhere around (61, 54) you can find a tower, enter it and fight your way up to the top and there, kill Captain Fairmount there. Get out of the tower and walk on until you reach the tower at (63, 56), enter it, go to the top and kill Cannoneer Smythe. Then go out of the tower but instead of going down, go left along the wall until you reach the little tower, enter it and kill Cannoneer Whessan there (60, 55). Then go back to the 1st tower and get the escort quest from Gilthares Firebough, protect him. While escorting he will take a break at (62, 52), then continue.
Then talk to Captain Thalo’thas Brightsun next to you and turn in:

· The Guns of Northwatch.
· Free From the Hold.

Hearthstone back to The Crossroads.

Move out to the Wailing Caverns and turn in the quest:

· The Glowing Shard.

You can get up the mountain by going to (45, 34) and from there go north-east up the mountain, you’ll see a nice line on your minimap that you should follow. Walk further up the mountain and at (48, 32) you will find Falla Sagewind where you deliver it. Accept the follow-up In Nightmares.

After that go north back to the road, then walk west until you reach the little camp at (45, 28), get the quest:

· Counterattack! From Regthar Deathgate.

Then look north and the banner for the quest should stand like 10 yards away from you, loot it and turn in the quest:

· Counterattack! At Regthar Deathgate.

Then just continue going west on the road. Run through Honor’s Stand and continue through the beginning of Stonetalon Mountains until you arrive at (71, 90), there take the path south-east and you’ll get to Malaka’jin.

There get the quest:

· Report to Kadrak from Darn Talongrip.

Go further south-east and enter the cave, turn in:

· Letter to Jin’Zil at Witch Doctor Jin’Zil.

Get the quest:

· Jin’Zil’s Forest Magic from Witch Doctor Jin’Zil.

Get back on the road and head north-west. At (60, 71) to right and run to (58, 62), there turn in:

· Ziz Fizziks at Ziz Fizziks.

Get the follow-up:

· Super Reaper 6000 from Ziz Fizziks.

Go north to around (62, 54) and kill the Venture Co. Operator’s there until the Super Reaper 6000 Blueprints drop. After that’s done, run back to Ziz Fizziks and turn in:

· Super Reaper 6000 at Ziz Fizziks.

Get the follow-up:

· Further Instructions.

Then run back south until you reach the roadsplit again at (60, 71) but now take the left path instead of the right path you took earlier, this road should go north.

At (53, 61) turn left and you will get to Sun Rock Retreat.

There get the following quests:

· Harpies Threaten from Maggran Earthbinder.
· Cenarius’ Legacy from Braelyn Firehand.
· Cycle of Rebirth from Tammra Windfield.

Set your hearthstone to Sun Rock Retreat and get the flightpath.

Now get back on the road and head north.

At 46, 42) go west and fight your way to The Charred Vale. Kill the mobs on your way, especially the Bloodfeather mobs.
Note: Beware of not pulling too much Bloodfeather’s, especially Roguefeathers and Slayers, 2 of them can be deadly, they’re very close together so make sure you pull just 1. But when you die, make sure you take the shortcut back because it’s a long route. You can go west at (51, 52) over the mountains back to The Charred Vale.
You can find the Bloodfeather Harpy’s and Ambushers in the northern part of The Charred Vale. And the Bloodfeather Roguefeather’s and Slayers in the middle part of The Charred Vale. After killing them all go back north and east until you reach the Mirkfallon Lake again.

Then search for Gaea Seed’s around the lake. When you have 10. Make your way to the north and kill every Antlered Courser on your way, loot their Courser Eye’s. Also kill every Sap Beast on your way and loot their Stonetalon Sap.

When you arrive to the top of the mountain called Stonetalon Peak start killing all mobs there. Sap Beasts until you have got 5 Stonetalon Sap. Antlered Coursers until you’ve got 30 Courser Eye’s. Twilight Runners until you’ve got 5 Twilight Whisker’s and at last a Fey Dragon for a Fey Dragon Scale. You can find Sap Beasts in the south there and Twilight Runners in the west. Fey Dragon´s are all over the place but very rare as I noticed, so kill each you see.

I leveled to 25 while killing these things.

Level 25:

Okey after you have completed all those items, get to the middle of Stonetalon Peak and start killing Sons of Cenarius, Daughters of Cenarius and Cenarion Botanist’s.

When done with killing 6 of each, hearthstone to Sun Rock Retreat.

When there, turn in:

· Harpies Threaten at Maggran Earthbinder.
· Get the follow-up Bloodfury Bloodline.
· Cenarius’ Legacy at Braelyn Firehand.
· Get the follow-up Ordanus.
· Cycle of Rebirth at Tammra Windfield.
· Get the follow-up New Life.

Now go back to the area called Malaka’jin in the south of Stonetalon Mountains and turn in:

· Jin’Zil’s Forest Magic at Witch Doctor Jin’Zil.

Now run back again towards Sun Rock Retreat, only make a stop at (59, 75) and get the quest from the Wanted Poster called:

· Arachnophobia.

Then go west into Sishir Canyon and make your way into it.
Search for Besseleth, I found him at (54, 72), use all yours cooldowns and special abilities to take him down, since he’s elite. I solo’d him as a 25 warrior, so it’s possible for most classes.
After you’ve killed him loot his Besseleth’s Fang. Then run back to Sun Rock Retreat and turn in:

· Arachnophobia at Maggran Earthbinder.

That’s it for this guide!

I hope you have enjoyed it, because it took quite some time to write it.

– Bonthag Bloodbane

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    Dec 30, 2008 @ 2:00 am

    Instancing in a solo guide?For future reference, it’s a pretty terrible idea to require instancing in a guide that is meant entirely for solo leveling. As it is, with rested experience, I’m halfway through your level 17 section…at level 15. I don’t instance. I never plan to instance. It’s a waste of time compared to soloing. As such, a guide like this, while efficient, isn’t exactly helpful, in that you’re required to instance (or grind several levels) to catch up.


    Edit: In retrospect, having tried 3-4 times on toons through Silverpine, and taking every single quest available, it appears it’s physically impossible to get beyond 19 without a large portion of rested xp carrying you. Even going 14-16 in the Barrens (the area I was trying to avoid in the first place) still held me with eight bubbles to 20. It looks like your guide pretty much IS the most efficient way to go about it. I’d just have to head to Ghostlands to hit 16 first, or head to Ghostlands at some point before 16-17, since the higher end quests are obscenely difficult at 18. (Screw you, Archmage Ataeric.)

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    Oct 11, 2008 @ 0:08 am

    HmmDecent guide, could have used some maps though. Oh well.

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    Jul 1, 2008 @ 18:42 pm

    Nice GuideFor change, I used to solo Gnomer Elites they give alot of XP each, did it on my hunter, LoS the ranged and its easy 1/2 bubble each mob

    I did 1 full level in 30 minutes

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