Boston’s 12-20 Alliance Leveling Guide (Westfall/Redridge)


12-20 Alliance Leveling Guide
I tried my best to make a guide for levels 12-20. This guide is focused on questing rather than grinding, though some parts you may be asked to grind. Before we begin, it is a very good idea to download a couple of mods I frequently refer to in this guide:

Titan Panel: Great mod that allows you to keep track of your inventory, money, and experience easily. It also shows (X,Y) coordinates that are frequently used in this guide.

Mozz’s World Map: Cool mod that shows unexplored areas of the map.

Quest Level: Mod that shows the level of a quest.

I’m going to take this part from Jame’s guide because he does a good job of explaining it:
In case you don’t know how to install add-ons, make a folder called Interface in your World of Warcraft directory (if it doesn’t exist already). Then you open it and create a folder called Addons inside the Interface folder (if it doesn’t exist already). Now every Addon you want to install goes directly into the Addon folder. For example you download and unzip Titan Panel, you drag the folder called TITAN PANEL (not Interface or Addons) into the new Addon folder you created. You restart World of Warcraft completely and it should be working.
If it isn’t you might need to log out to your login screen and click on “Addons” in the left lower corner. Tick the box that says “Load out of date Addons”. Relaunch WoW.

Let me say this now, you NEED bags and fast. Don’t gimp, if you find a cheap 10 slot at the Auction House buy it. It will pay off in the long run. Always spend your talent points in what will give you the most dps (Warriors should go Fury/Arms, Priests should go Shadow, Paladins should go retribution/dps holy, etc.). If you followed my previous guide, the grab every quest no longer applies. Do only the quests I tell you to. Also kill anything along the way (yellow preferable, but 3-4 levels under are fine too). This is a great substitute to grinding because it’s less boring than just staying in one spot and killing. Don’t waste time on finding a group to help you with a quest. Most everything in this guide is soloable and those that aren’t are easy to replace in terms of experience. Also in the town of Stormwind it is slanted to the northwest but I talk about it as if it weren’t slanted. So whenever you’re in Stormwind and looking at the map, tilt your head to the left. That should do the trick.

Here’s a little color code for you:

Purple: Names of NPC’s
Red: Names of Mobs
Teal: Areas (towns, cities, etc.)
Blue: Quests
Orange: Items
Green: Coordinates
Black: Starting of a new session/important Notes/levels

All these things will be colored so they’re easy to spot and also bold.

Level 12

If you followed my previous guide you should have the quest [10] Return to Brock (complete) and have your Hearthstone set to Stoutlager Inn, Thelsamar. If you didn’t follow my last guide don’t worry about the quest. Get to Ironforge then Dun Morogh. Head to the eastern end and through the southern tunnel all the way to Loch Modan. Take the road north until you come to the town of Thelsamar. Set your Hearthstone here and get the flight path. Now that we’re all on the same page let’s begin.

1. Hearthstone to Thelsamar (unless you’re here already). Get the quest [11] Thelsamar Blood Sausages from Vidra Hearthstove inside the inn. Get the quests [11] Rat Catching and [15] Mountaineer Stormpike’s Task from Mountaineer Kadrell. Turn in the quest [10] Return to Brock to Brock Stoneseeker inside the most eastern house. Stock up on food, water, and repair.

2. From now on kill any Elder Black Bear, Forest Lurker, and Mountain Boar you see until you finish [11] Thelsamar Blood Sausages. Head directly west toward the edge of the mountain and you should see a kobold camp (26,42). Kill all the Tunnel Rat Kobolds/Foragers/Vermins/Scouts in the camp for Tunnel Rat Ears. If you didn’t get 12 ears, don’t worry.

3. Head north to another camp (24,31) and grind between the two until you do get 12 ears.

4. Now head slightly northeast to Algaz Station. Turn in your quest to Mountaineer Stormpike. Get the follow up [14] Stormpike’s Order. Grind on kobolds or animals (preferably the animals for the quest) until you hit Level 13.

Level 13

1. (If you haven’t finished [11] Thelsamar Blood Sausages yet, kill more spiders, bears, and boars until you do). Head south along the road, past Thelsamar, to the Valley of Kings. Get the quest [12] In Defense of the King’s Lands from Mountaineer Cobbleflint. Go inside the bunker directly ahead and get the quest [14] The Trogg Threat from Captain Rugelfuss on the top floor.

2. Head north back on the road until you come to a small fork with a dirt path leading southeast into the mountain. Take that path and you’ll come to a large area of troggs (33,73). Kill the Stonesplinter Troggs/Scouts in the area until you finish [12] In Defense of the King’s Lands, [14] The Trogg Threat, and ding Level 14.

Level 14

1. Go back to the Valley of Kings and turn in the quests [12] In Defense of the King’s Lands and [14] The Trogg Threat.

2. Head back to Thelsamar and turn in the quests [11] Rat Catching and [11] Thelsamar Blood Sausages. Talk to the flight master and fly to Ironforge.

Sell, repair, visit class trainer, etc. When you’re ready, head to the southeastern area of Ironforge to the Deeprun Tram. Before you get on the tram, talk to Monty and get the quest [12] Deeprun Rat Roundup. Equip the Rat Catcher’s Flute to your action bar and use it on any Deeprun Rat until you have 5 following you (you can also cast this thing while running). Return to Monty and turn in your quest. Get the follow up [12] Me Brother, Nipsy. Get on the tram and ride it to the other side. Get on the middle divider and turn in your quest to Nipsy. Precede through the portal to Stormwind.

Welcome to Stormwind! Home of the sewer monster! Seriously there is a sewer monster here. Anyway you should see a Teal dot on you mini map. Head around the building and turn in your quest to Furen Longbeard. Head to the eastern end of the Trade District and up the ramp at the end. Get the flight path and jump out the opening. Go to the exit of Stormwind and into Elwynn Forest. We’re going to make the journey to Westfall.

Follow the road southeast until you get to Goldshire. While you’re here, get the quest [10] Report to Gyran Stoutmantle from Marshal Dughan. Now get on the road and follow it west. Soon you’ll come to a bridge. Cross it and you’ll be in Westfall.

1. Directly ahead you’ll see Farmer Furlbrow and Verna Furlbrow. Get their quests [10] Westfall Stew, [12] The Forgotten Heirloom, and [14] Poor Old Blanchy. From now on if you see any Sacks of Oats on the ground around fields, loot them.

2. Head south along the road until you see another field to your right, Saldean’s Farm, (56,30). Get the quest [15] The Killing Fields from Farmer Saldean. Go inside the house and turn in your quest to Salma Saldean. Get the follow up [13] Westfall Stew and [12] Goretusk Live Pie. From now on kill any Harvest Watcher, any type of Goretusk, and any type of Fleshripper.

3. Head north to the Furlbrow’s Pumpkin Farm (51,22). Head to the house at the northern end and clear your way inside. Loot the watch from inside the wardrobe. Continue to kill Harvest Watchers and loot the Sacks of Oats until you get 8 Handfulls of Oats.

4. Head back to Farmer Furlbrow and Verna Furlbrow (59,19) and turn in both of your quests.

5. Go between Saldean’s Farm (56,30) and Furlbrow’s Pumpkin Farm (51,22) until you get 20 Harvest Watcher kills and hit Level 15 (keep 3 Okra, 5 Flasks of Oil, and 5 Hops if they drop which they should).

Level 15

1. Head south a ways until you come to Sentinel Hill (55,51). First of all, get the flight plan. Now get [15] Red Leather Bandanas from Scout Galiaan in front of the warehouse thing the people are working on. Now go to the inn and set your Hearthstone here. Head north to the tower and turn in the quest [10] Report to Gyran Stoutmantle to Gyran Stoutmantle. Get his quests [12] The People’s Militia and [18] The Defias Brotherhood. Also get the quest [14] Patrolling Westfall from Captain Danuvin right next to him (add any type of Gnoll to your kill on sight list).

2. Head northwest until you get to Jangolode Mine (44,25). Kill Defias Trappers/Smugglers until you finish [12] The People’s Militia and [15] Red Leather Bandanas.

3. Head west to the coast (34,21) where you’ll find murlocs. Kill these until you get 3 Murloc Eyes.

4. Head east up the cliff where you’ll find various Gnoll camps (36,29). Kill these until you get 8 Gnoll Paws and hit Level 16.

Level 16

1. If you haven’t finished [13] Westfall Stew or [12] Goretusk Live Pie, kill more boars and vultures until you do (or Harvest Watchers if you haven’t gotten 3 Okra, 5 Flasks of Oil, and 5 Hops but you should have). Head back to Saldean’s Farm and turn in your 3 quests.

2. Head back to Sentinel’s Hill and turn in your 3 quests there. Get the follow up [14] The People’s Militia. Fly to Stormwind.

Sell, repair, visit class trainer, visit Auction House, whatever. Head to Cathedral Square and go inside the building at the northeastern end of it. Get the quest [15] Humble Beginnings from Baros Alexston.

When you’re ready, leave Stormwind and follow the road southeast to Goldshire. Now this time take the road east and follow this all the way to Redridge Mountains.

1. As soon as you enter the area, you’ll see Guard Parker. Get his quest [16] Enroaching Gnolls. Continue following the road east then north to Lakeshire.

2. Before you cross the bridge, turn in your quest to Deputy Feldon, get the follow up, and get the flight path. We’re going to do a small leveling session here before going back to Westfall. Cross the bridge and get the quest [16] The Lost Tools from Foreman Oslow. Head left into the actual town itself. Get the quests [15] Elmore’s Task and [18] The Price of Shoes from Verner Osgood standing outside of the stable. Next to the stable you’ll find the town hall. Get the quest [14] Messenger to Stormwind from Magistrate Solomon. Head inside the inn and get the quests [15] A Free Lunch from Darcy and [15] Dry Times from Barkeep Daniels. Go upstairs and turn in your quest to Wiley the Black and get the follow up [18] The Defias Brotherhood. Head west up the hill and inside the first house you see. Get the quest [18] Redridge Goulash from Chef Breanna (from now on kill any Great Goretusk, Tarantula, and Dire Condor you come across). Now go on the first dock west of the bridge. Get the quest [15] Hilary’s Necklace from Shawn.

3. Take a dive in the river. Swim east under the bridge until you find a Glinting Mud under water (33,55). If it is there, loot the necklace. If it’s not there, swim west to another spot that it spawns (24,54). Loot Hilary’s Necklace from it then swim to the southern shore.

4. Head southwest of Lakeshire on the other side of the river. You will soon come to various gnoll camps (18,64). Clear the camps, it’s ok if you didn’t get all your mongrel kills.

5. South of here you’ll find Guard Parker. Turn in your quest to him. Get the follow up [15] Visit the Herbalist

6. Head east along the road until you see a dirt path leading south and east. Follow this until you come to more gnoll camps (29,83). Stay here until you complete [17] Assessing the Threat NOTE: Stay clear of the big camps, it will only end in tears.

7. Now grind on Tarantulas around this area until you get 5 Crisp Spider Meat. At this point I leveled. If you didn’t you’re not killing enough along the way so grind until you do.

Level 17

1. Head north to Lake Everstill slightly east of Lakeshire. On the western end you need to open the Sunken Chest at the bottom (41,54). Loot Oslow’s Toolbox.

2. Now we need to kill condors. These are a little harder to find. They are generally found south of Lake Everstill (46,76). They don’t drop a meat very often but hopefully it won’t take too long. Just kill other mobs while looking for them.

3. By now you should have 5 Great Goretusk Snouts. If not go grind on boars in the southern region of Redridge Mountains. They can generally be found anywhere here. When you’re ready, return to Lakeshire. Before crossing the bridge, turn in [17] Assessing the Threat to Deputy Feldon. Cross the bridge and turn in your quest to Foreman Oslow. Head to the dock next to the bridge and turn in [15] Hilary’s Necklace to Hilary. Go to the western end of the town and turn in [18] Redridge Goulash to Chef Breanna inside the big house. Now go to the side of the little house right out side and turn in your quest to Martie Jainrose. Get the follow up [15] Delivering the Daffodils. Head back to the inn and turn in your quest to Darcy. This should bring you up to a little less than half way to Level 18.

Now we’re going on a beer hunt! That’s right a beer hunt! Follow the road south and west until you come to the fork where Guard Parker is. Take the southern road and follow it all the way to Duskwood.

While you should continue to kill mobs along the way, do not fight anything that is too hard for you. This place may be a little high. Anyway continue to follow the road until you get to Darkshire. Buy a Bottle of Moonshine from Barkeep Hann. Head up the hill to the eastern edge of town and get the flight path. Now head back up the road and cut across the top of Duskwood, through the river to Elwynn Forest.

Get on the road and follow it west to Goldshire. When you get there, turn in your quest to Smith Argus. Get the follow up [18] Return to Verner. Head inside the inn and buy a Skin of Sweet Rum from Barkeep Dobbins. Follow the road northwest now to Stormwind.

As soon as you cross the bridge, talk to General Marcus Jonathan and turn in the quest [14] Messenger to Stormwind. Get the follow up. Go to the outskirts of the Trade District (not to another district, but to the buildings outside the actual district along the canals) and to the most southwest building. Buy a Cask of Merlot from Roberto Pupellyverbos inside. Go to the Dwarven District and go inside the inn. Get the quests [20+] Oh Brother… and [18+] Collecting Memories from WIlder Thistlenettle. Go to the northeastern side of the district and get the quest [20+] Underground Assault from Shoni the Shilent. You should see a Teal dot on your mini map. Go inside the building where it’s at and turn in your quest to Grimand Elmore. Get the follow up [15] Stormpike’s Delivery. Sell, repair, visit auction house, whatever (make sure you have your 5 Flasks of Oil and 5 Hops with you). When you’re ready fly to Westfall.

1. Head to the northern tower and turn in your quest to Gyran Stoutmantle. Get the follow up. Cut through the land and head directly west. Soon you’ll come to Alexston Farmstead (38,55). You’ll see a lot of harvest watchers but they are not our goal. Head to the southwestern edge of the field where the houses are. You need to kill Defias Pillagers and Defias Looters so start clearing. Make your way to the wrecked house a little south of the mill. Loot A Simple Compass from the chest next to the fireplace. Continue to clear the defias until you finish [14] The People’s Militia.

2. Head back to Gyran Stoutmantle and turn in your quest. Get the follow up [17] The People’s Militia.

3. Make your way southwest, then west of Moonbrook to Dermont’s Place (38,70). Make your way southwest, clearing defias along the way (at this point I leveled. If you didn’t then you’re not killing enough monsters along the way. Continue on because you’ll be killing more though.).

Level 18

1. At about (37,38) you can go east into the mountains. Follow this opening through and soon you’ll come across Grimbooze Thunderbrew standing next to a tent (44,80). Get his quest [15] Thunderbrew Lager. Turn it in immediately. Now continue to grind on Defias Highwaymen, Defias Pathstalkers, and Defias Knuckledusters until you complete [17] The People’s Militia.

2. We’re going to be doing one more small session here before going back to Stormwind. Head back west out of the mountains and continue on to the shore. If you head slightly south, you’ll come to the Westfall Lighthouse (29,86). There you’ll find Captain Tealson. Get his 3 quests [16] Keeper of the Flame, [19] The Coast Isn’t Clear, and [20] The Coastal Menace. Turn in [16] Keeper of the Flame immediately.

3. Swim to the shore and grind on murlocs there (35,86). Continue grinding until you come across Old Murk-Eye who patrols through the camps. When you find him, kill him and loot his scale. Then continue to kill murlocs until you have 7 Murloc Tidehunters and 7 Murloc Oracles.

4. Now you need to travel all the way to the north coast where we killed murlocs earlier to get eyes (34,21). Kill here until you get 7 Murloc Warrior kills.

5. Now head even further north until about (45,8 ). Here you will find Murloc Coastrunners. Kill here until you get 7 kills.

6. Head back to Captain Tealson and turn in your 2 quests, then hearth back to Sentinel Hill.

7. Head to the north tower and turn in your quest to Gyran Stoutmantle. Now fly to Stormwind.

Sell, repair, visit class trainer, etc. Now Head to Old Town and SI:7 at the southern end of it. Enter the building directly ahead of you when you go up the stairs. Once inside the main building, go up the stairs and take a left where you’ll find Master Marthias Shaw. Turn in your quest to him. Get the follow up [18] The Defias Brotherhood. Go to the Cathedral Square, then to the northeastern house and turn in your quest to Baros Alexston. Make sure you have your Skin of Sweet Rum, Cask of Merlot, Bottle of Moonshine, and Keg of Thunderbrew Lager then fly to Redridge Mountains.

Cross the bridge and turn in your quest to Verner Osgood in front of the stable, do not get the follow ups. Go inside the town hall next to you and turn in the quest [14] Messenger to Stormwind to Magistrate Solomon. Get the follow up [14] Messenger to Westfall. Now go inside the inn and turn in [15] Dry Times to Barkeep Daniels. Now you should be about 3 bars away from Level 19, if not you need to kill more along the way. Fly back to Westfall.

1. Go to the northern guard tower and turn in both of your quests to Gyran Stoutmantle. Get both follow ups [14] Messenger to Westfall and [18] The Defias Brotherhood.

2. Now start to make your way to Moonbrook, southwest of Sentinel’s Hill (45,69). On your way down there, ask in general chat if anyone has seen the Defias Messenger. If you’re lucky, someone will tell you if they’ve seen him or killed him recently. If no one responds or if he’s been killed, continue to Moonbrook. He spawns at the eastern end of the town and patrols all around Westfall so looking for him would take long. Once you see him, kill him and loot A Mysterious Message.

3. Return to Gyran Stoutmantle and turn in your quest. (At this point I leveled. If you didn’t, don’t worry. Just do this next quest and if you still don’t level, go grind on gnolls in the south). If you turn around you’ll see The Defias Traitor with a quest (if he’s not there, then someone is already escorting him so wait a minute for him to come back). Get his quest [18G2] The Defias Brotherhood. You need to escort this guy all the way to Moonbrook, but unlike most escort quests this guy runs. Now he’s now Scandinavian athlete, but it’s a lot better than walking. Once you get the complete message, return to Gyran Stoutmantle.

4. Turn in your quest to Gyran Stoutmantle and this should make you level if you haven’t already. Get the follow up [22+] The Defias Brotherhood which is the main quest for the instance The Deadmines. Now head inside the tower and make your way to the very top. Get the quest [17+] Red Silk Bandanas from Scout Riell.

Level 19

Now you have a choice to find a group for The Deadmines, which you most definetly should, or grind your way to Level 20. If you followed my guide you should have all the quests for The Deadmines so that will be a great xp boost if you complete all of them (two of which are actually out front of the instance in an undead area, [18+] Collecting Memories and [20+] Oh, Brother…, so share those and try to convince your group to finish them as well). The Deadmines is also a great source of experience and loot and it’s a lot funner than just grinding. But if you still choose to grind, go to the southern shore (30,80) and grind on the Shore Crawlers there. These guys are easy and are neutral, so you don’t have to worry about more than one pull (watch for Old Murk-Eye for he patrols here and also watch your AoE attacks). Either way, this should make you level. Grats on Level 20.

End of 12-20. Stay tuned for 20-30.

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    Oct 10, 2010 @ 22:23 pm

    Typo?“2. We’re going to be doing one more small session here before going back to Stormwind. Head back west out of the mountains and continue on to the shore. If you head slightly south, you’ll come to the Westfall Lighthouse (29,86). There you’ll find Captain Tealson. Get his 3 quests [16] Keeper of the Flame, [19] The Coast Isn’t Clear, and [20] The Coastal Menace. Turn in [16] Keeper of the Flame immediately.”

    Shouldn’t that be Captain Grayson? 😕

    I didn’t say it was your fault. I said I was going to blame you.

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    Mar 27, 2010 @ 0:14 am

    Great guide!This is a great guide! On the grinding on Gnolls part in Westfall, I queued for Ragefire Chasm, which shot me a level ahead of the guide, a definite blessing.

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    Mar 12, 2010 @ 22:05 pm

    Great guide!I think it’s a very good guide, and I can only see very few plots that could have been improved. If the Hogger and the Miners gear quest was added intead of grinding troggs, it would have been perfect. I always just kill as I walk, so im usually a few bars ahead of the guide, so for me it works terrific!

    Great guide, keep up the good work 🙂

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    Feb 9, 2010 @ 19:29 pm

    good pre jamie guideI keep trying to be clever and picking up extra quests but the reality is this is a very good guide that covers everything in great depth. I took a break from 16-20 to lvl on bgs (something I don’t recommend lol) but certainly the gnoll and merlock spawns in restridge are so easy with a few extra levels and a lvl 20 mount doesn’t hurt for all the running you’re doing to pick up fps the first time. Probably on my first char following bostons+jamies religiously. Will donate again. Cheers guys.

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    Nov 27, 2009 @ 23:36 pm

    Just a little thing iJust a little thing i noticed when leveling through this guide on my mage. When killing troggs for in defense of the kings land, there is a camp at about 29 57 which has less troggs but easier pulls and a quick respawn rate. I find this place actually easier to complete the two trogg quests rather then the big area in the guide

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    Nov 13, 2009 @ 11:20 am

    its a nice tutorialits a nice tutorial specially when we talking about the Troggs always come in groups of three plus or something like that , there are only few troggs wandering away from the camps. Hopefully I did extra grinding in my human starting area and I had to grind only 30% to ding. I agree with you, instead of grinding a whole level (because I also did it on a dwarf warrior and if you followed previous chapter you will have to grind about 70-80% to ding) people should just do other quests in Loch Modan.

    The other different way to avoid the complications just stick to the tour guide simplistic methods and follow as much as you can..

    replica purses

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    Apr 15, 2009 @ 21:02 pm

    Something I would suggestSomething I would suggest adding since not many people use the instances to level anymore. I think most of us are using the TourGuide Addon with the guides, and if not I don’t think it would be too hard to add one quest area.

    Basically at the lvl 19 section you suggest grinding to 20 or going into the instance. What I did and to me seemed like a better use of time was instead of waiting on the messenger;
    I used the TourGuide’s Loch Modan (18-20) guide. It basically has you pick up one quest to go to the excavation site, then go to the hunter area and do those quests, find the guys tools, then head to the dam for that simple quest, finally going back to the town, killing the bear and turning in the rest.

    Thought this might help others.

    all i want in life is to be happy!

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    Dec 13, 2008 @ 15:57 pm

    you’ve got the point. That’syou’ve got the point. That’s the hardest part of the guide. I did it as a priest and also as a mage, both humans, and I have o say taht was painfully. Troggs always come in groups of 3+ , there are only few troggs wandering away from the camps. Hopefully I did extra grinding in my human starting area and I had to grind only 30% to ding. I agree with you, instead of grinding a whole level (because I also did it on a dwarf warrior and if you followed previous chapter you will have to grind about 70-80% to ding) people should just do other quests in Loch Modan. The one in the mine is easy, the reward is useful and it’s less boring than just grinding.
    Another way is avoid the grinding, just go on with the guide (even though I haven’t tried it myself, so there will be maybe some unavaible quests in Westfall) and do DM runs from level 15.

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    Dec 9, 2008 @ 5:33 am

    Useful for the experienced but newbies beware!The guide is very useful to give an idea of the sorts of quests to group together but some of the descriptions are misleading to those playing for the first time. I know where to find Oslow’s toolbox, where best to find Dire Condors in Redridge. Unfortunately, they are not where Boston’s maps implies that they should be found.

    Also, I assume that the author was only ever playing with full rest because I do not skimp on kill-as-you-go but I was always behind on the expected XP and saying “grind until you hit the next level” is not much fun when the shortfall is thousands of XP! I would prefer to see such holes filled with proper quests rather than just saying “grind for 90% of the next level”. Have the XP levels changed at all for the lower levels in WOTLK?

    So, in summary, a useful guide for optimising the quests when you are already familiar with the game and can spot the guide-problems when you come across them but I think it’s not something to recommend to new (and less confident) players.

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    Dec 3, 2008 @ 5:37 am

    Good guideI must say this is a good guide and I would like to say thank you for making this guide. 1 comment I must leave thow is about the level 13-14 part. When I had finished the quests [12] In Defense of the King’s Lands and [14] The Trogg Threat I had to grind 11 and 1/2 bars till level 14. Are there any other mobs that would be better for leveling faster or any side quests that you havn’t mentioned to do.

    Thanks again, Latar 🙂

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    Monkey Gunner
    Sep 29, 2008 @ 22:43 pm

    Good to a degree…First and for most i would like to thank you for making this guide it so much easier to level when you know what your doing next. The only problem i have with this guide was mention before but i am still gonna say my issue with it is…

    2. Head north back on the road until you come to a small fork with a dirt path leading southeast into the mountain. Take that path and you’ll come to a large area of troggs (33,73). Kill the Stonesplinter Troggs/Scouts in the area until you finish [12] In Defense of the King’s Lands, [14] The Trogg Threat, and ding Level 14.

    This is at lvl 13 in Loch Modan i find this a complete waste of time to grind on them untill you ding 14… Ok you do the quests then you sit there tryin to pull mobs of one are two which don’t happen very often because of the amount that so closely populated.. As a hunter or lock it is ok because of pet but for a warrior or even an class that is depend of melee it is almost impossible not to pull 3 or so.. I recommend that either suggest grind some where else or pick of the quest from stormpike where you have to collect 4 miner bundles from the kolbolt cave just east. It is realitvely easy and you get better exp from kolbolts thens troggs/scouts. You also get a nice reward from it for mail and clothies.

    Over all though i would consider it a good guide that is easy to follow 😀 😀


    Aerie peak

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    Aug 21, 2008 @ 1:26 am

    Good guide!Hey.

    Once again, this is a very good guide because as a Dwarf Warrior I reached L20 easilly and without too much hastle which allowed me to begin tanking DM and reap the benefits of L20. I would recommend this guide to people starting out though would warn some classes may find some areas treacherous such as Redridge Mountains. For example, the path north of the lake has 2 groups of 2-4 Orcs hiding ready to ambush lower levels. That nearly caught me out one but luckily heavy armor get me through and most classes have their own escape button.

    Great guide though.


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    Moon Raven
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 13:17 pm

    Necklase questThere is another spot at 20,53.

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    Kimininaru Wrathbringer EU
    Jul 21, 2008 @ 6:40 am

    Those pictures and easy descriptions make this guide better than brian koop’s.

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    Jul 16, 2008 @ 17:45 pm

    Don’t bother with titanDon’t bother with titan panel, get fubar and fubarlocation instead.

    Refer to my addon section in one of my guides, like this one:

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    Jul 14, 2008 @ 14:28 pm

    trouble with Addonsi have been having problems 😕 getting titan panel on my wow file can anyone help plz.

    Thanx in advance 🙂

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    Jul 7, 2008 @ 9:12 am

    Needs WorkThis is not very good to be perfectly honest. A lot of grinding for experience in very densely packed areas with monsters that will rip you to shreds very easily. For instance the grinding session at the troggs on level 13-14 is very bad. Those troggs are notorious grinderkillers with the 3-4 mob pulls. And there aren’t enough soloes to go around either. I would much rather do that on the troggs outside the valley(south of the kobolds west of Thelsamar) or the kobolds inside the mine up north in Loch Modan. Also the quest entering the mine would be a very good one to add into the guide to complete at that level. You go to Stormpike anyway and it’s only a bit to the east. A very easy quest to complete in comparison to grinding on Troggs to the south.

  • img
    Jun 27, 2008 @ 10:55 am

    Drop Rate and moreHello Boston 🙂

    I am using for the 4th time your guides, wich I find very good and easy to follow. So, I’ve noticed that you didn’t put the quest for Hogger. I did it at level 14 when heading to Westfall. It’s easy (very easy for all classes at that level) and the reward is good.
    Another thing I noticed, was the drop rate. It’s highly increased! I.e. : I was killing the condors for the quest “redridge goulash” and I got a 100% drop rate! I think it’s not all about luck ’cause I’ve done that quest probably 6-7 times and it was painfully every time. This means that I had to grind a LOT after, and I hate grinding :(. So I was thinking, why you don’t put “extra circuits” (like James did in his guides) for those who hate grinding? Or maybe you can suggest me a way to avoid major sessions of grinding :).

    Thanks for your attention,


  • img
    May 22, 2008 @ 6:51 am

    Real nice guide but iveReal nice guide but ive found a way to speed leveling a little bit more or shal i say save some time.
    When you go to Furlbrow’s Pumpkin Farm also continue to sentinell hill and pic up all the quests there.
    This way you save the time to run back and deliver the quests at Furlbrow’s Pumpkin Farm and then go
    on to Sentinell hill and then run back to the mine to get the rest of the quest.

    You will have them all when you go for the heirloom and can just continuing the defias quest while you wait for
    respawns of harvesters and pigs..
    But there is a catch with this you need bag space alot of bag space so if you dont at least have all bags (8 slot)
    dont try and do all quests at one time then i suggest you follow the guide and deliver quest then go to sentrinell hill.

    Well anyway im looking forward to next part in this guide, keep up the good work chiao..

  • img
    Apr 16, 2008 @ 3:44 am

    HoggerNice guide. I think at level 14 you should add in the Hogger quest. Most classes should be able to solo him by 14, and you pass right by him, theres just a bit of backtracking to goldshire. Or, you could even have the map say to go directly from Stormwind to the Hogger quest then turn it in to the guy in Goldshire when you pick up the Gryan Stoutmantle quest. I did it, and it didn’t offset my exp by much, but it did give me a green which is nice for the level.

    Well, its your guide so its up to you what you do it with, just a suggestion.

  • img
    Mar 11, 2008 @ 4:25 am

    Captain Sander’s Treasure MapSander’s map dropped for me while getting Murloc eyes. It’s a chain that snakes up the coast. Perfect for the middle of the last Murloc quest, since it starts where the warriors are, and pretty much sticks to the coastline. Altogether an extra 1725 XP and a green cloth belt.

  • img
    Mar 2, 2008 @ 17:56 pm

    CommentHello 🙂

    I have just now completed this guide, wonderful!

    Well i am at 19, but with 1 run in DM i think that i will level 🙂

    12 hours and 40 minutes it’s the played time 🙂

    I’m omw to start with the 20-30 Boston’s Guide!
    Thanks, thanks, thanks!


  • img
    Dec 27, 2007 @ 0:34 am

    Gnome rogueSame with my gnome rogue, also the gnolls in redridge.

  • img
    Dec 10, 2007 @ 16:05 pm

    Are you going to create aAre you going to create a guide for lvl 20 -> 30?

  • img
    Nov 26, 2007 @ 6:59 am

    RevampHey everyone. I quit WoW for awhile but I started again and my first order of business is to revamp my 2 leveling guides I currently have on here. If you have any suggestions that would help make this guide a better leveling experience, please email me at or send me a private message on here. I will look at all suggestions and add credit to those who contributed. Thanks in advance!

    No not the town. The rock band!

  • img
    Nov 26, 2007 @ 1:24 am

    thanksHEy man decent guide i personally like james better. however he dosnt have a 12-20 alli guide…. your guide did help me alot but… when you say you should hit a lvl i usually dont.. i just grind there till i hit the lvl you say…. and i also found some of your maps on the site were a little off.. your cords were great but certain parts you dont give cords and the map is off a little. but thanks for the help!

  • img
    Nov 26, 2007 @ 0:46 am

    Level 20-30Great guide! Will you be making one for levels 20-30?

  • img
    Nov 24, 2007 @ 23:45 pm

    I enjoyed the series, but II enjoyed the series, but I would note that if you are a little behind when you hit Stormwind, rather than grind, pick up the end of the cycle of human quests:

    I’d also comment that I wish I could have found a way to get more gnome reputation.

  • img
    Sep 18, 2007 @ 1:55 am

    draenei 12-20

  • img
    Jul 27, 2007 @ 21:03 pm

    Great Guide.Great guide! that’s all i have to say. I followed this guide from beginning and got my Dwarf to 20 really fast! I hope someone could make as good guide as this for Draenei’s… anyway thanks for writing this guide,it’s really helpfull. 🙂

  • img
    May 22, 2007 @ 19:06 pm

    the maps make this the best guide everthese maps are fantastic! i love the numbering and the instructions are very clear. boston, you’ve authored a top-notch guide… now where can i find your lvl 20+ guides?

  • img
    May 8, 2007 @ 17:47 pm

    Ownage guideMan , this guide owns. Been following your 1-12 and now 12-20. Thanks alot.

    Im lookg foward to the 20-30 one 🙂

    Good job!

  • img
    Apr 9, 2007 @ 3:21 am

    Rogues and westfall gnolls dont mix well….Im a 15 gnome rogue and had emense Problems with the patroling westfall quest it seemed that i aggro almost a freakin mile on every side so if i dagger throw or try too body aggro i attract the whole camp and i simply cant take a whole camp of em so i kill the Patroling group of em and also you only list one spot of gnolls when it takes more then one camp too get all the paws i found a bunch of camps at these Tlocs 48/60, 53/62, 57/69, 56/74, those are a few of the various camps and also the Lost heriloom or whatever its called quest was hard for me i had too stealth sap one of the guys then kill the other realy fast before the other got unstunned also i love the guide ive been following since 1-12 dun moragh guide Keep up the good work!

  • img
    Apr 3, 2007 @ 15:26 pm

    Excellent workVery nice guide Boston, I started using it last night and got a Warlock up to level 14 in about 7 hours. Do you have an ETA on the 20-30 part of the guide? This is by far my favorite low level guide for Alliance side, the quests/info/detail is dead on and is a perfect lead-up to James 30-60.

    Looking forward to the next part! 🙂

  • img
    Mar 21, 2007 @ 7:48 am

    Nice WorkThanks very much for you effort. Many cool guys and girls in this site.

  • img
    Mar 17, 2007 @ 21:51 pm

    Yeah…I was unhappy with the color of towns, cities, and areas. I am going to change them to [color=brown]Brown[/color]. Hopefully that will work better. The yellow writing on the maps seem to be ok though with the black background.

    Edit: Changed color of areas to [color=teal][b]Teal[/b][/color] which is a lot better. Will be doing the same for 1-12 Dun Morogh.

  • img
    Mar 17, 2007 @ 20:09 pm

    YellowSeems decent, but please changes that yellow color! Gives people an insta-headache 😛

    Keep it up 😀

  • img
    Mar 17, 2007 @ 1:50 am

    Wow this is amazing, thankWow this is amazing, thank you for all the work 🙂 Going to add this to the front page list of leveling guides tomorrow I think !

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