Brune’s Northrend Enchanting Levelling Guide


Most guides get away with being lazy because they call it a ‘powerlevelling’ guide, so you only do stuff when they’re orange.

That’s an enormous waste.

At the top of this guide is a simple list of enchantments used to level, except this list isn’t based on the cheapest orange, it’s based off a combination of cheapness and percentages.

At the bottom is the maths, which allows you to configure the prices to your own server, to make sure you’re getting maximum efficiency out of this guide.

However, just using the top bit will still be much more efficient than follow a standard ‘powerlevelling’ guide.

Note: If I say ‘384-385’, what I really mean is skill-up number 384 and 385. (i.e, one that gets you from 383 to 384, then another from 384 to 385.)

Head to Orgimmar, and take the zepellin to Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra.

The enchant trainer is at the bottom of the curved stairs.

You’ll be able to get:

For your first ten levels:


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